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  1. Progression looks to be right on schedule. ?
  2. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/09/cuyahoga_county_executive_armo_3.html
  3. None of the development sites on Stark Enterprise feature images as of right now.
  4. This project is really going to bring life and more energy to that area and I can envision it in our skyline everyday I’m driving on I-90. It’s going to be an awesome site.
  5. Awesome. Yes Tower City can and will be saved. As far as a complete mall I believe it can serve many great purposes.
  6. Wow that’s awesome :) Thank You
  7. I really love this development. Does anyone have a rendering of how it’s going to look in our skyline? A full skyline view. Thanks
  8. I was very impressed on my first visit today. I’m not big on organic foods but I’m going to change that now.