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  1. BigDipper 80

    The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread

    People seem to underestimate the vastness of the Great Lakes.
  2. BigDipper 80

    US Economy: News & Discussion

    When I was talking to random folks out in Seattle recently, I simply couldn't convince them that where I lived wasn't a hyperconservative bible belt wasteland. There are far more shades of grey in this country than a lot of coastal people are willing to admit/see, even within their own states. I think SLC gets a pass because of the mountains. West Coasters only think a city is worthwhile if there are visible mountains nearby. It's the only explanation I have for why they're moving to (the admittedly lovely, yet isolated) places like Boise and Missoula despite these towns being much smaller and having less resources than more-developed cities further east.
  3. 20+ minutes for average food is nothing; when Cracker Barrel opened in Victorville, which is basically in the middle of nowhere in San Bernadino County, people drove and waited 4 hours to eat there.
  4. Well, BDubs did move their HQ in Cincinnati for a time in the 90s after their OSU begininnings, so...
  5. BigDipper 80

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    I really don’t think it’s that huge of an issue. Seattle’s rental facility is just as much of a hassle to get to via shuttle, and don’t even get me started on LAX and their scattered lots for individual companies instead of a centralized area.
  6. BigDipper 80

    up in michigan

    Driving into Michigan always strikes me as “entering a different world” compared to crossing into one of our other border states. All of their towns and cities, while superficially similar to ours, feel foreign to me compared to driving into some random town in Indiana or West Virginia.
  7. BigDipper 80

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    ^I was caught off guard with how nice Wapakoneta's downtown was. Most of those little I-75 towns are actually in fairly decent shape and have reasonably well-occupied downtowns. Lima's still a bit of a mess (though improving), but Troy, Sidney, Piqua, and the Grand Lake St. Marys towns always impress me.
  8. BigDipper 80

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    Barnesville (https://www.google.com/maps/@39.9879671,-81.1774539,3a,75y,121.86h,101.65t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sn-XrquVjkWOPjmozMwz0hQ!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo1.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3Dn-XrquVjkWOPjmozMwz0hQ%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D344.5187%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i13312!8i6656) and St. Clairsville (https://www.google.com/maps/@40.0806019,-80.9002897,3a,75y,245.61h,94.33t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s8j9w4NZZEEt-cnf0AMTG6Q!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo2.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3D8j9w4NZZEEt-cnf0AMTG6Q%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D155.06123%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i13312!8i6656) are both very attractive rural SE Ohio towns. Appalachian Ohio has some incredible little pockets that prove you can find "urbanism" even out in the most rural of environs. I wish these towns could get a little more love, either from locals or as tourist spots. St. Clairsville seems to be doing somewhat OK since it's essentially Wheeling sprawl these days.
  9. BigDipper 80

    Cincinnati: Western Hills Viaduct

    Is there any reason this thing is still going to be double decker? Is traffic really that bad on the viaduct that they can't just integrate the I-75 interchange all on one level?
  10. As long as it stays shorter than Key Tower, I'll be happy .
  11. BigDipper 80

    Columbus: Restaurant News & Info

    The Shrimp Lips Creamy Whip! ;D Food sounds good, the name is a little... interesting.
  12. Some renderings from UD's website: Like I've said before, I'll be pleased if UD and Premier can even only pull off redoing the roundhouse. Everything else is icing on the cake for me at this time.
  13. BigDipper 80

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    About 33% of the respondants responded "neutral/it depends". There was about 11% who said they wouldn't support immigrant neighbors, but they were mostly concentrated in the white working-class corners of the city.
  14. BigDipper 80

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Dayton's doing its part to attract immigrants, for what it's worth: http://www.welcomedayton.org/ At least we're trying!
  15. BigDipper 80

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    I know that Fairfield, north of Cincinnati, has a fairly sizeable Hispanic population. I don't know the extent of greater Columbus' Hispanic spread, but if I had to guess there may be a few more out in the western suburbs.