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  1. I swear to god more people need to take a Systems Engineering course at some point in their career. Then we'd stop getting ridiculous proposals like this and would be able to focus on the simplest ways to actually meet the needs of the customer (or passengers in this case).
  2. Hooray, another same-as-the-rest beach town to fly to. Wake me up when we get a weekly direct flight to LA.
  3. Not too many for me: United (Continental) (USA 3000) Delta American Air Canada Southwest Turkish Frontier Spirit
  4. Most of the towns in Appalachian Ohio have fairly intact downtowns, contrary to what you'd expect for that region. Barnesville has a great business district, too.
  5. Pizza al taglio... in SPRINGFIELD? Hell hath frozen over.
  6. Honestly I'd be fine with getting rid of the Lindners from everything. Carl was a skeevy warmongering drug lord!
  7. Dayton’s legendary Century Bar just finished up it’s finally night in its old location. Luckily it’s just moving to a larger space right next door and should be up and running soon.
  8. Does Bob Castellini actually “do” anything other than happen to own the Reds and propose dumb projects for the city to waste their time on?
  9. I can't speak for Seoul, but what amazed me about Japanese cities was how damn peaceful they were despite the ridiculous density. As soon as you get off one of the main drags in Harajuku or wherever, it's incredibly quiet and traffic-free.
  10. So it kind of feels like the fire department jumped the gun at calling it a "total loss". If it was some wood-framed tract home then it certainly would be, but this thing was pretty solidly-built, like most of OTR. I don't want to sound like I'm accusing of firefighters not doing their job right, but it just feels like they went with the "insurance definition" as opposed to the reality of this sort of building.
  11. Cleveland doesn't have a Chuy's? Even Dayton has two of them. Then again, we tend to get all sorts of random out-of-market chains, like Giordanos and Primanti's.
  12. Those big buildings built up to the curb might jump out at you if you aren't paying attention.
  13. Man, these business owners would lose their mind if they ever went to Metro Detroit.
  14. He's just trying to make up a new metric to lump in Akron to inflate Cleveland's numbers. Edit: And no, Dayton should not be considered part of Cincinnati's "metro area" or the Office of Management and Budget would have merged the two.
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