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  1. Scaffolding has gone up in the dome and restoration work is underway! Some photos I found on Facebook:
  2. I thought ODOT had announced a few years ago that they were trying to shift away from new construction and direct their dollars into maintenance, but it sounds like that paradigm shift hasn't occurred.
  3. Well, we do have a Sign Museum in Cincinnati...
  4. Petition to return the name to Winters Tower?
  5. Stratacache's other US office is in the Transamerica Pyramid, so I'd say Dayton (and the newly-rechristened Stratacache Tower) is in good company!
  6. Maybe California will stop having wildfires now.
  7. ^ Jake, you should call up your buddy Elon and see if he’d do a Boring Company project for your idea.
  8. I still don't understand how DOTE still thinks there's a capacity issue in the basin. If they're worried about people getting to the FC stadium they can just take Central Parkway and it'll take basically the same amount of time.
  9. Just your periodic reminder that a mansion in Detroit went from this: to this: Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is "unsalvageable". It just comes down to whether or not someone wants to cough up the money and values their building's contribution to its environment.
  10. Ketchup on spaghetti is actually really common in Japan and other Asian countries, so it’s not as weird for the girl making it since she’s obviously familiar with those cultures. Plus the recipe she’s making is from Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, and Mama June ain’t no Millennial. Next.
  11. Yay! It looks like it's moving into that spot at Third and Jefferson that was originally supposed to be a Mexican restaurant (supposedly). Hopefully it'll make that gateway into the FBD more friendly and attract some more street life along Third.
  12. Same problem in Dayton. Nan ran unopposed and while I probably would have voted for her anyway if she had a competitor, you don't want to see stagnation in your local politics. Elections are a good opportunity to force politicians to defend their positions (or hell, even publicize their positions), and you can't do that when everyone is just sort of given their seats.
  13. I didn't realize that Smitherman's dad was a high-up chemist at P&G back in the day. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised, with how much influence Cincinnati's major companies have on City Hall.
  14. Actually yes, we probably should be strategically decommissioning low-traffic roads and replacing them with dirt or gravel. Plenty of other Midwestern states have gravel roads, particularly in rural areas. Plus, if you don't have asphalt or concrete, you can't complain about potholes any more.
  15. Ah, gotcha. Wasn't sure if you were mixing up the two articles, but it looks like it was me just putting too much thought into it! I'd agree, warehouse jobs really aren't great and it's worrisome how quickly a lot of communities in Ohio have been to cash in on them. They're most likely just a "quick hit", not any sort of good long-term solution.
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