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  1. I saw Synecdoche, New York a few years back and I'm still not sure if I actually liked the movie or not, but I do think about it all the time. Not many movies stick with you the way that one does. As for the city, it's yet another gem upstate. I especially love the Stockade area. The whole capital district has a great, almost spooky vibe to it.
  2. ^ This Meow Wolf sounds very similar to Otherworld Ohio opening in Columbus.
  3. That's an ambitious commercial for a restaurant themed to naked babies that only has three outposts in Lima.
  4. Reminds me of Chiquitagate when everyone completely ignored that the Enquirer's acusations against Lindner were true because of the method they obtained their intel. The Cincinnati elite are very skilled at controlling their narrative.
  5. Hmmm... wonder if it'll be a scaled-down DLM? I'd be totally OK with that and it would play well with the Oakwood retirees who have been moving downtown recently. Whoever it is, having two downtown grocery stores is a huge win in my book.
  6. Proposed Dayton boutique hotel, Century Bar’s new digs seek tax incentives Three Dayton projects have signaled they plan to apply for a combined $5.8 million in state historic tax credits. The largest project is the planned renovation of the Barclay building at 137 N. Main St. into a “branded boutique hotel.” The other projects target the proposed future home of the Century Bar and the Graphic Arts building, which a developer wants to turn into housing. More below: https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/local/proposed-dayton-boutique-hotel-century-bar-new-digs-seek-tax-incentives/IxALVbQ1EHZqdaF4I7fPnN/?fbclid=IwAR18AaRan0-byYNTL8KtnbvIsuMi93S0Iv3Vkg0La4ZdgP8iWOu41183FLc I'm excited to see all this Columbus investment money pouring into downtown Dayton... The Graphic Arts Building has been purchased by the Windsor Companies (who are doing the Fire Blocks), and the new botique hotel on Main is being done by the folks who did Hotel LeVeque, which gives me high hopes for the quality of this project.
  7. Somehow I completely missed this project - the tower at the corner of Main and Monument has been renovated into luxury apartments:
  8. Miamisburg? Kinda surprised it’s not opening in the Beavercreek International Chain Restaurant District!
  9. Or Santa Clara in Dayton, which boomed for about three weeks in the 90s and is now in worse shape than most of OTR.
  10. The one on Shroyer definitely doesn’t make pizzas that look as sad as the photos you posted. Joe’s on Airway is my go-to Dayton-style pizza place though.
  11. Parking is definitely a problem, since you can’t really walk to Mount Adams from any other neighborhood and it doesn’t have great transit connections into the basin. I think some more cafes and maybe a new Rookwood-caliber restaurant would do ok up there but it really never made sense as a nightlife district in the first place. Those bars were mostly up there because at the time it was really the only gentrified neighborhood near downtown.
  12. Dayton Is Building An Entire Neighborhood DAYTON, Ohio – A lot of county fairgrounds across Ohio are similar. There's usually a handful of barns, a show arena, grandstands, and the familiar dirt oval for harness racing. The former Montgomery County Fairgrounds is no exception. Except that in the next month or two, demolition will begin on the two-dozen buildings that occupy the 38 acres of land just south of downtown Dayton. More below: https://spectrumnews1.com/oh/columbus/news/2019/02/13/dayton-is-building-an-entire-neighborhood?fbclid=IwAR0Fv5tfnoLBdqS0MoTGhJWy_xhDbrJUy-i_7SsO52nf_6AeQZmZsX6Ndj0#
  13. Back during the Cold War, the Air Force commissioned massive forging presses for the manufacture of complex aerospace parts. Cleveland received the Alcoa 50,000 ton (yes, 50,000 ton) press in 1955, and it has been in operation more-or-less continuously since then. It's still the largest forging press in North America, over 60 years later.
  14. Scaffolding has gone up in the dome and restoration work is underway! Some photos I found on Facebook:
  15. I thought ODOT had announced a few years ago that they were trying to shift away from new construction and direct their dollars into maintenance, but it sounds like that paradigm shift hasn't occurred.
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