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  1. "Newsome said he was not certain, but he believes the new building may be the tallest in Portsmouth." Well, that's something!
  2. Urban and rustic? Charlie really is breaking new ground with his townhomes.
  3. I was shocked to learn that there's a Hard Rock Cafe a block away from the Duomo in Florence. I guess those Medicis really knew how to go crazy on the lute and mandolin.
  4. I'd still take Jackson over John Cranley any day of the week. He's too busy sleeping at work to constantly meddle in projects and get them killed for personal vendettas.
  5. I was somewhat indifferent when this initiative was passed by the legislature (more because of the nuclear part, not the coal part), but there's no way I'll vote in the affirmative if/when this referendum ends up on the ballot. This is just scummy.
  6. Cities, as a corporate entity, should have priority over unincorporated areas and should be allowed to make a relatively easy annexation attempt. If a township doesn't want to get annexed, they can incorporate (as Trotwood, Kettering and Riverside all did), but being a "de facto city" but still being a township wasn't the purpose of townships to begin with.
  7. This brings back another question I've posed before - why can't Deer Park or Madeira just annex Sycamore Township? Or alternatively, why ever even bother to incorporate at all? Make Cincinnati into a township and force the county to pay for everything.
  8. That's my point. It's a CDP within Sycamore Township, but it doesn't advertise itself as such. Finneytown and Delhi are the same way.
  9. I don't understand the love for La Collina. It's a nice facade slapped onto a really cheap-looking box, and the two-story vinyl tumor is terrible. Although I guess it blends in with all of the other ugly vinyl houses north of Mayfield.
  10. Kenwood, another one of those sneaky Cincinnati townships that no one knows is a township. I wonder if that affects why it hasn't gone vertical as easily, as say, Fake-Hyde-Park (aka Rookwood, aka Norwood).
  11. If we can get four sky wheels, we can build the World's Largest Monster Truck and have each ferris wheel be a wheel on the truck.
  12. Even then, the southern half of Ohio is definitely not "Great Lakes", or Cincinnatians would take weekend trips to Put-in-Bay instead of Lake Cumberland. Defining regions at the state level is dumb since states are just political entities made of random lines drawn on a map.
  13. ^I know at the original one in California, they bought a bunch of old street lamps from St Louis when they were ripping them out and replacing them with electric lights.
  14. A funny sign story - big, bold signs and advertisements are seen as such an integral part of American urban fabric by people overseas that when Disney built their park in Paris, the park's version of Main Street (literally the definition of a Disneyfied sterile urban environment, lol) had a bunch of turn-of-the-century signs added to it to make it seem more "authentically American" to European audiences. But for some reason, all these nostalgic types who run historic districts in this country prefer the American Main Street USA to the Parisian version, although even Disney himself admitted that no place ever actually existed like that.
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