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  1. ^His restaurant at Disney World is some sort of bizarre Flavortown-induced fever dream: We could even have a Skystar appetizer wheel of flavor!
  2. $45M autonomous vehicle testing center opens EAST LIBERTY — Everything about the intersection at the new autonomous vehicle testing center looks ordinary — asphalt, traffic lights, road signs, two sedans, an SUV and a bus — until a fake car wrapped in foam and canvas runs a red light and nearly gets t-boned by a speeding Tesla. The Tesla automatically brakes, swerves and avoids a collision. The 20-second demonstration was part of a grand opening event Wednesday to show off a new SMART Center, a 540-acre autonomous vehicle test site on the grounds of the 4,500-acre Transportation Research Center. More below: https://www.whio.com/news/45m-autonomous-vehicle-testing-center-opens/FjBmjHZGx0LFR8E6Fzp65N/?fbclid=IwAR2vJjUpvkETwzrB67pV40C-dJfdGJ00pXU062iQyX6v4xct1oQQXsrWj6g
  3. What's funny is you actually do hear a lot of other cities where these chains are opening lament the death of the uniqueness of their "OTR-like" districts. I know the "Basicfield" in Indy gets a lot of hate for the type of crowds and subsequent change of character it brought to Mass Ave. But Cincy has always worshipped homegrown success stories, and honestly I'd bet a lot of Cincinnatians don't even realize these places have been cloned.
  4. CP has a LOT more land on the peninsula for expansion than people seem to realize. There's a ton of wasted space near Maxair where all the carnival games are, as well as back near Steel Vengeance. There's also plenty of room along the Dragster midway to add some new flat rides, and the old Dolphin stadium was removed which opens up a decent chunk of land over by Wicked Twister.
  5. The problem with this, especially with the pre-internet generations, is that a lot of people have no clue how to vet sources. As a millennial, I've taken countless classes since middle school on how to properly gather reliable information off of the internet, but people in their 40s and up haven't has that same level of being beaten over the head about checking their sources. With newspapers, you could usually get away with assuming the information published in them was reputable because of journalist gatekeeping and all that. But now Uncle Al finds an article about how Obama is a Mexican Islamist on www.AmericanEagle.patriot and thinks it's true, because he was trained for so long to recognize certain "reputability cues" that were reasonably infallible in the print era but can be easily spoofed online.
  6. UD's coffee shop on campus is quite nice, so I'm sure this will be a great space too.
  7. The fact that the Las Vegas metro is 97% "urban" is a good example why there should be a clearer distinction between "urban" and "urbanized".Miami appears to have the same effect since it has a very clearly defined edge, just with a swamp instead of a desert.
  8. This is an... unexpected development for Toledo... New drag-themed restaurant coming to The Docks A new eatery at The Docks is expected to be as flamboyant as its purple exterior, because Hamburger Mary’s is no drag — it’s a drag show. The restaurant franchise is known for creative burgers, hand-cut fries, and queens, who will perform Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday mornings during brunch. As its slogan suggests, it’s a place to “Eat, Drink and be ... MARY!” More below: https://www.toledoblade.com/a-e/food/2019/07/01/hamburger-marys-drag-themed-restaurant-the-docks-toledo/stories/20190701127
  9. From what I understand it's more CSX's fault than RTA's. It's CSX's retaining wall at the S-curve that's collapsing due to poor maintenance.
  10. ^The only point I was trying to make when I said that was that there's a difference between "urban" and "urbanized". It doesn't matter if your town has 700 or 700,000 people in it, you can still prescribe the principles of urbanism to make your city more accessible for everyone. It's possible to build lower-density environments that are still walkable and pleasant; you just need to properly space out your business districts instead of grouping them all around a mall and then having a bunch of cul-de-sacs spreading out around that mall for 10 miles in every direction.
  11. I really can't wait until they put in the new windows on the Commercial Building.
  12. Awe, Brezel closed? Maybe they'd have done better with a stall at Findlay or something.
  13. I found it here: https://www.phillyvoice.com/maps-how-does-phillys-population-density-compare-other-cities/ I don't think it's just comparing sizes, saying that if Philly was the same density as LA, this is the area that it would fill, ignoring whatever is currently built on that chunk of land. Anyway, we're a long way away from talking about Cleveland's population trends at this point!
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