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  1. Developer wants to rehab landmark Dayton building A Washington, D.C.-based developer has purchased a Santa Clara neighborhood building minutes from downtown Dayton. Richard Holzer said he intends to find retail and residential tenants for the 14,000-square-foot, art-deco building with a curving front at 1921 to 1931 N. Main St., near the intersection of Santa Clara and Victor avenues. The building is across the street from the building that once housed the Upper Krust restaurant. More below: https://www.dayton.com/business/developer-intends-bring-new-life-dayton-building/MxNPiqhNfFzmKwKe4F8PCM/?fbclid=IwAR0id1OhjWv4Eu465Fu7g8O6QMibR46lN83gprcwOkjXmxJpxWcV49LNpGw
  2. Four and a half years after this thing got listed, it's still on the market... https://www.zillow.com/homes/7601-sheed-road,-white-oak-oh_rb/34303548_zpid/ They're now into the 6-figure asking range, nearly halving their initial asking price of $1.6m.
  3. Cincinnati does this too every year at Washington Park. Maybe there's some creative solution, like lining a "path" through the middle of the lawn with different-colored Astroturf?
  4. Sad to see they're getting rid of this stuff, but it might be my chance to get my hands on an NCR register for cheap! I wouldn't be surprised if that whole section of Frontiertown gets removed and replaced with a new coaster or some new family rides in the next 5 or so years.
  5. "Couldn't find the right talent" in Dayton, and then "couldn't find the right talent" in Duluth. That tower would have looked great on our skyline. It's hard to forgive them, especially now that downtown is having businesses move back and they could have been a good steward for the city, like Patterson would have wanted.
  6. It's Over-the-Rhine, not Over-the-Volga. The last thing Cincinnati needs is a bunch of people squatting around in Adidas track suits.
  7. Coney Island released their season pass prices for 2020: The base Splash Pass is $80, and the "Adventure Pass", which lets you bring a cooler into the park (whoop de doo) is $130. Meanwhile, a Kings Island Gold Pass is $110, a Cedar Point Gold Pass is a steal at $99, and a Kentucky Kingdom pass is $60. All three of those include both rides and a full waterpark, plus free parking. I don't see the Coney pool lasting much longer.
  8. They should move the Greyhound buses down there and tear down their current ugly station. Give them a sweetheart deal on rent.
  9. That new permanent stage looks much more appropriate than the current one. I like the location better too. It'll make the corner of 5th and Vine feel less cluttered.
  10. PHOTOS: Take a look at the latest construction progress on the Dayton Arcade https://www.dayton.com/places/photos-take-look-the-latest-construction-progress-the-dayton-arcade/VT8B9HfwVG5yCHqq2gJPAK/
  11. Garden Station Project among downtown building boom The developer behind the Wheelhouse Lofts plans to build 153 new apartments next door, joining many other high profile projects underway in downtown Dayton. Here are three projects you need to know about. 1. The 503 apartments Weyland Ventures is lining up financing to build a four-story, 153-unit apartment community on the former site of Garden Station. The developer also built Wheelhouse Lofts next door near the corner of Wayne Avenue and East Fourth Street, on the edge of the Oregon District. More below: https://www.daytondailynews.com/business/projects-transforming-downtown-dayton/7R2CQ8UiXGPMMV2z3EindK/
  12. Don't forget his "biggest" hit from when he was in Wild Cherry, "Play That Funky Music"!
  13. I can't see it going past 450 feet. Kroger, which is a way bigger company than SW, only has a 320-foot tall HQ in Cincinnati. I think we're more likely to see a mid-sized tower for the suits and a squatter building with large floor plates for the R&D labs. Engineers hate having to squeeze things into small spaces over multiple floors when you can much more easily lay it out on one large floor. It's just not practical to run equipment and test samples up and down between multiple floors.
  14. What day are you going to CP? If it’s a Saturday, absolutely get the Fast Lane wristbands, as Halloweekends Saturday’s are the busiest days of the year outside of July. Friday nights or Sundays are manageable crowd-wise without them. Note that only the Fast Lane Plus, the more expensive option, includes the “big rides” like Steel Vengeance and Dragster.
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