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  1. ^^ Is the top of that new sign pole supposed to get another cobrahead, even though there are already two at the corner? Looks sort of dumb and needlessly tall if not. Hopefully they do a little streetscaping there - none of the utility poles are plumb, the sidewalk is all weedy...just looks run down, like a place that no one looks at because they fly past at 45 mph. I'd actually like to see fewer lanes there, too. Presumably with 71 access at MLK, fewer people will use this stretch. Really doesn't need to be four lanes wide. Narrow it, calm it, and slow people down before they hit the Walnut Hills business district. Maybe people will actually want to use the sidewalks.
  2. Did...did you read the article? I guarantee they'll buy them out. It's genius. I wish I had come up with this plan. Yes, the two residents either current or former that I was referring to were Senators Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. Hence why I am not shocked that they didn't pay even the most minuscule of taxes. You STILL didn't read the article. Do you pay things you don't know you're responsible for? Are you cutting checks to the county auditor just on the off chance there's a charge you don't know about? I'm sure many of the homes have changed hands in the last 30 years, and new owners would have no idea about the charge. The rest faithfully paid their own property taxes and HOA fees, which would have included the charge had the clerical error not occurred. But if the HOA (or their accountant) wasn't getting the bill, and thus not passing it along to the homeowners, how would any of them - Feinstein, Pelosi, whoever - know they were responsible for it?
  3. No, the brewery failed. Stagnaro lost interest in distributing craft beer a couple of years ago and dropped a bunch of brands, but kept BSBC as it's well regarded and right around the corner. In the spring, though, Stagnaro stopped pushing Blank Slate almost completely and keg and package sales cratered. Scott couldn't meet current debts and closed. He's trying to sell equipment and IP in order to recoup his investors' money. What's interesting is if he sells the brewery and IP the new owners can go to any distributor they want. No one wanted to distribute BSBC because Stagnaro had Hamilton County. It's quite sad that one of the highest quality breweries in the city had to shutter, while Tap and Screw and Bad Tom serve swill and are expanding.
  4. Nah, it's Red Bank from I-71S. It's over a mile. Montgomery in Evanston is under 4,000 feet. EDIT: forgot about the new MLK/Hopple to 75-N. That looks a few hundred feet longer than Red Bank.
  5. ^I may have my facts wrong, but wasn't there a railyard back when under Gilbert and 5th Street? That would explain the overpasses, but I wholeheartedly agree that Reedy should go away, and Gilbert and Eggleston should be at grade.
  6. Moving to the Maryland suburbs of DC in the fall. I've tried to find a comparable forum to this one covering news there, but all I can turn up is City-Data, which is a ghost town. Anyone run across anything similar? Thanks.
  7. Then we can all get equally average care If having a longer life expectancy while spending less per capita is average care, then sign me up for average.
  8. Not defending trump administration but the CBO is a joke. It's so easily manipulated with false assumptions and phony data. Even the "22 million" stat that is all over the news is based on false assumptions Out of curiosity, what are the false assumptions that the CBO analysis is based on that is skewing the 22 million stat? It's based on assumptions of how many more Americans would not have health insurance under Obamacare in 2026 vs under the Trumpcare. The CBO projections have been way off all along for how many would enroll in the program. By the same measure, the number of uninsured could be much HIGHER in 2026, nobody has any real clue. I wouldn't look to the CBO to be correct on anything Even if the CBO is off by a factor of four, isn't taking away health insurance from 5.5 million poor and elderly people in favor of a tax cut for the wealthy just really bad policy?
  9. The basic measure of how competitive an airport is relative to its peers will always be O&D traffic. CVG was once much larger when accounting for connecting passengers, true, but was also leaking passengers to Dayton like a sieve because Delta charged an arm and a leg for a seat. Is that really what you want from your airport? That *more* local people are using the airport than ever means a greater share of the airport's economic impact is staying local. Connecting passengers spent a lot of money at CVG in the hub days, but all of that money went elsewhere -- to Delta, to Delaware North, etc. The economic impact of lower fares originating from CVG all stays local -- local businesses pay less to fly, lower travel expenses make local firms more competitive, and it's attractive to companies looking to locate here, etc.
  10. Gerrymandering? At most, a couple seats out of the 435 are actually impacted by this phenomenon. I think it's been said before - but Republicans don't control the presidency, both houses of Congress, and the vast majority of state executive and legislative branches because their message is unpopular, let alone highly so. Yeah, you have to look pretty far for evidence of gerrymandering making a difference. Like, oh, I don't know, the Ohio 1st. Chabot held the district from '95-'09. The district's demographics changed in the last part of the 2000s and Driehaus, a Democrat, was elected. Then in 2010 Republicans got to re-draw the map to include all of Warren County, and guess what? Chabot won again. And you now have this weird map that includes the west side of Cincinnati, Indian Hill and Terrace Park, and all of Warren County. The new district has fewer voters overall than before but somehow Chabot got twice as many votes as he did with the old map.
  11. ^ If I could just think of an analog...some sort of service that gets paid to put cardboard boxes on your doorstep. I mean, if the boxes are brown...maybe the delivery service could be brown, too...man, why hasn't someone thought of this concept yet?
  12. I hear you. We're on the verge of moving to DC as my wife is getting transferred to Silver Spring. We're looking at two-bedroom apartments just to have a little space for hobbies, a home office for me, etc. It seems anything in a decent walkable neighborhood in Maryland near the Metro is $2,000+/month for a 1,000sf apartment, plus utilities. For a few years in the mid-2000s I paid $750 for a very nice two-bedroom apartment in Hyde Park, and got a garage. Hell, my house mortgage was only $1500/mo, and it was only that high because we paid it off in seven years. Granted, some expenses go down (sell the cars, cancel the car insurance, avoid property taxes, etc.), but that $2k/month will be a painful check to write.
  13. Here's what I wrote in February: The city will be doing something similar by curving Erkenbrecher around the new Children's expansion. Central Ave would need to be curved to lay in the footprint of Providence, which only exists between 14th and Wade, so you wouldn't be disrupting the grid. As for the streetcar, my pie-in-the-sky dream would be for a gameday-only loop to be constructed branching off Elm via 14th and Wade with a stop right in front of the stadium, and then for two hours before and after games, the northern section of the streetcar route (north of Central Parkway) would be a fare-free circulator.
  14. ^I believe the highest point in Hamilton County is the base of the Mt. Airy water tower. http://www.peakbagger.com/peak.aspx?pid=23199
  15. Isn't it always illegal everywhere to drive with an expired tag? You're probably lucky you went that long without a ticket.
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