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  1. I love Grandview Heights, except for the cops! They SUCK!!! They seem to really despise those who live north of 3rd Avenue, i.e. residents of Columbus. ;)
  2. The new schools they are opening, as well as the renovated schools are very nice! I work for CCS, so it is always exciting to hear about a renovated school reopening or a new school opening. The school renovations and new builds are being done in segments; I believe they are just about done with segment 2 and will be starting on segment 3 sometime in the near future, sans some school renovations and rebuilds.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it seems like it is. Anyways, how do airlines determine the feasibility of offering international flights out of a given city? Is it the amount of business travelers? Leisure travelers? Fuel costs? Airport/city location? Size of airport? Thanks all!
  4. Miami Beach is used as a front for the entire Miami area in most cases. Being born and raised here in Columbus, going to Miami and experiencing how people live is very interesting. Its just the fact that Miami and Florida, in general, are sooo different from what I am used to, i.e. the prices, drivers, Spanish-speakers, fakeness, and so on. But, I think the Miami area is a very livable area if you know where to live. And yes, a lot of the city of Miami and surrounding areas are nothing but run-down, crime and drug-infested places. But it also has some rather nice areas such as Coconut Grove, Brickell, The Roads, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Miami Beach up to Bal Harbour, Aventura, and so on; although not all of these areas are pedestrian-friendly i.e. Aventura. But Miami in general takes a lot of time to get adjusted to! Its like New York except it is sunny and warm year-round! ;)
  5. Has COTA or City Council considered rebuilding the old streetcar lines that used to run on High, Main, Cleveland, Broad, Livingston, and so on? Do you think this would gather more support from local citizens? Hell, you can still see the old tracks on Mohawk Street in German Village!
  6. There has been a TON of construction in Miami in the last few years! Its absolutely incredible! I go down there to visit my boyfriend every other month and there is always something new going up. And sad, but true, is the fact that quite a few of these buildings are sitting empty such as the Marquis condominiums (shown in the 3rd picture). Brickell Avenue is quite the show stopper; just tall building after tall building. If you are able to get a panoramic view of the city from Miami Beach, your panorama consists entirely of skyscrapers from SW/SE 26th Road up to I-195.
  7. how will this affect NCB's other markets such as Columbus, Dayton, and Detroit?
  8. I was up in Detroit last week for business and in September as well with my bf and Detroit is definitely a fascinating city to say the least! I think downtown is quite nice, although it does have its rough parts; the buildings are absolutely stunning! I was fortunate enough to be staying at the Westin Book-Cadillac and I was very, very impressed! Lots of things about the city fascinate me. These include the wide streets, Michigan lefts, New Center, the car plants, the social/political/economic dividers that are Alter Road and 8 Mile Road, the bustling suburbs (i.e. Birmingham, Royal Oak), and the old train station off of Vernor Highway West and Michigan Avenue (which is very impressive coming down I-96 to downtown). Also, I noticed a few things about the city that I thought were very odd, or at least a bit strange. Why are almost all the freeways below-ground? Except for a few portions, every single freeway was below-ground and had a service drive running above it. Also, how did the address numbering system get so large? But nonetheless, a very fascinating city all its own!
  9. I work for Columbus City Schools and attended some of them myself, and I can attest to the fact that NOT all CCS are crap! Schools on the north and northwest sides of the city/district are some of the best in the county and continually receive high rankings on [state] report cards. These schools include Winterset ES, Gables ES, Clinton Heights ES, Cranbrook ES, Indian Springs ES, Colerain ES, Arts Impact MS, Dominion MS(?), Ridgeview MS, Ecole Kenwood, Spanish Immersion, Centennial HS, Northland HS, Eastmoor HS, and Whetstone HS. Eastmoor is often considered on par with the suburban HS and is considered one of, maybe even THE, top (high) school in the district. And the district is improving every year, which I am very glad to hear.
  10. I was at the bookstore last week and got to read through some of it. Its a very interesting and informative book! Lots and lots of information! I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in architecture, Ohio, and/or Columbus!!!
  11. i really like her from what i have read! and shes very pretty as well, which is always a plus in politics! mccain-palin 08!!!
  12. Loved the pics! I go to see a good friend of mine who moved to Miami Beach for a job and it is always soooo much fun to visit; its like going to a fantasy land! Not a natural body part in sight!!! ;) As would be expected, Miami Beach is always nice to visit between November and April!!!!!!!
  13. give www.metro-rentals.com and craigslist (under columbus then to apts/housing) a try; metron-rentals.com is especially helpful!
  14. What would have happened if National City wasn't "bailed" out???
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