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  1. Tipp City - August 16th and 17th Bluegrass, camping, paddling and other river fun. From the canoegrass.com website
  2. That's an interesting thought, though I suspect it's not Hyde Park-adjacent enough for them. I have to think that Remke would be interested in moving, though. That would put them right off of the expressway and no longer at the forgotten end of the Hyde Park Kroger's plaza. They have the one off of Ridge already on the other side of 71 from OC, it would be interesting to see if they would like to consolidate them into one.
  3. Unfortunately you have to play great teams to be able to win. The only teams they have played with a winning record after the break has been the Cards and Buccos. Won 2 out of those 3 series. It is disappointing that both match ups with Halladay had Leake starting opposite him. Would have loved to see Latos or Cueto go up against him.
  4. Correct the sheet piling is for the Kennedy connector. The OS site has been mostly cleared of debris and general grading has begun.
  5. What kind of carpentry do you do? I used to work for a custom millwork company in Dayton and could point you in the right direction if that is of interest to you. And my opinion is that downtown Tipp City itself has charm galore and is worth a look but I would choose McPherson Town if I were able to live in Dayton.
  6. jmicha - I have only been before the renovation and while the bar service was good I had similar problems with the table service. Hopefully this is the next change as it is getting more and more competitive in the area.
  7. Too bad Pictometry can't update their images. Would be nice to see the bird's eye view get updated.
  8. Looks like the Cinemark Theater is back out for bid because they are going with CMU in lieu of tilt up concrete. The bid package has a 300 day completion schedule from notice to proceed.
  9. Several posters (including myself) have noticed that there's absolutely no pedestrian access from the south side (Robertson Ave) into Oakley Station. Ideally, such an underpass might be made just east of where Robertson crosses I-71 (at Millsbrae Ave) or at the end of 34th Ave (at Enyart St), but, for obvious reasons, it's not going to happen. The nearest south-side pedestrian access is still at the very end of Enyart, adjacent to where the railroad crosses Madison Rd--thus this huge retail/residential complex is literally sealed off from ANY kind of access from the south. Maybe this is a "non-issue," but something's not right about this picture. The Oakley Community Council website has this: That was months ago and no link or update.
  10. They have had to fill the old Circuit City with the liquidation sale and Pimpkins, if they could not get a permanent tenant for that space what are they expecting for this additional space? Also there was talk about a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks at one point, anyone know anything more about that?
  11. This is the upstream view from Main St/US48. The building on the right is the one containing Deloitte and the Metropark Offices.
  12. Here are some photos from andobayanka. http://andobayanka.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/u-square-at-the-loop-may-24th-2012/
  13. I am not so much concerned about where they are but more the number of them. As mentioned previously the 21c is a cool idea but a lot of that is derived from its uniqueness.
  14. There is a run of graffiti on top of most of the building along Ludlow including Ambar and ACE Hardware. Only noticed it about a week ago so not sure if it has been there awhile or not.
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