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  1. Anyone know what's going on with the building just east of Minh Anh? Scaffolding out front and signs of exterior renovation.
  2. Anyone know what the rates are for adults? I see a join fee of $25 on the website but unclear what the monthlies are. Thanks!
  3. Emerging after a long absence -- hi everyone! Anyone know what's going on with the renovation project at Lorain and W. 29th, on the south side of the street? It's a small one-story building that looks to be getting quite an overhaul.
  4. I live near Battery Park on West Clinton. It's a great neighborhood for running because you've got the W. 65th Street connection to Edgewater Park and (in the other direction) Whiskey Island. And there's a new connection coming (this spring?) to W. 76th Street. :)
  5. Thanks everyone. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it! Cleveland,Ohio - message box now clear. Looking forward to hearing from you. Hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Happy Dog!
  6. Hi everyone! Some of the veteran posters here may recall that I ran the Emerging Cleveland tours for ex-pats returning to Cleveland at the holidays. I'm excited to say I've turned the idea of those tours into a book, called 'New to Cleveland: A Guide to (re)Discovering the City.' I wrote it as an introduction to urban living in Cleveland, with an eye to newcomers but also in the hope that it would be useful/interesting to folks who've lived in the area for a long time. The book includes neighborhood guides, overviews, walking tours and maps. Most excitingly, though, it features 50+ illustrations by local artist Julia Kuo (100 Days in Cleveland). I'm so excited to have Julia's work featured -- it's fresh & creative. The book is 240 pages, full-color throughout, and designed by local designer Lee Zelenak -- so I think the book is as beautiful as it is functional. Julia and I collaborated to self-publish the book and used a local printer, so it's a 100% local product. You can find out more here! http://www.newtoclevelandbook.com Also, I'd like to invite everyone from UO to our launch party for the book, which is Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 7-9 p.m. at the Happy Dog. Stop by and say hello! Take care everyone, and thanks to this board for giving me a place to learn about the latest developments in the City and an outlet to gush about my passion for the City over the years!
  7. Thanks everyone! We find out who wins this Sunday... Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. Believeland, yes, I am planning on going.
  9. ^^ St. Pat's -- haha! Yeah, there's just too much to cover in one short video... :angel: ... And by the way, THANK YOU everyone for watching and voting!
  10. Hi everyone, Cleveland City Living is sponsoring a contest about why it's great to live in the city proper. The entries (video and written) are here: http://bit.ly/oILgPg I and my partner made a video entry that I'm proud of. It features footage of Downtown, the Gordon Square Arts District, Tremont and some of our great friends & neighbors. You can vote for us by clicking "Justin Glanville" in the pull-down menu at the bottom of the page. Thanks!!! :clap:
  11. When I first moved back to Cleveland I lived in a fourplex at 2908 Jay Ave. that had most of what you're wanting -- though off-street parking instead of garage. Not sure who owns the place currently, as it was sold a couple years back. Maybe try Googling. You can't beat the location.
  12. A positive story from Cleveland Scene -- in itself a shocker! "The number of college-educated young professionals who moved into the city rose by 49 percent since 2000, according to a recent crunch of the numbers. This means we beat out such allegedly desirable locales as Boston, Chicago, Columbus, and Cincinnati." http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2011/04/12/young-people-love-clevelands-grit-and-funk-or-something
  13. That would be highly upsetting. It's a Walker Weeks-designed building. Here's some history on it that I dug up while a student at CSU: Built 1927; Originally the home of the Wolfe Music Company 1940 - Accounting office for Henry M. Groves. 1951 - National Cash Register Company 1965 - Cooper School of Art 1996 - Kinkos Copy Center 1998 - Building became vacant A significant enough example of the work of Walker and Weeks that it was featured in "The Architectural Revue of the Mississippi Basin" (Summer issue, 1930, vol 1, No. 1). At least one previous proposal to tear the building down was rejected by the Planning Commission.
  14. Gypsy Beans at 65th & Detroit has awesome scones and bear claws and muffins, not sure if they have conventional donuts though.
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