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  1. Residents have referred to Mt. Adams as "the Hill" for a long time. I don't think anyone is trying to formally brand it that way right now.
  2. Yes, and as a consolation prize for yanking the streetcar funds, Kasich pushed forward the MLK project. Possibly.
  3. It's a fact that when he was elected, Kasich approached some Cincinnati business leaders and said something along the lines of "I am not going to fund the streetcar. What do you guys want? Ft. Washington Way caps?" And the response was, "No, we want the MLK interchange."
  4. Some of my go-to spots that have opened in the last couple years: 8th & English Pleasantry Sacred Beast Please
  5. They probably have a firm commitment for financing and will be closing by the end of the year. That would mean it is just a matter of paperwork at this point.
  6. JohnClevesSymmes


    Are you sure it wasn't the recently created Brian Shrive parody account?
  7. No developer is perfect, but Towne Properties recently renovated the church adjacent to its office in Mt. Adams to create a solid event venue. Its commercial property on St. Gregory is almost fully occupied, including backfilling office space after Empower moved to OTR, and all of its property is in good repair as far as I can tell. One developer is not responsible for keeping a neighborhood hip. As for Fountain Place, it is a shame there was not more momentum ahead of Macy's and Tiffany's departure. It does sound like there are multiple stakeholders which always complicates things. And large projects, subsidy or no, take time.
  8. ^Whatever happened to the enquirer or the courier publishing the list of local projects applying for state historic tax credits? This article references 4 projects but only names 2.
  9. I am sure there are many factors but I'll throw out one: Vanderbilt University
  10. I would LMAO if the former Don Pablo's space became a Bakersfield. We have too many breweries but it would make a great brewery.
  11. Weren't both endorsed by the Green Party?
  12. Looking at it another way, if Democrats have the top 5 slots locked down now, and you assume identical turnout, then the top 4 or 5 vote-getters will always be Dems. If, for example, you need 30,000 votes to come in 5th and no Republican ever gets more than 23,000 votes, then a Republican will never win.
  13. I think this is absolutely true. The question is: are conservatives currently over-represented or fairly-represented (based on the overall population of conservatives in the city) on council? If they are over-represented, then staggering 4 year terms is fair. If they are fairly-represented then it could be perceived as political gerrymandering in another form.
  14. This is the list of winners but there should be a list somewhere of every project that applied this round. It is always interesting to see the projects that didn't make the cut.
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