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  1. I didn't know one existed in the rock hall. I just hate that the national chains are walking. Tower city is such a shell of itself.
  2. In addition, I asked the Chick-Fil-A worker if the kiosk was a way to test how successful it would be downtown, "he responded no this is just catering and a way for us to make more money." Apparently they operate out of Strongsville and can't open a second location without corporate approval. So it seems like this is a work around.
  3. Stopped into FYE for a CD and found out that they will be leaving after July. Manager said it was a Dan Gilbert decision.
  4. What is that project going up in UC that is located next to CIA and by the lot that sells the Christmas trees?
  5. Ikea in the Steelyard? There is A TON OF SPACE, it's right by the freeway and only minutes from growing neighborhood's (Tremont/Downtown). They could even tear down the old best buy and build it there.
  6. Studebaker President Paul Hoffman wrote in 1939 that if they are to sell cars to the huge untapped city populations and for existing car owners to have full use of their cars, then cities have to be "remade." He said the reason is because it's so difficult to use cars and especially to park them. If cities densify, it usually makes parking and driving more difficult. But that also reduces the need for government-funded infrastructure. To bring this back to One University Circle, it's at the geographic center of everything in/near University Circle/Cleveland Clinic. University Circle is now the fastest growing job center in Ohio, becoming the fourth-largest employment node in the state. It grew from 22,000 jobs in 2002 to more than 61,000 in 2015 (a number that is surely higher today). Just that 39,000-job increase is a growth rate of 177 percent. Meanwhile downtown Cleveland has lost 16 percent of its jobs in the same period. So if we want this district to grow without drowning in vehicular traffic (at least until we get our act together on substantially funding transit), then placing more residential units at the geographic center of this economic powerhouse is essential. The site of One University Circle and Circle Square/UC3 is at the geographic center. And they're next to terrific greenspaces and near existing high-capacity transit, with the Thrive 105-93 transit corridor now in planning too. Is the Cleveland Clinic Employment Statistic under University Circle or Under Midtown? If it is under Midtown then where did they pick-up 39,000 jobs? People forget about Fairfax so often lol.
  7. They're both around 1.25 million. I don't get the point.
  8. Well my how things have changed..... John Hartness Brown makeover in downtown Cleveland will be housing, not a hotel (photos) CLEVELAND, Ohio - What's old is new again at the long-suffering John Hartness Brown complex in downtown Cleveland, where the property's new owner has returned to the original vision for redevelopment: Housing, not a hotel. Alto Partners no longer plans to include a 140-room, limited-service hotel in a revival of the buildings, a series of empty facades at 1001-1101 Euclid Ave. That blighted expanse of real estate now is earmarked for 228 apartments, with 20,000 square feet of retail along the street and 230 parking spaces tucked inside. Alto recently amended its plans in a filing with the state. In an email, Alto executive Michael Sabracos confirmed the change in scope. Lenders, he wrote, weren't nearly as enthusiastic about a hotel as they were about apartments. "Given the history of this project, we wanted to take a path that provided us with the upmost success," wrote Sabracos, chief executive officer for Alto's U.S. operations. "Since our decision, we have secured the financing to move forward with the project ... and look forward to bringing the building back to life." http://realestate.cleveland.com/realestate-news/2017/12/john_hartness_brown_makeover_i.html#incart_river_home
  9. I honestly just love the Twitter header that Michelle has.
  10. Wasn't there a rail company offering to take over the operation of the rail system and use their own cars? Siemens I believe. What happened to that?
  11. I think the city needs to reel back these hard restrictions on these parking meters on the weekend. Visitors getting their car towed can only happen so much before they move on. I don't buy the "it blocks emergency vehicles" reason. It's too coincidental that the restriction is only in the areas that have lots. I know I'm beating a dead horse but it worries me.
  12. First Look: PNC Glenville Arts Campus set for dedication Wednesday CLEVELAND, Ohio - Khrys Shefton, director of real estate development at Famicos Foundation, admits she welled up as she watched contractors installing drywall this summer in the former Medical Associates Building in Glenville. "At certain times, in certain moments, everything kind of hits you at once," she said Tuesday in an interview. The renovation of the medical building as an apartment building, scheduled for completion this weekend, is a milestone for Glenville. Built in 1962, the building, at 1464 East 105th St., was designed in the modernist style by Robert P. Madison, Ohio's first black registered architect. http://www.cleveland.com/architecture/index.ssf/2017/09/famicos_foundation_and_front_t.html#incart_river_home
  13. I am curious how we will view the architecture from this time period 20 years from now and how it will hold up. I do like the project overall but I feel that Cleveland has gonna "ultra modern" crazy lol.
  14. I've said that in the past, you can't uplift a small portion of the city and promote growth there while basically flat out ignoring the majority, the east side specifically. It doesn't work.
  15. Your buddies from Atlanta's comment got me thinking. I think (outside of jobs) the biggest thing holding Cleveland back from growth and prospering as it should is people don't know about the great neighborhoods we have. When we have big events they stay downtown, show 4th and the Rock Hall, YAWN! On the other hand when big televised events go to Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, Boston etc. they show their downtowns but also their inner city neighborhoods and other attractions that may not be located downtown. It gives viewers who may have never had been there an idea of what is around the town without having to visit. If the televised or publicized things we have here showed Uptown, UC, Ohio City, Tremont, Little Italy etc. I guarantee people would know what we have to offer and Clevelands negative perception would be gone quickly. Neighborhoods like University Circle is a gem that exists in very few cities, it needs to be showcased. Honestly if I had to pick a neighborhood to showcase it would be UC due to its diversity in landscaping as well as architecture and diverse sub neighborhoods. Don't forget about the beautiful Case campus and Heritage lane on Wade Park.
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