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  1. Some lady on the Enquirer's FB comments said this is a great idea because Hilton Head has these and they work great. Seriously. Hilton Head. :roll:
  2. John Cranley is still several weeks away from being sworn in as mayor of Cincinnati and he's already one of the most unpopular, if not worst, mayors this city has had. All hail John Caesar!
  3. ^ You're putting it past King Cranley to stop this? If he personally doesn't want it, it's gone.
  4. The good news just continues to roll in post-election :roll: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20131113/BIZ/311130098/Saks-signs-deal-leave-Downtown-Kenwood
  5. The "Save the Streetcar" page on Facebook is raking in the "likes" by the minute. It's been up for less than 10 hours and it's already pushing 1,500 likes. Keep it up! Drive Cranley and the teabaggers crazy with streetcar support!
  6. I think you're looking at the wrong deity. If God had been involved, Smithermn, Winburn & Sittenfeld would be gone. Electing the Prince of Lies mayor seriously indicates other forces at work. Nope, Laure was a joke and the worst member of council. It is good she is gone, my dog would do a better job than her on council Worse than Smitherman? Pam Thomas? Hardly. Sounds like you have a personal issue with Quinlivan.
  7. I would think it would depend on which precincts the votes are coming from. Heck, that loony Tea Party governor candidate in Virginia (Cuccinelli) is leading after 27 percent of precincts now reported, but I don't think anyone thinks he can win - particularly when the more urban counties start reporting. What is disturbing, though, is that the early Cranley lead mirrors the primary numbers.
  8. Well, what are the chances of at least keeping the Seelbach/Quinlivan/Young/Simpson quartet and adding one of the other streetcar supporters? Or of ridding City Hall of Smitherman?
  9. Didn't the streetcar referendums have low turnout and the streetcar still won?
  10. Will cranley cancel construction on this project since it's money being spent downtown and not Price Hill?
  11. The Enquirer has completely ceased to be a relevant news organization. I continue to miss the Cincinnati Post.
  12. Dont know the exact specific reasons, but here's was Deatrick said: http://www.wcpo.com/news/political/local-politics/cincinnati-streetcar-manager-cost-to-cancel-project-is-unknown-no-funding-plan-yet-for-uptown Here's what John Cranley said: http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2013/10/25/exclusive-qualls-open-to-the-idea-of.html?ana=twt&page=all Cranley is sounding more and more irresponsible by the day. At this point, even if I were not a streetcar supporter and was inclined to vote for him, I'd be starting to get quite concerned over his absolute, finite, nothing-else-to-consider position to scrap this project.
  13. Good god ... I can't take anymore. The haters' endless hate long since jumped the shark for me. It's just white noise now.
  14. His appearance on WLW was really just another vehicle for Cunningham to scream doom, gloom, and Detroit if Cranley, Murray, Smitherman aren't elected. Tom Luken's comments were all over the place. Sad really. A few choice (paraphrased) ones: Chris Bortz is the father of the streetcar and the voters kicked him out because of it... The voters are pretty wise on these things! We won't have it (streetcar) until 2016. That's four years away. They are starting on Elm St. because it doesn't get a whole lot of traffic. Why? Beause if they started on Fountain Square people would be up in arms because they are going to block all the traffic and cause an impass. This (today's rail installation) is just a token thing where they'll do a few things before this election and then sit around again for another three years until they're going to put the rest of the construction in. It would start to worry me if Bill Cunningham was ever right about elections, or much of anything else. He guaranteed Mitt Romney would win last year and was so sure of it that he said he would resign if Obama was re-elected. Of course, Obama was easily re-elected and Bill is still spewing garbage on the radio.
  15. She's been the least impressive council person in a long time, and that's saying something. She seems confused, direction-less and in over her head.
  16. Some woman tried to tell me that "Sales taxes are increasing in Cincinnati" "Really, city officials are raising the sales tax to help pay for that damn streetcar" I told her that the streetcar has nothing to do with anything and that Kasich is the one raising the sales tax to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy among other things...We didn't talk much after How people get so uninformed is mindboggling. Some of these people tie any and everything to the streetcar Look at the mainstream local media in this city, specifically WLW, 55KRC and the Enquirer. It's easy to see why the misinformation permeates.
  17. Well, Kasich promised to and then did kill the 3C Amtrak line immediately after taking office, to the cheers of his base. This had very little negative impact on him politically, despite it "costing" $600M of forgone federal funding that is now being used to improve some other state. It's clear that Cranley took notice of that. Anyone who cares about the future of rail transit in this region needs to go out and vote for Qualls in November. I don't want to find out if Cranley would actually follow through on his promises. We cannot afford to take that chance. If I lived in Cincinnati I would vote for Qualls in a minute. But what about Council after the Nov. election? Doesn't Cranley's ability to cancel the project depend upon getting his ducks in a row on a friendly Council? So...anybody know what the outlook is for the next Council? Well, you can be sure that streetcar haters Smitherman, Winburn and Sittenfeld are shoe-ins for re-election.
  18. Tearing down Concourse B today would be ridiculously shortsighted and knee-jerk. What happens if, say, three years after Concourse B is demolished another major airline (Southwest? Frontier?) is looking for a hub in this part of the country and CVG is just too small? So they opt for Indianapolis or Cleveland instead? There were some who wanted to tear down Union Terminal in the 70s after train service diminished. In fact, Cincinnati is great at just tearing things down now that we don't have immediate uses for, to the detriment of future generations. How would that Mount Adams Incline look today?
  19. WLW will make sure that Smitherman is a lock as well. He'll do everything from read the traffic reports to call UC football games in the weeks leading up to the election.
  20. A second hotel at The Banks? Maybe they should focus on getting the first hotel built in that obnoxiously empty void next to the lager house.
  21. The large, 10-story red-brick building (old Pogue's warehouse?) on the east side of Race between Third and Fourth is probably the largest completely vacant building in downtown. And I've never heard so much as a whisper of it ever being redeveloped. Surprising, considering its great location and seemingly awesome views.
  22. Sounds like the guy who goes to bed at 9 p.m. on New Years Eve because he has no friends to hang out with.
  23. Smitherman hasn't attended a thing that I'm aware of, as far as groundbreakings. He certainly hasn't been at any Banks events or at the dunnhumby centre groundbreaking. It'll be interesting to see if he's at the casino grand opening. The dude is nothing short of a political loser.
  24. Some of this radio misinformation is just getting too overwhelming. I just can't believe that there is an appetite in this market for all this streetcar talk. I have a lot of friends in the suburbs and rarely, if ever, hear anything about the streetcar from them. It just isn't on their radar. At this point, if the Reds/Bengals/Bearcats aren't on the radio, I have no reason to even consider tuning into WLW. As for 55KRC, I haven't listened to it in years. I forget it's even there until I see it mentioned on this board.
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