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  1. Yea, I'm confused by that too. But if true, that's a 6-3 pro-streetcar majority for council.
  2. @917wvxu just tweeted: "Council top 9 with 151 precincts counted: Qualls, Thomas, Young, Winburn, Sittenfeld, Simpson, Quinlivan, Smitherman and Seelbach." If that many precincts have been counted, we may know something soon.
  3. With 38 of 173 reporting: No 11,892 50.9% Yes 11,465 49.1%
  4. With 10 of 173 precincts reporting: No 8,346 50.5% Yes 8,193 49.5% ... I'd sure love to know which precincts those are.
  5. Horstman tweet: Anti-streetcar Issue 48 narrowly leads, 51-49 percent, with 7 percent of vote counted. Much too early and too close for conclusions. #ohel
  6. Issue 48 0 of 173 precincts reporting: Yes 7,162 51.4% No 6,781 48.6%
  7. After absentee voting, according to a MetroCincy tweet. Five of nine SC supporters: Here are the top nine after the early votes: Qualls Thomas Winburn Young Sittenfeld Simpson Quinlivan Smitherman Seelbach
  8. Actually, the Enquirer says it's at the Smitherman campaign headquarters in Bond Hill.
  9. Isn't that where the COAST party is tonight? Well, at least until it closes at 10.
  10. I'm staying far away from WLW today; I can't stomach their subtle jabs and insults anymore. It would be fun to listen tomorrow though if 48 goes down in flames.
  11. Volunteered at the Salvation Army poll on Clay St. this morning. No clue if turnout was heavy or light for that poll (it's the first time that has been a polling station) but virtually everyone was supporting NO on 48. Weather should be nice, which should help turnout (likley to help us). Nice weather tends to bring out the older crowd. The "No on 48" diehards would have voted if there was a blizzard today, but the marginal voters scare me.
  12. I saw a Seelbach tweet that people were taking in copies of City Beat into one of the Clifton polling places. That's good news. Clifton isn't where I'm worried about though.
  13. If there is no new construction for the next year or two, why not focus on filling some of the long-abandoned buildings along Third Street? I know it's technically not The Banks, but there are strings of historic yet dilapidated buildings at Third and Race, Third and Main and there's that at least 10-12 story red brick tower at Third and Race that's seemingly been empty for ages. If there is no immediate development imminent at Phase 2 of The Banks, maybe it's time to focus on some of these vacant near-Banks buildings that see plenty Banks- and stadium-related foot traffic outside their front doors.
  14. I've always thought that a Winking Lizard Tavern would be a great fit for U-Square, or at least somewhere else around UC. It's a Cleveland-based chain with 12 locations in Cleveland/Akron and a pair in Columbus. With a ton of Cleveland-area students at UC, and that number increasing every year, it would probably be a popular spot.
  15. Hey everyone ... long time lurker on this site, finally decided to join. I love coming here and finding out all the stuff that's happening (or planned) for Cincinnati. Anyways, I'll try to contribute something on my first post. I was listening to the Bengals call-in show last night from Holy Grail. They had on as a guest Frostee Rucker, one of the Bengals defensive players. And he said that he had purchased a frozen yogurt franchise that will open this spring at The Banks. I haven't seen that anywhere else. Here are a couple of tweets last night from Lance McAlister, who hosts the Bengals show on 700/1530: @LanceMcAlister Lance McAlister Frostee purchased orange leaf yogurt franchise. Will open in spring here on banks. @LanceMcAlister Lance McAlister Calls it froyo....frozen yogurt...has partial stake in Hyde park location
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