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  1. I wonder if Newport or the state of Kentucky will try to get them to re-brand in exchange for tax dollars. FC Newport? FC Kentucky (though FCK might be a bit too crude of an acronym)?


    Kaiserslautern in Germany's Bundesliga already owns that. And a badass logo it is.





  2. I think this falls somewhere between "loose canon" and "traitor":


    Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador



    This is fake news (which is not surprising, given your questionable source). It wouldn't surprise me at all if someone just fell for a canary trap:


    McMaster: "The Story That Came Out Tonight As Reported Is False"




    I was in the room. It didn't happen.


    I rarely rarely post here but I've been following this thread and have to respond to your continued and complete nonsense in defense of this disaster of a president. It's almost like you hope Trump is reading this thread and you're auditioning in front of him to join buffoons like Kellyann Conway and Jeffrey Lord as a surrogate.


    This WaPo story has now been independently confirmed by the New York Times, Reuters, CNN, Buzzfeed and the Wall Street Journal. For you to dismiss it as fake is absurd, sad, ignorant and plays right into the now-comical charicature of a blind Trump supporter who will literally twist themselves into pretzels trying to defend the hopelessly indefensible.


    Thankfully, so few think like you.

  3. I live in Centerville (10 miles south of Dayton) and ColDayMan's analysis is far from accurate. There is little to no Crew presense in the Dayton market. When the Crew played in the championship game last year, I had to specifically request the match at a Kettering sports bar - 20 min. after kickoff. Forget about a regular season Crew game getting any attention here. The local TV sports show no Crew highlights. While the FCC friendly vs. Palace got highlights and DDN coverage.


    Dayton is far, far more linked to Cincinnati than Columbus and that extends to FCC. I saw FCC shirts in Centerville on match days hours before kickoff. The Rally House at the Dayton Mall carries FCC gear.


    Not to mention, most of the hotbeds of soccer in the Miami Valley, namely Centerville, Springboro, Bellbrook and Miamisburg, are all well south of Dayton and, in Springboro's case, already considered part of the Cincy metro. We're already used to driving the quick 40 minutes to Cincy for the Reds, Bengals, the zoo, the airport and plenty of other things in the city on a routine basis. Driving to north of Columbus is just not a regular thing.


    If/when FCC joins MLS, Dayton (which should officially be linked to Cincy by the 2020 federal census) will be there. Zero doubt.

  4. Anyone else feel there is a "follow the money trail" conspiracy to why the grocery store component requirement was removed?  If nothing else Cranley cares about his political future, and heeding the call of those with deep pockets and long-standing political clout in Cincinnati is a wise move on his part.


    Yea, it does seem a little bit like this whole thing was orchestrated to keep a grocery store OUT of this development. Kroger does seem to be interested, at least somewhat, in a downtown Cincinnati grocery store. Could this whole debacle be on Kroger's behalf?



  5. Screw the sleezy GOP ... Pearl Jam is coming to the arena in October!


    But seriously, this city is long past due for a legitimate arena. US Bank is a garage compared to the new facilities in Louisville, Indy, Cbus, Denver, Dallas, etc. It would be nice for it to come with a new NHL/NBA team, but Kansas City built a state-of-the-art facility without a major sports tennant. And now that they have it, they're always on the short list of relocation possibilities for the NHL. If KC (or Cleveland, Pittsburgh and St. Louis for that matter), which already has MLB, NFL, MLS and major college sports nearby, can support a NBA or NHL team, why couldn't Cincinnati?

  6. I hate this idiot more and more every day.  I think every bike club in town should get together and ride back and forth in front of Cranley's house to make a point.



    Cranley: Want to bike on Central Parkway? Use the sidewalk

    Chris Wetterich Staff reporter- Cincinnati Business Courier



    Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley has been notably reserved when it comes to his opinion as to whether there should be a protected bikeway along Central Parkway, sticking to generalities about needing to listen to business owners and potentially make changes.


    At a news conference at City Hall on Friday to announce other biking initiatives, Cranley said he thought bicyclists could use the sidewalk alongside the road, at one point referring to it as a “highway.”




    I didn't think Cranley could continue to get worse in his role as a miserable excuse for a big-city mayor and I'm proven wrong. Again.


    What a joke he's become. A modern charicature of the old "Boss" mayors of the past.


    It's so sad that this city is singularly held back by a complete moron like John Cranley.



  7. Even if GE doesn't come to the Banks, the prospect seems to have kicked Mike Brown in the pants to let Phase 2 happen. Though he's surely getting something out of this that perhaps he didn't have before. Maybe it's the spot on the steering committee, though it hardly seems like he's needed that to throw his weight around. I wonder what's in it for him if GE chooses the Banks.


    At the very least, a couple of thousand new people moving to the Tri-state means more potential ticket buyers.

  8. Why should I drive when a fighter jet is faster?


    You guys crack me up somtimes. Would you take a fighter jet from The Banks to Music Hall?


    Velocity is just one factor in the equation. Transit doesn't have to be faster to be competitive with other modes, but it helps.


    "People drive to save time."


    I don't - I drive because its the only realistic option for getting somewhere around Cincinnati-Dayton.


    When I'm in Washington DC, NYC or even Denver, I don't drive. Just the thought is laughable. I'll take the rail transit 100 times out of 100.

  9. This is like a "story" one would read on THE ONION as political satire...unreal.


    The streetcar was a Republican idea to begin with.  It only became a "Democrat" issue after Chris Bortz turned on his own project in 2011, meaning it fell in Mallory's lap.  There was stuff going on back around 2006-07 that seems impossible now, like both Ghiz & Cranley voting for the streetcar while dating. 



    Oh, and I heard that JUDGE Ghiz was going to be pressured to recuse herself had the pro-streetcar charter amendment been placed on the spring 2014 ballot because of her past streetcar votes while serving on council and for having dated now-mayor Cranley. 


    Whoa...Cranley and Ghiz dated?!?


    Eww ... Gross.



  10. As much as I'd love a new arena the best solution is for UC and US Bank arena to partner to renovate the current arena. As far as concerts go, we have good options already. Most summer tours go to Riverbend and now Bunbury. Most smaller acts have options in town and outside of some of the bigger arena acts, Cincinnati doesn't miss out of much. The only real acts we miss out on are big stadium tours, which should go to PBS.


    I'd love for Cincinnati to get NCAA tournaments but with other venues so close it's an uphill battle. However, a renovated US Bank Arena might be able to swipe the First Four from Dayton. UD Arena is a dump.


    ^ Ah, probably a xavier fan.  :roll:


    UD Arena is the best college basketball facility in Ohio, and it's not even close. Apparently, the NCAA, ESPN and CBS agree. I would hate to see it go but there have been rumblings that a new facility closer to campus is an eventuality. As it is, it's a star in the college basketball world and the only place that I've ever heard get louder is Rupp Arena. And Dayton continues to get the First Four because the city embraces it and puts on a great show; it's more than just the arena. The games are sold out, despite most of the teams being from far-flung locations. Cincinnati can't sell out NFL playoff games, Reds games without thousands of visiting fans, UC football/basketball games, etc. The thought of Cincinnati selling out games featuring Boise State, Cal, Iona and Western Kentucky is laughable.


    Fifth Third Arena is a poorly designed shoebox ill-equipped for basketball and is incredibly annoying for casual fans to access. The Cintas Center is nothing more than the Nutter Center with blue seats - ugly as sin, dull and with a hideous cinderblock wall behind one of the baskets. Do they want to host basketball games or banquets? The Schott at OSU is a multipurpose monstrocity with no personality designed to accommodate hockey, which renders it as sterile and lifeless as most NBA arenas. Miami's Millett Hall is a cruel joke. BG, Cleveland State and Ohio have nice facilities.

  11. Hotel in works for Newport on the Levee

    Staff Cincinnati Business Courier


    A six-story hotel is in the works for the expansion of Newport on the Levee, WCPO reports.


    Musselman Hotels LLC has applied for a rebate of up to $8.3 million in sales taxes over 10 years from the Kentucky Toursm Department Finance Authority for the $33.1 million project.


    The request will be considered at a meeting in Frankfort on Wednesday, but final approval could take six to eight weeks.




    Would have preferred to read that a six-story hotel is going into The Banks instead.


    What's the holdup there?

  12. Civ, I think you will soon find that our new Mayor and new city council see Cinti much more like I do than you....


    That's not saying much for you. John Cranley has no vision whatsoever. He's on record as wanting to compete with Kenwood and Montgomery, not Charlotte and Indianapolis. He thinks in 1985 terms and fails to grasp any of the reasons for the positive developments in Cincinnati the past eight years. He helped move jobs OUT of Cincinnati as part of his other job. He was a failed councilmember who learned under a do-nothing mayor during a woeful time in the city's recent history. He is antagonizing or outright firing highly qualified people like MD and JD, people who have starred here and will elsewhere. He advocates the use of trolly buses, which are more expensive than streetcars and are used in such places low-volume places as Cheyenne and Hilton Head for sightseeing trips. And he either embraces the poisonous methods of the racist COAST Tea Party group or he's just using them to do his dirty work/wring a few right-wing nutcase votes. Either way, he's a slimeball for it.


    Frankly, Cincinnati elected a loser for mayor. There's no other way to describe John Cranley.

  13. I live 100 miles away and know the streetcar is good for the whole state, let alone Cincinnati.


    I live in Centerville, about 40 miles north of the streetcar line. I have also lived in Montgomery and Mount Washington. I own zero property and zero businesses anywhere near the line. And I am 110 percent behind the Cincinnati streetcar.


    I couldn't be more disappointed in the path that the city is embarking upon. Honestly, my enthusiasm for Cincinnati - and that means everywhere: suburbs, city, downtown, Kenwood, everywhere - is waning. I used to come down at least twice a week for a variety of things. I haven't been once since Nov. 5.

  14. Cranley is supposed to announce his Vice Mayor today. Word is it's not PG (who says he hasn't even spoken to Cranley about the possibility). And he said previously he won't pick Smitherman. My money is on Mann.


    Edit: Annnd...looks like I was right. The press conference is being held at Mann's law office.


    Great, two old white men running the city for the next four years.


    Cranley's not age-old like Mann, but he's cranky and tea-baggish enough to be an honorary member of that club.

  15. John Cranley is an absolute lost cause. He's a borderline lunatic and has zero interest in the future of Cincinnati. I honestly can't think of a worse mayor, other than Smitherman or the lifetime losers at Coast.


    Surely those who had hopes of working with him are now realizing that he's in this for his ego. He'll work with you, if he gets HIS way. The enquirer tabbed it right: He's a freaking dictator.



    At this point, he's so obsessed with winning that he'd pay $200 million stop the streetcar if it was 100 percent completed and was shuttling thousands of riders a day at full capacity.


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