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  1. Agreed. love the pre-shovel activity. I also agree that if it happens it will be at the least an entertaining design. It's just a Stark thing for me.
  2. As KJP once said, don't get excited until you see shovels in the ground....and not ceremonial ones at that.
  3. Has the old Breen site been completely elliminated? Sorry if I missed something but it has enough land and a premium location for SW.
  4. Friendly suggestion for the powers that be. Two different threads, one for HQ one for R & D.
  5. Second building now has two floors up atop the concrete podium. No siding up yet on either building. Slow progress, but looks great so far.
  6. Agree 100% that 73rd needs a 4 way stop at that location.
  7. KJP, Is there any possible loose collaboration or coordination between this project and Sherwin Williams? There is a certain logic to that ,given the Landmark building and current R & D location.
  8. Does anyone know where the glass curtain walls are being made? There is a shop not far from me that has a number of large crates of blue glass sitting around.....thinking it could be Lumen glass.
  9. It seems that at this point Market Square could be next project underway. Nucleus, believe it or not, might actually also be under construction in this calendar year. I for one won't believe it till I see it.
  10. Yesterdays floor pour was only nine days from the previous pour. The tower/apt floor plates are smaller and likely more standardized so I would guess we will see two floors every two weeks. Will soon be time to adjust the web camera also.
  11. I'm curious about the Jacobs lot being offered up to Amazon if SW has in fact been planning for as long as suggested. KJP, any info?
  12. Was by that site yesterday. That lot has been a stageing area for construction equip and materials. Looks like they are clearing the lot...perhaps for more construction. I wish it was for the cut through, but I believe that won't happen until the old EMS facility is torn down.
  13. Yes, it did take a few weeks on this latest floor. There were a few days lost to weather. Once the weather settles down and the garage portion is finished, young Lumen should have a growth spurt.
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