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  1. I will stick to the thread topic at hand, and keep with current events. Police use of force. This officer had more than a dozen complaints against him in regards to use of force. When a suspect is restrained in the manner that he was (which officers discourage) there is a legitimate case. It's time to start holding these officers accountable for their acts. We can see in the video what happened. This is not a he said, he said situation. A human life was lost because of an act committed by an officer.
  2. I am asking, why, according to you, it just does not?
  3. How does this not fit the bill?
  4. Mississippi is such a stain. I hate to label an entire state, but this mayor's attitude is prevalent in a majority of the place. Sadly, that attitude is becoming more prevalent with the country's current administration.
  5. I will just quote this since it seems to have been forgotten about previously. I watched a reporter get arrested on CNN this morning. What about that cop that clearly murdered George Floyd. We need a national movement to start calling this BS what it is. Murder.
  6. The Census Bureau came out with new numbers for city populations today. Obviously yearly counts should be taken lightly, but these numbers are always interesting to look at. From 2018-2019 the numbers are as follows: Columbus - 890,869...898,553 (the 13th best city in regards to numeric growth in the country) Cleveland - 383,214...381,009 Cincinnati - 302,277...303,940 (now larger than peer river cities Pittsburgh and St. Louis) Toledo - 274,864...272,779 Akron - 197,884...197,597 Dayton - 140,439...140,407 Parma - 78,622...78,103 Canton - 70,752...70,447 Youngstown - 64,860...65,469 (shown growing from 2016-2019. As a Mahoning Valley resident and being able to see the city limits from my kitchen window, I doubt these numbers) Lorain - 63,984...63,855 Again, take these numbers with a grain of salt. Yearly numbers as well all know tend to fluctuate wildly, but that still doesn't stop us from talking about it. See the link with all the spreadsheets: https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2020/south-west-fastest-growing.html
  7. I'm amazed at Little Italy's growth as well. Truly surprised every time I go back to Cleveland how much has changed in such a short period of time. Uptown was only in its infancy when I was a freshman at CSU about 10 years ago - surface parking lots to be exact. Very exciting times in Cleveland!
  8. So the $357 million is specifically for the Jacob's lot? Would the $322 million be spread out amongst Weston and Brecksville? No doubt this is all preliminary numbers in the tweet, but just curious how those figures pan out over the multiple areas of investment they are making in Cuyahoga County.
  9. The right is full of hypocrisy. We have said it over and over again in countless threads on this forum. Just a few weeks ago most of the right was saying how the left was trying to politicize this virus, but it's stuff like this you just posted we keep seeing every hour from the right. They are the ones more than not politicizing this; just like they do everything else.
  10. I had a meeting today at the Akron Chamber and Kirk Schuring who sponsored SB 39 was there. I could not NOT ask about this bill specifically how it relates to nuCLEus. He was pretty optimistic about it. It's been stated before, but when this was first introduced it seems like this was almost specifically done for nuCLEus. It could be transformative for the entire state, and not just for big cities, but for projects in small towns, too. Nice guy who really seems to care about NEO.
  11. Cleveland Development Thread. The Columbus posters talk about this thread constantly. Let's not give them something to talk about. That view from the Rockefeller Building is impressive. Cleveland has some impressive streetwalls, and I am sure they will look great from the new headquarters.
  12. I agree if SW doesn't touch Scranton, what does that mean for future development of the area? With that said, as much of a nice surprise as it was to hear last week that this location was in consideration for r&d, this wasn't a location too many people thought of. So as disappointing as this news is, we still have a other locations that may not pose as such a "risk" as the sp. What about more dense and taller development on the Weston Block (that makes us forumers happy)? You can't get much closer to your new headquarters than that. What about other parcels in the immediate area? There's another lot on St. Clair and West 9th. There are a few smaller parking lot parcels that exist in the immediate area. I am not sure how these parcels are shaped and who owns them. But based on their footprint, maybe building a little taller would be the way to go here. As we have discuss on here, it's easy for us to tell a company how to spend their money. This area is obviously going to change dramatically in the next few years which is exciting to think about. These parking lot parcels that are not the Weston Block seem like good candidates. Look at what Amazon has done around their location near Downtown Seattle.
  13. And look how much this block has changed in just 3/4 short years. I don't understand how people living here do not see this as a GOOD thing?! Sorry, NIMBY, there's always Strongsville.
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