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  1. Thank you! Now all of a sudden UO is anti-home rule? I don’t want the project scaled back either but it’s amazing to me that this is being used as a talking point to attack the city when the precedent that this would’ve set some of you would’ve hated later
  2. I’m not gonna fear the worst but I fear the worst lol. That would be such an economic blow to the city. And even more than an economic blow, the psychological one that it would give this city is one that can’t be quantified in dollars and cents. It would be another blow to this city and this region, and another black eye to all of us. We can’t lose a company that’s been here for 100 years. We just can’t. That would be horrifying
  3. I know Congressman Gonzalez. He’s a great guy and it’s awesome seeing him get our people in front of Silicon Valley businesses. Bernie was on the trip as well so it could have implications for Blockland. The article hit a theme that I’m constantly preaching about over and over and over and over again. Sometimes Cleveland isn’t an option for people because they don’t know anything about us and our region. THIS is why I support almost anything that increases our presence and put more eyeballs on the city. It’s important https://www.crainscleveland.com/government/why-not-cleveland-road-trip-pitches-northeast-ohio-silicon-valley-tech-execs
  4. Then they must’ve recently brought it back because they did get rid of it at one point http://www.csuvikings.com/sports/m-basebl/spec-rel/050211aac.html
  5. The Browns aren’t spending money on a development without a new/renovated stadium somewhere. So it’s a false choice. That $5 billion as you say will either be spent on a new/renovated stadium (AND development hopefully) or nothing
  6. @KJP drops a bomb and disappears You’re leaving us in suspense, man! Lol
  7. I don’t understand the hate for Mayor Jackson, I really don’t. For one, this is gonna be his last term anyway, most likely. Two, people want to saddle him with all of the city’s woes but give him no credit for the city’s successes. People act like it wouldve happened regardless. If you think that, you’re mistaken. Several of the people who ran against him recently would’ve been terrible for the Cleveland business community and the overall climate for development. No he’s not the most dynamic person in the world, but to give him no credit at all for anything positive that’s going on in the city is false and unfair. A Mayor Jeff Johnson would’ve given you a lot to complain about.
  8. That’s not a bad idea. Problem is, the Browns charge WAYYYYY too much to rent the stadium. Unless that changes, CSU would be better off building their own. It would be ideal to use Browns stadium so it gets more use, but they want your firstborn child in order to rent that place
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