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  1. If city council as a whole opposes this, that’s so stupid. I’d be interested to see how they sell this to the public, a public who likely were ready to eliminate half of their jobs. They better not oppose a $100 million development
  2. The real question is does the mayor support it? If he supports it, it’ll get done
  3. I don’t think that would work either. Where would you put something with that large of a footprint in an area over there that still has easy/convenient highway access? That’s part of it too. Another part of the appeal, according to the developer, is that it’s in downtown but outside of the CBD. This way it can target suburban shoppers, tourists, and downtown workers/residents. All those things matter. I don’t think you can replicate that in AsiaTown or Midtown. I think this is the perfect location for this development considering all of the things that they are looking for
  4. You know it wouldn’t get built at all if it had to be built in where you’re suggesting, right? No developer with even a halfway functioning brain would put an outlet mall in a location where ample parking is not available. You’re asking to fail
  5. https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/02/cleveland-neighborhood-non-profit-target-14-block-east-side-commercial-strip-for-growing-new-businesses.html
  6. This is true to some degree, and CLEVELAND is one of the most segregated Big cities in the nation so race is certainly an element of the stigma. (And for the record: a racist stigma is never fair, I’d correct that if I were you lol) But I can also speak at this angle: as a black person, we don’t like riding it either lol. There’s a stigma in the community that says that riding the RTA in any form means you’re poor. I remember once my car was out and I had to use RTA while my car was getting fixed and I got on the bus once with a family member and they saw someone that they knew and the first question was “what are you doing on RTA?!” Even the people who RIDE it have a stigma against it lol. So it’s not just among white folks trying to get away from black and Hispanic folks (which is definitely a problem, obviously) but the stigma attached to the RTA in general regardless of community is that you ride public transportation because you’re poor and can’t afford a car. There’s no point of pride for riding on the RTA in the black community. A lot of people view it as a failure in life on your part if you have to ride it. So there’s perception and stigma problems with the RTA across the board that need to be addressed . No one wants to be on “Auntie RITA” as we call it lol and that stigma has to be addressed
  7. I don’t think they wanted to do too much vertically. They don’t want to do supertalls from everything we’ve heard. The corporate model for headquarters these days are a bunch of low rises and/or mid rises with room for growth
  8. He also said essentially that if they were both going to be in Cleveland they wanted them together. Once they saw that there wasn’t enough land downtown for the HQ and the R&D together, they weren’t going to keep it anywhere else in the city. They took the Brecksville deal instead. I hate that it happened but we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good
  9. No it wasn’t. What was hard was Dan Deross’s (sp?) ass continuing to interrupt the press conference. I didn’t tune in to hear him
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