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  1. Anything that moves this project forward, I’m all for it. (And I really hope Cleveland Live is still part of this project. We need that). @KJP do you know if it’s still part of the project?
  2. Would they though? Maybe as an online brand. I think that would work
  3. Allard’s writing is garbage most of the time, but this was a pretty good one
  4. Any word on what kind of retail they’re targeting for this development?
  5. It’s hard to negotiate from a position of strength when you are not at a position of strength. We need SHW more than SHW needed us. They wanted to stay, but they didn’t HAVE to stay. Many mistakes in this city have been made by people stupidly trying to negotiate from a position of strength that they did not have
  6. Playing chicken with thousands of jobs when you need them more than they need you is a really stupid strategy
  7. Didn’t know they had a bar there. That’s a cool idea. I’ll have to check it out when we’re all allowed back outside (I know we can go to grocery stores but I’m assuming the bar is shut down for now)
  8. Centennial is breathtaking. I love this project for several reasons, one of the biggest is it’s like us reclaiming our former opulence. We deserve it damn it. It’s beautiful for our city
  9. I’m less concerned about them building on top of it as I am with them putting storefronts at the base. To me, that’s critical
  10. I’d rather have a garage with retail storefronts than a parking lot. But we’re fooling ourselves if we think available parking doesn’t matter in this city.
  11. It’s not just suburbanites. It’s Clevelanders too. I’m an African American Cleveland lifer, born and raised. And like I’ve said before on this forum, black folks don’t like catching the bus either. It still has a huge stigma attached to it in our community. We want ample parking too. Not just suburbanites. That’s the nature of NEO
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