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  1. Does Vocom even have experience building skyscrapers? I looked at the website and didn't see any.
  2. Should we now call Cleveland the Painting Capital of the World?
  3. What could even be built at that location? The surrounding traffic is awful there and does not seem to be pedestrian friendly.
  4. I wonder if the tower will be mostly concrete with a glass wall on one side or something like that. It will have to blend in well with the other two towers or else it won't look right.
  5. Please tell me it's not on the river...that its on Weston lot or warehouse areaaaa!!!
  6. I'm hoping SHW chooses the Weston lot. I think the 40 story tower will look awkward on the riverfront. I'm voting for Weston.
  7. Kinda wish they would change the design. I still don't like the blank wall facing the south or the height. Will have to see how the colors turn out though.
  8. I REALLY hope SW stays in Cleveland. I don't think the city would ever be able to recover if they leave.
  9. I still don't like the building. However, I will say it has a night reflective effect during the evening hours.
  10. I find the updated design uninspiring and boring. I am surprised, especially since Sherwin Williams is playing on building their new headquarters in the downtown area. They better step up the design because Cleveland is on the up and up and we don't need uninspiring developments right now.
  11. For a pretty bland building. A match made in heaven...eyeroll*
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