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  1. It looks as if there were multiple factors at play here...but with the advent of Uber/Lyft many people simply do not drive when they go to drinking establishments. And a single digit difference in the 'required' number of spaces and not being able to overcome that is absurd. You had people ready to invest money and start a business in a building that has been empty for something like 8 years and it gets denied over outdated zoning.
  2. An article from last week announcing that Christian Moerlein is opening at CVG. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/09/26/this-local-restaurant-is-coming-to-cvg.html
  3. The address for ownership of 222W7, LLC is the same address as Parking Company of America... considering 222 W 7th is a parking garage, I assume it will simply continue to operate as that. Only other side note is 222 W 7th was the original Federated Dept Stores (now Macy's) garage, which they had owned since it was constructed decades ago.
  4. Agreed. And losing/delaying projects like Liberty/Elm and 4/Race is frustrating. The window to land funding is drying up as banks are pulling back...and even when these projects (like Central/Walnut) move forward they are ~150 units and years away from anyone actually living there.
  5. As well as the large Streitman (sp?) Biscuit warehouse on 12th/Central south of Queen City Radio. If i recall, that has space for up to 400 office workers and ground-floor retail. Obviously the challenge is finding tenants, and ideally not ones just shifting from the CBD to OTR...but from outside the basin, and ideally outside the region.
  6. I thought I recall that when this project was downsized it reduced the amount of TIF money needed, not completely eliminated it? So that money went somewhere else (Central/Walnut?) Or it is earmarked for something not announced yet (possibly something to do with convention center and/or hotel?... just speculating).
  7. It's great to see Main Street starting to become its own. And Ziegler Park and garage will only accelerate that. But yes I found it odd 3CDC wouldn't work with Aladin's either. They are a chain as much as Bakersfield is a chain. (I know the Cincinnati location for bakersfield was the first one...only offering a point of reference). Aladin's Offes a good product and are family owned...it's great they are investing in Otr. It's not like jack in the box or Chili's wanted to open.
  8. Liberty & Elm (Freeport Row) is another project that received final approval back in May and nothing has taken place at the site since then. There was that big controversy at the last minute and nothing since.
  9. Without knowing anything further...it could just as well be the developer bit off more than they can chew or cannot land financing for a project of this size if they do not have a track record. You see other developers who may be more financially sound such as North American Properties and Village Green completing larger/more expensive projects. As well as the developer of AT580 wanting to get involved in other projects in CBD.
  10. Yeah this project seems pretty dead. Announced two years ago and no visible changes anywhere. Would be pretty unfortunate if both this as well as 4/race both get halted.
  11. Yeah for whatever reason on the "Consistency with Plan Cincinnati" blurb for 4th/Race it looks like the same verbiage was copied over from the Central/Walnut description. I assume just a typo/oversight.
  12. I noticed the other day that there is construction going on at the intersection of Central/Liberty. The right hand turn lanes that create the sidewalk islands had been closed and it looks like new bases for traffic lights had been poured in the lanes..effectively eliminating them. Not sure if this is related to the overall project or just downsizing that intersection.
  13. Talent availability seems like it would be a huge factor. 50,000 jobs is a lot to fill with qualified candidates. That being said, it would seem Dallas/Atlanta/Chicago/east coast would make sense.
  14. Sounds like many many hoops to jump through before this would be a reality, but nonetheless its great someone is giving it a shot.
  15. The Library plans to close its North Building and consolidate all operations in the South Building, which opens up nearly an entire block downtown for redevelopment. 3CDC is being tagged as a 'consultant' but I wonder if they are going to bid to redevelop the lot as well. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2017/07/31/public-library-close-north-building-might-leave-entire-downtown-block-available/492586001/
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