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  1. I emailed ODOT on this issue awhile ago: Multipurpose paths are great for cyclists that ride for recreation, but because the path is shared with pedestrians, and runners, the path is poor for cyclists that use it for commuting purposes. Most cyclists would argue that they feel they are putting pedestrians in danger. For example, the separated path on the Lorain-Carnegie bridge is a fantastic way to travel back and forth from downtown to Ohio City, but there are often people walking, running, and stopped along the path that I have to weave in and out of. I feel safer as a commuter because I avoid automobile traffic, but by using the path I am creating an unsafe, and stressful environment for people that are using it for other reasons.
  2. I saw a C B 2 Pretty sure it says C L E. The one rendering omits the skywalk between the parking garage and the Q. That would be nice.
  3. What about the other renderings that followed it? The rest of the renderings aren't that impressive either. Prospect needs to be repaved, the intersection at east 4th should be brick, better pedestrian lighting, and trees that are taller than my shin. It would be great if they turned that parking lot by east 4th (between prospect and huron) into green space too.
  4. I wonder what the "Complete and Green Streets Ordinance" means for this project. Good find!
  5. This rendering of the administration building was posted on twitter by michelle. It is a bit different than what is in that document, and imo looks better. Still has that ugly skywalk though... https://twitter.com/mjarboe/status/278953655875551232/photo/1
  6. I asked Joe Cimperman about Barroco and the possibility of city interfering with their opening. He was nice enough to reply and look into it: "we've offered support from beginning, owner tells us it's landlord tenant issue. I'll reach back, thx for headup" Followed up later with: "reconfirmed : issue not, I repeat not, w/ @CityofCleveland , offered any-all aid again FYI" So that is positive to hear! Sorry about the mix up, folks!
  7. Eh...I'm not too worked up about it, and you're right, my source could be more credible. It does suck though, I cannot imagine how much money a place would lose because of all that down time. It does make me wonder if it has anything to do with the city's zoning codes. I think they are some of the oldest in the country: http://la.curbed.com/archives/2012/04/la_moving_ahead_with_huge_overhaul_of_1946_zoning_code.php and I wonder how much that affects a historical district.
  8. Last night I had dinner at Barroco Grill in Lakewood, and asked when their downtown location on West 6th would be opening. Our waitress told us that it should be any day now, and that they actually have been ready to go since March, but the city has been dragging their feet on permits and whatnot. If this is the case, then what the hell, Cleveland?! No wonder more companies don't want to be here...
  9. I emailed the GM of RTA about a week ago, suggesting a couple of improvements that I felt would be relatively inexpensive, yet would enhance the overall ridership experience immensely. One of the issues was bus stop sign improvements, and the other was a "smart card" system. His response:
  10. I'd rather see single lane cycle tracks and each side of the road. I think it makes more sense with future bike lanes down detroit, and the multi-use path on the lorain-carnegie bridge. Thanks! Been a lurker for awhile now.
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