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  1. At my work, we think that we have narrrowed it down to the images being taken on 7/6/10, during mid to late afternoon.
  2. I always thought the Friars Club building could have been made into some sweet condos. Then again, perhaps if the Friar's Club building had become vacant in 2000 rather than 2005 (or whenever it closed down), then maybe it would be condos right now. I was never inside this building, so I have no idea what kind of the condition of the inside of the building.
  3. Hmmm... in looking on the Cincinnati permit website, a demo permit has already been issued for this property. And.... in looking at the Friar's Club building, a demo permit has already been issued for that building as well? WTF?? This isn't looking good. Perhaps it's been noted on here already, but this is the first I've heard of the Friar's Club building being torn down. Friar's Club Demolition Permit: http://cagis.hamilton-co.org/opal/apd.aspx?entcode=cinc&ezstdadrtag=65|W|MCMILLAN|ST|GJ1484833816|||CINC|CINC|01000003009800065M|010000030075|010000030098|CINCINNATI&APD=2010P01708
  4. Keep in mind that there's a pretty significatn difference between the Austin Road interchange and the Paddock Road interchange. No traffic had to be maintained across the Austin Road interchange during construction, whereas Paddock Road interchange could only be constructed in small segments at a time, in order to maintain existing traffic across the bridge during the construction.
  5. Lala.com has had no role in WOXY since January 2009. Future Sounds Inc. purchased WOXY from Lala at that time. The move to Austin was entirely under Future Sounds and was well after Lala had sold WOXY. On a side note, there's some strong rumblings that WOXY will be back in one way or another, possibly with an announcement by the end of the week. Lala.com founder Bill Nguyen has said that he has interest in providing funding, but I think he wants to see a firm plan in place to (hopefully) get WOXY to a level where they can be profitable and self-sufficient. I don't think Bill is necessarily interested in becoming the CEO of WOXY, but rather more of an investor in WOXY.
  6. CAGIS shows this building still there in 1996, so it appears to have been torn down sometime in the late 1990s.
  7. Grand visions for Old St. George Nearly two years after a three-alarm blaze toppled its iconic spires, the Old St. George Church near the University of Cincinnati remains boarded up and broken. But momentum is slowly growing on a plan to restore the 135-year-old former Catholic Church and ensure that it remains an anchor for the evolving Calhoun Street corridor. If all goes as planned, Old St. George will be transformed into an 80-room boutique hotel by a co-development team of Cleveland-based Paran Management and HineSite Strategic Services. Full story here: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20100129/BIZ01/1300351/1055/NEWS/Restoring+Old+St.+George
  8. Delta to cut 5 more cities from CVG Delta Air Lines will trim more flights at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in February, eliminating direct service to five more cities. Delta officials confirmed this morning that cities to be dropped starting Feb. 10 include Montreal; Oklahoma City; Des Moines, Iowa; Providence, R.I.; and Tri-Cities, Tenn. Read full story here: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20091201/BIZ01/912020314/Delta+to+cut+5+more+cities+from+CVG
  9. I don't think it's been posted anywhere on here yet, but I heard on 700WLW this morning that plans will be announced shortly that the Vernon Manor will be converted into low income housing. This was reported during an interview with Dan Monk of the Cincinnati Business Courier. Looks like this building will now suffer the same fate as the old Alms Hotel?
  10. http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090717/BUSINESS07/907179959 JetAmerica cancels all flights BLADE STAFF JetAmerica, the start-up airline that announced plans earlier this year to fly to three cities from Toledo with deeply discounted fares, has canceled all of its planned flights and was beginning the process of paying refunds to ticket-holders, the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority has announced...
  11. Shhhhh Restaurant opens in College Hill Friday, May 15 Contributed By Zeit Productions | Zeit Productions FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Spencer McKinney 770-330-2331 shhhhh.restaurant@gmail.com SHHHHH RESTAURANT GRAND OPENING New Creole Restaurant opens May 15, plans to boost economic revival of College Hill _____________________________________________________________________ CINCINNATI, OHIO – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – At 10 a.m. on Friday, May 15, Mayor Mark Mallory will cut the ribbon for one of College Hill’s newest gems, Shhhhh Restaurant. Their grand opening has been long awaited by neighbors who have seen the transformation of an old, abandoned Woolworths store into a sharp, spacious restaurant. The contemporary interior design compliments a home-style Cajun menu, to create an ambience of elegant ease and comfort. See link for article. http://rodeo.cincinnati.com/getlocal/gpstory.aspx?id=100112&sid=148380
  12. Sad news to hear, indeed. I hope it also can go the way of condos, but obviously, this market isn't exactly booming for a large condo development like this.
  13. Ah, I see. Well, at least I feel better about not imagining that someone had shared pictures on here of that house! If I remember correctly, I think one or two of the rooms might have been painted this bright blue (pre-renovation of that part of the house)? If you ever come across those photos again and feel compelled to share them, I'd love to see them again. If not, no big deal. Per the Auditor's site, it looks like this house changed owners in July of 2007. I wonder what the current use of this home is. Unfortunately, each time this house has sold since 1998, the sale price has decreased. Dayton Street has some amazing architecture on that street, but unfortunately, the area in and around that street leaves a lot to be desired.
  14. I went on one of the Prohibition Resistance tours over the weekend as part of Bockfest, and after visiting the Hauck building on Dayton Street on the tour, I got to thinking about the Hatch house on the other part of Dayton Street. If I'm not mistaken, someone on this site posted some interior pictures of this house within the last 12-18 months. I've tried using the search function on this site for the past 30 minutes, but I'm unable to find the post that had these pictures. Do any of you recall seeing this thread? Any idea on how I might be able to find that thread again? Thanks in advance to any of you if you're able to dig this old thread up for me. Link the house I'm referring to: http://www.pbase.com/cincyimages/image/54595971
  15. Doesn't make any sense to me either. Why would they close the Concourse B (?) and reopen the older, smaller terminal that has been closed for several years?
  16. Thanks for the clarification! I know which building you're referring to now.
  17. I'm having a hard time picturing where this building is at along McMillan. Anyone know which building this article is referring to?
  18. Mcmicken- do you have any more information on XU moving forward with Xavier Square without Corporex? I was just reading through Father Graham's letter, and from what he mentions in that letter, it seems like XU is on hold with Xavier Square? However, it mentions something to the effect of XU beginning discussions on how to solve their residence hall shortage? Every time I drive by this site, I just imagine how nice the area is going to look as you drive down Dana toward the campus from Montgomery Road. Once Xavier Square is complete (whenever that occurs) along with the Hoff Academic Quad work, it'll be a site to see. I was all excited to see some progress on the Xavier Square site once the implosion of the Zumbiel Plant took place last spring, but it's been pretty quiet on the site ever since.
  19. Start-up airline looking at CVG By James Pilcher • jpilcher@enquirer.com • January 28, 2009 HEBRON -The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is one of three airports under final consideration to serve as headquarters and the launch site for a new start-up low-cost airline, officials of JetAmerica said today. But organizers of the possible airline, who were behind the launch of now-defunct low-cost carrier Skybus in Columbus, are still looking for an investment from the local community of up to $6 million to get started. "Given that Cincinnati has the highest air fares in the nation, we think we can save the community $700 million a year in fares, so that investment has a great return," said JetAmerica vice president of operations Chris Grazel. Overall, the effort will need as much as $100 million to actually launch the airline, Grazel said, noting that funding will probably come from national and international sources. He said Toledo is another strong finalist, but declined to name any other cities. Full article at http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090128/BIZ01/901290303/1055/NEWS
  20. ...And a few hours after the Mobil 4 star rating news was released comes this.., Jean-Robert leaves restaurant group By Polly Campbell • pcampbell@enquirer.com • January 22, 2009 Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, the fine-dining restaurant downtown, will close at the end of February as the partnership between owners Jean-Robert de Cavel and Martin and Marilyn Wade is dissolved. The Wades said they may re-open the restaurant with a new concept this spring. The other restaurants that the partners own, two in Cincinnati and two in Covington, will remain open without de Cavel’s involvement, they said. See link for article. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090122/ENT01/301220111/1055/NEWS
  21. A parking garage is planned for Phase II of the Hoff Academic Quad work. The parking garage that was to be part of the Phase I work was eliminated for budget reasons.
  22. Anybody ever hear any updates on this project?
  23. Skybus founder eyes Springfield airport Friday, August 29, 2008 - 3:12 AM By Marla Matzer Rose THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH Springfield has 63,000 residents and an airport that's been without regular commercial passenger service for decades. If Skybus Airlines founder John S. Weikle has his way, the west-central Ohio city could become home not only to the next Skybus, but also to the dominant airport in the region. "I would not be surprised to see (Springfield) eventually become the airport of choice for Dayton and Columbus travelers," he said in one of the e-mails he sends regularly to former Skybus employees in the months since the Columbus-based discount carrier abruptly shut down in April. Michael McDorman, president of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that he had had "very preliminary" discussions about a Weikle-backed airline startup. MORE: http://www.dispatch.com
  24. Looks like this project has unfortunately died... From the College Hill eNewsletter: From Mike Cappel, President of the College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation: You may have noticed that the Linden Park sales center office has been removed from the former Shuller's Wigwam site at the intersection of Hamilton and North Bend. The Linden Park developer, Al Neyer, Inc., was unable to secure the required number of condominium presales and commercial preleases to break ground within an anticipated timeframe. Unprecedented downturns in the housing market contributed to slow sales. When its contract with the City of Cincinnati expired, Al Neyer, Inc. chose not to renew its option to continue as the developer. CHCURC maintains its strong partnership with the City to develop this prime property for its best use in College Hill. Efforts are already underway and interesting options are being explored. CHCURC is optimistic about new possibilities which may result in a development project even more beneficial to the College Hill community. Check for periodic updates by visiting CHCURC's website.
  25. Hardees and Arby's were torn down today (yes, on the 4th of July). I drove by last night and they were still standing, and when I was up in the area today, I noticed that they were demolished sometime during the day today.
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