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  1. Interesting to hear that the railroad sold that piece of property. It's been an eyesore for years and I know that Norwood's mayor and others were frustrated with the railroad, as they were essentially doing nothing with the property and it was an eyesore. There's already a parking lot that was built last year on the far east end of the property that is currently being used for Duke Energy employees on the other side of the Wasson Way route. I don't think that parking lot was intended to remain in place long term though.
  2. My understanding is that very little has moved forward on the design since this potentially came back to life 6 months ago. I wouldn't necessarily hold your breath regarding a groundbreaking anytime soon. We're probably looking at a Summer 2018 groundbreaking at the earliest, and that would assume that the design begins to move forward very soon. And I have no knowledge/insight as to what may be holding it up (or if it ever will move forward).
  3. I noticed recently that John Schneider appears to no longer post on here. He seemed to be such a big contributor on here to this thread, but I don't think he's posted here since January. Anybody know why that may be?
  4. At quick glance, it looks like those missing pages from 2012 may have been restored back into this thread (hence the bump to 1000 pages).
  5. So I'm assuming your source was on the Yvette side? I heard an interview yesterday on WLW with Jason Williams, and he had mentioned that the Cranley team had hired a guy who was the "sabremetrics" of elections to get a feel on where they stood. This guy told them Cranley was ahead by 10% +/-, and that's basically where things wound up. I'm wondering how truly confident Cranley was heading into election day?
  6. I can't say that I'm shocked by the results from last night. Was hoping for the opposite to occur though... I just felt like it would be tough for Yvette to pull off the win and I even had that feeling 10 months ago. Yvette gave Cranley's campaign several items to attack her on (i.e., Childrens issue) whereas Cranley's campaign seemed to go relatively smooth (except for the big primary loss). At this point, I'd have to imagine 2021 could be a potential PG-Smitherman race for mayor (unless either would elect to run for higher office prior to that time).
  7. I've gone from being excited about the possibility of having Yvette be the mayor to being sort of lukewarm to her. Even with taking that into consideration, I still think she's 10x better than Cranley, so I still hope Yvette wins. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Cranley wins next Tuesday. I think it'll be closer than 2013 (when Cranley got 55% of votes compared with 37% for Qualls) but I don't think it'll be a nailbiter either.
  8. Interesting. That house on Beech Hill is under contract at the $389K list price.
  9. Sad day yesterday for me as well, as I had really grown to like WNKU over the past couple years. I too switched over to 105.9 several times on the way into work this morning. I knew I'd only hear static, but I think I still did it out of habit.
  10. Wally

    Hurricane Irma

    I never understood why they send people out there. You can set up cameras and show the footage without having a reporter live on the scene. Maybe they know that a lot of the American public wants to see reporters get blown away by a hurricane. I am very good friends with one of the individuals in this video (the guy in the shorts in the second half of the video). Just to set the record straight, both of these guys are independent, self-employed storm chasers. No one "sent" them out there to record that video. It was strictly their own choices to do that video. They obtain videos of these severe weather events and then sell them to the new media outlets. Not that I am trying to downplay the seriousness in that video, but do keep in mind that both of these guys are extremely experienced storm chasers. From Katrina to Ike to Harvey to Irma, for every major hurricane that has hit the US in the past 15 years +/-, these guys have been right where the eye has come ashore. They're also out there for 3+ months every spring driving thousands of miles chasing every major tornado event. And in the winter, they're out there driving to cover the mega blizzards and ice storms. After I saw this video on Sunday, I too questioned if it was worth it, but I can almost guarantee that they positioned themselves in a place where there was a very limited chance of getting hit with debris. However, it must also be noted that if the winds were only slightly stronger, it's quite possible that Juston would have lost his battle with the wind and could have very easily ended up in the water.
  11. ^^Expanded zoo parking? I presume that from the zoo's perspective, they'd love to buy every one of those houses in the surrounding block(s) to control that land?
  12. Are you sure Cunningham is a registered Democrat? According to this link, he is a registered Republican: https://voterrecords.com/voter/32433307/william-cunningham
  13. That's great news to hear about Vitor's. We went there several times to their location on the Westside and loved their brunch offerings. As soon as they start offering brunch again, I'm planning to make the trek out to their new place.
  14. On the topic of a tunnel, I'm just curious if anyone has a gut feel to the magnitude of cost if there were to be a tunnel from OTR up to Clifton for the street car (and future light rail). Is this a $100 million endeavor? $200 million? $400 million? Logic tells me that it will be much more expensive than an at-grade extension of the streetcar to Clifton. Seems like a steep uphill (no pun intended) battle to push this tunnel forward and have the general support of most of the area residents? And unless a good portion of the money could come from federal/state funding, I'm not sure how I could see the tunnel project getting the funding? And with all of this taken into consideration, I fully trust the opinion of some on here who say that an at-grade extension to Clifton is not the ideal way to get Uptown.
  15. I rode the streetcar last night for the first time since the free opening weekend. We boarded on Race by Washington Park and took it to the Banks and returned about an hour or so later. A few observations: 1) The ticket machines, while not super complicated, weren't 100% straight forward either for first-timers. It didn't help that the credit card reader didn't work, so I spend 5 minutes trying to swipe my card over and over before we gave up and walked to the Central Parkway stop. 2) Both to the Banks and from the Banks, the streetcar was crowded (standing room only). So that's a postive sign. 3) Both time we rode, we were in the front by the driver. If I was interpreting the driver's screen correctly on the return trip, this streetcar was running 17 minutes behind schdule. On our earlier trip, we were 3-4 minutes ahead of schedule. 4) I think others have commented on this, but why is 'arrival' time noted on the electronic boards when they apparently have no relation to when the streetcar actually arrives? On our departure trip, it said the next streetcar would arrive in 10 minutes when it pulled up????
  16. I can confirm this is the case. The city has requested additional R/W on the north side of MLK along this property to save room to eventually add another lane of traffic on MLK if it is ever needed.
  17. As on FYI, the Piedmont Apartments are scheduled to be torn down. That site is where UC will be building its new Neuroscience Institute building.
  18. I think we're probably actually at closer to 900 pages unofficially. If I'm not mistaken, sometime back in 2013 or 2014, wasn't there a big crash on this site and 90 or pages of posts were lost when the site was restored? EDIT: I found it. Looks like all posts from 2/19/13 until 7/9/13 were lost in the data crash (look back at Page 561).
  19. Depends. If the said business traveler lives close to one of the rail stops along the rail line to CVG, I could see them taking it. But otherwise, if the said business traveler lives in the suburbs away from the rail line, it likely wouldn't be worth it to drive to a rail stop, pay to leave their car there for xx days, and then take the rail line to CVG.
  20. Movie theatre and store I believe. I've seen many photos of it posted up on that Old Photos of Cincinnati group, usually from the skywalk level. I seem to recall there was a gym and racquetball court in there. But I could be mistaken. Yes, I'm pretty certain this was a gym a number of years ago. I actually was in that part of the building back in 2008 for a work seminar. The part I was in have the lovely glass block windows that you see on the exterior. This seminar was scheduled to take place in the Millennium Hotel, but it was the same this as a large convention here in town (maybe the Baptist conference)? Anyhow, I think our small seminar group got "bumped" into this unused part of the hotel. It was pretty dismal over there, and the restrooms that we used were the old gym locker rooms. There were lockers in the restrooms, and one of the days, when were bored, we looked in some of the unlocked lockers and found lots of beer bottles and old newspapers. I think I gave this venue the worst review I have ever given for a venue that has hosted a seminar that I have attended.
  21. I believe the renovations currently underway only cover renovations to the building. Any updates to the exhibits would come from private donations or grants. I'd have to imagine the Museum Center is planning to update the exhibits when they reopen in 2.5 years. Like you said, a lot of it is quite dated and is definitely showing its age.
  22. We have a family membership, so we are doing our part to contribute. However, I must say that I'm a bit irked that there was absolutely no mention from them that 2/3rds of the building would be closed starting this summer when we renewed our membership back in December. And it's not just me that feels this way. If you look on their Facebook page, frustrated folks as recent as mid-April were posting messages saying they renewed their membership and were never made aware of what was closing and how long they'd be closed for. They now have a message on their membership page online about the upcoming closures but I think this is a very recent addition to their site. I understand that memberships play an important role in the financial model and I know that the article says that construction would have dragged on for an additional year by keeping more parts of the museum open, so I guess the significant closures is the decision they chose to move forward with. I honestly haven't decided if we are going to renew for 2017 or not just yet. We take our kids at least once a month to the Museum Center, and surprisingly, our kids tend to enjoy the Cincinnati History Museum and Natural History Museum just as much as the Childrens Museum. By only having one museum option for the next two years, we may potentially look into a membership at the Newport Aquarium, Entrainment Junction, etc.
  23. I'm glad to see this parcel is finally being developed. I was just driving by this property over the weekend and commented to my wife that it seemed like this site has been sitting vacant for many years (back to the early 2000s when the old Prime Time Nightclub was torn down).
  24. Yes, development of that piece of property at the foot of the purple people bridge does appear to moving forward. I'm hesitant to share too much information at this time, but I imagine there will be some sort of public announcement on this project within the next couple months. There have been several recent attempts at moving forward with development of that site, but all efforts have fallen through for financial reasons (developer was unable to get their financials to work with how much the Gregorys wanted for the land). It will be nice to finally see something constructed on this property (after sitting vacant for the last 8+ years).
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