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  1. It's rare that my political views align with Christopher Smitherman. Regardless, my heart goes out to him and all of his family. 48 years old is way too young to lose your spouse to cancer.
  2. Wally

    Hamilton County Politics

    I'm somewhat up to speed on local politics, but I'll admit today that prior to today, I didn't even realize this was going to be a competitive race between Monzel and Dumas. I had heard a handful of radio commercials over the past few weeks for Monzel, but I had heard zero coverage for Dumas. I had kind of assumed Monzel was a lock to win yesterday and that the results would be similar to what we saw in 2014 (when an unknown from North College Hill ran against Monzel and lost fairly handily). I did happen listen to 550 on my way into work this morning and heard Brian Thomas interviewing Chris Monzel. You would have thought the end of the world was coming with how much doom and gloom they were saying would become of these results.
  3. Wally

    Cincinnati's "Hidden" Streets

    Some "hidden" streets that have intrigued me (although I have never driven on the first two listed): Reemelin Avenue (Northside) - it appears only a single house remains on this street at the far end of this street https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1742753,-84.5506447,3a,75y,117.9h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sHkYzvcGkCPJ7jn6xstW2DQ!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo2.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3DHkYzvcGkCPJ7jn6xstW2DQ%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D124.32705%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100 Vinecrest Place (Avondale) - a small dead-end street hidden behind the homes along Vine Street https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1469058,-84.5136024,3a,75y,232.06h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sk1HPv-NH2MyMybIU8_WqjQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Lafayette Lane (Clifton) - this apparently is a private drive that snakes downhill through the woods to a handful of homes https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1558769,-84.5144311,3a,75y,105.3h,70.54t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sW7J3D0_fB73QyvAjgWIKBA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  4. So is someone going to bring in Port-A-Lets for the homeless to use, or are they just gonna start using every nook and cranny and alley in that area as their restroom?
  5. Wally

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    I flew out of CVG last weekend and parked in the ValuPark lot. I also think this was the most full I have ever seen the lot, as I was directed to park in the very last row of the parking lot. All of the rows in the lot appeared to be at least 90% full.
  6. Those One River Plaza renderings on the Glaserworks site are several years old. That plan is long dead (and was dead before Skyhouse had even come to fruition).
  7. Interesting. I hadn't heard/seen anything regarding NCH and the FCC practice facility. I can assure you that FCC has invested a considerable amount of energy and money for a facility that is not in NCH. I'm not gonna reveal where exactly the current proposed practice facility is to be located, but it has been correctly mentioned by other folks online outside of this message board.
  8. Wally

    Weird Real Estate Listings

    https://www.sibcycline.com/Listing/CIN/1579916/7897-Barret-Rd-West-Chester-East-OH-45069 ;D ;D ;D ;D Listed at $165,000,000 - I wonder if the sellers got close to their asking price of $165 million?
  9. Wally

    Weird Real Estate Listings

    It always amazes me when people try to sell houses worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars without paying someone with a decent camera and an eye to take photos. It puts you out a couple hundred bucks at the most. For example, here's a listing in North Avondale just shy of $900,000 and the photos look like they were taken with somebody's flip phone: https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/oh/cincinnati/961-avondale-avenue/pid_22836482/ Agree 100% here. When we sold our former home last year, part of the reason we chose the realtor we used is because her pictures in here listings looked professional. As it turned out, she actually uses a photographer to take the photos for her listings, and the photos in our listing looking amazing that they included.
  10. Wally

    Weird Real Estate Listings

    I don't see it. It looks normal to me?
  11. I don't think it's officially dead yet, but I also don't think anything on the design end has progressed since it came back to life last summer. Last time I heard anything on this was several months ago, and at that time, it was still supposedly moving forward. I wouldn't hold your breath in expecting a groundbreaking anytime in the coming months.
  12. I don't know if the backyard and driveway are quite as long as they appear in the photos in that listing. We actually used the same realtor as these sellers when we sold our home last year, and our realtor's photographer did a nice job of making the rooms and yard appear a little larger than they actually were. Our rear yard was very similar in size (yet it appeared rather spacious in the photos). This home's lot is 120' deep, so you end up with a rear that is roughly 50' deep x 30' wide (including the concrete driveway). At my previous home, that worked fine for our two children of toddler age, but it didn't give our dog much room to run around. I believe there's only been 1 or 2 single family homes in Northside that have sold for more than $400K over the past couple years. Housing prices have definitely been on the increase in Northside, so I'll be curious to see what this house ends up selling for.
  13. Wally

    Cincinnati: Mayor John Cranley

    For the council members who are on record as being against firing Black (PG, Young, Dennard, and Seelbach), do they truly support Harry Black, or is this just one of the instances where they oppose whatever Cranley wants? Over the past 4+ years, have those four shown support toward Black?
  14. Wally

    Cincinnati: Wasson Way Trail

    Interesting to hear that the railroad sold that piece of property. It's been an eyesore for years and I know that Norwood's mayor and others were frustrated with the railroad, as they were essentially doing nothing with the property and it was an eyesore. There's already a parking lot that was built last year on the far east end of the property that is currently being used for Duke Energy employees on the other side of the Wasson Way route. I don't think that parking lot was intended to remain in place long term though.
  15. My understanding is that very little has moved forward on the design since this potentially came back to life 6 months ago. I wouldn't necessarily hold your breath regarding a groundbreaking anytime soon. We're probably looking at a Summer 2018 groundbreaking at the earliest, and that would assume that the design begins to move forward very soon. And I have no knowledge/insight as to what may be holding it up (or if it ever will move forward).