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  1. It's tough to say and probably depends. There are obviously way more Cubs fans at a Reds game than there would be Chicago Fire fans at an FCC game. But there are also way more Cubs fans living in Cincinnati than Chicago Fire fans. So how many are traveling is tough to say. I would also venture to guess there are more Sporting Kansas City fans traveling to Cincinnati than there are Royals fans traveling to Cincinnati (though there may be Royals fans living in Cincinnati who go to the games). You also don't have a designated area for visiting fans at MLB or NFL games (though they often try to sit by their team's dugout/bench, there's usually no coordinated purchasing by the fans). 90%+ of visiting fans at FCC games sit in a block together.
  2. Over/Under on the time it takes them to create a Montgomery Inn BBQ Stout? I think the betting line at the Hard Rock Casino is 14 months
  3. Just getting people to testify under oath in front of the Senate that Trump lied to the American people and used his power as President to help himself personally instead of using the office to better the interests of the country is enough to make most of us at least somewhat satisfied. Very few believe Republicans have the courage needed to remove him from office. But it shows the Republicans as the cowards they truly are. They know this is as bad or worse than Watergate, but are going to hide behind a veneer of "not enough evidence". That's enough to at least pound all of these people for dereliction of duty and betraying their oath of office if they hear the evidence and still don't remove him.
  4. Some concerns about what "affordable" means. A few concerned about parking. Josh Spring wanted them to commit to just lower rents and make less money (which no bank would allow if they are loaning the money). Generally, they seemed to take legitimate concerns and act on them. It was a fairly adult conversation about a development. It'll be several months before they come to the council with a "final" plan they ask for approval for. I'm sure some of the negativity will come out as we get closer. This sounded like the first time they have come to the full council in a while, and they were working with the board/infill committee of OTRCC to make a plan that they could get through the community council.
  5. At the Over-the-Rhine Community Council meeting last night there was discussion of revamped efforts for Elm and Liberty. A new developer is involved and the plan looks visually much better than the previous iteration. It's also much bigger. The developer got control of the Boys and Girls Club along Central Parkway, and they will be demolishing that for additional units. Basically the plan is: 3-story parking garage with ~230 spaces (1 fully underground, 1 fully above ground, 1 split) 5 Story structure at the corner and replacing the Boys and Girls Club. Still 11 feet shorter than the old proposal. ~280 units with a mix of studios, 1BR, 2BR, and some 3BR (didn't seem like a lot, but some). A commitment to some affordable housing. Exact mix of units, AMI requirements, and number of units still up in the air depending on available funds. Less retail than the old proposal - mostly focused around Elm street and the corner at Liberty. Better visually than the old one. Preserving Freeport Alley as a pedestrian access point with original bricks. The building will go over the alley, and artwork will be installed in the alley to make it a destination. The garage sounds like it will be wrapped by buildings. Buildings will step down along Elm Street to closer match the buildings on Elm. I don't have any photos, but maybe others do. They aren't looking for a vote to support the project until they have the affordable units ironed out.
  6. The Cincinnati Preservation Collective is hosting a meetup at Northern Row Brewery & Distillery. Northern Row isn't regularly open yet, and is only hosting private events. Come check it out and learn a bit about the business and historic Moerlein Ice House it's in! The event is open to anyone interested in the business or in our organization.
  7. Usually if a person is certain that someone doesn't know something, it's because that person just learned it and figures the person they are talking to couldn't possibly know it. What I'm suggesting is: I don't think Pompeo could have pointed to Ukraine on a map a year ago.
  8. There's a free bus that goes up and down North High. Why are people paying to take scooters along the route that has a free bus?
  9. That's not what he said at all, and isn't helping the debate. You're intentionally putting words in his mouth.
  10. Creating new intersections with existing track has to be very expensive and time consuming. Entirely new rails have to be put in place. It would probably shut down the streetcar for a significant amount of time. I don't think the 13th alignment is necessary, honestly. I think it's too late for that alignment. We also have two stations built that would now be useless majority of the time. It's throwing money away IMO.
  11. That's pretty off the mark to me. On what basis to you make that claim? Most people in the United States - when advocating for socialist policies - are referring to Democratic Socialism. This is basically a capitalistic economy that has strong worker protections, taxes the rich and corporations to provide benefits to citizens, and where the government is democratically elected. This includes a diverse group of countries from Finland to Venezuela. Venezuela is very authoritarian. Finland is not authoritarian at all. It's widely regarded as one of the most open and free countries in the world.
  12. I don't think it'll stand out as great, but it's definitely not bad IMO. It's nothing like the ugly stuff all over CUF and Corryville going up. I'm fine with this, personally.
  13. It does*. I was looking at it a few months ago, and it definitely cantilevers slightly. I don't know if it actually goes over the ROW, or if it is still on the property line. The building could step back slightly from the official ROW, but without looking at surveyor marks it's impossible to know for sure.
  14. Constitutional amendment requiring SCOTUS nominees to receive a supermajority in the Senate, require the Senate to hold a hearing within X number of days of a President nominating them, and put a 15 year term limit or something on Justices. Now you likely won't be able to get a hyper-partisan nominee on the court for 40 years because you happen to have a simple majority in the Senate. I still think the SCOTUS should have long term limits, but some turnover is important. This is all a little off topic, but still interesting to me. I think 9 members is fine, but if it wants to be expanded, that would have to take place over a length of time, not all at once to benefit one party in power at the time.
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