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  1. ryanlammi

    The Democratic Party

    In Ohio, the Republican candidates for the 2016 US House received about 58% of votes, but came away with 75% of the seats (or about 17% more than the election results would suggest without gerrymandering). I could easily see the Democrats winning by 8% and yet still not taking a majority of the seats from Ohio. (The US House is different, I know, but the same principles are in play in various states across the country).
  2. A lot of construction is determined at a very late date. An unnerving amount. I would guess they have tentative plans that are further along than they are leading on.
  3. ryanlammi


    I agree. They should be, but they aren't. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/10/15/absentee-voting-2018-require-extra-stamp/1647329002/
  4. ryanlammi

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Now imagine you're travelling with a wife and two kids. Suddenly that's $2000 extra to get direct when you could fly to NYC first. That could pay for your lodging over the whole trip and plenty of meals. Personally, I would take the connection to save even a couple hundred dollars flying solo. But obviously everyone is different.
  5. ryanlammi


    In Cincinnati an absentee ballot will require two stamps to get to its destination because it has a third page which makes the ballot weigh more than a standard letter. The instructions on the absentee ballot state to only place one stamp on the envelope. This will surely lead to a lot of ballots not delivered in time.
  6. ryanlammi

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Most people probably won't take that Paris direct flight unless they need to go to Paris and are going on their company's dime. It's usually a lot more expensive. It's often a lot cheaper to connect in DC, NYC, Boston, or Philly and then get a flight to Europe.
  7. ryanlammi

    The Trump Presidency

    Ultimately, this whole discussion distracts from issues. And also, the math/statistics involved is way more complex than most Americans can understand. It'll all get put into small soundbites and one-liners that aren't really accurate.
  8. ryanlammi

    The Trump Presidency

    Is "average white person in America" the best number to look at? I'm sure the vast majority of Americans don't have any Native American DNA, so anyone with a large, previously unknown amount would greatly skew the number up. I don't think that 0.18% number compares accurately to Warren's claim. Because probably only 1/200 have any at all (or some number, I'm making this figure up because I don't have the answer).
  9. ryanlammi

    Cincinnati: Western Hills Viaduct

    The issue could be that right-of-way isn't there for a slightly wider bridge, but I don't know that for sure. Perhaps they only have so many feet to build the bridge, and without a second deck, they wouldn't have the capacity. Engineers often want to overbuild roadways, though.
  10. ryanlammi

    Ohio's 1st Congressional District

    Unless Denise Driehaus or Todd Portune don't run in 2020, I doubt Aftab would run for County Commissioner. They are both up in 2020
  11. With the huge width of Central Parkway I'm not too concerned with seeing the structure from almost any of Over-the-Rhine. Obviously it will be visible from the west, but I don't think most of OTR will be able to see the stadium unless you are on the western border at Central Parkway. It'll be hidden behind just about any building, I bet.
  12. Do you have a link? I don't see it on their site Nevermind. Here's a link to initial renderings
  13. ryanlammi


    ^So would you be against a Constitutional Amendment to require 60% of Senators to approve a judicial nominee + a 6 month maximum wait to vote on confirmation?
  14. ryanlammi


    I'm not against the filibuster. I just don't see either political party reinstating it and sticking with it.
  15. ryanlammi


    So are you against it? So you trust the Senate to reenact the filibuster and stick with it? Because I don't.