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    Humongous Rock That Crushed Highway 145 Wins, Colorado Will Leave It Alone
  2. That second night is stacked. Warren is the biggest name missing from June 27th. Sucks for her campaign that she got thrown into that debate. But possibly being the big fish in the small pond will be a boon for her. She could otherwise have been overshadowed by Biden, Sanders, Harris, etc.
  3. Also, I think it's only natural for things to switch to a more normalized pace over time. You can't keep sustaining massive growth. As the low hanging fruit is picked, developers have to work harder to see profitable projects. These take more time and are often more difficult projects. Pretty much every land owner in OTR knows what they have now, so even some of the low-hanging fruit has a higher barrier for entry than it did 4 years ago when some were still selling buildings for cheap. And you have to keep in mind that there may be outlier years where for whatever reason (tax incentives, economic conditions, etc) a bunch of projects get moving at once. I would predict any time there is a lag in development, the following year will typically outpace what would be expected because people are still working out projects.
  4. You said the same thing 18 months ago. When you look at something too closely it can feel like things are slower than before. The past all seems to have happened so fast. As others have pointed out, there is still a lot happening around Findlay Market especially.
  5. That's what you were saying about microbreweries five years ago.
  6. I believe the field will be at street level, and there will be a drive so that vehicles can enter the stadium via Central Avenue underneath the upper level stands. Think of it like the ramp at the northwest corner of Nippert Stadium that allows large vehicles to enter the stadium. I think the only location where vehicles could enter the stadium would be the south side from Central. I could definitely be wrong about this, but that's what I recall. I don't think it's supposed to be gameday traffic.
  7. The funny thing is this is probably the first time I've gone to a church service in over 15 years, and this was my first Catholic mass. One person we went with is at least culturally Catholic and grew up going to mass, so he understood the general order of things and would occasionally tell us what was happening as best he could tell. If it hadn't been a Midnight Mass for Christmas, we probably wouldn't have gone, but it was definitely a cool experience.
  8. The biggest story yesterday, to me, was Chara playing. In the second period of Game 4 a puck deflected up into Bruins' Captain Zdeno Chara's face. He left the game bleeding from his mouth, but did return to the bench for the third period. In the most hockey story ever, he shows up to the pregame presser of Game 5 and sits for interviews, issuing only written responses as the puck had broken his jaw. He starts Game 5 with only a modest change to his helmet to protect his jaw from further injury.
  9. There is no proposed development at the Body Snatcher. Travis is right. The building and a portion of the land will be taken or sold to the city for a realignment of the roadway. The Body Snatcher is likely coming down soon after that damage from the car a couple months ago.
  10. ryanlammi


    Trump will probably negotiate a deal with the UK, and then slap a 5% tariff on them because the Mayor of London said something mean about him or something.
  11. But the odds of getting a 60 member majority in the Senate is really low - let alone a 67 member majority. If Republicans railroad Democratic nominees, the Dems could do the same. Right now, the Republicans can nominate literally anyone and it will pass the Senate. We won't get extremely partisan picks if the 2/3 requirement is enshrined in the Constitution. As long as humans are picking the nominees and voting on them, the Supreme Court will never be out of the influence of politicians.
  12. Constitutional Amendment requiring 2/3 of the Senate to approve of a nominee to the Supreme Court. Also require 60 votes for all other federal judges. The Amendment could also require the Senate have a vote on a President's nominee within a certain period of time of receiving official notice that the President has nominated someone. We'll get much more moderate candidates that way. The Senate will have to learn to get along and approve "nonpartisan" judges.
  13. The swastika was also a symbol of peace and still used in some areas of India to mean that. It doesn't mean you can hang a swastika in your window in America and expect people to not be alarmed or think you're a Nazi. Symbols can change meaning.
  14. Isn't context important? The guy was doing it behind a black broadcaster.
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