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  1. ^It would be interesting to get these numbers based on numbers per capita per age group. I don't have a way to conceptualize what percentage of Ohioans are 80+, 40-49, etc. If there was a way to break up the age groups by equal quintiles or something, so 20% of the Ohio population is between certain ages, and they make up X% of hospitalizations. Not directly asking you to do this, but I think it would be the easiest way to really understand how the disease is affecting different age groups.
  2. I work for a concrete construction company. Construction activity has halted by the Governor in Pennsylvania where I have one job that was about to start. Construction is still considered an essential business in Ohio, so jobs in Ohio are still on as originally scheduled. We have a backlog of stuff that needs to get completed, so my job is largely the same as it was, I'm just working from home now. We'll see if any of that changes in the coming weeks.
  3. In a couple of weeks we'll see if the actions by the East Coast, West Coast, and Great Lakes states was ultimately beneficial. We might see Florida hit really hard, as their governor has refused to take action. Next time this happens we'll have a better case study for what to do. I agree though, we shouldn't pretend that reopening everything will have similar health impacts, and magically fix the economy at the same time.
  4. Just started watching it. They said it will be the biggest city in the world by 2100. That's impossible to project. Way too many technological variables and societal changes in 80 years to accurately say this.
  5. FWIW, the NBC Nightly News last night was really informative and good. I think these are generally good sources of news. MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, etc are not valuable uses of your time. They might get some really good scoops and important stories, but a lot of it is filler for talking heads to talk.
  6. Last I saw, the rainy day fund has about $2.7 billion in it. If the average unemployed person gets $500/week from unemployment, that would mean they could fund unemployment for about 100k people for a single year before it's dried up. That's a lot of assumptions, including they extend unemployment benefits to go beyond 26 weeks, assuming the average collection is $500/week, the rainy day fund isn't used for other things during this time, etc. And I might not be thinking of something (administrative costs, etc).
  7. That is plenty. I have actually been fairly impressed with Spectrum News. I've seen it on before, and seems to only deal with the facts and never gets into the talking heads stuff.
  8. I don't think that will happen, but watch Mike Bloomberg win because of early voting
  9. Now they should make transit free to help people who can't afford cars. I don't think the city has that power, but still.
  10. But if people have already moved home, they will likely be counted on their parents' Census form. They won't respond to a Census questionnaire sent to their dorm because they aren't there. Dorms are closed.
  11. This Census couldn't come at a worse time.
  12. According to a random article I found, 24% of UC students live on campus. With 38,000 students, that's 9,120 people who wouldn't be counted, assuming they've all moved off campus. Add in the off-campus housing for students who have moved back to their parents' places, and you'll be looking at well over 10k people undercounted in Cincinnati from UC alone.
  13. so we just go without a Congress?
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