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  1. I would like to see Court become the city's first Woonerf. Just make it a wipe open, brick ROW with street furniture, trees, etc. and no clear delineation between the sidewalk and street. I don't think it needs to become pedestrian only, but give them equal access to the ROW
  2. This is a pretty good list of projects, but $30k is not very much money at all. Hopefully this is more than lip service. I also think pedestrian improvements are way more important in other areas of the city than downtown.
  3. ^But hasn't the market largely stabilized? there was a lot of uncertainty earlier, but now prices are going down in some states. Way more Ohio counties have multiple insurance providers than before IIRC. The first couple of years are always going to be a rollercoaster for such a big change. Also, I think this is the perfect reason to provide government insurance to everyone (and allow people to get supplemental insurance if they want). This means basic needs for everyone is covered, which spreads the costs out. No one can opt out of paying for health insurance, because you never know when you'll be out of work. Just like you can't opt out of Unemployment Insurance from your company.
  4. Also, I'm skeptical of your chart showing premium changes. Here are numbers I found for pre-2013 levels It's also hard to look at the changes as apples to apples, because a lot more high-risk patients suddenly got healthcare that they couldn't get before. So it's not like everyone's premiums went up.
  5. People are notoriously bad at planning for the unexpected or their long term needs. Even when people have the means, they often don't invest properly in their retirement or health. Looking at peoples' short term financial decisions is not evidence that they are making the right choice.
  6. Also, I'd like to point out that you can support a bill, amendment, act, resolution, etc. without approving of every single line. If you had to agree with everything in a bill to vote yes, no legislation would ever pass. One line in particular: I don't think this is a realistic expectation to upgrade all existing buildings. It just won't happen, and distracts from the real goals of achieving maximum efficiency on all future renovations. Perhaps it's just not worded properly. I also think the GND needs to focus more on directing federal funds to projects that encourage density in walkable areas. That, in my opinion, is the biggest hurdle the United States faces. Low density development encourage private automobiles, discourages walking, and discourages public transit. The federal government should not be subsidizing private parking, new highways, suburban sprawl, etc. This is the biggest miss for the GND.
  7. You have to balance the economy, the environment, and the social impacts of every decision. Just because you think that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity doesn't mean burning down the economic engines that allow us to compete on the global stage in the name of environmentalism. Here's a hypothetical on the scale you just made. Conservatives claimed (for 8 years) that the biggest threat to the United States was our national debt. If we were to take conservatives seriously, why shouldn't we assume the goal of the conservatives is to stop all federal spending until we don't have a debt? You can fight for something, but also think there is a transition to eventually get to your stated goal.
  8. FC Cincinnati has been in need of some forwards to help out the striker. It's a badly needed position right now. Hope it works out for FCC personally.
  9. ^so.... it's not in the Green New Deal, is what you're saying?
  10. Why is economic security for all not a good goal? Where does the text of the New Green Deal state that economic security would be guaranteed to those unwilling to work? And I don't care what advisers or pundits say. I want to see in the text of the NGD where it states that everyone will be guaranteed economic security if they are unwilling to work.
  11. I think what makes most sense is: One lane of traffic southbound. One center turn lane (with no trees or medians). One lane of traffic northbound. One lane of parking northbound. This would allow parking in the area 24 hours a day, it would allow for a turn lane so there aren't rear-end accidents, and it would allow cars to pull over to the side to let an ambulance pass through the turn lane. EDIT: The only downside to this plan is that buses in the southbound traffic lane wouldn't be able to pull over to allow cars to pass. Cars would probably be tempted to go into the turn lane to get around the bus.
  12. Reminds me of all of the mass shootings. The community always thinks it can't happen there - until it does. To be clear, I don't know if this attack happened, but it's weird that some people are so convinced it didn't happen.
  13. IIRC, they are going to slightly widen Auburn to create a center turn lane. Not 100% sure. But the city is planning on redoing Auburn somehow, and the center turn lane is needed for ambulances to get through. They might be instituting full time parking on one side of the street as well, but I can't remember specifics.
  14. Statues are public art pieces that are meant to honor important people in society. Obviously no one is infallible (many presidents owned slaves themselves, FDR locked up thousands of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps, etc), but honoring confederate generals who fought to continue owning other human beings as slaves does not seem like the appropriate thing to do. These are public spaces that are meant to show our virtues and honor those who made improvements to our culture and society. Also, these statues were created after the Civil War as a way to intimidate black people and let them know that they still aren't equal. No one is suggesting these statues shouldn't be able to exist in museums or private spaces, but they shouldn't be prominently placed in public parks and buildings to honor people who committed treason - killing their own countrymen - to own slaves.
  15. How do you spend $1 million renovating a salon space? Am I that clueless about the physical needs of a salon? Can equipment not move with the business?
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