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  1. ryanlammi

    Toxic Masculinity

    Some problems have different causes. Maybe 30% of car crashes are caused by impaired driving. You can't just solve all car crashes by trying to stop drunk driving. There are other causes like distracted driving, aggressive driving, black ice, etc. Also, these phrases "toxic masculinity" and "toxic femininity" are more referencing the common causes of certain behaviors. Why do certain genders tend to learn certain negative behaviors? Only by understanding the causes of these traits can you attempt to solve the problems.
  2. ryanlammi

    Toxic Masculinity

    so we agree that there are toxic behaviors learned by women because of how they are "told" they should act? And there are toxic behaviors learned by men because of how they are "told" they should act? (I'm referencing things like cat-calling and bullying) I feel like we agree here.
  3. ryanlammi

    Toxic Masculinity

    The existence of toxic masculinity does not preclude the existence of toxic femininity. I agree that you can associate toxic behavioral traits to the way we teach women/girls to be.
  4. ryanlammi

    Toxic Masculinity

    ^^I agree that there are learned behaviors by women that cause them to bully each other. I wouldn't be surprised if it was worse than boys. I don't think many women would have a problem with an ad calling out "toxic femininity" like bullying other girls. Wearing revealing outfits and walking home alone are not "toxic" behaviors. Toxic Femininity is very different than feminism. I think most people would understand that and support an ad that encourages women to stop mistreating each other.
  5. ryanlammi

    Smells of City Living

    I used to work at Cincinnati's Metropolitan Sewer District. Our office was right next to the main treatment plant on the Mill Creek in Lower Price Hill. It usually wasn't too bad, but if it was really hot out, the smell was unbearable.
  6. I think they are largely open spaces with columns and low clear story height. Photo #15 shows one photo of the space: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/01/14/councilman-asking-terrace-plaza-become-local.html#g/362822/15
  7. There are uses that don't require windows along the perimeter. Casinos, arcades, movie theaters, department stores, etc. You can also bring real sunlight down from the terrace level via tubes to make the interior feel less enclosed. The southern side could also be opened up to provide real sunlight. It would make a pretty terrible office to work in every day, but there are ways to make viable businesses without punching open the exterior.
  8. ryanlammi

    The Trump Presidency

    really counting your chickens right now
  9. I don't think you have to maintain a blank brick wall. I think you can do creative additions to the outside, without completely changing the facade. I'm not an architect, but I have to imagine there are some pretty cool things you could do to the exterior to make it more manageable. Add a screen to part of it to break up the exterior. Maybe make it an interactive screen where you can control things from across the street. Maybe it's as simple as hanging banners from the terrace above. Something that is art and also advertises the business inside. There are a lot of possibilities to make it more pleasing to the pedestrian without punching holes in it or changing the facade to glass.
  10. I think the building is worth preserving. I also think a treatment can be done to the exterior without punching holes in the exterior or making it parking.
  11. ryanlammi

    Toxic Masculinity

    ^^Where does it say all men exhibit toxic masculinity? It never says that. Also, I really don't think most men would stop a guy from catcalling or being a creep. They might intervene if things get especially physical or dangerous, but most men ignore the "lesser" offenses even if they think it's wrong.
  12. I don't think Grammer's is in any danger of collapse
  13. ryanlammi

    English Premier League

    The biggest threat the national leagues (including EPL) is the potential for a European Super League.
  14. Smitherman's wife, Pamela, passed away from breast cancer
  15. ryanlammi

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    Maybe we haven't seen any agitation for a Race-Madison bridge because the demand simply isn't there. There are already 3 bridges connecting Cincinnati to Covington (one being the Roebling, and another being the Brent Spence).