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  1. It had been there forever. It used to be the "Samurai Kabuki". I went there when I was in high-school back in the late 70's
  2. I found this today in an old scrapbook. Based on other items, it's from around the mid-fifties.
  3. My perspective: It just seems like an idea doomed to failure like the bridge walk. More than one of us predicted that it was a failed business model from the start. I'd hate to see something as successful as the PPB end up with an empty or rundown development on it after 5 years.
  4. Hotel planned on Purple People Bridge BY LAURA BAVERMAN • LBAVERMAN@ENQUIRER.COM • NOVEMBER 12, 2010 NEWPORT— A $100 million railroad-themed hotel and restaurant complex could be built on the Purple People Bridge, the first of its kind in the nation. Bridge owner Newport Southbank Bridge Co. has forged an agreement with DW Real Estate Holdings, a shopping center developer in Hyde Park, to lease the existing railroad tracks and the space above the walkway for a 160,000-square-foot entertainment complex. Full story at: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20101112/NEWS0103/311120042/Hotel-on-Purple-People-Bridge-
  5. My only guess would be a technicality. Most cities do not calculate based on sidewalk width, but rather right-of-way. The recent streetscaping project there might have extended the sidewalk somewhat thus putting a majority percentage outside of the City's ROW. Once it is outside of the ROW, you can do whatever you want as long as it adheres to the Zoning Ordinance. Most Zoning Ordinances only regulate sign heights as things relate to the sidewalk (signs must be higher than 8' off the ground for example). Zoning Ordinances also say that property owners can not stick things into the ROW, unless of course, they get a Variance approved. I'm not sure what Senate had happen, but I know they had to get special approval for their sign with the historic review board since they mounted it directly to the historic facade. Sounds like the gig is up. The following was posted on their Facebook page: No more patio! Thank you City Architect and thank you relish group for your constant complaining to the transportation dept. I wouldn't come borrow towels, olives or cherries anytime soon.
  6. No arguments about need. My comment was just me eye-rolling over the whole "luxury hotel" comments in the early stories when WS probably knew all along that it would be a residence inn. Looking at the bright side. I can stick visitors in there when I don't want them in my guest room ;-)
  7. The one on Fountain Square will start on 4 May (Tuesdays, 11-2). Of course Findlay Market is open 6 days a week year round. http://www.myfountainsquare.com/market
  8. Oh well. So much for "luxury". I have to say I'm disappointed in the sudden drop in residential density that this transition brings around Lytle Park
  9. It's pretty much the same story as that new shopping center in Crescent Springs. I think I liked the tree filled trailer park better.
  10. Don't you live on ALABAMA STREET or something? HEY!!!
  11. Those that would consider going up to Mt. Adams are in no worse shape then the rest of the general population. What a ridiculous statement. Your comments made me wonder. So I looked. Not conclusive, but the data on page 12 makes it look like a wash to me. :-D http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=5&ved=0CCAQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.americangaming.org%2Fassets%2Ffiles%2Fharrahs_survey.pdf&ei=pSdGS7eXDMaWtgfAqrH8AQ&usg=AFQjCNExiNhOepE82Sfjd-nwOMHusr1XJA&sig2=0V3HRzQ5I8Dp1ODtBRxhOg
  12. By the way, when I was there, the bartenders were even hotter. :wink:
  13. Mynt isn't really my kind of place. I'm definitely not in their target demographic. However, my wife and I were there for one of their early openings before new years eve. Nobody was throwing the "exclusive" vibe out there. The manager came by and introduced himself and seemed genuinely interested in having us enjoy our visit. The martini I had was good (and properly served). I'm sure they're target audience is much "hipper" than the likes of me, but I didn't get the impression they were going to do the velvet rope routine. I think it adds some variety to the square. I suspect their outdoor seating will liven up that corner.
  14. I'm almost positive that a Christmas Tree at a construction site means that there have been no injuries so far. Rabbit Hash has it right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topping_out
  15. I'd prefer the number of permanent residents in the Lytle Park area to increase, not decrease. So I'm definitely in favor of apartments or residential condos. A luxury hotel could be nice, but the phrases "extended stay" and "luxury hotel" seldom (if ever) go together.
  16. Really? There's a connection between the Central Trust Tower (the Union Central Life building for old farts) and The Chrysler building? I've never heard that one, and have a hard time seeing it architecturally. Is that something I've missed?
  17. Those buildings fall into the Third-Main Street Historic District http://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/cdap/pages/-3730-/
  18. De Cavel restaurant opening delayed Jean-Robert's Table, the downtown restaurant coming from Jean-Robert de Cavel, will not be open by Dec. 1, as the chef originally announced. Additional information at http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20091128/ENT01/911280355/Jean-Robert+s+restaurant+opening+delayed
  19. From my window. I guess I'm getting a view of the jail now. Lucky me.
  20. That sucks. I liked the ever changing Coke signage out my window! Also, I can remember that Sprite can water tower since I was a little kid.
  21. I was in Berlin over the weekend. Pieces like the one in the picture are all over the city. So many in fact, you don't notice them after awhile. I didn't realize there was one outside my hotel's from door until the last morning.
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