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  1. Thanks, @KJP I think there’s a typo when you reference S-W building height. As much as a hate parking, with recent developments adding residential cars to the current parking lot mix, Nucleus parking will become increasingly important on game nights (especially if we get good at sportsball again).
  2. @KJP has noted several times that the high cost of taller buildings if putting R&D on the Weston lots makes it cost inhibitive for such a conservative organization. ^^ that digital argument makes my double down on my cyber security risk > physical risk argument. Corporate espionage can happen just as easily in Brecksville in 2020 than it can downtown.
  3. I’ve always loved this part of downtown for this reason. I hope Franco’s isn’t just bluffing here because I think some residential this far south will help ignite E 9 south of Prospect, and even Carnegie! Up in the Heights, I walk through Lakeview 3-4 times a week in the summer and it definitely has a Central Park vibe. Erie Street could have a similar impact on its surroundings.
  4. Possibly more of a Fairfax than Midtown comment, but looking south of CCF, you can really see how many houses CCRLC has demo’d over the last decade.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. It’ll be cool to see this again with all of Midtown’s traction!
  6. I’m not saying they don’t need security, and yes, I have been to their HQ. But I’ve also been to HQs and R&D facilities for some of the largest tech companies, some of the largest pharma companies, cigarette companies, power utilities, banks, other chemical companies, etc. And I’ve quite possibly spoken to more chief security officers and chief IT officers than anyone else on this thread. So yes. I understand they need physical security. In this day and age, sadly, not just from corporate espionage, but also from angry employees with a gun. At the end of the day—I’m saying physical barriers aren’t as big a deal (IMHO) as good cyber security and good physical security management systems. All that said, (and back on topic), I hope they put the R&D site in whichever location returns the most value to SW. Because a happy and growing SW is a happy and growing Cuyahoga County!
  7. Ignorant question—how common is physical espionage in this day of cyber? I understand the need for a secure campus, but it seems to me that cyber security is a much more important investment these days than Fort Knox-worthy physical security. I’m not saying there should be no security, but I’ve been to A LOT of corporate facilities with trade secrets that would knock any S-W product out of the ballpark, that have normal run-of-the-mill corporate security. Now if you put a jump drive into their computers, security will happily come, throw you out, destroy your contract, and fire your corporate contact... but they don’t need a Trumpian wall for that. Just seems to me that all this physical security risk may be a bit overstated based on my very biased forays into twenty first century corporate America?
  8. Is this fact or speculation (I.e., are you confirming that the food court (along with everything else) will close April 6?
  9. And I don’t think @KJP ever actually said it was a company. He simply stated it was bigger than Progressive. Might it also be a large development, series of companies, or other type of entity that requires a lot of space? All that said, I’m still guessing Siemens North America until told otherwise
  10. @KJP, the only disappointing part about this is I found the blog on Facebook before UO!! Either I’m slacking, or the blog is moving through social media faster than the hyperloop! edit: probably both
  11. Looks like there’s finally construction happening at the new gelato joint. Or at least the lights were on this morning
  12. They bought AIDS Task Force. Same place, just more resources now.
  13. It’s also half the size of the old Whole Foods—at least in terms of products sold. I went there once and literally could not find a single item on my shopping list. Interesting that Abuelo’s closed. Thanks for the update, @audidave!
  14. I’ve never been and it sounds awesome, so I hope it comes to Cle somewhere. But maybe this site didn’t make sense because it would be sandwiched between Abuelo’s and Condado? Throw in the Chipotle there, too, and you have an awful lot of Tex mex in a low density area.
  15. Anyone know what’s going on with the Jimmy Johns both at CSU and Public Square closing?
  16. Cant recall if someone has already brought this up, so apologies if I’m rehashing anything. Just passed the Coliseum and it says sale pending.
  17. I assume there’s no economic feasibility of asking Orlando to move into a brand new building on City land in trade for the Orlando room for a police HQ?
  18. Use of ‘chutzpah’ = Hopefully they can figure out something to make it sparkle as much as it’s friends. Otherwise, it’ll stick out like... a dirty building.
  19. How much of the 10 percent does Stark need to ink out the deal? Could a switch to 5 now and 5 later blow up his plan? Or was the 5/5 a stipulation of the original bill, too? Please excuse my ignorance here—TMUD proposed legislation was not high on my reading list.
  20. Would Bedrock have made a public commitment to this project without more than a vague notion of an unproven concept to go on? I know Bernie had money and a lofty ideal—but I’d hope BedRock is more strategic and long-term than just “let’s rekindle our investment through public subsidies and hope it pans out.” Even if they’re hoping to sell at some point, setting the place up to fail wouldn’t do well for its valuation. Doesn’t there have to be more to this?
  21. I was just thinking a D&B or Gameworks or something would make a welcome addition for downtown residents and east siders—and a complete different feel than anything currently downtown. It probably wouldn’t really fit anywhere else but May or 925–either way would fit better here.
  22. Not to get off on a political tangent, but a climate-denying libertarian is a bit of an oxymoron. If they’re a climate denier, then they’re completely ignoring externalities that impact the rights of others—and thus not a true libertarian. Back to CityBlock itself, I understand that the original intent had private CityBlock only space, but if it’s a public-private partnership, I sure hope they keep more of it public. I can understand (even if I don’t like) creating private spaces in a fully privately funded space—but a partial-publicly financed train station should have at least 50% public area. At least keep the atrium, food court, and “prospect park/retail” open!
  23. The majority of the Tower is still office space. As one of said tenants, I can tell you we already have several convenience stores at TC, and they’re indeed quite convenient!! Hope they don’t get rid of them (or at least make sure a replacement is an upgrade). Wouldn’t mind a dry cleaner, but there’s a liquor store right up the street on W 9, and with the transit system right downstairs, not sure a liquor store is the best use of the retail space.
  24. So no news of a tenant at this point? I agree that coworking spaces are popular—but I wonder if there here to stay or ephemeral. Sure, they’ve been around in SF for years now, but it doesn’t feel like a long-term strategy to me. There was something about the access to capital and sandboxes to play in that really felt coordinated and long-lasting when Bernie first outlined CityBlock. Without the resources of a Google, Facebook, or MasterCard-type entity, I worry this will pan out as an undersaturated assemblage of non-scalable, unsuccessful start-ups.
  25. I never realized how far east this was... it actually kinda works as a tester/phase I for a more intimate, more connected, more well rounded mixed-use destination further west, connected to the intermodal hub.
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