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  1. If City Block does find a home at Tower City, I can picture it meshing very well with retail in a perfect blend of European train station and the French tech campus alluded to a few weeks ago (Station F?). Imagine Google, Visa, and Microsoft (edit: I made these up, I don’t have any intel that you all don’t) among smaller start ups lining the walls, interspersed with retailers and food and a modern-style pop-up food hall. Add in in some interactive features like giant chess and giant jenga. Maybe open a beer hall in the giant open area with where Chik-Fil-a now sits. Have some of the retailers/restaurants take advantage of the mall’s common area though “outdoor” seating or outdoor displays. Make le the Avenue feel like a true avenue, lined with commerce and life—populated by an ever-present and diverse community of transit pass-throughs, techie employees, Terminal Tower residents, and casino and hotel patrons. The tech hub could be just what’s needed to enliven Tower City into a well-rounded destination. Sorry—woke up feeling optimistic today.
  2. I just miss Tower Deli. That hot sauce concoction they used was stupendous.
  3. Maybe they can move the chandelier up there? It would sure speak to the name Lumen!
  4. Wouldn’t hurt to make them both residential, better yet, mixed-use streets. *said with snarkiness and humor*
  5. I’d be okay with them keeping it “green space” if it kept with what they espouse as an “urban green space for the Midtown community.” But that land is nothing but grass and looks like a vacant/derelict eyesore—with exception of the “garden” on the Chester side. That area in specific looks like a weed patch surrounded by a fence (that blocks it off from the community). Both are completely disconnected from the community, devoid of nature, devoid of educational opportunity, and completely unaligned with a civic mission. IMHO, piss or get off the pot, Dunham.
  6. Anyone know what’s going on with all the shuffling offices going up in the train station? They’ve put up a new customer service booth only to knock down the old customer service booth only to build what looks to be the exact same booth where it used to be? Not to mention the unused glass booth by the red line turnstiles?! Confuses me every morning...
  7. Not sure I understand. We’re not talking about 306 or Crocker here. This is Richmond Rd, home to two of the busiest corridors in the region (Cedar and Chagrin). It’s also approximately as Far East from Tower City as Harry Buffalo in Lakewood is west from Tower City—not quite the boondocks.
  8. The folks at the Beachwood Sephora said the site is too small to stock a lot of the product they have at many of their other locations, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they build a larger store elsewhere. Not sure what that would mean for Beachwood Place, though.
  9. @KJP, is S-W speculation or have you heard something? P.s., sorry, no idea how to move this to a different thread.
  10. Blockchain also opens up almost unlimited applications for distributed ledger of non- financial data. If Cleveland can become a focal point of blockchain innovation, it can quite literally change the foundations of the City. I just don’t understand how repackaging a dead mall with a brand and zero blockchain infrastructure will do that. I’m not sure blockchain is a “if you build it they will come” type industry. We truly need academic, governmental, and corporate institutions behind this 100%. As well as presumably a large early adopter to be that shot of adrenaline that sparks everyone else. As a Terminal Tower tenant, I’m hoping for some spark in Tower City... but this definitely seems like one of the most risky ways imaginable to do it...
  11. That would be nice—I’d get myself a new house. No, just people I met in school there.
  12. Keystate Homes. Really cool folks out of Levin College.
  13. It's got a decent patio. I would've preferred an adaptive reuse of the Stanley or some infill like a City Target, but this definitely beats that grotesque statue idea.
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