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  1. I’ve been ani-home rule for years, thank you very much! Home rule is the reason we have 7,423 cities in Cuyahoga. Home rule is the reason we’re bantering about Sherwin-Williams moving to Brecksville. Home rule is the reason we’re not the 9th largest city in the country, commanding the capital of the 9th largest city in the country, which would get this project built in a jiffy. Home rule is the reason we wouldn’t have a 5-county public transit system sending 1,000s of employees to this project daily. Heck yes we’re anti-home rule! (oversimplification for emphasis of point, but moral is home role in Ohio is different from home rule in most states and yields too much power to the local government, see . This Balkanization leads to a cacophony of different, contradictory laws that make this state a nightmare for developers, businesses, and the rest of us—while promoting unequal sharing of wealth to the detriment of us all, see https://beltmag.com/todays-ohio-home-rule/.
  2. ^ so what’s the price point and who wants to give me a loan? KJP, do you know if Spaghetti House would look drastically different (I.e., taller) than Avenue? Considering the location, I would assume so... but I suppose a simple 3-5 story building would fit in the context of the Gateway area.
  3. Could be the start of a new Terdolph Park to replace the Cle Foundation land, but that would be a very long, narrow, and vehicular friendly park. I noticed there’s a Hemingway sign in front of the Offices at the Agora—maybe they have something in mind and are working with the CDC to make it happen?
  4. I’m a big advocate of form-based code, but I’ve only dealt with it academically (accidentally got a job in business instead of urban planning. Oops.). On the front-end, it’s cuts the miles of red tape developers go through to get anything built that doesn’t match the district’s use (for instance, anything mixed-use or too tall). On the back-end, it makes it so you can easily go from use to use without rewriting or overriding the code.
  5. Wow! They were talking about doing this back when I was in grad school. I guess I gotta dust off that paper about FBC in Denver and Flagstaff I wrote. I wonder how they settled on Detroit Shoreway—it seems like a neighborhood like University Circle of Ohio City would have more development forms for them to play around with.
  6. Is this the same Smithers-Oasis that’s in Kent, Ohio? Wasn’t it founded in Kent and then moved to Cuyahoga Falls before moving back to Kent? also—sorry for my first post in this quote dramatic of days to be completely unrelated to S-W. to bring it back on topic... SHEEEESHHHH, you all had a busy day! This was exhausting to catch up on!
  7. Dumb question—when I look at the low-rise Avenue condos, they look a bit... bland and unappealing. Assuming (or hoping) a Spaghetti tower is quite a bit glitzier than Avenue II, will this market test really be a reasonable test? i.e., can’t Avenue II fail but a condo tower still succeed because they’re entirely different products with different buyers? Or is the condo market such that a condo is a condo?
  8. Okay. This idea may be better. Still all in with the orange and green unis, though. Is the Krenzler site big enough for something like this? I’d imagine they’d have to take that entire block between 18th and 21st? Then move baseball and other fields down to Wolstein and have the basketball team play at RMF—which is presumably too over-scheduled with the Cavs, Monsters, Gladiators (if they come back), shows, etc. So maybe not...
  9. Actually. That’s not too big of a stretch. CSU already uses orange as an ancillary color. Just pop that orange out a bit more and you have a perfect match. Miami shares a stadium with the Dolphins and they just put giant U logos over everything each Saturday. The orange of the stadium matches the Dolphins and Canes. And then both my alma maters would have orange and green football teams, and I could wear their apparel interchangeably!
  10. Ya, because those hipster millennials hate farmers markets... Now that I think about it, Apple stores and fresh produce may possibly be the millennial equivalent combination as coffee and creamer are to the rest of humanity.
  11. Not sure if anyone has any other recent examples, but it appears ConAgra moving to Chicago led to a decline of more than 50% of their Omaha workforce. https://www.omaha.com/money/after-agonizing-debate-conagra-moving-hq-to-chicago-cutting-omaha/article_40ef4148-6798-11e5-8f93-9bea8a0abeb2.html that said, anyone have thoughts about our skills? Sure we don’t have a UT-Austin or OSU, but this neck of the woods is home to PPG, Akzo Nobel, Ferro, RPM, etc. that’s a lot of coatings talent to poach from. Wouldn’t moving to a Chicago or Charlotte take away that ripe recruiting base?
  12. I believe they have tried and the student body did not want to pay for it. College football is incredibly expensive. I also don’t think CSU would be able to field a BCS team, so it probably wouldn’t be too big of a draw. Even if they were, it may not bring too many down since it’s a relatively small school. For instance, even at University of Miami—which is arguably among the most winningest football programs in college history—we had weeks where the student section was full (but was 5,000/77,000 seat) and no one else came. Imagine the TV network when they had to show a mostly empty stadium on ESPN. Suffice it to say, you don’t see the Hurricanes on national televised anymore because they’re not good enough to draw non-student crowds and too small for students to show up en masse.
  13. Just for the heck of it, S-W and PPG are both dwarfed by BASF—which granted is much more than a coatings company—but is still a coatings company. BASF’s headquarters is an integrated campus using BASF’s Verbund concept, where byproducts and energy flows of one process are seamless transferred into feedstocks of other operations. Altogether, it is home to about 2,500 acres and ~40,000 workers. I could see that as a valuable use of the VA site.
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