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  1. Okay. My turn: Siemens is moving their North American headquarters here. Their healthcare business will operate out of (and expand) the Med Mart while the remainder will build on lakefront land, connected by a CC expansion over the train tracks. It’ll also incorporate a Port expansion for the import and export of wind turbine components, in tandem with Siemens Energy, LEEDCo, and other NEO businesses. edit: this is my speculation. I’m not saying I know KJP’s scoop
  2. So @KJP, everything heard this far would keep, but update, the existing stadium? Also, re: the other stuff happening on this thread in the last 24 hours, there’s no way I’m going to be effective at work today
  3. thanks, @Mov2Ohio. I knew Ameritrust was on Ninth, but if you look up thread, the PS lot buildings have a giant Ameritrust sign—hence the assumption that they may have had overflow offices or a branch.
  4. That’s what I got out of @Jenny‘s post—that the foundations may be left by the two buildings shown in previous posts upthread that were formerly used by Ameritrust. Knowing nothing about construction—if they were overengineered for a building bigger than the ones that sat on top of them, why wouldn’t they fit a new, taller building?
  5. Can we meet in the middle and settle on green? Just create one of those Singapore-esque style forest skyscrapers. It’ll do swell in the winter!! Or we could make it all evergreens and call it Santa’s Forest!
  6. ^I’m starting to come around to a new perspective. The current CC may not have the greatest layout, but it’s an incredible use of real estate. I’m thinking of LA and Philly and Jacob Javitz and all these monstrosities that take up 15 blocks. I’ve had several friends come into town and remark that our CC is nice because it’s not hulking. The current Hilton feels stranded right now because it’s disconnected from neighborhoods—but imagine it as a beautiful halfway point to grab a drink once the lakefront is a) built and b) connected through a land bridge. Couple that with a new S-W site on the River integrated well with a City Block and “Solstice Stairs” from TC down to the riverfront. Between the riverfront steps, TC avenue, public square, malls, land bridge, and lakefront green by the RRHOF, we have a welcome mat connecting the Lake to the River. Link that up with a courthouse tower, mixed use developments along the rest of the parking lot district, and you get
  7. Edit: didn’t see @CleveFan responded to this above.
  8. Omg, look at those second empire-inspired townhomes on Scranton
  9. TPL and LL Bean just sponsored some really beautiful and vibrant ground art at the Lakeview Terrace Park. Not a street, per se, but an example of how a simple cost of paint can change the feeling of a neighborhood.
  10. Just change the paint color to green and you’ll be fine! @CleveFan, agree on the “Blimpworthiness” of the riverfront sight. Goodyear images looking northeast toward the Gund (ya, that’s right) will be dominated by a cover the earth logo, with TT and the PS towers rising to its left and right. (At least in my head—I’m not great at creativity). @Geowizical, quick, test it out!
  11. So I think we’ve dispelled the notion that the work at Breen is too dangerous or too top secret to have riverfront access—but just to chime in—I’ve been to many R&D facilities across the country for tech, manufacturing, chemicals, power, etc.—even tobacco—that are along public rights of way. No one is saying it should be a mixed use facility with a welcoming lobby for all to share... nor is anyone saying they should leave their doors unlocked and machinery untagged and unlocked and hope for the best. Simply stating that buildings with sealed access can commiserate with public access to nearby features...
  12. If we can realize this between SW and Bedrock, I think the riverfront is the right choice. It literally creates a whole new field of depth to the skyline—and even if they’re at a lower grade, it provides cohesion and grandeur to the skyline. This, paired with a JC tower, would provide a north-south axis of height on our skyline currently reflected only on the ninth street corridor.
  13. Well... there goes my plan to create the “National Environmental Movement Museum” in that space...
  14. Anyone else not sleep and just refresh UO every 30 minutes for the last 7 hours—or was that just me?
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