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  1. Nope, many big changes are happening but it's not stalled.
  2. Looks like Elford has updated its site over the last week or so now with more details and possibly a more clear picture of the leasing situation https://elfordrealty.com/property/millennial-tower/ Based on the "Project" numbers vs the available numbers, It looks like they maybe have about 30,000 SF leased office wise and about 5,000 SF in retail. I came up with this based on some quick math and site stats but, it's something. I've heard there is some movement, which is good, but like I said a few months ago, I've been told they're really holding out for a key tenant.
  3. Overunder - I'd say 50% tossup. I'm based out of Columbus, some people I know at NBBJ have mentioned that the project in it's announced/planned form, is long dead. However on the flip side, I know people working for the Q who have told me that the project is planned to kickoff once the Q renovations are complete. When I asked about scale and design, they said all they really have been told was that it was not going to impact operations as much and will be more in line with FEB. Basically, nobody knows at this point.
  4. Damn, a lot happens when you go on vacation.
  5. Yup, this one wasn't hard to see coming.
  6. So after reading your post I kind of agreed because honestly yeah, it's a super tough spot however on my way in this morning it looks as if Colliers has removed the "Arena Storage" sign on the Goodale face of the building and now has put of a "Redevelopment Coming Soon" banner. I think this may actually be happening despite even my greatest hesitation because this weekend there were numerous trucks hauling parked along Goodale that appears to be clearing out the structure. Ill snag a picture tomorrow morning for you all on my way in.... Crossing my fingers.
  7. Tiny neighborhood launch update... My understanding is that Edwards is gearing up for the next phase of Neighborhood Launch on Gay next to Mews I, currently serving as staging for the Mews II phase of the project.
  8. My understanding is that this has to do with the foundations/footers for steel vs wooden coasters. Steel coasters... Well modern steel coasters use fewer support columns and have deep and large poured footers, while wooden coasters use hundreds of smaller shallow footers. On wooden coasters it's less likely that vegetation or tree roots growing into or shifting a footer here or there will cause any impact on the complex structure thats designed to settle shift tension points, while a tree root growing into and shifting or cracking one of the few footers on a steel coaster could be disastrous or at least very very expensive to fix. Basically its risk mitigation. I really wish steel coasters could be built to have experiences like the beast does through dense wooded areas but I don't see it happening, nature is a powerful force.
  9. Hm, interesting. Wether he is referring to my statements or not, it's not a hill I am willing to die on. I know what I am involved with and he is free to claim otherwise if he would like. Kind of just is what it is.
  10. I'm not sure what thready this fits specifically but I stumbled across this earlier today... https://www2.colliers.com/en/properties/134-east-goodale-street/USA-134-goodale-street-columbus-ohio-43215/USA1047583 Anyone know anything about this? I walk by this daily and haven't paid enough attention I guess because I had no clue this was happening.
  11. Yep, they opened up RFQ bidding for specific pieces of the project already.
  12. ^ Honestly very little of this makes sense. Day Companies swooped in with all these promises for these buildings we'd all been begging to be redeveloped... now almost 3 years later they have gone from a complete renovation and new build to only actively working on the Madison's building and demo'ing the smaller structure -_- Overall I'm now just kind of confused and unsure if they're even committed to the project.
  13. Interesting. Maybe we could get things moving before the end of the year.... Andy Mills makes things happen, I'm taking this project a lot more seriously now that he's on board. Also I trust his guidance overall a lot more than Arshot, this building will be built right and to last. So this means that Arshot is out? I hope so. Any news? No, sadly. Arshot will be/is the principal developer but Elford will be managing the construction (if it ever happens) and the commercial leasing. Updates regarding the project ... I've done some asking around and while basically nobody knows anything more than the next (usually not a great sign), I was told that basically Arshot badly wants an anchor office tenant before moving forward, and that hasn't happened. I have been told there have been discussions, but nothing is concrete. As for the site itself, I did some strolling around this weekend and realized that the staging space and construction trailer for the LC projects is no longer on site. To me, this doesn't mean much good or bad. The LC projects are still under construction so the space is needed, while Arshot could have kicked them off to start site work for Millennial, a more likely reason is that the LC found cheaper or on-site space to use. However, I decided to stroll up to High and State and watch the LED marquee on the Heartland offices for a few and to my delight, a new Millennial Tower leasing opportunity ad was displaying. While none of this means anything is starting soon, ad space is expensive (even if its your own) and to me that shows thats things still may be happening behind the scenes. That's all I got.
  14. Haha, not me but mrtuggles seems to have an in on the projects happenings. While it looks like mrtuggles isn't directly connected to the project, I can say the post information isn't too far off base. Regarding what I can and cannot say, most of it falls into the "cannot" category. I'm connected to the project (hence my glaring lack of posts in this thread) so even though we're on the interwebs as an "anonymous" users, I don't prefer risking my income too much haha. Basically at this point I can confirm the rendering was not supposed to be public yet and I can confirm the structure will be taller than the proposed 35 floors. There are goals in place to get things moving before years end but there's basically one last barrier being working through. I think you all will be VERY VERY pleased with the details, makeup, and height once it is all released. Hopefully that gives you a tiny peek behind the curtain and nobody will report me. If you have any questions, I'll attempt to answer, but again i'm really very limited in what can be said for the moment.
  15. What do you know that the rest of us don't??? Yes. We need to know the inside info. Spill the beans!!!! Hmm, haha lets just say all of your questions will be answered soon, just in a more... constructed... fashion.