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  1. Is that church the original St. Emeric’s?
  2. Hello, Urban Ohioans! In some minor development news - I'll be opening a dental practice in the Edge 32 building in September 2018! I'm expanding to a second location from my current office in Seven Hills. The space is going to be beautiful when it's done. Keep yours eyes peeled for some world-class signage coming soon for Ryba Dentistry at Detroit Ave & West 32nd! ;D
  3. Coastal Taco is opening sometime during Memorial Day weekend and is looking super cute.
  4. I think the foundry building is technically east bank? It's certainly on the east side of the river. That area will probably have its own name shortly ("Columbus Peninsula" or something like that...).
  5. Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but signs are up for "East End Bar & Grill" in the southernmost riverfront space on Old River Road (where it intersects with the rapid tracks and St. Clair). "Coming Spring 2016." It's nice see some life coming back to that stretch! The whole street plays host to sort of a bizarre mix of uses for now.
  6. Re: Tenk Building I'm not sure who actually bought it but the guys that own Platform Brewery are opening a cider house there. They have a Facebook page up - the name of the cider house will be Urban Apple. Platform hosted a few parties in the parking lot there over the summer. The guys said there's a ton of interior work needed and they're not sure when it will be opening, but I think he said they're trying for next year.
  7. Not sure if anyone's posted about the new brewery opening on Columbus yet (I think in August?): http://www.brickandbarrelbrewing.com The Flats are finally starting to see some serious progress; it's about time!
  8. Okay so someone may have already complained about a similar experience upthread, but I'd just like to vent to fellow UO-ers: I live in Ohio City, and the other day, a friend and I decided we were going to get dinner on Larchmere via the rapid to Shaker Square. We bought single-ride passes at the West 25th Street Red Line station and planned on transferring at Tower City to the Green Line. Turns out that you can't transfer at Tower City without exiting the platform, BUYING ANOTHER SINGLE RIDE PASS, then re-entering the platform. It's just completely ridiculous. I called the RTA complaint line and the General Manager told me that "your trip to Larchmere was two trips." Uhh, it's not my fault that I have to transfer to get from Ohio City to Shaker. Also, it's not really clear when you're supposed to pay when you board the Green Line westbound for the return trip. This experience led me to several conclusions about things that RTA needs to do to improve its rider experience: 1) provide one free transfer with each ticket purchase, and free transfers WITHIN THE SAME STATION 2) install turnstiles at every station, at least on the red line 3) institute a declining balance payment system, so riders don't need a new pass every time they ride the rapid With all the visitors due to visit Cleveland this year (ie Gay Games), it would behoove RTA to take some steps toward simplifying its ridership policies.
  9. I noticed yesterday that crews appear to be removing the hideous, cheap-looking facade from the Stark Enterprises building at the southwest corner of West 3rd and St. Clair! I saw a picture a long time ago of that corner, and the building under the facade is a handsome red-brick structure. Hopefully a facade restoration is in order! I'll post a historical picture of that building if I can find one.
  10. NEEDED: Zara, Banana Republic, J Crew, American Apparel, H&M ... I could go on. As a downtown resident, I get so angry every time I have brush off my car in the snow and drive 25 min to Beachwood, Strongsville, or Westlake to buy things like socks. (Speaking of American Apparel - how is there not one in Ohio City yet? :wtf:) Once that stretch of Euclid between 9th and CSU is renovated I really think it would be perfect for some upscale retail.
  11. oops, sorry! i don't know a ton about building methods and assumed they already had infrastructure under that parcel? sorry everyone. all i can confirm is that digging is happening hahah.
  12. Ran past the Hansa Brewery today and the exterior structure appears to be pretty close to being completed. Windows and doors are installed; looks like the only major thing left is to install the siding or brick veneer or whatever they're finishing the exterior walls with. Even without any landscaping done, this corner already looks significantly better.
  13. I went for a run past FEB this afternoon and I am pleased to report that the foundations for Flip Side, etc are being dug as I write this. Progress!
  14. i'm planning on popping in for a drink or two.
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