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  1. And just like that ... there are windows going in!!!
  2. I'd like to see a downtown location for USL games. I went to a bunch of the old Cleveland City Stars games back when they played at CSU. But when they started playing their games farther out (I think in Solon??) I never went. What was wrong w/ using the CSU field?? Or even the field at CWRU?? Or even a location like the St Ignatius field off of Lorain seems like it would be close enough to downtown.
  3. We'll have 2 cranes in the sky above Cleveland shortly ... ;D
  4. This tower is looking good!!! I can't wait to see some of the windows start to go in.
  5. Didn't realize that it was coming thru Cleveland. Will definitely be interested to head down to check it out.
  6. Looks like the Tilted Kilt is closed (I was actually just in there last Friday!!!). It's dark in there are there are signs up on the windows saying "Coming Soon - Panini's". Looks like the rumors were true!!!
  7. dar124

    Dan Gilbert and Cleveland

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Gilbert (hopefully) does with Tower City. I'd love to see more "life" in there. Hopefully the Terminal Tower apartment conversions will help Tower City by having a decent amount of people living right in that area.
  8. There definitely is a lot of construction happening in Detroit. I was up there this past weekend for a few days and I was surprised by the amount of building / renovation that is happening. And a lot of the projects did have Gilberts Bedrock signs on them. Knowing about the construction in Cleveland (and thinking that we have a decent amount in process here) I was really surprised by what was happening in Detroit.
  9. I may be wrong, but I think the "taking local peoples money" was meaning the money he's making from the casino here in Cleveland he's "taking" and investing it in Detroit. Not keeping it here and investing it in Cleveland??
  10. Yea, it looks like there's still a lot of work to do!!!
  11. I know Key Bank has 3 of the upper floors in the building. Not sure exactly which floors. But I don't think it's the top floor. Not sure who is on that floor??
  12. I almost forgot I took this pic on the way into work yesterday. This was set up behind the plaza. Looks like some soil testing??
  13. What extensive remodeling has the Casino done in the first half of 2018??
  14. The scaffolding on the outside of the garage came down a couple weeks ago. But they're definitely still working inside the garage.
  15. From the linked News5 article: "the development will feature 309 apartments, 60 percent of them will be 350 square foot studios, 5 percent convertible studios, 25 percent one bedroom units and 10 percent three bedroom units." So it seems like there should be 30 three bedroom units. It does seem a bit strange that there are studios, convertible studios, one bedroom units and then 3 bedroom units. Seems like at least some 2 bedroom units would have made sense??