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  1. It was always complete opposite ends of the spectrum with Tilted Kilt / Panini's. On days there was a game or concert the place could be packed. But was in there a few times when no event was going on downtown and there were literally 2 customers in the place. Some of that is a part of being a downtown bar / restaurant. But I'm sure the slow days really hurt their bottom line. Hopefully something decent comes in there next and is able to last!!
  2. I've seen a few of these going in around downtown. One pic is mine the other I got from mrclifton88 in the General Tower City Center Developments thread.
  3. I'm sure they were working for a while inside, but that seems like a quick turn around to get the place "open". Looks like you'd be able to go in now and access the ATM's!!! I remember similar spaces to this years ago in NYC. Just a small storefront with an ATM or two inside. For what it is, it dosent seem like an all that bad use of the space.
  4. A co-worker was with his wife recently and she was taking pictures inside of TC and got asked to stop. They figured it was because the workers there were worried she was taking pictures of "unsafe working conditions" or repairs that weren't being completed, etc. But she was just getting some shots of the architecture, etc inside. Kinda strange?!?!?
  5. Parked in that lot many many times (even back to the original Flats days!!). Will be nice to see some new construction along the river!!
  6. I was out yesterday at lunch and saw this sign on the window. Looks like the opening for "The Ivy" is set for April 25th!!! It looked like there was some kind of work going on inside. There were a few people coming and going as I was walking by the building.
  7. Ha ha, the only time I was in there was for one of the 2016 World Series games as well.
  8. When will the May Co conversion be completed?? I'm thinking 2020?? They are progressing quickly, but 2019 seems too quick to be finished w/ it. Also there are the Terminal Tower Residences that they have been working on for a while.
  9. I can sort of understand that they felt they were missing out on more of a dinner crowd. I know they had food and happy hour specials, etc there before, but I only went there Fri / Sat nights late for drinks and maybe a couple of times on a Sunday morning before a Browns game. I would have never thought of going to Liquid for dinner. So maybe this will bring more business in for them?? Although I'm sure being closed for the past 6+ mos hasn't helped things money wise!!!
  10. Maybe "The Ivy" is closer to opening than we think!!! Following Months of Renovation, The Ivy Readies to Open in Former Liquid Space in Warehouse District Liquid, a mainstay of the Warehouse District nightlife scene for 24 years, closed its doors for good last June. Following months of construction and renovation, that venue’s replacement will open on or around April 19, according to management. When it does open, The Ivy (1212 W. Sixth St.) will usher in a new option for dining, entertainment and nightlife for West Sixth Street. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/03/20/following-months-of-renovation-the-ivy-readies-to-open-in-former-liquid-space-in-warehouse-district
  11. I walked by there at during lunch yesterday. You can see a bar and some tables & chairs set up inside, but it also looks like they're in "mid-construction". Hopefully they can get things figured out / finished up and re-open. But it's not looking all that promising with it being over 6 mos past their re-opening!!!
  12. So The Century Federal Credit Union did move down to the 1st floor of the Landmark Building. But it's in a totally different spot (with no outside access), than I thought it would be in. So it really doesn't help the area look more "lively".
  13. At first this seems like a strange street to make "pedestrian only". But I'd imagine there were similar thoughts when they first suggested converting E.4th to "pedestrian only". Hopefully this would encourage some retail to open up in a few of the spots on the east side of W.2nd in the Midland Building. Or even another restaurant in the old Hard Rock spot on the corner of W.2nd and Huron. If a restaurant opens there, and the street is "pedestrian only" they could have a decent outdoor patio along W.2nd
  14. Here's a pic from today of a different angle of the building. It's nice to see that some of the facade is visible from farther away!!!
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