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  1. That was my exact comment on cle.com.
  2. Well, we know that CLE airport is bigger than Cbus so that would mean those twenty extra million people would have to be driving or they are counting something different.
  3. After parking in that garage for the last year and seeing the work, it seems they are just restoring the access to the May Co building and removing the hazards that exist. They have a long way to go still.
  4. Keep them coming! I had to move back to Miami so I'll be out of the loop again :'(
  5. Construction worker today said the inside is completely demo'd and empty!
  6. jjames0408

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Isn't there a better thread for this Short North conversation? I keep coming in here thinking I'm going to read about Ohio census estimates.
  7. jjames0408

    Cleveland: Retail News

    Friendly editing necessary. You poor thing...it is at the Lakewood border....however it's on the Cleveland side...........so there.
  8. The area looks great....except.....that horrid parking garage on Warrensville.
  9. jjames0408

    Non-Ohio Transit News & Discussion

    You can now get from downtown Miami to downtown West Palm in an hour with an expansion to Orlando planned. In Miami, Brightline is connected to Metrorail/the free Metromover and free trolley. Long, long, LONG way to go but Miami is beginning to get a little transit. Brightline Service To Miami Begins May 19 "Brightline tickets to Miami are on sale this morning through their website. The official service launch will be May 19. As of this morning, departures from Fort Lauderdale to Miami were are priced at $10 for Smart Service and $15 for Select Service. Introductory fares of $3 and $5 are also being offered. Departures from West Palm Beach to Miami was also available, at a cost of $15 for Smart Service and $25 for Select Service." https://www.thenextmiami.com/brightline-has-launched-tickets-sales-to-miami-today/
  10. It really is laughable, especially that Lawson guy saying why is someone in Westerville paying for this in Cleveland. Well, why is someone in Cleveland helping to pay for a $4million park in Columbus? Why is Franklin County getting almost $250 million while the rest of the state gets fractions of that? Cherry picking ignorance.
  11. I don't see anything about townhomes at 2071 Columbus. Do you have a link? Isn't that Duck Island 7? http://www.duckisland7.com/#duckisland7 --edited to add link--
  12. We've had the debate in other threads, but if this doesn't illustrate the economic power of a state capitol, I don't know what does. 5 of the 6 listed here are state government centers. All those steady paychecks help keep things going in the down times, and help make things sizzle in the good. The old state capitol excuse. How's Lansing doing? Madison? Springfield? Topeka? Lincoln? St. Paul vs Minneapolis? Tallahassee? Harrisburg? Albany? We can go on and on and on. I don't think it hurts to have a bunch of built-in government jobs, but I think the true differential is timing and a large university. That's were the true growth is happening now. It just so happens that some of the cities it's happening in are also state capitols.
  13. Kona apparently isn't happening at Pinecrest, despite plans approved by Orange in Summer 2017 - and their logo being on the signage along Harvard as late as this week. Yes, could end up across the street - or perhaps at La Place, in place of soon-to-be vacant Williams-Sonoma... etc... Kona Grill is having financial issues and is planning to close some locations. I doubt you’ll see them opening up here. If they do, it will be under a new franchise model. Good, they can keep it! Some of the worst sushi I've had in my life.
  14. There aren't any pics and their webpage is dead :'( Sounds like a cool project at least. And I think I prefer this building to the townhomes that were in the master plan. More density and looks decent too!
  15. jjames0408

    Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport

    I can only say I see a lot of cars at Gordon Park (all I know of it is it's the new Edgewater hookup spot). As far as Lakefront Park, it is used mostly for fishing in the winter (although a lot of people park there to take in the lake). Dike 14 gets steady traffic all year long but I don't know how many people really know about it.