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  1. How about the cruise ship where they let over 3,800 people off without testing anyone and someone had gotten off a few days prior that tested positive. The majority went straight to MIA and boarded planes home. The ignorance of leadership in this state is beyond belief.
  2. I'm guessing you're a vegetarian? Anyone who eats meat is no different than those adorable animals. They just happen to be bigger so they need to eat more and feed their babies more.
  3. Based on the comments about the "outlet malls", I feel I need to interject. Outlets now are regular stores with slightly more clearance shipped in from other stores who can't sell their clearance or factory stores where they sell inferior merchandise at lower prices. Based on the leasing outline that was shared...there is NOTHING upscale about these stores, which I suppose is a good thing for typical American tourists and inner city/suburban residents that will be shopping there.
  4. We’re freezing down here right now! Great job as usual @KJP. I echo everyone else’s sentiments that you are the best that Cleveland has for reporting!
  5. I thought you were joking. Do you know how much parking that place has? You can see it in the picture. People thought the chandelier was a joke? Not that any of this is on topic, although I do miss the guitar on Huron...that's close to the lakefront right?
  6. I absolutely agree and there are quite a few sales this year from 400k-900k that support it.
  7. One of my realtor friends thinks that 700 is very high for downtown. I'm eagerly awaiting seeing how this goes.
  8. ^It's so true. We're trying to figure out what's next after Miami and even having a house in Cleveland, we're looking at the east coast instead.
  9. That area definitely needs some activation. It looks so far away. Can't believe it's only 1/2 a mile!!
  10. It doesn't have a 20 story parking garage.....it would never be approved period.
  11. It seems as though they have corrected the workaround. Does anyone have access to give insights on what they wrote about?
  12. For those of us that are younger, it is absolutely unfathomable that the first picture is the east side of Cleveland.
  13. I wonder if they're courting another movie theatre since iPic filed bankruptcy?
  14. Wow! Thanks for the tour! It really shows so much going on for a city of it's size!
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