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  1. Anyone know what the 2 cranes are? They must have gone up this week and both are next to each other on the rear side of the uh campus nearer to little Italy. Can't find anything about it online!
  2. Re: The new brewery for Legacy. I am pretty sure that it got scrapped. The former Joseph-Beth space was filled w/ signage about it coming soon, back in the early summer. The signage has recently disappeared and the space is dead empty. Also - Myxx at Cedar-Fairmount shutdown. I hope the next tenant can utilize the gigantic space better than a gigantic dancefloor. Also - World of Beer signage is up in downtown Lakewood, across from Melt and next door to Eddie & Eddie's. That entire block is full of new retail/food/bar and imo is the hottest new area in NE Ohio right now as there is also a Panera, Menchie's, Five Guys, Quaker Steak, Deagan's, Roots Cafe, Chipotle, Jimmy John's, Buyback$, Exchange, Aladdin's, Robek's, Pacer's, Rozi's and it's new patio, and like 50 other places that already existed or are very recent - so many I can't keep up w/ it. Talk about urban developments - downtown Lakewood is on fire! Grocery and Pharmacy: Marc's and Drug Mart, check. Bank: check. Post office: check. New library: check, coffee shop: Caribou and Roots, check. Public transportation: Direct bus route, check. Book shop: ...needed to complete the neighborhood! Such a damn shame the spot where Trader Joe's/Gold's Gym was once thought to be going is now becoming a gigantic Get Go gas station (Detroit/Bunts). Because then, I'd move back to Lakewood for the rest of my life!
  3. This thread is so damn depressing. Beautiful things torn down. McDonald's built. I won't go to hell when I die, I'm already there.
  4. Also - I wonder how long until mayfield country club joins the ranks of "for sale land", after all, it straddles perfectly next to lv, Cleveland clinic (formerly trw) and acacia. If the area needs more retail, then beachwood mall or lv would need to build a parking garage to free up land and then expand. Or someone should consider fixing university center, as the only other swath to develop anywhere remotely close is chagrin highlands along green. I'd rather see existing retail expand or renovate than the latter.
  5. Schneider and lyndhurst should have developed lv like an urban village and not like a exurban swath of land wasted on ground parking and one story buildings. And the east suburbs should stop stealing retail from each other. All a joke IMO and sadly I'm stuck dead center in the middle of all these things.
  6. I saw today in the news that Geis has been approved to begin working (prelim only) on the new office park SOUTH WEST of Burke Airport. Only problem I have understanding is what the hell that means. Looking at a map, there is no land available to develop southwest of Burke. There's the Muni lot south, and southwest is basically a rapid stop and E. 9th, the muni parking garage, and the coast guard parking lot. If they mean southwest of the landing strip, then that'd mean the only parking lot at Burke. and that also makes no sense. Would love to better understand this whole plan. edit: ok i just found the answer to my own question: http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2012/08/geis_cos_float_plan_for_lakefr.html
  7. I am cool with Steelyard expanding with a phase 2. It's nice Cleveland finally has some decent national chains in the city proper. That however is not an excuse for First Interstate, the City, or its residents to never aspire for anything nicer than upper lower class retail shopping options in the city. Other equal sized metropolitan areas do wonders with similar shopping developments. So why are we celebrating a Burlington Coat Factory and a Taco Bell? This shopping center is owned by Mr. Luxury Legacy Village - why can't Mitchy boy invest some higher end shopping for the clientele at Steelyard for Clevelanders? Oh, right. It's a demographic thing - Clevelander's can't afford nice things. They have to shop at Wal-Mart, Deal$, and Aldi's. Only problem with the rather stale site directory at Steelyard is that it's right next to Tremont where many young professionals with disposable incomes live. And 5 minutes from downtown and Ohio City where many more reside. Where's a Heinen's? Whole Foods? Earth Fare? Constantino's? SOME, ANY decent grocery store besides a Wal-Mart and Aldi's? Oh wait, nice grocery stores in the city - that only happens everywhere except Cleveland... Sorry for being a complainer, but it irritates the hell out of me that no efforts have been made to attract decent retail. Oh, I'm sorry: Guthrie's is the shit.
  8. http://www.jbmack.com/ Next month on the campus of CSU. Nice.
  9. Those aren't weeds, that's intentional. I walked past it today and realized it's some sort of bamboo type of stuff.
  10. Adjacent to Cedar Center is University Center. I am sure we all know of it as "2 Story Target". There is a Pier One Imports at the ground level. Rumor has it, they are re-locating to Legacy Village. Jo-anne's at University Center just closed and they opened a new store to replace it over at Golden Gate. Long story short, I am getting more and more concerned about that shopping center and hope that some sort of renewed interest will be coming with the Oakwood and Cedar Center developments in the area. I also should point out that if Pier is moving to Legacy, then Schneider has siphoned yet another retailer from one suburb to another neighboring one.
  11. I'd love to see Severance sell off some of it's parking lots and space to the developers of the surrounding condo's and townhouse projects. There's 3 of them surrounding Severance and all 3 are very well done.
  12. China Gate is also going in, the economic dev. department missed adding it to the sign. There is a very long building going up in the back that will house most of the stuff with the pet store being the anchor. The Sbux will be in the middle building. Apparently Citizens Bank may take over old Sbux space.
  13. Remember, money is the root of all evil and Mitchell is dancing in cash because now he has another Wal-Mart in his pants. He'd make for a great politician. Ya know the whole "liar" stereotype fits him perfectly. I'm still hoping the other parcel is going to be all the new retailers looking to locate in the area. Ya know, the promise he made, along with all the new jobs created.. err, I mean siphoned.. but we all know a Sam's Club would look so much more sexy.
  14. Great news!!! Another new Pho restaurant is coming soon on the east side - this time at Legacy Village.
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