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  1. and I'm thinking those two toned panels will be some sort of mesh like the weston parking deck downtown....
  2. I'm just wondering if goodyear or eaton have any key markets with inferior air services.... but do what you have to do....
  3. I can remember Cleveland officials going to Baltimore to look at their Inner Harbor.... I have not been there in maybe a couple of decades.... but I'm shocked that it is in trouble... guess it's a good thing we did not completely copy that model for our lakefront... https://www.citylab.com/life/2020/01/baltimore-harborplace-inner-harbor-shopping-mall-attractions/604735/
  4. https://clevelandmagazine.com/in-the-cle/commentary/articles/cleveland's-patchwork-future
  5. I put this here because cityblock is mentioned in the article... This list goes to 11 — and because it does, it includes Cleveland https://www.crainscleveland.com/scott-suttell-blog/list-goes-11-and-because-it-does-it-includes-cleveland
  6. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/new-apartment-tower-surfaces-near-clevelands-city-club-building in the words of the immortal james brown.... "whatsin ever you do.... it's got to be funky.."
  7. that's ok... you're more than welcome to have your own opinion... like art, I'm sure there are artist that you do not like... if they say your opinion is wrong because you're not an artist, you still know what you like.... so do us of the opinion who say.... more of that please....
  8. UO needs to form a lobbying group... and, host a mayoral debate on real estate and economic development...
  9. now that's funky... I don't want to hear steve litt and the planning commission trying to change the colors to beige and brown....
  10. so I have the rendering of the SWP development and cleveland browns new uniforms to look forward to...
  11. freshwater article on food hub.... I like it.... https://www.freshwatercleveland.com/features/centralkitchen121919.aspx
  12. I wonder if a moving walkway would work for those who would not like to walk a 1/2 mile...???
  13. in a few years public square will/could be an absolute gem....
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