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  1. Dizzy

    What are you watching?

    Spending the weekend watching this: Apollo 13 in real time 50 years ago today was the launch.
  2. Ha, you're right. I looked it up and it only cost 1-1.2 billion for a lane addition between Western Hills Viaduct and just south of I-275. Approximately 16 miles. When you add in the unknown but estimated cost of adding that amount of capacity south to the river from the viaduct and you get right at 2 billion plus the cost of a new bridge. Look at the ODOT websites for each of these projects you will see in the summary first and foremost that LANE ADDITION is right up front. We did get a bunch of new interchanges but those had to be done to qualify for federal funding. And what do we get for all of that, Induced Demand! I don't really care one way or the other, I was just making a humorous observation but don't snipe comments, it's rude.
  3. They didn't quite disappear, they just migrated north for the Thru the Valley project. Another couple billion to add one lane.
  4. Wow, that is neat. I wish the colors between decades were offset more to better delineate the patterns.
  5. Don't forget WMKV 89.3. It is a station run by a retirement community so it is a little like a radio museum but I enjoy what they are doing. I use to listen to WOBO when I lived in Amelia but now I have a hard time getting the signal in Deer Park.
  6. ^ I caught that last night too and I thought it looked familiar. Here it is uncropped on Shorpy. http://www.shorpy.com/node/1766
  7. Yup, I went to Sichuan Chili in Evendale last night and the place was packed with mostly Asian diners. Oh, and if you like authentic chinese this place is great. A little expensive though.
  8. True, the locks are actually to keep the water level up to a navigable level, not to impound water to prevent flooding. The flooding protection is provided by lakes such as East Fork and Ceasars Creek where runoff can be stored and then slowly released. I would have liked to see the river at Greenup during the last flood. Markland still has an observation platform for the next time.
  9. It is good news for the company overall, but Evendale isn't going to get most of the work involved with this order. I do agree the Enquirer doesn't actually print important information.
  10. What is the difference in gauge from old to new? It would be neat to see one of the old lines left in place but that is doubtful.
  11. They fly out of Rickenbacker in Columbus. All of their flights are non-stop direct flights to mostly Florida destinations from this region so it would be a great service for families going to Orlando to see D World.
  12. ...agreed. After driving past "Rookwood Exchange" just yesterday, I realized how similar the ruination between it and "Oakley Station" to the northeast actually are. Both so disappointing, considering what could have emerged at these two prime locations. (Honest-to-gawd, I think that Dillonvale Shopping Center was the model for each!) :cry: :laugh: Dillonvale is more compact and faces the street so these are actually worse. Go back and look at an older aerial shot if you really want to be depressed.
  13. That report is from September. I wonder how much the numbers have changed since then with the announced cuts at Memphis? No matter what the numbers say both cities have lost a lot simply based on geography.
  14. I went back and looked at the pic of the flooding. Now I remember Levee Way. The old Second/Pete rose is under water. If I remember right it ran under the plaza level at Riverfront.
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