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  1. Yabo touched on something i think could help all of us. State your tenets and your goals, then apply the positions the politicians you support to how that aligns with you tenets and how it furthers your goals. I think everyone will see that we sometimes get caught up in backing our guy instead of our tenets and goals. I have my team at work do this every year with our business goals and we align all of our big projects this way - it's a useful exercise.
  2. Lol, agree with Depacincy - how could Ram even say that right after Mueller gave a press conference saying - paraphrasing - the president committed a crime and because I work for the DOJ I had no way of charging him with a crime but Congress can. And yes, the Russia thing was a really really big deal. Then Ram sums it all up as - nothing to see here... lol. Just trolling.
  3. The only difference with the jobs is Amazon gets press and others don't. Sensational stories about workers gets clicked because everyone uses their services. You'll never hear about a smaller company that likely treats people the same or often worse.
  4. Top of Mt. Patrick, Ireland and Galway
  5. Ha - qualifications like shouldn't have committed tax fraud your whole life and don't accept quid pro quo help from foreign adversaries. What a tough standard to adhere to.
  6. I had a situation like that - not someone who I knew well, but someone who came into the family and apparently was supposed to be respected because he was a pastor or some sort. Talk about awkward silence. Seemed like a good guy, and very well could be, but not in that particular regard. It's strange because I still feel it's a fringe element, but it definitely surprises you when you come across it. I've come across that from all races though, it definitely isn't only a one way street - but does add credence to how the country may have been more different than I imagine ~60 years ago.
  7. Unfortunately accurate.
  8. Re the Iran thing - To me, this underscores how important it is to have some level of trust in our government. We are supposed to trust that they're sending a carrier group over there because of some threats that they heard through the intelligence communities. But the WH doesn't always believe the intelligence communities (re russia), and we certainly don't believe the WH because they lie daily. Mattis resigned because of disagreements with the administration. So who is and who isn't to be believed? Who's actually calling the shots? It's all a crapshoot because we have a lying narcissist leading.
  9. I just see stupid behavior on both extremes and think it's a lot easier to not worry if they're on "your side" or not. Just call a spade a spade - makes everything so much easier. That said, posting every incident you see that makes you think the other side looks stupid, is in and of itself kinda stupid - especially when it's a random person. Availability bias doesn't confirm what you think it does.
  10. What technology transfers? Source? Edit: this is what is being referenced - https://www.nytimes.com/1999/05/11/world/clinton-approves-technology-transfer-to-china.html And Clinton's impeachment happened at the end of his 2nd term, so why would people say it would be harder to remove him from office in the future if he did something worse?
  11. But tklg, you're not being reasonable. The "facts" you have don't in any way lead to the conclusion you have. So you're right, a reasonable person, with a fairly good set of facts could... you however don't have anything to lead to the conclusion you came to and you're not being reasonable.
  12. @tklg I believe it more than I do the random people on the internet that base their opinions on incomplete information and huge assumptions. So you may just have to resign yourself to the fact that you won't know everything and most of these conspiracy theories are full of huge logical fallacies. But more to the point, the same people running with the Seth Rich crap were the ones telling us about child sex rings in the bottom of a pizza place and the Q anon insanity... so... they have no credibility as it is, yet you give them some based on nothing more than one extremely vague correlation. Basically, you have nothing, just drop it.
  13. I agree with that take too - Mueller clearly said this had to be done by Congress and gave a compelling case to them. Barr lied (misrepresented blatantly) about what Mueller stated in regards to that. I think it's also important to note that the "no collusion" refrain is clearly inaccurate. The accurate portrayal is that there was a lot of collusion, however Mueller couldn't prove that it was coordinated in a criminal way. And the reason he couldn't prove it is, at least in part, was due to the obstruction.
  14. Sorry for rehashing, I'm trying to process this. Confirmed: 1. Russia is a major American adversary. 2. Russia wanted Trump to win. 3. Russia actively worked in various ways to support Trump's campaign. 4. Trump's campaign found out in the middle of the campaign that Russia was actively working to support them. 5. Trump's campaign continued to accept and even publicly request assistance from Russia. 6. Trump denied that Russia was interfering or helping, after his campaign met with Russian agents hoping to receive dirt on Clinton and after they were passing voter data to them. 7. After Trump wins the election, he meets repeatedly with Putin alone, with nobody else allowed to be present. And he publicly sides with Putin over his intelligence agencies. How can we possibly let this happen? How can people like EVD and Ram think this is in any way acceptable? You are Putin's best defense. I understand bias, I understand being defensive because you've put yourself out there for so long now. I don't understand why people like that can't just be quiet and stop thinking this is all a conspiracy by the left when it's so crystal clear there's a major problem here. Won't even go into all the other crap happening (the constant lying, resignations by generals and top cabinet members, cronyism, campaign finance felonies, capitulation (DPRK), obstruction...), just looking at the behavior with Russia... how?! And although I agree it will be monumentally difficult to impeach with what we have right now, it shouldn't be. And if it doesn't happen, what precedent does that set? That as long as you cheat well enough to get elected, you can basically do whatever you want as long as you have Fox and friends behind you? I feel like it must happen, and if it doesn't, that's truly how the country is lost. It won't be long before every vulture in the world is knocking on our doors knowing they can do whatever they like. Seriously, this is all happening as blatantly as possible and we still act like there's a question about what's happening. If Trump was a competent person I highly doubt we would have even found out. It's troubling. 20 years ago half the country was willing to impeach someone for lying about cheating. If what's happening today isn't enough, what would be?
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