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  1. ck


    Shack, you do understand that even if something is true, if you don't have full context it can end up misleading you? Much of our problems with current media isn't that they're blatantly lying, it's that they're leaving out context that would change the way you view something.
  2. Yes, besides the fact that we're on a sugar high right now (cut taxes, disregard debt!), we're still on about the same trajectory we've been on - which, to be fair, is a good trajectory.
  3. Doesn't seem remarkable to me. This is how most hierarchies work. A person responsible for a large population is going to primarily rely on subject matter experts in specific areas to provide guidance. So the quoted first sentence, which I read as a critique, is actually just stating exactly what almost everyone does and indeed what makes sense to do. The second sentence is remarkable in that he apparently knows how Buttigieg processes information - and paints a picture for the reader in one of the less flattering ways he could take one quote and apply his own bias to it.
  4. Definitely excited for this, didn't think this area would get developed for a long time. Will help add a little more oomph to brewery district and GV area. Agree with toddguy and dtcl, great to see how this probably benefits the surrounding area and infrastructure. Wonder if it can somehow help the forsaken south franklinton even.
  5. I don't mind it being 4 stories, but it doesn't look very pedestrian friendly. For an area that's supposed to be where tourists spend a lot of their time - generally - i would think we'd want to pay more attention to activating the street experience.
  6. That's a fair point. Honestly I couldn't care less about the personal life of politicians unless it affects their position or shows a lack of candor. What I care about is breaking the law and using public office for blatant and acute personal gain. Clinton doing what he did and it only coming to light after years of digging for something else didn't feel like something that really affected his public service (you'd have to stretch to make the case). Trump committing felonies to obtain an office which he has then shown no qualms about using for personal enrichment is a big problem in multiple ways. But I'll get off my horse now... Overall fair points made.
  7. I mean yes, it was done while in office, but the other was done in trying to attain the office - which to me is just as bad. I can't wrap my head around it. According to the DOJ you can cheat your way in as long as you win, because then you can't be prosecuted. But I get your point.
  8. We already know the answer. For Dems they would have to resign. For Trump, he denies it (Stormy Daniels and others), pays them off, commits campaign finance felonies, et al and nothing happens.
  9. But the problem is according to the DOJ we can't* have a criminal trial for POTUS - which from Mueller's report, there seemed to be reason for one.
  10. I think you over index on what evidence is required to prove this - and do remember this isn't a criminal proceeding. It's a job review.
  11. Brutus, what? Hearsay? It's been admitted multiple times by Trump himself. The transcript that was released showed it, and that wasn't even the full transcript. Multiple people have corroborated it. Mulvaney stood at the podium and told everyone ya it happened and to get over it. 2 of the guys that Giuliani was working with and who had met with Trump 10 times got arrested trying to leave the country. Pentagon couldn't give a reason for withholding the money. Nobody with a semblance of objectivity buys that Trump was after corruption in general by spearheading the charge against specifically his political opponent and nobody else. If this is blown over and nothing happens it's not because of hearsay and innuendo, it's because the Senate is too partisan to do their job appropriately (as evidenced today by voting in favor of a lifetime appointment to the appeals court of a man who's never argued a case). And the lack of outrage is maybe the most alarming thing. The damage being done to our interests and institutions seems like it's pretty significant, and this is only what we hear about, but half the country just sweeps it under the rug because of the litany of perceived awfulness if a democrat was elected. And sure, that's fine, but stop nominating the dumbest and least qualified people to be leader of the free world please. Ok not fair, but thinking back on the last 2 R presidents... sheesh.
  12. ck

    Torture & USA

    Wow, pop in another thread and see another great quote from Ram Just a reminder what we were doing with Cheney and Bush leading the charge: https://www.justsecurity.org/67258/go-see-the-report-then-lets-put-torture-to-bed-for-good/
  13. People may not laugh at that statement if you hadn't spent the last several years only being concerned when it was politically beneficial to your side. Yet here you are throwing the word "shame" around like it matters to you.
  14. Not trying to talk about Epstein, but why in the world are you linking to James O'Keefe for anything?! Please don't give him attention.
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