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  1. Sorry for rehashing, I'm trying to process this. Confirmed: 1. Russia is a major American adversary. 2. Russia wanted Trump to win. 3. Russia actively worked in various ways to support Trump's campaign. 4. Trump's campaign found out in the middle of the campaign that Russia was actively working to support them. 5. Trump's campaign continued to accept and even publicly request assistance from Russia. 6. Trump denied that Russia was interfering or helping, after his campaign met with Russian agents hoping to receive dirt on Clinton and after they were passing voter data to them. 7. After Trump wins the election, he meets repeatedly with Putin alone, with nobody else allowed to be present. And he publicly sides with Putin over his intelligence agencies. How can we possibly let this happen? How can people like EVD and Ram think this is in any way acceptable? You are Putin's best defense. I understand bias, I understand being defensive because you've put yourself out there for so long now. I don't understand why people like that can't just be quiet and stop thinking this is all a conspiracy by the left when it's so crystal clear there's a major problem here. Won't even go into all the other crap happening (the constant lying, resignations by generals and top cabinet members, cronyism, campaign finance felonies, capitulation (DPRK), obstruction...), just looking at the behavior with Russia... how?! And although I agree it will be monumentally difficult to impeach with what we have right now, it shouldn't be. And if it doesn't happen, what precedent does that set? That as long as you cheat well enough to get elected, you can basically do whatever you want as long as you have Fox and friends behind you? I feel like it must happen, and if it doesn't, that's truly how the country is lost. It won't be long before every vulture in the world is knocking on our doors knowing they can do whatever they like. Seriously, this is all happening as blatantly as possible and we still act like there's a question about what's happening. If Trump was a competent person I highly doubt we would have even found out. It's troubling. 20 years ago half the country was willing to impeach someone for lying about cheating. If what's happening today isn't enough, what would be?
  2. This is why obstruction is a big deal. Basically, lots of smoke, but not quite enough to prosecute. If there was no obstruction (i.e. if Stone, Manafort, even Cohen would tell the full truth) then there very well could be provable crimes. As it is, the Trump campaign wanted the same thing the Russians did and it's only likely that they somehow helped each other or at least didn't try to stop it - as evidenced by numerous links between Russians and Trump's campaign, and their admitted willingness to receive hacked material. If Trump had to go under oath, or if he hadn't dangled pardons, or if he didn't have half the Congress actively working to kill the investigation... who knows.
  3. why do you guys debate him? He doesn't listen and if he does, nothing registers. Yabo is the only one who can get even remotely close to making a point with those 2. Edit, ok I see why, it's really hard not to. Ram, my mom exonerated me, so obviously that means everything is alright, right?? ok, now where's the block button?
  4. Ya, the report is damning. I really can't imagine any other president making it through this. These are not normal times though. If only Trump was a Democrat, Fox would help save the country from itself... but nope. Page 288:
  5. P. 288: So... now we have it from Sanders herself. We are not to believe the White House. But the press is the problem right?
  6. Every time you're told, you seem to forget... Just for fun, brushing aside Papadopolous, here's a hint: Edit: Page 57: "Within approximately five hours of Trump's statement [on July 27, 2016 that Russia find Clinton's emails], GRU officers targeted for the first time Clinton's personal office."
  7. ck

    Tax Reform

    Hope I'm not too far off here, but here's how I look at it. Corp X and Y both have 1000 employees. They both make 100MM a year in revenue. Corp X pays 50K a year to employees, and Y pays 100K a year. They both made business decisions about how much they pay their employees in respect to their business' success. Corp X therefore ends up paying 50MM in salaries and has 50MM in profits. Corp Y pays 100MM in salaries and has 0 profit. Corp X would pay taxes on that 50MM, Y would pay no taxes. Which one is better? I think a lot of people would go with Corp Y as the employees are getting more money, which will directly help the area (going out to eat, buying items from local stores, paying taxes, donating etc...). I don't know the exact tax rates, but I think it's obvious that paying employees really well definitely helps the local area, still results in a good share going to taxes, and probably helps the business succeed due to happier workers. So I do think, overall, it makes sense that a business who pays employees really well is making a conscious decision that helps the business, the area, and the employees. I may have simplified it too much, but taxes aren't really my thing - no longer dating an accountant
  8. ck

    Tax Reform

    I'll double down on how ignorant I am of corporate taxes, however I do know that a company that is labeled as paying $0 taxes is nearly always contributing a lot of revenue through dozens of different avenues. Whether it's property taxes, its employees income taxes, sales tax, etc... they certainly are contributing. Many of the tax laws that can result in a big business not paying anything in federal income make sense individually, it's just when you have this tweet that says hey look xyz company is big and didn't pay taxes, it looks bad. But dig into why they had a 0 liability this year, and all the pieces make sense. E.g. it's a good thing to incentivize R&D; it seems reasonable to allow some years of losses and to apply that loss against the taxes you owe in the future (within a reasonable time frame). These things can help businesses make it, which can help areas the businesses are in and people the businesses employ. I do think they corporations should pay a little more in taxes - but I think the shocking 'xyz paid 0$ in taxes' tweets are just like what Trump and Fox do when they take something out of context, even when there's some truth, and then use it to attack or manipulate. Edit: As far as employees paying taxes @bfwissel. I do struggle with that a little. But in the end, if a company is paying really well, and that cuts down on their profit, which in turn cuts down on the taxes they owe, it's just transferring it to the employees and to their tax burden. So, the way a company compensates their employees does matter and factor into the equation for how much benefit the company is for an area/country. I think a lot of people would prefer a company pay employees more and have the employees have the tax burden and the benefit of making more money.
  9. ck

    Tax Reform

    When I was younger I used to see the 0$ in taxes paid arguments and get upset at how unfair the system is. Now I see it and get upset that whoever is telling me that is obviously preying on my ignorance of the tax system and leaving out relevant context.
  10. Seems like they know what they're doing. They're not terrified of her if they give a previously little known rep this much attention. I would assume they think they can use her to solidify their base and divide the left.
  11. That's an opinion article written by a hyper partisan man who for years has left out crucial pieces of exculpatory evidence or key context to frame the left in the worst possible way. He shouldn't have a platform to continue to spout his nonsense, but he does. Regardless, we shouldn't give him the time of day. If he's the only one talking about it, you can nearly be sure it's missing context or is simply not true. Years of crying wolf should have consequences.
  12. I'm a little confused by this - is there a citation to where you're getting this information? And what do you mean they're hoping they're amenable to having those votes bought? Are you insinuating this is how it currently works and they want more people to partake? If so, would be interested in seeing the source of this info.
  13. The article just lays out the common sense reasons why it doesn't make sense to say he can't obstruct justice if an underlying crime wasn't provable. Doesn't matter if Vanity Fair, Fox, or your local news published it. It shows how the known facts (Russia interfered in the election in support of Trump) are enough to warrant Trump trying to discredit/obstruct the whole thing as that would call into question the integrity of his election win. Moreover, the logic of having to prove a crime to obstruct justice seems ludicrous on its face. It's saying, if you obstruct justice well enough, you'll always get away with it because if we can't prove the crime (due to your obstruction) then nothing matters. That appears to a dangerous view to hold. But it's basically the same logic as saying, you can commit campaign finance fraud as long as you win, since you should be shielded from being indicted as a sitting president. Nutz
  14. So the Special Counsel's report got filtered by a political appointee. One that happens to be hand picked by the subject of the special counsel's investigation. Totally makes sense, very believable. I think we should all just move on and trust that this political appointee is telling us all the truth. And republicans should give a standing ovation to Trump because obviously is wasn't his and his colleagues actions that triggered the investigation - it was just crazy democrats. And Trump conducted himself like a true gentleman this entire time, despite the constant despicable attacks by those saying lets just let the investigation occur without interference and lets see the results unfiltered. Basically sums up the last few days right?
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