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  1. Think the block long face on 7th would be perfect for a mid-rise tower or two, as long as there was a with a monolithic glass, or perforated/woven metal scrim base on the North facade (first 6 floors). The space between Wise Temple and Second Presbyterian Church would be perfect as a plaza for entry to the tower but also for use by the Temple and Church. Add a few benches, a fountain or sculpture, and it could be named Inter-faith plaza. Might sound hokey but it could work.
  2. ^Thanks Cygnus. IMO something 17-25 stories (250-350 feet) tall would really do well anchoring western part of The Banks/blending it into the CBD.
  3. WTF? That is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. Expensive and a bit impractical for this application but not unheard of. http://www.wired.com/2014/02/supersonic-jet-video-windows/
  4. Good eye jmicha. With regard to infill - the project you reference Samsung's Store & Offices at 837 Washington - is how I believe good infill should work. I would apply the same principles to OTR or the West End. I know The Banks renders & vision changed to a decidedly modern feel from the original faux industrial Baltimore Inner Harbor knockoffs we saw at the beginning, and that is a good thing. But I do not feel they have been achieving that vision, as they have pandered to some imaginary contingent that they think will be satisfied because there are multiple colors of brick. I included the Boston Seaport because that type of Class A building is what you want on your city's front door. It is taller then what has been shown for The Banks but I think this is necessary to blend the area into the 2nd street wall of buildings. I vaguely remember the Bengals having some sort of height veto on the neighboring buildings to PBS does that ring a bell for anyone else?
  5. I really wished for a bit more scale or style that felt modernly industrial like the two stadia around it. But there is still time with a few more sites and buildings to go up in the area.
  6. Something of scale needed to be added and thus it makes a big impact. It helps that the facade is glass and so has a "new" feel. But it is very general (pun intended), extremely suburban feeling, and not very pretty. More scale would have been great, and if you cant get that through floors then with a glass or metal building skin that covers the roof mechanical. My hope for quality at this location was not pie in the sky but just on par with quality urban office space, double height lobby, roof terrace, amenities floor, integrated streetscape... Decent example with exact same scale: 1200 17th Street Washington DC 12 stories ZGF Architects - practical US firm, with quality but not fancy work. Akridge Development
  7. I do not think a venue at the Banks is a good idea and happen to agree that the neighborhood is set up for more density not more entertainment. OT but on the venue front... A lot of bands enjoy unique venues especially if you can get a reputation going with them, the Banks would now offer a unique experience. If the city can focus on the unique venues it has Music Hall, Emery Theater etc -- see list above... and a new more industrial large Brewery District/West End/Queensgate venue, we would be in great shape. We just need concert planners to look at MRA not MSA...
  8. Would like the building to address the corner a little better - there is not a specific point on the Medical Campus that ever invites the pedestrian in. I always found that odd as students are pedestrians 90% of the time. Still if the east skin is a nice double-skin like it looks, perhaps this will be a good looking building with operable windows.
  9. From a quick count from google images, just the southeast side looks obstructed. So about 20 rooms with obstructed views. Would be great for an suspended sculpture/art commission to enliven the vertical volume of the alley and provide privacy/screening. Or... just reprogram 20 of the rooms to provide lounges or upgraded amenities at that part of the floor...
  10. Good news definitely, but the company- Parkes -does not have a history working with urban sites. Maybe they see this as an opportunity to get in the game... Hopefully they do the building well - a lot of potential on Court Street.
  11. I was disappointed at first that it might be a retailer like H&M, Zara, etc... which could provide a decent base to encourage other retail. Glad to see the title should have actually read "Chain Food & Beverage" not "mega-retailer."
  12. I do not see this site as fit for an office tower... would really love to see office tower investment up along Central Parkway (and the city/port to push for that but it does not seem to be on anyone's radar).
  13. I am afraid that they are going to have the building "face" I-75 to maximize their exposure to passing motorists. It would be much better for the neighborhood if the building had a proper front on the Court St side. The current Hostess factory is a windowless wall facing Court St, so I won't shed a tear seeing that thing torn down. But I really hope Messer manages their site plan in a way that is sensitive to the Court St side. I did not see the ROW removal on Cutter Street - hopefully it is just to repave for a parking lot and Cutter south of Richmond disappears to become some sort of gated parking only. Sad that this is the hopefully scenario, better than the building at this location though.
  14. ^And this is where it comes back to Streetcars because inherently areas with greater transit service should be allowed to have less parking requirements. So better buildings could be made based on sort of transit influenced form based code. ^^Good news on funding. Now lets start planning Phase 2 & 3 so there is an actual network in place.
  15. This area is right next to the CBD, if it is not going to be treated like a continuation of the CBD then it should be treated like one of the inner neighborhoods. A suburban style development misses the mark completely, and is not a step in the right direction. Glad Messer wants to move into the West End, just wish there were rules in placed for responsible inner neighborhood development, and long term vision.
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