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  1. Not sure if it belongs here, but I just saw a streetcar on an overside flatbed headed south this morning on I-675 near Fairborn. It looked very much like Dallas's new modern streetcars (yellow/black/blue paint scheme). Is DART extending the Dallas Streetcar this year? I did see some news here: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/transportation/20160103-dart-streetcar-d-link-changes-are-prelude-to-expansions.ece Anyway, it was quite an unusual thing to see this morning :)
  2. ^How about the paper-streets-through-the-forest route? Could that be coupled with a *shorter* tunnel? There's just something appealing about the "forest" route. Or was that not feasible?
  3. I think I already said pretty clearly on this thread that regime change should be the express mission of our foreign policy towards Iran. Whether it's worth a shooting war, I don't know, but honestly, yes, better that than this. In 1953, we decided we didn't like Iran's democratic secular regime because they nationalized the oil industry so we did 'regime change.' to be clear, we did this coup directly for what is now british petroleum. the brits used the usa like tools as they were incapable of doing it themselves at the time because post-war yadda yadda and they didn't want to be the only ones to get their hands dirty. On a related note, the 1954 CIA-backed coup of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala had everything to do with United Fruit. Look how that turned out later (anyone heard of Efrain Rios Montt?).
  4. What happened to the alternate Vine Street hill routing idea (through the forest on "paper" streets, IIRC)? Wouldn't that massively reduce the cost of utility relocation? Wasn't the "forest" routing also faster and less expensive? And didn't someone think of combining it with a short tunnel somewhere? I remember a lot of discussion on this forum about another route to Uptown some time ago.
  5. The streetcar construction in KC started on an overpass like this :) But I guess that would give ammunition to the NIMBYs and boondogglers (My tax dollars for a trolley over a bridge!!?!! Gahh!!) :)
  6. ^If I'm not mistaken, the world famous Shaker Rapid makes several cameo appearances in this film :) At least that line survived.
  7. Very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing how the diamond looks when it is done, as well :)
  8. ^No problem with kicking ideas around! IIRC the LACMTA Expo Line was inspired by some fantasy maps painted on LA walls (transit murals, I guess) ;) . But then again, the Expo Line was built upon the long abandoned Pacific Electric "Santa Monica Air Line." But anyway... thebillshark: any ideas for a cross-town route (e.g., Cincinnati Museum Center to the Casino, or to the Casino and toward Sawyer Point)? how about lines to Price Hill or NKY? Personally I'd love to see a Banks/Newport/Covington loop. There is a lot of valuable land that could be developed as TOD across the river. It would tie the riverfront urban areas together in a really wonderful way both for tourists/visitors (both stadiums, the Newport Aquarium, and other riverfront attractions all on one loop) and residents (potential for TOD; linking TANK and SORTA transit centers together). Now if there could just be a new bridge built over the Licking ;)
  9. ^I remember Al Schottlekotte talking about Swallen's in a WCET documentary about him :D But anyway, to be on topic, I like the idea of a streetcar "transit center"...maybe something like Tampa's one (the DT end of the TECO line, IIRC).
  10. Yet another crazy Californian ballot initiative...lol. Seems like this is driven by GOP-leaning interests (Draper). On a municipal level - anyone remember when the SFV tried to separate from the City of Los Angeles?
  11. Very nice! Great to see the Xochimilco light rail line too :)
  12. The Brown Line, lol. LACMTA is looking like a pleasant surprise. I never thought much of LA transit, but the 30/10 plan/Measure R gets me really excited and one of my friends from there (Van Nuys) says Metro is very convenient. The Regional Connector and Purple Line extension look like they could transform the central part of the region. Oh well, Pittsburgh and Cleveland still beat LA in my mind when it comes to transit and urban fabric, regardless ;)
  13. Palo Alto?! Not all of us youngins are Twitter/Spotify/Facebook/Snapchat/Craigslist CEOs...but anyway...
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