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  1. So this project isn't expected to be completed (as in residents moving in) until next January apparently (2018). Ugh! Hurry up!!!
  2. Planning commission has already given it conditional approval. They will likely be fine. Though if you feel strongly, you could always write to council when it comes up and say you support the project and are an OTR resident, etc.
  3. When I read the first sentence of this i was so excited. My hopes were for Bozeman, Jackson and Rutland/Killington. I was disappointed.
  4. the net gain occurs if the two buildings get sold and another company occupies them. Also, we really need the city to incentive transit options and not just parking.
  5. All that matters is the part in bold. haha, I kid. But none of us even saw the plans. None of us are engineers. These guys are professionals. Maybe the issue is simply that the company sent in shitty unclear plans? Maybe they will clear it up now and it will be fine. Maybe they wanted to build a secret villainous lair inside the levy. We just don't know.
  6. Well, sort of... He was on for 8 years starting in 93, then came back in 2009. He is termed out this next election.
  7. Wow- The old Convention Center really looks like a lot of municipal and church buildings i grew up with in LA. It especially looks like the Christ Cathedral Arboretum (Formerly the Crystal Cathedral Arboretum, which was the original 1960's building of the church before the more famous 80's glass structure was built).
  8. The ONLY way the City is holding them up is if they are asking for $5 million in subsidy and the City is saying... Ya... no...
  9. The way rail transit works is not everyone gets their own stop to use all the time. Stops are spaced based on a number of factors. I'd agree it should be on 12th at the intersection. I don't disagree that perhaps it could have been built. But it's not being added. If someone has an extra 35K to build a new stop they're way more likely to put that $35K to doing an engineering report on Phase 2.
  10. What is the $2 million request at 12th and Walnut?!?! That's a large request and I can't think of something at that location in need of a major renovation that could be so big. Ideas?
  11. The bengals definitely do, I think the Reds don't get as much (their lease deal is different and less egregious).
  12. Kansas City's streetcar is great in part because it is a perfectly straight line on the same street. IT WORKS. The idea that you have to be spaced by a block isn't a hard and fast rule. The other thing about Kansas City line, is that it's FAST. we have so many turns and lane changes and they have virtually none. There is a benefit to speed (and frequency).
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