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  1. While taking a walk today lamenting no baseball (a warm opening day!? come on!) I saw this cool view highlighting how a good scrubbing can transform the back of a building (CAC). Perhaps a preview of what the unfinished sides of 925 Euclid will look like.
  2. This seemed like a decent place to put these, I wasn't sure. I came across these fascinating photos tonight after having not seen them in a long time. These were taken in 1973 (I believe) by my Grandpa. He and my Grandma took my mom, who was 11 at the time, on a trip to Europe to tour the Bible Lands with a group. They lived in California at the time, where I grew up, so had to fly to NYC first and took a tour there. Here as you can see, are the twin towers still under construction. Pretty incredible photos... I couldn't believe them when I first saw them. Sobering.
  3. Driving onto the Shoreway from Downtown heading west the other day I was blown away by the impact of Church & State, as well as the Quarter. The density is amazing from that view! C&S seems way taller than it is. Very impactful architecture.
  4. I just cannot stop gawking at these renderings... what stunning design highlighting all the original beauty and detail of the original building. At the same time everything new, from the proposed canopies outside to the design of the interior fits so flawlessly with the character of the space and even manages to elevate it MORE. I can't wait to see how this comes to life. And I cannot help but cringe at what a "Miami Beach flair" might have done to this building ... (anyone remember that? ) ... very glad Sinitio's designers have good taste lol
  5. Landing a JW would be big, there aren’t that many. I would think this would help spur some retail development in this part of downtown, such as the corner of the Schofield and all the new empty storefronts going towards Playhouse Square. I usually am all for preserving the original architecture but in this case the addition of the chandeliers is stunning. Will that be allowed under the rules for historic tax credits?
  6. Same logo as Saitanos @ Rivergate - must be a new venture for them
  7. Good news!! "'Old Public Square building's next life may loom' Downtown Cleveland real estate developer Frank Sinito's Millennia Cos. is about to break its long silence about plans to convert 75 Public Square to apartments from offices. Millennia is on the agenda to appear before the Downtown/Flats Design Review Committee meeting on Thursday, March 19, for final architectural approval of its plans to transform the Italianate building to 114 multifamily units. Among the multitude of changes, one of the most striking from the outside will be stripping red granite sheets from the building's front entrance. The shiny stone sheets were added in the 1950s to make the classically styled building look modern. The granite will be replaced by terracotta and bricks to re-create the building's early storefronts facing Public Square..." https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/old-public-square-buildings-next-life-may-loom
  8. I think he probably went to Twitter to bring awareness to the fact that the City is ignoring him. I'm sure he has tried to contact them through the appropriate means first.
  9. Rocco Whalen has been tweeting about this for a week or so... unsurprisingly it sounds like he's getting no response or acknowledgement from the City regarding his ideas for the market...
  10. Looks like they are installing what will be attaching the panels to the garage.
  11. Sadly I dont think it is a priority to anyone... Maybe with SW building their new headquarters on the square someone can come up with the money?
  12. Gosh those streetlights are ugly... time for a streetscape improvement all the way across the bridge.
  13. Wow! I keep forgetting that section with the beautiful arched windows was covered up.
  14. Articles like this make me glad they dont allow comments anymore Glad Michelle has pointed out that no, the parking sky is not falling.
  15. Nice article Ken, it took me a moment to realize that was my photo ...I’m sure it’s come up on this thread before but I don’t think it ever sunk in to me that this is the tallest residential building in Ohio. Cool fact!
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