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  1. That would do wonders for the area... Do you think the bigger problem was the financing or the fact that they didn't have enough leasing from potential tenants? I guess my question is why build this building if its going to be half-empty, at least for the time being. Though didn't the Ernst & Young Tower lease up surprisingly quickly?
  2. More info on the county land at 25th and Detroit: 'Cuyahoga County proposes selling Ohio City land for 200 apartments, retail' "CLEVELAND, Ohio — A development featuring 200 apartments and retail is slated for county-owned land near Veterans Memorial Bridge in Ohio City if Cuyahoga County Council signs off the sale of the parcels. The 1.6 acres at the northeast corner of West 25th Street and Detroit Avenue is now home to a garage and test lab for the Department of Public Works. The county proposes to sell the parcel for $4.15 million to Bridgeworks LLC, one of two bidders." https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/09/cuyahoga-county-proposes-selling-ohio-city-land-for-200-apartments-retail.html Some positive bits of into from the article: "The property, known as the Bridge Garage and Engineers Test Lab, includes an access point for the lower level of the Veterans Memorial Bridge and a century-old ticket booth building, both of which the developer intends to keep intact, Public Works Director Michael Dever said."
  3. Too bad but seems like a smart way to proceed, with PROCEED being the key word! Will the apartment portion be scaled back in any way or be built as original proposed in the above rendering? Splitting this into phases does not bother me at all and I hope they are able to proceed with the office portion at some point in the near future.
  4. @Clefan98 Can you share how you know there is a date? Do you work there/know someone who does/was there an internal communication? We need sources or this is going to go off the rails quickly
  5. They have been renovating the Statler Arms. Most of the outside work seems to have wrapped up- not sure about the inside. It was a pretty major reno. Don't they also own 75 Public Square?
  6. If they were moving their entire operation out of state could they really make an announcement in 90-120 days? That seems pretty aggressive for such a monumental shift. If they were staying put however....
  7. What does this mean @KJP always here with those little hints!
  8. WOW. What a cool view that is going to be... jealous! That perspective makes the 9 (AT) Tower look huge.
  9. It is so amazing what some uplighting does for a building. Love it!
  10. They are also working everyday on the ground floor retail bays and entrances / repairing and replacing the sidewalk etc. Not sure why it is dragging on but at least the sidewalk is *mostly* open. Looks like the last step in the exterior restoration is to recreate the pinnacles that lined the top of the building.
  11. Great pic @MayDay ... much better view than what was happening INSIDE the park.
  12. If this does well I would hope they could complete the block by building on the lot to the east... and then on the lot to the south (which looks freshly repaved... boo)
  13. I can't imagine that this massive project which has been in the planning stages for years is potentially being held up/derailed entirely due to the demolition of one building... and now it is right back up on the CPC Schedule. It will be interesting to see what happens Friday.
  14. That would be pretty cool to have in Cleveland- they are very unique properties. I have never heard of one being proposed for Cleveland before... interesting!
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