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  1. I’ve often wondered if things continue at this rate at Beachwood if Nordstrom or Saks would ever jump ship and move to the west side (like Crocker Park area) ...? Maybe not a valid concern but always been a thought in my mind.
  2. The new entrance is open but not fully activated. Looks nice!
  3. "Concerns were raised about the building being too close to the City Club building next door; the planned four-foot balconies being too small to be usable; and the building being too short and wide." I dont usually agree with pretty much anything they say- but wasn't expecting them to ask for more height? I guess I wouldn't be opposed to that.
  4. I know we’re veering off topic... just wanted to put this here: https://www.cleveland.com/cuyahoga-county/2018/10/plans-to-spruce-up-soldiers-and-sailors-monument-underway-ahead-of-125th-anniversary.html it was discussed but apparently never happened. Hopefully between May Co. and Sherwin-Williams there is increased activity and attention on the square which might lead to some improvements.
  5. With everything going on development-wise in Cleveland I had almost forgotten about this! Thanks for keeping us up to date. I do hope this can progress- as NuCleUs, even in its revised state, will be a significant change to an otherwise woefully inactive deadzone. The only thing I wish is that they would modify the design of that parking garage
  6. I hope an official announcement really is coming soon because this back and forth is getting ridiculous!
  7. Not quite as tall as I was envisioning but does an amazing job of filling the gap with something different, energetic and funky! Cant wait to see this get going. And I hope they do keep the reference to the Hippodrome, I love that!!
  8. I think this is good to see. This area could be a great link between Playhouse Square and Gateway if development in PHS ever goes south. It could help Carnegie as well. Lots of potential.
  9. Thats my vote ^ ... that would be amazing to see. Especially since my apartment looks right at this hole I will give up part of my lake view for something to be built there.
  10. Awesome... a 23 story building on this site is going to look amazing. I wonder what height that might be for a residential building? For comparison, One University Circle is 20 floors and 235 feet tall. The Ernst and Young Tower (keeping in mind office buildings have different floor heights) is 21 floors and 330 feet tall. The City Club Building next door is 14 stories, and the 668 Apartments I think are only 8 stories. So this could really stand out. Just imagine!!
  11. Really pleased if this is the outcome. A 30 story tower PLUS additional infill on those lots PLUS activation of essentially empty land on the river PLUS the necessary connections between them and the additional development that could create is a win win win. Density over height for me. I’m perfectly happy with Key, TT and 200PS being our big three. They nicely balance the top of the skyline. This will do wonders to start filling in the gaps. Couldn’t be happier!
  12. Thanks for posting my tweet @KJP I never had seen these until today and thought they were a great compromise between safety and aesthetics. Hopefully something can be done on Public Square soon but it doesn’t seem to be a priority ...
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