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  1. I’ve occasionally heard this building compared to the Lever House in NYC which was beautifully restored many years ago. Some lighter glass would brighten up 55 Public Square. I think it’s a great building, I just wish they would do something about that awful parking garage/surface lot combo Behind it.
  2. They have added lights to the bottom. One more looks like to install- looking good!!
  3. According to the address listed here, Mr. Hero and Downtown Convenience (Currently at the base of the May Co. garage) are moving down into the empty spot in the Southworth Buidling, which I believe is next to a Subway interestingly. Unless that is an error Is Edible Arrangements still open? I assume Bedrock is clearing out the Garage for the renovation. Final Design Development Approval: Project: DF2019-072: Mr. Hero | Downtown Convenience Signage The proposed installation of new exterior signage Project Address: 2013 Ontario Street Project Representative: George Dragon, Cicogna Sign Co
  4. Is it possible that they could make an announcement now simply that they are staying in Cleveland, possibly identifying the site, and then will release designs etc. in the future?
  5. Now Bloom, plus the PizzaFire and JGumbo spots all remain empty in that area on Euclid... hope they dont remain empty for a long time
  6. The Renaissance needs a major overhaul (which I think they are in the early stages of) but if 6,000 employees are working across the street I would think their occupancy would increase. If they renovate now they may well be able to justify expansion after 2023
  7. Great news. Can’t wait to hear more and for us to get an official announcement. But also I am VERY intrigued by THIS: “Expect those properties to change hands and for developments to be announced for them in the coming days, weeks and months.” days ???
  8. 40 story buildings can be over 600’ tall. This is going to be very interesting.
  9. Commenters on the Beacon article on Cleveland.com are saying they will announce a 650’ tall high rise within an urban campus tomorrow... not sure how reliable that is.
  10. People... KJP did say the number of emojis was random ...
  11. I’ve been on this board for around 10 years (I can’t believe that) and this has to be the most fun I’ve had. Whatever happens... what a wild ride it’s been and all the while punctuated by these diabolical teases from @KJP ... wont you publish early ...?
  12. @Pugu sadly no... this was just a continuation of the ongoing speculation as to where City Target would go should it ever arrive
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