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  1. More bad news... Zaytoon in Playhouse Square has closed. They hope to open again perhaps in August under a new concept but we will see. Such a great little spot Yours Truly has closed the Shaker Square location for good. And unconfirmed but it seems Puente Viejo might have also closed in Playhouse Square.
  2. I really feel Nordstrom and Saks have to be looking at this. My mind immediately says they are looking at a move to the west side- specifically Westlake. Maybe not. But this is getting to be too much.
  3. Interesting! They definitely owe Maestro Tailor a nice spot on Euclid... that poor guy has been broken into a ridiculous amount of times.
  4. Lovely set, I was there for the first time in May 2019. Incredible place. Hard to imagine being so comfortable in such crowded places now!
  5. Wasn’t a Starbucks Reserve supposed to go into Nucleus? Who knows if that’s still a thing given the uncertainty around that project... ShakeShack found another spot so I wonder if any of the other tenants will do the same.
  6. When you say we shall soon see... is that like... later this afternoon...? Next week? Next month? We are goin crazy here!
  7. Some photos from yesterday. You can see the amenity deck from Euclid Ave now, and things are starting to wrap up at street level.
  8. I AM SO HAPPY to read they plan to restore the Malcom Building. SUCH a cool structure you can easily see from the Towpath that I always wish could become something. What a surprise this is!
  9. So excited for the Roman Cafe concept ... thankfully this more quick/casual/grab and go concept is a great fit for the post-COVID (lets say ACTIVE COVID) world.
  10. This seems like great news. I really hope they capitalize on this opportunity!! It’s now or never
  11. Kind of sad, as it was one of the last holdouts. But inevitable I suppose given the broader state of the company. I always felt TowerCity did nothing to promote it- no signage outside or anything that would lead people to go inside to shop. It was a beautiful store. I hope that space can become something else... if anything ever happens to TowerCity/CityBlock. Not sure how confident I am in the mystery plans but I’m staying hopeful.
  12. Fascinating stuff! It is pretty amazing how massive in scale and importance this project is, yet we don't really see it, and most people probably know nothing about it. Its not like watching a skyscraper go up, but is so critically important to the health of the Lake!
  13. I dont think we are quite there yet.... this is #2 of 7 tunnels. Its quite a massive undertaking. Each tunnel completed though represents less and less sewage being overflowed. The whole project isn't going to be done at 100% until 2035. Here is an overview: https://www.neorsd.org/community/about-the-project-clean-lake-program/
  14. I really like the new high rise proposed for the western edge of the viaduct but I don’t have a problem with the new proposal for this structure. It’s very attractive as rendered and keeps the views open at the end of the viaduct.
  15. Not to go too off topic but here is the updated photo from the other day. A rather odd location, and doesn't seem like the landscaping is being well maintained (shocking). The whole back of the science center really could use an update, because the rest of the harbor and Voinovich Park is actually really nice. While the playground was empty, Voinovich was packed with kids. Not sure how a playground on the mall would do... but it seems we aren't putting these where they would actually get use!
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