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  1. A long time pet peeve- believe me it has been covered on this forum endlessly Supposedly.... they are working on converting (hopefully all?) these to Smart LED Streetlights.
  2. Why is the crown of the Huntington (BP/200 PS) Building suddenly not illuminated? We have so few buildings lit up at night- it infuriates me when one of them suddenly shuts off
  3. Overall I like it but I agree ^ my first thought was that boxy looking open parking garage... no good. Also I wish that the roof of the wedge on the corner of E. 4th and Prospect was a green roof as in one of the massing. Seems like they just intent to have it be a flat surface
  4. So is Brooks Brothers the last major national retailer left? I wish it wasn't so 'hidden' inside because its such a cool space. They need signage outside...
  5. This is an interesting read: https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/03/clevelands-bid-for-amazon-offered-prime-downtown-real-estate-and-unprecedented-city-and-county-tax-breaks.html "Cleveland’s bid for Amazon offered prime downtown real estate and unprecedented city and county tax breaks" But how about these fantasy renderings??? Maybe if Google is coming to Tower City they can just slap their logo up top and start construction?
  6. @dave2017 I noticed that too- a much more clean, modern looking font. I like it!
  7. Probably drifting off topic but that is such a huge blank slate. Since E. 14th is my route to 77 I am doing this path often. It always seem that things just end abruptly at Prospect. What a different feeling it would give to Playhouse Square to have buildings continue towards Carnegie...
  8. Seeing it in person- I think it will look pretty sharp especially once the colors starts changing up the tower. EDIT: Sorry for the double post.... didn't mean to do it that way!
  9. Its going to be so interesting to see how the panels get lighter at the top! Nice job cropping out the parking sea... If nuCLEus gets built this image will look pretty dense
  10. I seriously doubt that. This sounds like something new. Perhaps it will be connected to the WRHS but perhaps not. I think if done well it could be rather neat- and a nice way to open an amazing space to the public. I like that better than showcasing luxury cars.
  11. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the color scheme. At least in this rendering it seems to be darker with lots of brown and gold tones. I liked the brighter look of the original. We have so much brown downtown already.
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