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  1. I hope they do something to the exterior... it really needs a refresh. And they need help filling up the ground floor retail. With all the new people living in Halle, Athlon, JHB (eventually), 925 (eventually) plus those living in Statler, Reserve Square, etc. there is no shortage of residents.
  2. Very curious to see more detail on this. The hotel that was going to be part of 925 Euclid was also a Curio. I wonder if that has changed.
  3. Great pics! What happened to half the lighting on Terminal Tower?
  4. Wow, great photo- how about that nice CLEAN library! I wish Beacon was a little taller but it fills a nice gap and looks cool from this perspective.
  5. What a cool view. Wow this really emphasizes the need to get started on 925... clean that wall!
  6. They have added some very intense leasing signage one might call it "world-class" ... complete with lighting!
  7. Here is the article: http://realestate.cleveland.com/realestate-news/2017/02/cleveland_live_will_anchor_nuc.html "A nearly 50,000-square-foot entertainment venue called Cleveland Live! will be a major anchor for the planned nuCLEus project in downtown's Gateway District." "The Cleveland-based developer also announced leases with Shake Shack, a burger joint opening its first Ohio location; Starbucks Reserve, an upscale coffee-bar concept making its Ohio debut; and HopCat, a large restaurant and craft beer bar." "Shake Shack, born in 2004 in New York City, has locations in 16 states and a handful of international cities, including Dubai, London and Tokyo. The eatery will fill 3,000 square feet at nuCLEus. Starbucks Reserve also has committed to a 3,000-square-foot lease. HopCat, based in Michigan, will occupy 8,500 square feet."
  8. There was an article on Cleveland.com regarding this quite some time ago. At the time they were going to make some exterior changes as well. I wonder if that is still the case or if this is all internal.
  9. Not sure if this belongs here but I hope this will solve a few problems downtown- one is just aesthetic; we have SO MANY mismatched kinds of lights it is ridiculous. Secondly- in walking downtown last night there are SO MANY streetlights out. It is embarrassing... just on Euclid alone there are a lot but also many many other streets. The area around Rockwell and E. 3rd is completely dark. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/oh-cuyahoga/city-of-cleveland-announces-a-project-set-to-replace-61-000-streetlights-with-led-lights-across-the-city City of Cleveland announces a project set to replace 61,000 streetlights with LED lights across the city
  10. After seeing the building yesterday with the panels unwrapped I think it looks much better in person than pictures can show. It has a very unique modern clean feel to it that stands out.
  11. I am very excited to learn more... moving retail out from the inside to Prospect is a great move. Prospect is a great urban street with not much going on as it is now... this should change that. I wonder what will happen to the area around the Terminal Tower entrance as well as Brooks Brothers. Hope to learn more Monday!
  12. @KJP you are on some kind of roll lately!! Time to start spilling
  13. It is awful. So many have just been cut off, with a stump in the ground, and some have even been cemented in... I don't get it. Then there is the Shoreway... BUT... bringing it back to the topic. This is going to really add life to an already lively corner. Cant wait to see what the building looks like filled, and lit from the inside, people on the balcony, going to be very cool.
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