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  1. Don't do this to us KJP... a clue? a hint? A blog? I will accept a private message with an explanation as well
  2. I feel like (or rather hope) that this is a case of something looking worse in the renderings than in reality. These renderings are just not very good, to me. I like the reconfigured pathways and entrance to FWD, but I am concerned about the big dumpster containment right in the middle of everything... not sure how that is going to work.
  3. Now that would be something if they redid the garage, wrapped in retail etc instead of a big dead box! KPJ, did you happen to hear anything involving the garage or were the plans just for the tower itself.
  4. If Tower City is it why did Moreno say "less likely than likely at this point" ? Is he just trying to throw us off?
  5. Sorry for the not so great angle but noticed just now they are taking off the panels from the easternmost building!
  6. ...and closing on the Beacon as well in the meantime! Seems a lot of these "smaller" parking craters are now getting picked off. Hopefully this leads to taking on the Warehouse District parking sea one day... although I have to say from the aerial photos posted recently in the Lumen thread I forget how large the parking lot is that Nucleus will eat up!
  7. ^ Interesting... does ANYONE has any REAL insight into what is going on here? All of these rumors about Google, and whatever is happening with Bernie Moreno ... there must be something going on but it sounds like it is changing. I wish we knew something legit.
  8. I don't think it was ever truly in play? Just a future concept for the site?
  9. This is going to have a great presence... I don't think I realized how much of a gap that parking lot was until I walk by this construction site.
  10. I think its a great location for development since currently downtown (aside from the ballpark) "ends" rather abruptly with the parking garage. The area around the ballpark is mostly parking. If we can push development south here and also south past Prospect in Playhouse Square it would nicely connect all of this area with the rest of downtown.
  11. Good to know... I keep watching that lot for any sign of activity since they said at the time it would NOT remain parking.
  12. I believe City Club is 13 stories and 668 Euclid is about 8 stories? This will fill quite a gap! The old Hippodrome was 11or 12 stories I think?
  13. So in reply to the tweet above... Stan Bullard said "Blockland. Site sighted." to which Bernie Moreno just tweeted "Less likely than likely at this point." So that is um... not so good? Or am I mis reading this
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