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  1. Look how long it took Schofield to happen... heck look how long it look John Hartness Brown to happen!!! And these are existing buildings. On the flip side, the Beacon reappeared and began quickly compared to these, but talk on a tower there went back years. Nucleus is infinitely more complex. As has been said so many times these things take a lonnnggg time from announcement to completion. Often there are years of silence in between. Only time will tell!
  2. Sometimes rumors are true! Shake Shack lines up downtown Cleveland location at Garfield Building "Shake Shack, the fast-casual burger joint with a cult following, has lined up a space on Euclid Avenue in downtown Cleveland for a restaurant that could open by mid-2019. City building-permit records show that Shake Shack will occupy a prominent corner at the Garfield Building, at East Sixth and Euclid." https://www.cleveland.com/business/2018/12/shake-shack-lines-up-downtown-cleveland-location-at-garfield-building.html
  3. mrclifton88

    London travel advice

    What a coincidence, I will also be in London that month. Any tips for a first time visitor would be great!
  4. https://www.crainscleveland.com/stan-bullard-blog/centric-adds-university-circle-residential-options Per this article, Centric is about 30% leased. I am actually surprised it is so low, because there really is not a lot of options in Little Italy or nearby? Hopefully things will pick up in Spring.
  5. Ugh I do not like this. Those old buildings down there are so unique... speaking of which, how old is this building?
  6. Wow, that was unexpected. Hope it progresses, but I’m hopeful since they already have some active projects. Wonder how tall of a building they are thinking?
  7. The cheapest rents for the smallest one bedroom units (about 900 sf) at the Halle are $1298. The Standard for one, I know starts at more than that for a much smaller unit.
  8. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    That city hall design is fascinating... and beautiful... but I tend to agree, id rather have a cool rendering than the pain of knowing it was built and torn down
  9. I really love this building and yet it so often feels overlooked! One of our only Art Deco skyscrapers downtown. I think this will be quite successful if it goes as planned... if nothing more to give Tribe-goers one more option right next to the field (Hilton Garden Inn being the only other). I so hope they can give the outside a good scrub and light it up!
  10. The new lighting on the Statler Arms, I believe they will eventually add some to the upper white part of the building as well.
  11. zbaris87 how bout those plans?? ?
  12. I think before they said once the summer season wrapped up they would begin on Phase 3. So- now?
  13. mrclifton88

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Yea let me tell you I used to think the off site rental at CLE was awful but now that I travel regularly for work- its fine. Some of the facilities feel like you are going to another state to get to... (DALLAS!)
  14. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Public Square Redesign

    FINALLY! Never understood why the monument wasn't lit up... now if they can maintain it... and get rid of the godforsaken Jersey barriers. Baby steps ?? ? "Plans to spruce up Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument underway ahead of 125th anniversary ...The board is exploring the idea of brightening up the monument by installing LEDs around its spire, lighting the statues that adorn the exterior, and placing lights inside the monument so its stained glass windows can be seen throughout the night, Prasse said." https://www.cleveland.com/cuyahoga-county/2018/10/plans-to-spruce-up-soldiers-and-sailors-monument-underway-ahead-of-125th-anniversary.html