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  1. Sadly to me the Sterling Welch building was even more unique than the 1255 Building with is large cornice, beautiful glass and metal overhang and inner courtyard. Such a bummer it's gone. Here are some photos including one of both buildings still standing and 1255 with its original facade.
  2. Anyone know if there anything left to the original facade? I look right down at that ugly hole from my apartment... and the patched up wall that collapsed a few years back. Anything is better than what it looks like now. EDIT: Now that I am looking at it we can even add it to the glass block thread ... bottom center
  3. Wow I love this. The big glass windows in the office building rendering remind me of some of the big warehouses on Superior.
  4. Sounds delicious, just hope it doesn’t take away business from Zaytoon on Huron which is also fantastic!
  5. Great view! It’s easy to forget sometimes the magnitude of the Athletic Club, JHB Buildings AND May Co. all being restored at the same time. A few years ago we could’ve only dreamed of this!
  6. Updates from a sunny day! Hard to see from the street what an incredible job they are doing. Beautiful restoration!
  7. Not the best pics but here is the clock!
  8. I don't think the details have come out yet with Millenia having been focused on the Garfield/Key Tower projects. The last few articles I have read about Millenia and Frank Sinito seem to indicate that the 75 PS project will begin relatively soon and we should have more details in the new year. Keep in mind though that he is also now involved with 925 Euclid which is mammoth building project to undertake and I believe they are under a time crunch for that when it comes to the tax credits.
  9. I can say there is indeed a new clock in place, all nicely lit up! And "THE MAY COMPANY" sign atop the building is looking beautifully polished. Wonder if they plan to light up the letters? Unfortunately couldn't get a picture but I will try to take one tonight or tomorrow.
  10. So the clock is actually there?? Pretty sure it was just a blank face not too long ago. We need pics!
  11. KJP I was wondering if you had any further insight on the status of the transportation facility? I thought last time you posted about it things were looking pretty dim...
  12. "Cleveland exploring alternatives to Miguel Rosales design for lakefront pedestrian bridge" This seems like fairly positive news when you read the direction they are going... especially this: 'Collier said the city is examining concepts that would create greater opportunities for private development north of City Hall and the Huntington Convention Center and between the traffic bridges at East Ninth and West Third streets. Collier said the city is also exploring how a pedestrian bridge could be linked to a new multi-modal transportation facility in the area, where a small, outmoded Amtrak station now stands' https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2018/12/city-of-cleveland-exploring-alternatives-to-iconic-miguel-rosales-design-for-lakefront-pedestrian-bridge.html
  13. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Public Square Redesign

    I don't disagree unfortunately I don't think we will ever see the end to the barriers until someone coughs up the money for the bollards... and even then I don't know if that will happen. I wish everyone could get together and contribute? Dan Gilbert+Key Bank+Huntington Bank+K&D...??? Everyone on the square.
  14. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Public Square Redesign

    Before we worry about the blank wall how about finding the money for the bollards and getting rid of those godforsaken jersey barriers and flower pots?!?!
  15. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Saw this on Twitter. The people!!! THE STREETLIGHTS!!! Can we get both of those things back???