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  1. mrclifton88

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    I sure hope so.... Kluber really just isn’t the same Ace he once was. Hopefully the Tribe can get deeper than last year....
  2. Up thread we thought it was 6 tons. 600 tons is significantly larger. Haha!
  3. Rumor: Shake Shack signed a lease at the corner of E. 6th and Euclid. Assuming nothing is happening to Potbelly’s I am assuming that this is the corner spot in the Garfield Building. No other details.
  4. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Public Square Redesign

    Its incredible how long its taking the city to proceed or find someone to pay for these bollards... I guess Key nor Huntington Bank are willing to hand out any more money.
  5. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Ugh. I truly despise that garage... a huge brick box. This is interesting though, I thought it was built along with the tower. Too bad Phoenix coffee is the ONLY retail tenant in the whole place.
  6. Music-pop culture store FYE to exit Tower City's Avenue "The next big store to close at Avenue Shops at Tower City has been one of its tenants since the former train station reopened as an urban mall in 1990, the FYE music and pop culture products store." http://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/music-pop-culture-store-fye-exit-tower-citys-avenue
  7. Absolutely agree^^ There are so many things they could do just on a basic level to make the Casino better... the outside is kind of a mess especially Ontario. Add some trees? Clean up the sidewalk? I think this sale COULD end up being a great thing, if an owner with an attention to detail comes in.
  8. Yes, the Tilted Kilt garage. I believe it is currently under renovation. I believe it is partially covered with scaffolding and there is active work happening simultaneously with the May Co. Building itself. Actually you can see work being done in the photos above.
  9. Side note- does anyone know what exactly they are doing to the parking garage? Renovation wise what is the ultimate product supposed to look like?
  10. I believe they are keeping it on part of the floors. Either the upper or lower floors will retain the frostedM- I can’t remember which now. The balance will be replaced with new windows.
  11. mrclifton88

    Cleveland: Downtown Office Development News

    KJP, how far along were they with a new tower? Was there an actual design?
  12. Still seems odd to me. They didn’t even bother to do the corners! If you look at the northwest and southwest corners compared to the other side you’ll see what i mean. I wish they would have left it the way it was. What a mess.
  13. Beautiful set! Great to see people using the WFL
  14. Sorry for starting this in the Lakefront thread... thanks for redirecting here. Right now they’re redoing the plaza- another mess to this project. The concrete was cracking and chunks were falling away so now they are in the process of completely redoing it. I don’t know how that effects the reskinning though, I would think they could do both simultaneously.
  15. Glad to hear this... if they can hold onto the retail and office tenants they’ve already signed but lose the hotel or some height I am absolutely ok with that.