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  1. I wouldn't either. I like having my own house where I am free to do what the hell I want, even if it is hang around outside, barbecue and howl at the moon till the wee hours. Don't need a chaperone.
  2. March 9th, 2013 will be "Clifton Fest" on Stratford. Check it out on facebook. Thanks for the link!
  3. ROFL! I would love to see that happen up on McMillan. They used to have Cinco De Stratford around here. That is until a riot broke out.
  4. Oh, there certainly will always be a market for student housing, and the landlords who offer reasonably priced, newly upgraded housing will get the business. My point is there will be less students in the area as they add all this new housing closer to campus. Large developers are taking advantage of a lack of new housing in the area. I don't like the newer developments, because many of them are cheaply built and unsightly, but they correctly target the market. As for price, I can tell you from being a home-owner in CUF, and knowing many of the landlords in CUF, that many of them have the attitude towards all the new developments in the area that "We let them determine what we can charge students for our buildings." So if the new apartments are priced at $600.00, then landlords in the area will price theirs at $575.00. (bogus prices used to illustrate a point) Arrogant? Maybe. Short sighted? Perhaps. The way it is? Definitely. I'm not talking every landlord. Just several of the major players I know. There will always be slum lords who rent party houses to students who do not want new apartments, with all their rules an such. My 2 cents anyway.
  5. And this is exactly what will likely happen. Even over the years, CUF has seen students shift to living closer to campus. Many landlords shifted to Section 8 in the past when this happened. There are too many slum lords around here to compete with new apartments close to campus, where students are less likely to be robbed.
  6. Yep, I have to agree, though I don't think I can blame Montgomery County for doing so.
  7. Can we get back to Austin Landing at some point? Start a Mason thread or something.
  8. Does anyone know how much the owners of Christy's are asking for the buildings?
  9. Just got confirmation that Christy's is still planning to reopen Friday, as stated above.
  10. All we really have around here is Adriatico's for a selection of craft brews. Otherwise, it's slim pickings. Murphy's sucks for beer selection and rude, crappy owners and staff. Bearcat Cafe is ok, but not my cup of tea. Adriatico's is hardly a bar. I agree and do my outings downtown and OTR.
  11. I'll know soon enough, and when I do I will post up the info.
  12. Really? I'm not seeing the kind of concentrated activity north of Liberty that I see south of it. Or am I not looking in the right places? North of Liberty is slowly seeing development, but it's nothing compared to what 3CDC is doing.
  13. Well, if someone here is interested in attending, here's the info:
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