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  1. You can see stairs in the rendering closer to the Rock Hall.
  2. I think what you were seeing in earlier photos was the scaffolding as they constructed what you see currently in the webcam. Then they took it down after they were completed. If you look at the renderings it's as if the top structure is pretty open so I wouldn't imagine there would be too much structure at the top.
  3. Hibachi Grill should take it over... I don't think there is anything like that downtown is there? It would be fun!
  4. Wow I love the how Cleveland looks in those photos! The river bank is looking nice and green!
  5. It's not from the Shoreway, but this it looks pretty nice from the lake!
  6. Thank god for the new rebranding....The original logo looked so tacky. Looks like a solid plan. Fingers crossed!
  7. More plans?? http://cleveland.uli.org/event/unveiling-comprehensive-master-plan-flats/
  8. I really wish the color of the water was more blue....what effects that?
  9. Pic I got last night after the Indians game. Wish It was busier downtown!
  10. Not a fan of the mirrored lettering at all. The way the face is distorting everything makes it look completely out of flat. It would have looked better with a non-reflective silver finish. Also, you can slightly make out some red behind the lettering, which I'm sure indicates the red backlighting you see in most renderings. I'm sure the sign will look better at night than during the day.
  11. I don't think a full Target would be successful..However, I think if it was scaled down to fit the needs of people living downtown it would be great. That's the Target model called City Target. They have been very successful in more urban areas. yeah I called it that earlier...I just don't think someone got the point when they said a Target wouldn't work. lol
  12. Not sure we're ready for a Target. Soon hopefully however. If there wasn't one at Steelyard, or 117th, I would say maybe. I don't think a full Target would be successful..However, I think if it was scaled down to fit the needs of people living downtown it would be great.
  13. West Elm would be awesoommmeee.... as would the City Target. I could definitely see people coming downtown for those. Especially West Elm. I can see so many people from Ohio City/Tremont/and Downtown shopping there. I don't really see an IKEA working out.. I feel like it would be more of a hassle if anything. A store like that I would rather see build off 480 or something.
  14. I don't the mayor had anything to do with Northside. I'm pretty sure it wasn't development incentives getting held up in bureaucracy or anything else the city government could control. It was just the market, and the hangover from Testa's overinvestment in Northside Lofts. Yeah, you're right about the Mayor and Northside. What frustrates me, as was mentioned by someone else, is the seeming lack of vision for Akron and that starts with the Mayor. He should be Akron's loudest cheerleader and encouraging local investment in downtown (not just for transient student housing). Hopefully, as KJP mentions, some of these projects will act as catalysts for further development. Akron has great bones and I want to see more meat. I think the biggest asset for downtown is the canal and that is under-utilized. I understand there has been recent private investment downtown, but it seems to only be for student housing. The focus right now needs to be how we can market the downtown area to appeal to investors. The Civic block is another example....There is so much potential in that area and still nothing.
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