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  1. mu2010

    The Republican Party

    I wasn't trying to specifically single you out or attack you specifically, at all, in this string of posts. I agree with everything you've said here - the American conservative movement has become a sickening parody of itself, completely detached from reality, due to decades in a self-perpetuating echo chamber. I waste too much time on political twitter/reddit/etc, and the amount of people making incredibly hyperbolic statements about, a tax cut bill being passed, or a conservative justice confirmed to the Supreme Court, being the literal end of civilization as we know it, has just gotten tiresome for me. Perhaps I am just in a malaise because I'm coming to the realization that unless anything changes, we're doomed to a "one-party wins, the other party rages, the other party wins, the other party rages, the other party wins" cycle, forever and ever and ever. I think some sparingly used outrage is fine, people should be outraged. I would just caution the idea that Dems should try things because they worked for Republicans. Republicans "victories" since 2016 are pyrrhic victories IMO, and Dems should emulate with caution.
  2. mu2010

    The Republican Party

    How do you propose that outrage will do anything at all? There's a reason the British used "Keep Calm and Carry On" during WWII. How exactly does the outrage help? Is your standard of moral purity based on how outraged one is? It's good that you bring up Republicans - their "red-meat-to-the-base" version of politics is what got us here. If Democrats replicate that strategy I don't believe it will be as successful as Republicans are with it just based on the differences between liberals and conservatives. And even if they win an election there will simply be another Trump around the corner to ride another 'red wave' or 'shellacking' and we'll be going round and round the rest of our lives. Honestly what's been bothering to me is the insinuation that it's immoral to be conservative. I believe that Trumpism is immoral/xenophobia/authoritarian/proto-facsism/white nationalist/etc but I don't believe that it's immoral to be conservative. I think the Trump tax cuts were dumb, I don't think it's immoral to support them, I want to move towards some kind of universal health coverage but I don't think it's immoral to be against that, just incorrect. Political arguments are pretty much a normal part of humanity. I am pro-choice agnostic but I don't think it's immoral for a Catholic to be pro-life. So what bugs me (and I assume, many in the political center) about the activist left is the idea that all conservative political positions are equally just as evil as family separations or whatever the Trump horror show is going to put out next. And that is the attitude many of them give off and it strengthens Trump's hand every time. It comes off as using Trump almost opportunistically rather than treating him like the grave threat to humanity he is. My $0.02
  3. mu2010

    The Republican Party

    Nah that is not what I'm saying at all. My point is that indiscriminate anger does a disservice to anger about true injustice. This indiscriminate anger, constantly turned up to 11, drowns out those instances of true injustice like the ones you mentioned, and makes it seem like petty politics to wide majorities. It is counterproductive.
  4. mu2010

    The Republican Party

    I agree with you. I consider myself a liberal, I will be going down to the board of elections and voting for the Democratic ticket when I get a spare minute, but I've been feeling increasingly politically homeless in recent months. I honestly don't understand how some people can emotionally sustain a constant state of outrage for such a long time. I liked Obama for his "above-the-fray" aloofness, his classiness, his relentless positivity... especially when you compared him to his anger-based Republican opposition of those years. Not sure who can fill that void in my lifetime. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/10/large-majorities-dislike-political-correctness/572581/
  5. Good presentation, @KJP - very succinct summary of the benefits of TOD and a "low-mileage lifestyle." I've been an advocate of a "low-mileage lifestyle" for years but I've never heard that terminology before right now, and I like it.
  6. A lot of that in Cleveland and similar places was due to the fact that industrial cities were disgusting to live in. We can have density today in a much cleaner and more sanitary way, which is why cities are coming back, starting with the coasts 20 years ago and now finally creeping into our corner of the world.
  7. mu2010

    Name your top 5 cities...

    Great picks, I have visited both! Lisbon is an absolutely stunning place. I was there in the height of summer and I just remember blinding sun and bright colors. Deep blues in the sky and the water, buildings pained with reds and yellows and pastel blues, green trees, sidewalks made of slippery white and black tiles with designs in them (a Portugal tradition apparently) and amazing views. Great beaches and even surfing in the south of the country too, Portugal in general is an incredibly underrated destination by Americans.
  8. mu2010

    Rural Ohio is dying

    I actually think downtown Mansfield is kinda nice... cool public square area... and has some potential. It's definitely rough though.
  9. mu2010

    The Republican Party

    Evil or dumb? Hard to tell sometimes. They should go to jail but they'd just be pardoned anyways.
  10. mu2010

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Kind of a smart business decision by Mr. Haslam, a power move as the Bengals, Browns, and Steelers continue to fight over Central Ohio. But his plan won't work unless he can get both teams to WIN.
  11. mu2010

    The Democratic Party

    Ok Brutus, so both sides here are acting in their own interests, fine. It doesn't change the fact that you are arguing that some people's votes should count more than others while DEPA is arguing that everyone's votes should count the same. Maybe Republicans should take a look at their policies to figure out why acting in their best interest is always tending towards undemocratic.
  12. mu2010

    Rural Ohio is dying

    Yeah, the key for all of those towns is their location within commuting distance of large metros. Mt Vernon also has a couple of universities, (Kenyon in nearby Gambier and MVNU aka "the Naz") which never hurt.
  13. mu2010

    Rural Ohio is dying

    I would actually go so far as to say it's global, it's definitely happening in other countries as well.