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  1. B is the key here. Any and every conference that is local or or state government related takes place in Columbus (including anything related to k-12 education as well).
  2. Looking for a new place to live and going to try to get a little further out of Downtown. Do you guys know of any good apartment buildings/management companies in Edgewater or the northeast part of Lakewood? (Easy access to the 55 is ideal.) I love the look of all the older brick buildings in the area (similar to buildings in the Heights or around Shaker Square) but I know a lot of those buildings aren't kept to the highest of standards unfortunately. Renting somebody's gold coast condo is also an option, or also renting half a duplex. Little Italy or the Heights is an option as well but I'm not a fan of transit situation in the Heights. I think I want to avoid OC/Tremont/Detroit-Shoreway prices for now.
  3. Novogradac puts out a lot of good material on historic/lihtc/new market/solar energy/opportunity zone/etc tax credits, they host conferences as well. It's an amazing marketing machine obviously but they are one of the better sources for info on that stuff.
  4. I live nearby and when I found out a "grocery" was going into the property I was very excited. I imagined something like a Constantino's. Man was I disappointed, that place is a joke
  5. mu2010


    I could not agree more. After all, when people think of mid-20th century European fascism, the first thing that comes to mind is the corporatism. Yes, clearly the corporatist part of fascism was the worst part, the most relevant part, and the part we should concern ourselves with most with when we look back at that era.
  6. It certainly seems that way. Don't really understand how one could equate moderation with cynicism.
  7. The question IMO about the Rashida Tlaib mf-er incident is not what the EVDs and Rams of the world think, obviously they will spin anything their way. The question is what does the average Dem voter think? The progressive activist class is becoming more and more of an echo chamber where they think this is what people want to hear because they are so fired up all the time, and I really don't think it is what people want to hear. The reason people liked Obama was because he was calm and stoic in the face of his raving lunatic Tea Party opposition who were always just one more tan suit away from a massive brain aneurysm.
  8. To be fair, Weston is doing an industrial park at the former Midland Steel site.
  9. For anyone who wants to have serious discussion about this issue instead of just trading barbs back and forth, this Ezra Klein Show interview with moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt (author of "The Righteous Mind" and "The Coddling of the American Mind") is just about the best thing I've heard on the subject. Both sides of the coin are considered. https://art19.com/shows/the-ezra-klein-show/episodes/dc124b20-bcbd-4544-9b2a-75ca93aa868d/
  10. North Moreland Blvd can be used instead of Chapman for an intact version of what BigDipper is describing. Also Hampshire in Cleveland Heights.
  11. I'm not trying to downplay gentrification, it does happen especially on the coasts and it's certainly something to be aware of, but a lot of these types of protestors are just a slightly different kind of NIMBY.
  12. Man, during my years in Southwest Ohio (06-10), Newport was the place to be. I saw Avatar in 3D there.
  13. Related - I saw a few parked cars with German plates in the past few years and got really excited. Then I realized there's a subset of German car enthusiasts who like to go to Germany, buy their cars, get them shipped back to the US, and keep the German plate on the front. I guess I didn't look at the rear plates on those cars haha.
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