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  1. But kneeling is so disrespectful to the troops!!
  2. Not a fan of the Walleye. Too reminiscent of the Marlins
  3. I am definitely a traditionalist for baseball so I get where you're coming from, but I think something that honored the history of Cleveland if not the history of Cleveland baseball, would be great. I definitely think the uniforms should be understated and retro-feeling as opposed to futuristic colors or that type of thing. Give me something that I could feasibly see being done in 1915 and it'd satisfy the traditionalist in me. Spiders, Naps etc were used so briefly, we shouldn't limit ourselves.
  4. That's great, I didn't know that was the origin.
  5. I loved Chief Wahoo as a kid in the 90s. I didn't know anything about the negative aspects but to me he was just a really happy dude that Kenny Lofton and Omar Vizquel wore on their hats. Then I learned a few things and realized his time was past, and I got over it. I understand all the happy memories people have and the need for a type of mourning, but it's sad that so many others can't let it go. Things change in life, they don't stay the same forever. I do think people will probably be more desensitized to the name change since the Chief is already gone.
  6. Honestly this is an opportunity for us to get a team name that really represents the city and local culture. Something that isn't necessarily uncommon in pro sports, but it's not the norm, as most of the classic baseball team names were quite generic 100 years ago. "Cubs" "Tigers" "Reds" "Indians" "Giants" etc. Though now iconic, they're originally generic. Yankees is a good one, Brewers is a good one, Washington Senators was really cool and preferable to Nationals IMO. Off the top of my head.
  7. Based on today's Terry Pluto column, there's going to be some awful names proposed. We all might need to get our resources together for a PR campaign to get something good. https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2020/07/why-are-the-cleveland-indians-changing-their-name-cleveland-colavitos-cleveland-buckeyes-hey-terry.html
  8. They should just shut down those comment sections like Cleveland Scene and Cleveland.com have done recently. These outlets are realizing that comments add nothing worthwhile.
  9. Columbus Underground? I know they closed the forum a few years back but the blog is still good.
  10. That's a great idea. Could see lots of transportation themed imagery. It'd be a UOer/Urban Planner's dream come true...
  11. This is kind of the only beef with my alma mater going from Miami Redskins to RedHawks, I always thought it was a little bland (and I hate that dumb capital H in the middle) and I do hope the tribe can avoid that.
  12. I don't like team names that aren't plural or are inanimate objects, at least in this case. they sound very "90s expansion team" and so not for old teams with long legacies. It wouldn't go well with our retro block C, etc. Baseball in general feels more old-timey. I vote something industrial themed, not necessarily river connected. Something in the spirit of the Collinwood Railroaders, always a personal favorite due to the history of the railroad workers in the neighborhood. Or I guess it's also the spirit of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but we can go even more into industrial imagery than they do. Like seriously if we had smoke stacks in our logo it be b**a**!
  13. Sad thing about the crazy lockdown crowd is if we would have just stayed locked down for say, another month, they wouldn't have to be so crazy now, because the virus would be a lot more beaten as seen in many other countries... but armed Trumpers egged on by their Leader forced governors to relent.
  14. I went to Mohican State Park down in Ashland County yesterday to go kayaking, which wasn't the smartest thing because the river was very crowded. But beyond that, you wouldn't believe the amount of Trump regalia on display. It was July 4 so the true rednecks were out and at their absolute worst. One hammered guy dressed head to toe in "AMERICA" pulled up to my friends in their canoe and latched on and started yelling and babbling at them in excitement. My friends were more gracious, humoring him for a few moments before pulling away, as I would have clocked him with my paddle. Ultimately we saw him flip over in his kayak. Another time I passed a group who were on innertubes (slowing up river traffic of course) who were literally screaming AMERICA, over and over again. All absolutely plastered. It was fascist, it was scary. It's easy to see that to them, America's not a system of laws based on limited government, checks and balances, and a bill of rights. To them it's an (white) identity, and American (and white) supremacy is all they have in their lives to make them feel good about themselves. They get most excited about "America" when "America" gets to fight up against "others." Honestly pathetic, and definitely a disgrace to the stars and stripes they so proudly wave around. There were little kids with little hats with mini Trump flags attached to them. I heard one couple with a large speaker on their raft playing some kind of alt country song that was literally singing about how immigrants should go back to where they came from and f!*k "terrorists" (aka Muslims). It could have been a parody. And the river goes through a lot of campgrounds so you saw many, many, many campers with Trump flags along the banks. Ultimately our group got the hell out of there, sped up and weaved in and out to make the trip come to an end sooner. got a nice workout at least. Then we had to ride the bus back to our cars, of course vast majority no masks, but at least they had all the windows down. Should not have gone. I live alone and am working from home, will be hunkering down for 2 weeks.
  15. mu2010

    DC Statehood

    You answered your own question. The logic in which Washington, DC, which has fewer residents than Hamilton County, but could get two senators, is the logic laid out in our 1787 Constitution. And in case it sounds like I mean that in some kind of negative way, I don't - I mean it in a factual way.
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