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  1. "If all they want to do is complain about our country, they can leave." -Trump, doubling down What a ridiculous double standard. What do you think Trump and GOP did for 8 yrs under Obama?
  2. I agree with you, I much prefer the slightly old-timey name. That works especially in an industry like insurance where people want long-standing, established companies. And coming into downtown on 71, that sign was the first thing you saw.
  3. The lack of condo construction as I understand is due to banks and developers not wanting to deal with the headaches and [perceived] risks, not due to a lack of demand. A lot of banks got burned on condos in '08-'09 so now they are very very tough in terms of presale requirements etc. This article got written at length about the issue in Cleveland but I'm thinking most of it would apply equally in Cincy: As downtown Cleveland grows, condos are in short supply. So it might be that the people you are talking about are choosing to buy in other neighborhoods because they can't find anything to buy in Downtown, not vice versa. Cincy does have more 'complete' walkable neighborhoods than Cleveland does though.
  4. That is pretty much the color of the Browns helmet.
  5. Representation based only on geographic districts is clearly a deeply flawed system and the only way to solve the problem would be to change that.
  6. I completely agree. I just don't think that because a few fascist neckbeards adopted this flag, that we should now give it to them. I understand Nike's business decision, I suppose. But the issue is that nationalists are always going to want to use national symbols, we shouldn't let them redefine them to be a political symbol.
  7. Especially in light of all the mccain stuff too. Pretty shocking
  8. That's pretty crazy to see three years later, I didn't know or remember he said this.
  9. There are lots of dive bars in the Flats... Just not in the Scott Wolstein part of the Flats.
  10. Anger is a perfectly reasonable reaction to what's going on. Myself, I'm a little burnt out on it. But I think anger can be a very addictive and unhealthy drug and it's best used sparingly. Most politically engaged people today live in echo chambers which reinforce their beliefs and gin up anger. And I think it's becoming an anger olympics sometimes on the left. We have to watch out on overheated rhetoric as it, more than anything, is what created Trump and allows him to flourish. I agree with you about the actual elected Democrats, they are doing a good job for the most part as evidenced by the wins last fall. It's the activist set that scares me sometimes.
  11. That's a very difficult argument to make in the realm of economics. Sure, there's a spiritual, moral, or humane value to it, but that type of value is not typically measured in economics. If the guy at McDonald's puts extra special sauce on Donald Trump's Big Mac today, so Donald Trump is in a little bit better mood than normal, and doesn't tweet anything nasty, and people all across the world are just a little less stressed out today, do we count that as a positive externality of the Big Mac? With that line of thought, everything would have uncountable externalities and economic analysis would basically lose meaning. Let me just preemptively say I'm not trying to compare kid's lives' with Big Macs but I think the hyperbole gets to my point here...
  12. Profit isn't a reward for positive externalities, it's a reward for creating value by spending less money to produce something than another is willing to pay for it. You can have profit in a transaction with no externalities at all. Positive externalities, by definition, are not rewarded, and negative externalities, by definition, are not punished. This is rationale for government action to discourage actions with negative externalities and incentivize actions with positive externalities. Don't understand @Gramarye's argument either. There's no positive externalities with oil, and pollution is a negative externality. That's the extent of the externalities. The positives of oil (it being used by people who purchase it) do exist, but they are not external... Even when oil is used to save a sick kid, that's internal.
  13. You buy a lot of the left propaganda that Obama "didn't do anything" and was "weak". It's not about balls, it's about votes. He had a GOP Congress. Making more noise would not have changed that. He accomplished a lot regardless and I would challenge the assertion that his presidency is being 'undone.' The end result for him from avoiding righteous outrage, of course, was that he won two elections. It's almost as if the left wing believes that "doing what's right" equates to "expressing as much anger and disapproval as possible." This wing is maybe 20% of the Democratic Party, highly engaged activists etc, and they are drunk off the Twitter echo chamber, completely out of touch with their own voters, who are a mostly temperate, hopeful and pragmatic bunch. Hence Joe Biden leading in the polls as soon as he joined the race.
  14. You're working under an assumption too, that impeachment sends any message at all. It will get lost in the day to day Washington noise that most people tune out. When the Senate doesn't convict Trump, he will still get the message that he's untouchable. That's the message he's gotten since he got in, and for the most part it's been true. The left getting all serious and telling Republicans how shocked, appalled, and morally outraged they are, this is exactly what has not worked at all, and for some reason they think that if they just get a little bit madder the next time, it'll work and everyone will come to their point of view. Impeachment (sans a Senate conviction) is just the latest version of that. It goes nowhere, it's been going nowhere since 4 years ago when the idiot came down the escalator. This is why the previous two Democratic presidents were successful politicians - they always avoided righteous outrage and instead stayed calm and detached. You can oppose Trump without turning everything up to 11 all the time. Keep calm and carry on was a thing for a reason. Beating Trump at the ballot box is the only real way to beat him.
  15. Impeachment is a political process, it isn't the same thing as prosecution by law enforcement. Impeachment requires votes, not evidence. Members of Congress voting on impeachment are allowed to vote however they want. Impeachment requires political calculation, as does anything in a political body. I never said there should be no Mueller investigation or no SDNY investigation or NY AG investigation. Unfortunately, our legal system has essentially decided that Presidents are above the law while in office, by requiring a political process and only a political process to remove them. It's impossible to separate impeachment from the politicians doing the impeachment, and that's how Trump will be able to twist it to his benefit. As his political opposition, the Democrats are not impartial and will not be seen as impartial by the public. I don't think that will turn a whole bunch of Trump haters into Trump voters, but I do think it could cause enough moderate Dems to stay home and enough moderate Rs to go vote for Trump that maybe would have stayed home. If 1/3 of Republicans were on board, whole different story, go for it. I'm not trying to stake out some kind of "NEVER IMPEACH" position here. I think it's a difficult decision and they should proceed very, very carefully. I have a hard time thinking it'd be worth it so close to an election. My point is, I would rather have the decision whether to impeach made by Nancy Pelosi than by the segment of the party which believes in symbolic gestures and moral purity above all else. That line of thinking doesn't get anybody anywhere and usually is detrimental.
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