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  1. Imagine being an elected county commissioner and thinking this was a good use of time.
  2. Theoretically this would be a perfect project for JobsOhio's revitalization program... The common complaint is that they're too stingy with the money unless specific jobs are already lined up for a site. Which, in this case, they would be.
  3. It's like the party is emotionally stunted, only able to knitpick tax rates and resumes instead of see the big picture. I was down on Joe Biden for a while but I really liked his recent ad. He's been the most consistent at making the pitch I want to see in the general election - "Trumpism is an aberration against our values, and I will end it."
  4. I think he is a lifelong public servant who, rightly or wrongly, believes he is the guy with the best chance to win - and not just win, but heal the country (given he has some crossover appeal to the Trump demographic). I think he also has wanted to be president for decades so of course there's an ego aspect too.
  5. Of course policy matters. As far as decency and decorum, it doesn't really 'improve' the lives of Americans, but a lack of decency and decorum certainly makes life worse - by literally undermining our society, rotting our culture from the inside out, destroying people's faith in democracy, and undermining our institutions. which is what's happening here. Decency and decorum matter. Leadership and hope matter. Just want to reiterate I have no issue with Bernie/AOC policy and I'm glad to have them in the debate bringing euro-style social democracy into the mainstream. I definitely take issue with the attitudes towards moderates and some of the political assumptions made by the left wing of the party. Such as: That's a made up fantasy and it comes from an echo chamber. It's not real, and no evidence for it exists. Ted Cruz used to say something similar - there were all these secret conservatives who didn't bother voting in normal elections because the candidates weren't conservative enough, and that was gonna be his base. Ok Ted. You're in a personality cult, man. And I like the guy! Trump also once said "I alone can fix it" to his crowd of roaring admirers.
  6. Yes, it does affect me and people I know (and people I don't know, who also matter to me). I would turn your question right back around at you. The fact that you're mocking me for using the term fascist shows to me that you don't really get how serious the situation is. Bernie vs. Biden is far more of an "aesthetic preference" than is Trump vs. any Democrat.
  7. Certainly, there should be research and various versions of policies ready to go in case the time is right for passage. But scrutinizing minor differences in health care plans (which are designed to appeal to a certain "lane" of primary voters, nothing more) this early on is inane. That's not how the legislating actually works, and given various possible circumstances we could see Bernie pass Obamacare 2.0 or another universe where Biden passes M4A.
  8. Couple things going on here 1. Far left wing of the party has convinced themselves that their own moderate wing is evil. This is mostly due to spending too much time in echo chambers. Some of my own Bernie supporting friends get all passionate about criticizing 'neoliberals' but shrug off criticizing Trump/Republicans... What's up with that? 2. There is zero evidence that Hillary being a moderate is the reason she lost. (Her baggage is more convincing argument to me.) Not saying don't go with a left wing nominee, but I wouldn't buy into the idea that a left wing nominee will do better because they're left. The leftism will cause them problems in the general that moderates won't face. 3. On a personal note I couldn't care less who gets nominated. This is the least captivating primary ever and seems to be an exercise in preparing to lose. I will enthusiastically support anyone not named Trump. Just beat Trump. Criticism is obviously appropriate, but the things that are being criticized are for the most part trite and ridiculous. They don't even know what they are supposed to be arguing about on stage so they are grasping at irrelevant straws. In their defense, a fascist is president, so it's not an easy situation to deal with. 4. Policy should be taking a backseat to overtures for simple morality, decency, and yes, decorum. They should be trying to connect emotionally and morally with what is hopefully a majority of Americans who believe that enough is enough. I like when Biden plays this angle - though his ramblings are unattractive. No major Dem policy is getting through Congress anytime soon.
  9. No other way to put it, Democrats (the politicians and the rank and file) are awful at politics. Just embarrassingly bad at it.
  10. No, they're not. They're dishonestly latching on to something that, even worst case scenario, is not even 0.01% as bad as what Trump's done, and trying to use that to create an equivalency, to cover for this disastrous president.
  11. Yeah, it's just that sometimes these people start to drive the dialogue and before you know it it's a debate question. Other thing is that cons are very effective at using those quotes from yahoo's to smear the left as a whole.
  12. I actually totally agree with Bernie/AOC/etc on their general philosophies, I'm a tad more fiscally conservative but overall I agree with the idea that we need to seriously expand access to education and health care in America as both a justice thing and because we'll be a stronger country with an educated and healthy population (could be a good angle to sell these ideas to moderates). Watched Bernie on Jimmy Fallon last week and enjoyed it, and I was very much cheering on AOC when she made the point that free college and health care should be considered like libraries and K12 schools. It's their ridiculous (and especially their supporters probably more than them themselves) attitudes towards the moderates and party establishment that drives me up the wall. The Obama bashing is getting out of control. I admire Obama and Pelosi and other Democrats who have fought their fight for decades (and actually been in the position to have to, you know, make compromises, because they have real jobs and aren't just activists making noise) and I just can't describe how off putting it is to hear things like "other than decorum Obama's the same as Trump" which somebody actually said to me.
  13. Yes, that's exactly right, but it adds to @YABO713's point, it doesn't counter his point. Because people working in campaigns and working in the media, the political set, tends to live on Twitter and respond to these things as such - they forget that it's not real life.
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