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  1. It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the restaurant industry after this. Many will fold, but at the same time, demand for new and creative restaurant experiences has never been higher. So I think a new restaurant boom might follow in a couple years. Landlords are going to want to re-fill those spaces ASAP and rents will come down. It could turn into an East-Berlin-after-the-wall-fell creativity free-for-all.
  2. Yeah, I agree. And as far as wealthier Ohio suburbs go, those are probably some of the more liberal ones tbh.
  3. There was an article I saw about how low his bounce has been compared to other crises though. The bounce he's gotten mainly consists of 17% of Democrats who approve. In the end, I'm not sure coronavirus will impact the election much. Polarization is that strong.
  4. I don't blame him... He doesn't want to spend his days getting bashed on Twitter and possibly make the situation worse. Sad it comes to this though. You could see him with a goofy grin on his face while he was answering those questions.
  5. The other key thing is to prevent layoffs. That could slow a recovery.
  6. Mike DeWine dropping truth bombs right now about the economy.
  7. Exactly. I just don't know what to think about some people anymore, except that they're really, really dumb, and fortunate to be born in a society where they have it so easy that there is very few consequences to their idiocy.
  8. I think that the question of weighing the economic impact of all this is a perfectly legitimate question to ask. However, the right is going to devolve into their usual not believing scientists/experts/etc and conspiracies. Meanwhile, Nate Silver said it most concisely... The best thing we can do in the long term for the economy is beat the virus. The right will not grasp this simple fact. They are consumed with short term thinking and can't see what would have happened if we didn't do all of this.
  9. Its been one week... Where did they get "more than three months" from
  10. I'm getting over something too. I had a very mild dry cough from maybe about the 11th or 12th, combined with a bit of headaches and light congestion and sore throat... On and off, not continuous. Other than a trip to the grocery store, I've self isolated since the 13th. Took my temp every day and no fevers. Seems about cleared up now as of the past two days. I might have had it.
  11. Edit - no politics
  12. https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/03/ohio-secretary-of-state-frank-larose-proposes-pre-paid-statewide-mail-vote-for-delayed-primary.html This is just about what I'd have hoped for. Not sure why the Ohio Dems want the election to happen sooner... Better to give it more time at this point so as many as possible vote.
  13. I think it's important to be patient waiting on these numbers to change. The full lockdown in Italy just hit two weeks which seems to be about the full incubation period of the virus? Which means all these deaths likely caught it beforehand, and many new cases showing up probably caught it beforehand too. The world is watching the numbers in Italy but they need more time and they need to stay the course. Give it another few weeks. Same for us here in the USA.
  14. Bret Stephens wrote about this the other day. I think it's a big concern. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/opinion/coronavirus-data.html
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