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  1. I find that institutions often don't want to put up with the hassle of temporary relocations (which is understandable) so they end up building replacement locations on less than ideal sites. The original site is usually the best site. You see this all the time on college campuses and with K12 school districts, where the new fancy high school or engineering building is in a worse location than the original. The ideal site for a replacement justice center is the current justice center site, which is of course why they put it there in the first place.
  2. Here's a novel idea... Figure out a way to reconfigure things so you can build it on the current justice center site!! Maybe a temporary jail somewhere else, tear down the jail, new tower on the jail site. Also Cleveland police are likely moving out so that'd open up room as well. Anyways that's probably for a justice center thread.
  3. Just read KJP's article and I want to echo the sentiment that if the Jacobs/Weston lots are used for a crappy new Justice Center then I'm moving.
  4. It's almost as if working in a public facing profession requires investment in one's appearance.
  5. Agreed. It has its own story to tell and I am happy for the investment in the neighborhood.
  6. Amazing photo set. I believe the guy who owns the building in the last photo is trying to make something happen with it to compliment the park and museum. Also CPL is going to put up a new branch nearby I think on 66th.
  7. It's actually kind of endearingly innocent.
  8. The idea that Pence sticks with his booss through the clear and repeated disrespect and willingness to throw him right under the bus with zero hesitation would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.
  9. That's exactly why I'm something of a skyline skeptic.
  10. This is where the city will need to insist on certain design considerations in return for whatever incentives are given.
  11. If Sherwin took the entire superblock, I'd be ecstatic. When I lived in the Warehouse District, I hated walking through or around those awful lots on the way to the rest of downtown. Those parking lots need to go.
  12. He'll very predictably not hold a trial and say "it's up to the AMerican people to decide." We know the base will never abandon. We know that his approvals are in the low 40s and aren't going to change. The question is, what exactly does "approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president" translate to in terms of support for reelection. We know there are suburban republicans who are going to vote for Trump over Dems but aren't exactly Trump-crazy. IDK.
  13. They are absolutely better off focusing on one airtight claim versus piling everything on. But, I guess you have to have the investigation to figure out what's airtight.
  14. I usually ignore the Trump scandals du jour but this one seems like it has legs. I have been of the mind to be very cautious with impeachment, but I hope they go ahead and impeach.
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