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  1. Geez. We borrowed $15 billion dollars in May just for Iraq and Afghanistan! One month!
  2. I saw that too -- but it looked like a big pile of dirt had been brought in. That site doesn't seem to sit low, so it's probably not to raise up a low spot. And it isn't tailings from foundation diggings -- I didn't see any holes in the ground at least. Unfortunately, I suspect that it might just be a staging area for dirt needed for the Clinic's "allee."
  3. Interesting short video on transit/quality of life improvements in Melbourne, Australia. They don't get our snow, but they do have arcades. http://www.streetfilms.org/archives/melbourne/
  4. Still seems to be simpler to make the gas tax like a sales tax -- % of $ rather than "indexed to inflation." Whose measurement of inflation? Surely the gas pumps can be programmed to include a % of the price of gas.
  5. Well why didn't we think of this before -- change the basis for the gas tax to the price rather than the gallon. Then as consumption goes down with price increases, the revenue to fund transit projects has a chance of keeping up.
  6. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst? http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/topstocks/archive/2008/05/06/a-scary-thought-gasoline-at-7-50-a-gallon.aspx
  7. Does anyone have any updates on the RTA transit center that was to be built beside the CSU Convocation Center?
  8. I don't know whether the visitor's perception was realistic. I rarely ride that line myself and have never felt that it was unsafe, although I have always been one of only a few riders at the times I've taken it. My response was that it was unfortunate that he felt it was unsafe and I tried to reassure him that it probably was safe. I have not heard of any safety issues on that line (although again I'm a very infrequent traveler there so I could just be ignorant). I don't know whether he takes public transit in Detroit and I don't know why he thought the signage wasn't clear enough. I was perfectly happy to talk to him about the things he did like about Cleveland's downtown (all the daytime activity on the street, all the construction, the variety of interesting architecture, the arcade, the theatres, East 4th, the ballpark, etc.), his business and the convention itself. Whether his perception was accurate or not, the fact that that was his perception made me think that we should be doing more to improve that gateway to the city. TOD between the airport and Tower City might be one piece of that. It would bring more riders, which could improve a feeling of safety or reduce it, and would bring more reasons for someone to get off the train at some intermediate point and actually see some of the city outside of downtown and the airport. I also posted on the TOD board.
  9. I think this is a TOD topic for discussion. Let me clarify -- I propose that even if my Detroit visitor's view was unrealistic, if we're going to advance TOD, we ought to start around the stations between TC and the airport because that will have the most impact on visitors to our fair city. No matter the current conditions, increasing TOD at those stations would bring improvements to a visitor's experiences. (or will it not?) Having only rarely taken that line, my knowledge base is pretty thin. So tell me why my proposal is faulty and convince me that we ought to pursue TOD elsewhere. I'm willing to learn.
  10. I was at a conference downtown recently where I met a visitor from Detroit who had a lot of positive things to say about Cleveland. I haven't been to downtown Detroit, but apparently downtown Cleveland is a huge improvement. Despite his good impressions of downtown, he was very critical of the rapid ride in from the airport. He said that the directions from the terminal to the airport rapid station weren't very clear, and he didn't feel very safe on the ride in. He complained about the appearance of many of the stations, the graffiti he passed along the way, and the lack of any liveliness around the stations. So he wasn't likely to recommend the RTA from the airport and wasn't likely to take it again himself. Safe or dirty or not -- those were his impressions. If we Clevelanders want to make a good impression on our out-of-town guests, we really need to continue to make some improvements along the rapid line to the airport. And one piece of that will be to continue to pursue TOD opportunities at every station between the airport and Tower City. It really is important that the city and the region and RTA work together to make sure we make a good first impression to visitors coming into the city. We're not there yet, but I hope we keep working on it.
  11. When I drove by last week it looked like they were putting a new roof on that abandoned gas station.
  12. I can't believe no one linked to this yet. Still, it's only a PD opinion piece. Here's the beginning, and the link to the full article. See the rest at http://www.cleveland.com/news/plaindealer/brent_larkin/index.ssf?/base/opinion/1206779448229150.xml&coll=2
  13. FYI Past Is Prologue How the [Chicago] Merchandise Mart transformed itself from a relic into a certified energy-efficient marvel—and a model for other outdated buildings around the U.S. http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/mar2008/db20080319_978885.htm
  14. Nice to see the ball moving, but I'm still anxious for results. How long did it take other states to move from this stage to actual passenger service? Somewhat cynically, here's my best guess based on my limited information and experience in these matters. In 18 months or so we'll have a report on the study, another six to twelve months for the State to consider its options, another six to twelve months to announce the options and convince the legislature to appropriate funds, and finally another couple of years to do whatever work needs to be done. So best-case scenario we're looking at at least four years before we see 3-C trains? Please tell me my assumptions are overly pessimistic.
  15. CH Jake

    Cleveland Water

    In light of the recent report about medical drugs in our water (http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/03/10/pharma.water1.ap/?iref=hpmostpop), and the fact that Cleveland sewage flows into Lake Erie, our water supply, here's an interesting article about how Milwaukee treats their lake water with ozone. Someone at Cleveland Water should look into this. http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/03/milwaukee-brews-drug-free-tap-water.php
  16. Two feel-good articles on how living in a city with fewer cars can make them happier places to live. The first concerns Paris http://www.enroutemag.com/e/february08/feature2_a.html And the second describes the benefits of requiring school children in Japan to walk to school. Yes, "requiring." http://carfreetokyo.blogspot.com/2008/02/catchment-area.html Thought-provoking at least, and perhaps the E4th development is an encouraging sign.
  17. Interesting blog post from the Tech Czar, formerly of the Campbell administration, on the beginnings of the Medical Mart discussions. http://techczar.blog.com/2794179/
  18. JMasek et al.-- Check out this short article on Bogota, Columbia's BRT -- with a link to a nice video. An example for Cleveland to follow perhaps? http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/02/can_brt_encourage_bikes.php
  19. As long as it is cheaper to build new rather than renovate/reuse/rehab an existing structure, sprawl will happen, unfortunately.
  20. I would second KJP's comments. Note that both Euclid and East Cleveland provide a better comparison to Solon with their industrial bases. Cleveland Heights and Shaker both lack much if any industry and suffer for it under the current school funding scheme. I am constantly told to move out of the Heights and head for the lower taxes in Solon. If the state changes the school funding scheme so that taxes are equivalent, Solon won't have that advantage. But for those working in Solon, Solon will continue to be a better place to live. The odds of my company moving to the Heights are slim to none. Despite its recent "improvement", Severance remains Cleveland Heights's best chance for further developments that will provide jobs for residents, as does the Van Aken area for Shaker. Too bad Starks doesn't already have cranes in place in those areas -- he seems to have a good idea of what kind of development can help a city remain vibrant.
  21. I think he meant the northeast corner of E. 13th and Euclid. The southeast corner is occupied by Star Plaza.
  22. Stripes! Looks like they are painting the last of the stripes in front of CSU right now and moving east. :clap:
  23. Does this mean that the County is continuing with the asbestos removal? I would think that the property would be more valuable than it was before if the County took care of the asbestos issue. Even though you might pay more to the County than you would have to Jacobs, you don't have the hassle or the liability of the asbestos to deal with. I would guess that the County (and the contractor) takes some ownership of any remaining asbestos liability if the job wasn't done properly. I thought I read somewhere on this board that there was asbestos in the facing on the building, which hopefully only has to be removed (carefully) if the tower is going to be demolished. Is that correct? What do you think?
  24. Re: Shelters Does RTA have many combined shelters and newsstand/coffee shops? Seems like a good idea in transfer stations and other busy shelters. Would allow for a more comfortable station and a permanent presence that could enhance safety at the station.
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