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  1. I still love this design. Pays homage to the industrial past in a "non-disney" way. To the untrained eye, someone me even mistake it for adaptive reuse (at least the river side of the buildings)
  2. Holy crap, that is a lot of vans...Good to see though, and if there's going t be a distribution center, this is the perfect spot for it.
  3. I'm calling the Lee/Meadowbrook site. EDIT: Ohh wait, nevermind, I know exactly what it is because my company is involved with it...I'll let KJP divulge when he's ready.
  4. Wow...This is quite the surprise. The city needs to find a way to create a more pleasant connection between the main commercial drag of Euclid and the quaint residential neighborhoods north of Payne. Chester is terrible. Hopefully the OC renders Chester useless.
  5. ^I hate it. WAYYYY too much density, and I feel personally offended at such a design. I am going to make sure I free up my calendar from anything remotely productive so I can go sit in on the BZA meetings and express my unabated anger towards such a design. I may even sue for personal anguish.
  6. I am soo pumped to watch this thing be framed. It's going to be quite a sight to see. The engineer in me is going to be slightly aroused every time I drive by this thing
  7. I have a friend who just bought at phase one of the Scranton townhomes. I toured his place, and miraculously, the noise form the highway was not very bad at all. Granted he is a little further away than phase 2. The views though...One of the best of downtown I have seen.
  8. It's crazy how similar the Irvington neighborhood looks to Lakewood, OH. Almost exactly the same vernacular. Of course, they appear to have better urban tree canopy than us which is the story with pretty much any Cleveland area neighborhood . WE NEED MORE TREES
  9. This is going to be such an incredible asset once it is fully completed all the way to the National Park. Where we lack in our lakefront development, we make up for in having a very impressive regional trail network.
  10. I assume you guys spent that much time there looking into being a potential partner? If so, I urge you guys to stick to what you’ve been doing. We need someone to keep filling in our neighborhood commercial strips with quality product! Have you guys ever looked into the Detroit Ave corridor? Further west towards the Lakewood border? There is a former light warehouse at the northeast corner of w110 and Detroit. I see a for sale sign out front. Always thought this would be such a good spot for apartments/condos. There are a lot of rental properties in the neighborhood, but everything stays pretty full and is quite a popular area. I never have any problems leasing my units with relatively updated finishes. Something like the Tappan would do great! mods, I don’t know how to quote someone in one thread and post to another, so please feel free to move
  11. This is very true. I should've been a little more specific in the type of real estate investment I was referring to. If someone is looking to get a 15-20% appreciation in a year or two here and then sell, then absolutely, that person may be in the wrong city/state/region. But the areas where you do see that type of appreciation also have a VERY high cost of entry. Catch 22 of course. But from a rent collection cash flow point of view, there are not many places better off than good ole Ohio right now in terms of cost of entry vs returns.
  12. Getting back to how this relates to real estate in Ohio...According to Z's argument, Cleveland is worse off than Cincy, pretty much circling a real estate black hole by now, right up there with Detroit even. So in that case, if I am able to make a healthy investment off real estate in the CLE along with many other people I know both on this board and in my personal life, then I guess I just don't get how the "elite" in Cincy have any impact on your ability to roll up your sleeves and earn some money off your inherited real estate? EDIT: Mods please remove if needed. Your warning came through as I was typing this response
  13. ^I am new to Lakewood and do not understand the details of the hospital dispute, but at this point, whether someone was pro Lakewood hospital closure or against it, the place is demolished and there is no chance of another hospital coming here, so my question is, who would she be caving to?
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