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  1. Love the support from other cities! Ohio's big 3 are so unique yet tied together in so many ways that we should be supporting each other on every win like this no matter where or what the development is. Good things are happening in all 3 cities!
  2. @KJPyou will appreciate this...I am oddly obsessed with logistics as I feel, in general, there is a lot of potential streamlining to be done...With that being said, I just looked on google maps and realized something AWESOME. Ford Motor's former plants in Walton Hills and Avon as well as the half operating engine plant in Brook Park are all directly along or just off of Norfolk Southern's mainline. Ford could theoretically stamp out frames for new electric vehicles in Walton Hills, build the engines in Brook Park, and assemble everything at Avon. Ohh and move everything by local rail service along the entire way. This could be huge and a very large win for the region. **Edit** I should say that they would partner with Rivan while doing this. Who would own and mange which production at which factory is hopefully being discussed
  3. ^That's where the city comes in...Whether or not they want to play hardball with a fortune 500 company is a separate matter.
  4. ^Agreed 100% KJP. I have to walk through those terrible lots every day on my way home from work. If we can get them all filled in at once with a properly designed urban campus, then I am all for it! What was there before was no more than 10-12 stories tall. We have other lots which I think would be way more iconic with a tower on them. Superior/W Prospect triangle, Lots at W 9th and Johnson Ct, the lot at the Superior/W 9th/Huron intersection to name a few. Smaller footprints which would require taller buildings to make them feasible and are also prominent in skyline shots.
  5. Still not a fan of the architecture style, but the other site plan posted for the White ave project is MUCH better than the original posted at the top with a bunch of randomly placed L-shaped buildings. There’s more cohesion with the second site plan. And they are restoring street Grid on Wade Park Ave!!!
  6. My office is across the street from the Union Club parking hole. I cannot wait for the day when they announce a skinny skyscraper for that lot. I do recall a long time ago that there was an article mentioning that they'd be open to developing the lot at some point in the future? Am I remembering that correctly? Sorry if this is off topic. Mods, you can move it to PHS discussion if needed.
  7. Hey everyone. Check this listing out...Price is quite high, but at least there's an opportunity
  8. ^^No they are not moving out of CLE. I am pretty sure he's being sarcastic. They are definitely moving out of Landmark Office building to one of four downtown Cleveland locations as reported by Ken.
  9. Actually, the nixing of the cul de sac is even better. I like the improved plan!
  10. If Sherwin moved to Texas I would become physically ill. That state is a completely unsustainable sprawling disaster
  11. Well if this is the case...Sherwin Execs, the people of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio want you here. Stay and grow with us please . We have plenty of underutilized lots downtown where you can put a nice new skyscpraper!
  12. Calling it now...With such a high demand for parking, I bet Weston incorporates it into a much larger mixed use development on those lots. I can't imagine financing being too much of a hurdle with 6000 plus employees needing immediate demand for parking and dining. Add in the fact that a fraction of those 6000 employees will need somewhere to live and all of the ancillary companies that may want to follow suit, and we have the perfect storm to FINALLY build on those dreaded lots. This has so much more potential to be transformative than Nucleus.
  13. ^How about we just pray that the only demo happening for this project is the removal of asphalt
  14. I do not trust Stark to get this done. I'll believe it is solely a city issue if you tell me that they are stalling the Market Square project as well for the same reason. This sounds like a Stark issue. Give it to Geis. He'll get it done.
  15. ^Excellent news! I was at the Architectural Review for the Spitzer site project ironically for my own home reno, and the neighbors had some...interesting concerns. If you want an entertaining evening, grab a six pack and head to any local planning department meeting when a large project like this is being proposed.
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