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  1. If Sherwin moved to Texas I would become physically ill. That state is a completely unsustainable sprawling disaster
  2. Well if this is the case...Sherwin Execs, the people of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio want you here. Stay and grow with us please . We have plenty of underutilized lots downtown where you can put a nice new skyscpraper!
  3. Calling it now...With such a high demand for parking, I bet Weston incorporates it into a much larger mixed use development on those lots. I can't imagine financing being too much of a hurdle with 6000 plus employees needing immediate demand for parking and dining. Add in the fact that a fraction of those 6000 employees will need somewhere to live and all of the ancillary companies that may want to follow suit, and we have the perfect storm to FINALLY build on those dreaded lots. This has so much more potential to be transformative than Nucleus.
  4. ^How about we just pray that the only demo happening for this project is the removal of asphalt
  5. I do not trust Stark to get this done. I'll believe it is solely a city issue if you tell me that they are stalling the Market Square project as well for the same reason. This sounds like a Stark issue. Give it to Geis. He'll get it done.
  6. ^Excellent news! I was at the Architectural Review for the Spitzer site project ironically for my own home reno, and the neighbors had some...interesting concerns. If you want an entertaining evening, grab a six pack and head to any local planning department meeting when a large project like this is being proposed.
  7. X, here you go. It's confusing. I just used E 108th as a reference. Image per CPC website
  8. Lot's of exciting stuff happening in this neighborhood! From the city planning commission's agenda. All vacant lots currently. No demo is needed for this new construction. Glenville is finally waking up it seems. (Edit). Sorry, this is located around E 108th between Orville and Lee Avenues.
  9. These 2 proposals are...better. Not great from a design perspective, but at least from a form perspective, the clinic is trying to begin some kind of cohesiveness. I give it a C.
  10. ^Agreed. We should've found a way to give the old VA to the Metroparks to prevent any development of that site
  11. Wrote to Kerry McCormack (because he's always very responsive) and council president Dan Brady. I really hope this is all negotiating tactics only on Sherwin's part...
  12. ^Even better! I know sometimes we aren't huge fans of Knez's product, but this guy is doubling down on the city, and I have to commend him for that. He basically changed his entire business model from suburban to urban in a matter of 2 years. Good for him.
  13. Concept proposal, but man do I hope it gets built like this.
  14. Another winner from the "Cleveland Clinic Design Studio" Whatever that is?
  15. Renderings are up on CPC's website!! My favorite is this one for the E 70 st project. LOVE the level of density being proposed on the once forgotten East side, and the design is great. My other favorite is Knez's Lakefront development at the end of 55th. This is coming from an NRP employee who is not very happy with our chosen site plan on Scranton...
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