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  1. ^Close call between the Schofield and the May Co, but yes, absolutely one of the best rehabs in CLE.
  2. ^That was absolutely fascinating. Glad I randomly popped into a Columbus thread this evening for that cool little lesson. Carry on!
  3. ^YESSS! More of this please. Everywhere! What a dramatic improvement over the current building
  4. Thanks all! It would be nice if PHS constructed liner units along the existing garage fronting Chester. It is set far enough back from the street that you could hide it with 5-6 stories of residential.
  5. KJP, sorry I am just now seeing this, but which of those 2 lots are you referring to for phase II. I ask because playhouse square only owns one of the two. Geis owns the big one next to the Greyhound which we have talked about for a while being developed. I am kind of hoping that you are referring to the lot on the south side of chester. If that were the case, it would be an awesome race to see who could build the better building (nonprofit or private). Maybe at the same time!
  6. ^Dang, that's a tough break for CLE. Let's see how the city reacts...They can still make this work with a little willpower. Plenty of other available space still in the Flats, and a lot of it owned by the city too.
  7. ^This! This is where the city needs to get it's collective sh$t together. Aside from the fact that the Warehouse district lots are an urban wasteland, the public spaces surrounding those areas are just as cold and uninviting. There is going to be A LOT of foot traffic along the following paths between the R&D facility and main HQ. The city could really see a boost in street life, but we need to support it with streetscape enhancements, particularly along the routes below W 3rd/Superior Intersection...Garbage W 6th/Prospect/Superior Intersection...Garbage W 9th/Huron/Superior Intersection...Piles of garbage. Make it inviting and watch the streets come to life.
  8. A great outcome indeed. My one request of Sherwin is to please make sure the riverfront portion allows public access. I know it is R&D and may require some sort of screening, but it would be such a wasted opportunity if it remains private!
  9. ^R&D site is going somewhere on the near East Side. I am calling it now...Midtown or Opportunity Corridor
  10. ^Agreed. If the city cut them down, I would almost 100% believe there was no good reason. The Metroparks have staff that know what they are doing, and they have actually been on a mission to increase urban canopy cover. They have planted hundreds of trees at Edgewater right up along the Shoreway, and honestly, their trees are the only ones still alive compared to the ones planted by the state in the median. I do trust them to do the right thing here.
  11. ^That's a great mix of industrial uses already there. If we can get the mixed use developments Midtown Inc. is pushing for at Euclid and 55th and maybe some streetscape upgrades along 55th, then we can reclaim a great little pocket neighborhood like used to be there.
  12. It is incredible how much damage long term water infiltration can do and how poorly some people try to fix it. I am converting a double to a single in Lakewood (I’m sorry urbanohio, I promise I’m adding density back in other parts of cleveland), and I brought both bathrooms down to the studs. On the outside, one bathroom looked wayyyy better than the other with standard updates, but when I got that one down to the studs...holy hell I can’t believe no one fell through the floor. I had to replace 4 floor joists entirely. I couldn’t even reinforce them, because they were rotted all the way through. The other less attractive bathroom was as solid as the day it was built
  13. Actually, I heard Key Bank is moving to Atlanta too. Their reasoning is because Atlanta has a building that somewhat looks like their current HQ
  14. I know it seems strange, but this is one of the more exciting renos in downtown in my opinion. Street life in this area will be crucial to connecting the eastern end of downtown to the public square/e 4th district. A right mix of retail could really liven up the area and make the pedestrian experience much more pleasant coming from 9th and Lakeside area. We did such a great job with Euclid, but the other E-W streets need the attention now. I am hoping that the Midway cycle track really gives Superior an improved feel to make up for the lack of retail....We will see once it is pulled off.
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