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  1. What I think would be a win win is if they build a new courts building on the super block, move the jail to somewhere over in the cedar/central area (Maybe the old juvenile jail?), tear down everything except the tower. I am strangely a fan of just the tower portion of the complex. The pedestrian interaction is atrocious at street level, so it would be nice to add a couple story glass atrium with maybe some amenities at the corner of Ontario and Lakeside, but other than that, I am all for keeping the tower. It would make a good residential conversion.
  2. ^ That is a good leasing time-frame. They are pretty much on track
  3. YO to the CLE

    Cleveland: Population Trends

    ^^They repair the Detroit Superior bridge every year. And every single year those damn dump trucks tear it up. They need to be relegated to the flats instead of coming up through Ohio City. They can take Center St to Canal and then come up the new E 9th St Extension instead of destroying one of the main east-west arteries into town
  4. YO to the CLE

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    I've always loved this view. The density of our skyline coming across the Shoreway is very impressive.
  5. This is where our planning commission needs to step in. No matter what, there's going to be a sea of parking here. Can we at least just get it put behind the buildings so that there is some solid street frontage? Look no further than Lucky's market on Clifton. Still too much parking for the likes of Urban Ohioans, but a good compromise. Something as simple as that would do wonders for the aesthetics of this stretch of Lorain!
  6. The article stated that the developer was only interested in the Euclid side for now. That's ok though because we are likely to get a taller building with the small footprint. Also, as already stated, The cost would be prohibitive to build on the site all at once. Probably even more than Nucleus when you factor in demoing a garage. I like that we are filling in these smaller lots. They are more realistic developments that are happening organically. The mega projects for the WHD lots and Nucleus are wayyyyy harder to finance and justify without smaller projects like these to test the market first. Plus, I am willing to bet that if this tower leases well, the developer will more than likely move right over to the Prospect side for phase 2.
  7. Since the city is on a mural kick right now, I wonder if we can convince ATT to do a nice huge mural to cover up their wjndowless building next door. I get that we can’t get rid of it because I’m sure there’s some very expensive equipment in there, but can we at least make it look pretty? It would get a ton of attention being so close to the stadiums too
  8. YO to the CLE

    Cincinnati: General Business & Economic News

    I know this thread is getting derailed quickly, but I'll add to it. The fact that a place like Nashville has gathered this much attention has me worried about the overall "back to the core" movement across the country. People make comments that it is just a "fad" and will fade with time. It's hard to argue that it isn't just a fad when you look at Nashville...No OTR, No Playhouse Square, No German Village, No West Side Market or Findlay Market, None of the wonderful museums left for future generations, No properly built environment or architectural significance, Piss poor transit. Yet, why are people choosing to move here? It's not all just jobs either. Not with that level of growth. The fact that anyone would choose Nashville over any of the legacy cities shows that people may be moving to cities for the wrong reasons in my opinion.
  9. I actually really like the design. I swear if they tear down that historic building at W 25th and Wade though...
  10. Thanks Strap! I learned something new today.
  11. ^^I thought Jacobs Real Estate Services was the property management company created to manage Jeff Jacob's developments? In that case, Jeff would be the developer of the lot and then once the building was constructed, he would employ his property management company to lease and manage the building? Am I wrong in that regard?
  12. I am really hoping Sherwin chooses this location if they ever build a new HQ. It would be cool to see Scranton peninsula developed, but I have more faith in Geis to get it done without an anchor tenant like Sherwin than I do in Jacobs getting his lot developed. If Sherwin doesn't choose to be on Public Square, then I fear that Jacobs will just sit on that land and do nothing until someone comes to him. He's too busy developing corn fields in Avon.