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  1. Those pictures of Columbus...Ugh all of the 3 C's have lost so much built environment. Imagine if rapid suburbanization never occurred. Ohio would be a powerhouse of urbanity rivaling the Bos-Wash corridor.
  2. Doesn't even sound like the owner of Hot Dog Inn wants to be in it for much longer. According to the article, he might just take the money and retire. I honestly don't blame him, although I do hate to see greasy spoon spots fall by the wayside. And what's also encouraging is that the block club seems to be very cooperative with the developer too.
  3. I have family that works at this plant. It truly is one of the most productive steel plants in the world, and by their accounts, the union and management have a great relationship and share similar goals of creating a work environment that keeps all employees engaged and happy. It is nearly impossible to get a job at this place as a new hire because they have such a robust training and promotion system. If only ever other manufacturer in Cleveland could adopt this mentality, we would be one of the most productive manufacturing regions in the world. Anyway, with all that said, they will most likely look at a lot of other plants to scale back before this one. Probably some of the smaller plants throughout the US if I had to guess.
  4. This is AWESOME! KJP, I assume you had something to do with the new push to get this done. If so, thank you for all of your hard work. This is something our region can be very proud of
  5. ^^Please direct Target to the old Huntington building. Or better yet, the first two floors of Sherwin Williams' fancy new tower
  6. @KJP Look at the madness you have created. Spill the beans already before you break Urban Ohio
  7. Thank goodness it includes that parking garage too! That thing has to have some kind of code violations.
  8. I just can't see SHW going all the way out to pasture. I am pretty sure every single philanthropic body in Cleveland (Cleveland Foundation, GCP, etc). are all going to push for reducing sprawl like this. The city will more than likely give a decent tax break to have a shiny new HQ tower in their skyline. Everyone is going to want them downtown. I know the DiGeronimo family has some clout in CLE, but I don't see it being enough to make a difference. They might get the R&D but that's likely the worst case scenario.
  9. I used to get so depressed thinking about this intersection and the hurdles that would need to be overcome to eliminate the gas station, burger king, and happy's chicken and build a truly vibrant intersection...I also used to have that same thought for the plaza across from the West Side Market though and look where that is going...Miracles do happen.
  10. I think the evidence on the ground this time around is a lot more promising than in the 2000's. We could arguably count on two hands the level of development in this city between 2000-2010. Sure, historic rehabs downtown were going on, but new construction in the neighborhoods was non-existent. All of us who have lived here through the recession can see the difference. It just feels bigger and more stable this time around. I mean, we are even seeing rehabs and new builds of homes in neighborhoods previously written off.
  11. This is very encouraging. And with all these large projects being talked about as of late, I don't see the trend slowing down. I think we should stop worrying about population loss and start worrying more about built environment loss at this point. Even as the population turns around, there are still A LOT of decaying buildings in our city. We can't sacrifice what makes Cleveland unique. As someone who travels to Texas often. Population growth is never the only answer. Proper planning is more important. Their cities are U-G-L-Y.
  12. I actually envision Gold Coast level density in the coming years. Basically between Franklin and Detroit and 45th and the river will be quite a dense little area
  13. That is awesome! I know we constantly hear negativity about how other states are so much more progressive than Ohio, but I do have to say, our multi-purpose state-wide trail system is definitely one of the best in the country. We may not have the mountains, but I think it is pretty awesome that you can get to all 3 of our big cities without riding on any roads!
  14. So when they say they want the R&D facility located close to the actual HQ, do they literally want it attached to the HQ or simply close by like it is now? Because that opens up even more options. For example, Landmark Office Towers are a fortress. I could see putting an R&D facility in there on the lower floors and putting apartments on the upper floors. And then a new tower on PS is literally a short walk through Tower City
  15. Ugh I really hope Sherwin considering a suburban location is just a negotiation ploy. I throw up in my mouth thinking of losing this many jobs to Brecksville. KJP, I know your articels are very well written to not be biased (good reporting), but did you get an impression either way from the tone of your conversations with everyone what direction this really would go? Is the consensus leaning towards somewhere in the city?
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