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  1. NYC is on a whole other level of construction. It's absolutely thrilling to watch!
  2. I know I am the minority here, but I do not feel Cleveland's skyline is that drab. I actually like the different architectural styles present i our downtown. I think the only drab area is definitely the Malls. Our downtown is not quite as colorful as Pitt's, but both cities certainly pack a punch in terms of iconic, powerful towers. I like a mix of all glass, but even a city as impressive as Toronto has a sort of monolithic glass feel. Too much IMO. And at least we don't have the Chicago issue (land of the beige precast).
  3. ^This is the building announced just a couple weeks ago where Cross Country Mortgage would potentially locate as part of a larger mixed use development. First step in making that happen?
  4. This is excellent! A great start and exactly what the city needs to be doing.
  5. I will throw out my take on this issue here. I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on this. As a landlord, it is now very evident to me how easy of a problem this is to fix. We should NOT be creating any programs specifically aimed at addressing Lead poisoning. In my opinion, this will be a waste of taxpayer dollars that could be put to better use to fix the broader issues that result in lead poisoning. There are A LOT of terrible landlords in this city. It is really not hard at all to perform basic maintenance on a home. Is it costly and time consuming to make every home HGTV worthy? Absolutely, but it does not take much effort at all to paint, clean, keep the place from falling down, etc. When I am looking for a new property to purchase, I am appalled at some of the places I see. It's good for me because I can talk the owner wayyy down in price with all of the stuff that needs fixed, but it's terrible for a tenant who just wants a nice place to live. I mean, some of these places haven't been painted since the 50's. It's embarrassing. A lot of landlords use the excuse that they don't have the money to make the fixes. You can literally paint an entire home with $100 and a week's worth of time. There is no excuse other than laziness. If the city wants to fix the problem, they should take any money for this lead program and hire more building inspectors. Start cracking down, and the problem will fix itself.
  6. ^^This is what happens when too many architects feel the need to grace the public with their opinions. I apologize and don't mean any offense to the architects who reside on this board, but sometimes, it needs to be left between the developer and planning commission. Ironically, I was a juror on a case where Bill Eberhard was called in as an "expert witness" on an emminent domain case...He is anything but professional
  7. I am surprised that West Blvd is not trending towards the light green area. I've been watching real estate in the area, and the median listing is definitely pushing $50K. Still banking on that area picking up steam from DS and OHC. Cudell continues to be the bad neighbor to the north though. The highway is literally the dividing line at W 98th. South is fairly stable. North is pretty rough
  8. ^^^Do you know if Cleveland Vibrator is staying in the city proper?
  9. ^ You are right. Actually the problem was the sweeping transformational ideas. The problem was that there was no effort to promote organic growth like we are seeing now. Too much focus on grand plans. At this stage in the game, I would confidently say that we could allow the entire west side to head in the direction it is going at the moment without any "major plans", and I think we would be very pleased with the outcome in the next 10 years. All attention and "plans" should be focused on the East side to reverse the downward spiral at the moment.
  10. Hey All, it appears sustainable communities is going to be busy over the next couple of years. This one has quietly slipped under our radar. Check out Wagner Awning's Facebook post from January 21st. About 2 posts down their page. Looks beautiful!
  11. Ohh yes!! Finally. And Those guys have done absolutely flawless work thus far with their other conversions. This is going to be a crowning jewel on the West shore coast
  12. What I think would be a win win is if they build a new courts building on the super block, move the jail to somewhere over in the cedar/central area (Maybe the old juvenile jail?), tear down everything except the tower. I am strangely a fan of just the tower portion of the complex. The pedestrian interaction is atrocious at street level, so it would be nice to add a couple story glass atrium with maybe some amenities at the corner of Ontario and Lakeside, but other than that, I am all for keeping the tower. It would make a good residential conversion.
  13. ^^They repair the Detroit Superior bridge every year. And every single year those damn dump trucks tear it up. They need to be relegated to the flats instead of coming up through Ohio City. They can take Center St to Canal and then come up the new E 9th St Extension instead of destroying one of the main east-west arteries into town
  14. I've always loved this view. The density of our skyline coming across the Shoreway is very impressive.
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