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  1. We should probably wait on an announcement for details. We don’t know anything about an agreement of any sort. Maybe (pure speculation) Sherwin Williams will give the Breen space to an expanded canal basin park for instance. There are other types of victories.
  2. According to city building permit, Sandrine restaurant/bar and Cute for Coffee are going to open in the Harbor Verandas building
  3. Those massings are out of date - they predate current proposals
  4. It is supposed to be pins, but needs a variance. The block groups are discussing it
  5. The idea that you cannot be both secure and have a boardwalk is a false trade off. The jail is downtown. The cleveland fed is downtown. Various banks are downtown. These are all places that require security and are publicly accessible.
  6. All the more reason it should be required. The last thing we need is a windowless brick wall facing the river. They will need some sort of front office, cafeteria, break room or meeting room that can be located with windows facing the river to make a boardwalk feel safe, pleasant, and open
  7. Not sure about a subway... BUT now IS the time for the city to get riverfront zoning in place that requires a publicly accessible boardwalk along all river fronts downtown in the same manner that Chicago requires it. With active uses and windows fronting on the boardwalk.
  8. Is that speculation? Or insider knowledge about difficulties with one site or the other?
  9. The new — and massive — playground is under construction in upper Edgewater. Huge mounds of dirt getting moved around right now
  10. I thought key was opening their new branch in the vacant retail space next to Bookhouse Brewing
  11. Updated renderings and site plans of four buildings by NRP group along west 25: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2019/12202019/index.php
  12. Clearly we are in disagreement. But we CAN have both. I said I disliked the design and location. I would be happy to have outlet shopping downtown if that was designed well and in an appropriate location. That means having a connected grid pattern of streets and a design that is pedestrian friendly. That CAN be accomplished and it is completely within the purview of the city to require it with well crafted zoning and design guidelines. Importantly, we have seen the problems of enclosed malls, especially in downtowns but across the county. They have closed, been torn down, and replaced. See Columbus City Center, Euclid Square Mall, and Northfield. We can and should want retail. But we can and should require and expect more for our downtown land. We can and should dream bigger than this.
  13. Yes. Exactly. We want retail downtown, but only the way we want it to be built. Because I don’t want a cold, monolithic shopping center wedged in a gulley Downtown. I want retail on city streets. I don’t want a mall only easily accessible by drivers in their cars. I want retail I can walk or take the bus to. It is ALL about its design and where it is located.
  14. Add to that, Downtown Warren has added three new restaurants in the past few weeks/months, including some very upscale places like a steakhouse and a winery. plus the existing brewery, restaurants, amphitheater, and bars, downtown warren is seeing some very good changes!
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