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  1. IMHO, it’s actually a great study. It looks at what areas actually need parking regulation as well as how to transition to new payment methods. Should we just add an app? Cut off the tops of meters and add credit card payments (like Columbus) or do payment boxes for multiple spaces (like Pittsburgh).
  2. As a counterpoint, many businesses try to co-locate to draw a wider audience than could be had from a store on its own. Regional malls are a good example. The auto mile in Bedford is another. Bedford alone cannot support that many auto dealerships, but together those auto dealerships create a destination in their own right and draw a larger shopping audience from further away.
  3. Well that video was put together not by Destination Cleveland, but rather by Downtown Cleveland Alliance, so their goals are different and helps explain why their focus is on certain items (Downtown exclusively, the millennial market for apartments, etc)
  4. Can you give me more of a sense of what you think they are doing wrong/what they should be doing better/what outcomes you would like to see that aren’t happening?
  5. My conversation with the port—granted this was years ago—was that they had identified discrete pieces that different groups would be in charge of. The port for bulkheads, cmha for demolition, neorsd for infrastructure, cleveland water for pipes,etc. and that they could do pieces independently. Some funding may be ready for each part
  6. Wo. That is a massive expansion! All the way down Lorain and Detroit! Bravo to Ohio City!
  7. There is another (in my opinion, better) gas station a little over a half mile away at Clifton/Baltic
  8. Check out “Project Clean Lake” and they will have the right info. i believe it is something like 97% of all sewage overflows will be eliminated
  9. If you are widening the stations to fit a smaller light rail vehicle, wouldn’t the wider heavy rail vehicle then collide with the station...
  10. My reading of this is that if you replace red line heavy rail with light rail cars, it would all have to happen at once. You couldn’t get a couple new light rail cars and operate them on the heavy rail line also with heavy rail cars. There would need to be one big switch. Which would mean having all of the new light rail cars ready (built, in storage). Closing the red line to update all the stations. And then switching them. That is what I think it is saying
  11. Have you looked at the evaluation pdf on the rail car study? It is here: http://www.riderta.com/sites/default/files/events/2019-04-16RailCar.pdf
  12. The proposed cleveland heights rapid expansion included a detailed land use plan. It was terrible. It called for leveling much of Coventry and the surrounding high density, historic apartment buildings and replacing them with “modern” high rises. You can see an example of it: the musicians tower near Coventry. Had the rapid truly been expanded through cleveland heights, it would be more like the west blvd station (a sea of parking all around) than today’s little Italy station. We are probably lucky it was not built.
  13. How would this have worked? Would the loop have been one way?
  14. New ad brochure on CBRE shows the back parking garage is gone, awesome details on the public spaces of the northern building (plaza, ice skating rink), Gehrig street being a shared street, and high quality renders
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