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  1. I can’t speak to the annual estimates, but I can say that the census’ five year estimates are significantly off. Cities where households and housing units are estimated to have fallen by hundreds when the reality has been an increase as seen in local data.
  2. Can you explain more? I don’t know much about the mechanisms in the regulations
  3. A friend is trying to get a planning job in the cleveland area. What sites do people like to use when trying to find an urban planning job in the region?
  4. Conveyor and Caster on Detroit Road recently moved its headquarters to Westlake. Not sure what’s going to happen to it’s former building on Detroit.
  5. There are no “subsidized apartments” in tower city (that is, there are no income-restricted apartments in tower city)
  6. Actually as I look more closely, is it three lanes wide and three parking spots? Or loading docks? Hmm
  7. Speaking of nitpicking—the east fourth garage entrance has SIX lanes in and out? This is the main pedestrian thoroughfare to the Q. That can’t be allowed.
  8. The city can tax parking and already does edit: to be clear, it’s a license not a tax. http://library.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll?f=templates&fn=default.htm&vid=amlegal:cleveland_oh_m&anc=JD_457.01
  9. It is happening. They have been building out the interior and construction workers have been going in and out daily
  10. Cool data!--whats the source? EDIT: Looks like its Census 3-year estimates?
  11. And there could be developments that we haven’t even heard of that could break ground even sooner
  12. There would be great irony to building a jail along the ‘opportunity’ corridor
  13. Oh this one sounds good... a certificate of disclosure has had been filed with the city between paramount-breakwater properties (seller) and sustainable community associates (buyer) for the purchase of a property at 1200 west 58th street...the abandoned Westinghouse tower
  14. I can attest to the fact that USAA's investment management tends to underperform
  15. That is not particularly exciting, but I did see a presentation of a much more interesting version of this. In that example, future grocery stores may have a much more limited customer area where people scan images of the products they wish to buy and when they proceed to check out, a worker (or machine) has gathered and bagged all of the purchased items in the back. This would mean the majority of the store would be comprised of warehouse rather than customer aisles.
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