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  1. It’s pretty unsettling. I’d say maybe Cudell area?
  2. I don’t know if it’s gunshots, but huge bangs in and around Edgewater
  3. I could also imagine that the planters are there to block people from driving into actual windows and allow access to “windows” are actually garage doors
  4. Both of those stores seem to be doing fine since they’ve both been there for years
  5. I do not see a Cheesecake Factory at this location. They have a suburban model of development and there is little reason for them to move a Cheesecake Factory that is working (Crocker) to a newer, riskier development (nucleus) that does not fit their typical development style. Additionally, cheesecake factory is struggling through this current period (not paying their rent) and I don’t imagine they will be taking major risks (I’m working off the assumption that you are serious about desiring a Cheesecake Factory Downtown)
  6. And more time provides the opportunity to find drugs that can reduce the severity of the disease or a vaccine
  7. Can we cool it with the insults to politicians that have differing views than you? They may have very legitimate reasons for not supporting a development (count me in the camp of those unhappy with the idea of a lakefront outlet mall), and their jobs can be difficult enough with people constantly berating them or calling them disgusting. Policy debates are one thing, but I bet we will never get any good politicians in office if good people are scared away from running because of the vitriol being thrown about.
  8. The site plan doesn’t look like there are residences at all. It lists Sherwin Williams as the major tenant on the first floor and unspecified tenants on the floor above. My guess is that Sherwin Williams is an anchor tenant and they can’t figure out a way to pencil out the rest of the development at the density and with the uses previously shown, so they are scaling back to make it work for Sherwin
  9. We should probably wait on an announcement for details. We don’t know anything about an agreement of any sort. Maybe (pure speculation) Sherwin Williams will give the Breen space to an expanded canal basin park for instance. There are other types of victories.
  10. According to city building permit, Sandrine restaurant/bar and Cute for Coffee are going to open in the Harbor Verandas building
  11. Those massings are out of date - they predate current proposals
  12. It is supposed to be pins, but needs a variance. The block groups are discussing it
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