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  1. But, things that places like UC is doing with its innovation district or other urban area campuses can be a little more insulated because some of the university housing is going to be repurposed to young professional housing for those who work in some of the emerging tech companies in the incubators. The places that are going to get killed are the smaller liberal arts schools in small cities and rural areas. If there are not employment drivers in the city to keep alumni there, there is no way to absorb a 20% reduction in students. State schools like Miami and OU will be fine but will still struggle with some dip in enrollment. Being state schools help out there.
  2. I would not be in student rentals for another 20 years. The Millennials are the largest generation on the planet and they are cycling their way through college and will be done by 2023-2024. Gen Z which is starting to get to college is the smallest generation, smaller than Gen X. All of the expansion done the last 12 years in student housing is going to be a crash. Colleges are going to see a 20-25% drop in enrollment in the next few years just because there will be a lot fewer babies born in the 2000-2020 range then were born 1980-2000
  3. I would disagree with that. Typically real estate is a solid asset class in almost all environments and after we emerge from this, we will probably have an inflationary environment and it is a great hedge against inflation.
  4. I am sure there are more numbers out there to prove it, but I spent time living in Cleveland and Columbus. It just seemed like a lot more students at Ohio State were coming from NE Ohio than from Cincinnati. In addition, when I was working in Cleveland, it was often common that the older generation such as early Gen X and late Boomer (and it is likely industry specific) went away to college at OSU, BG, Miami, OU and came back to Cleveland. Cleveland had a lot of smaller schools, which may have contributed to that perception, but you do not see as many Case or BW or John Carroll alumni all over Cleveland businesses (i am sure they are there but it is just smaller). Wheareas, in Cincinnati, everyone goes to UC, Miami, NKU or Dayton, they have outsized influences on the employment in that region.
  5. China is an authoritarian communist country that clamps down on social freedom and individual liberties. Everything is about promoting the state. That being said, China has changed their policies from the Maoist communist/socialist model where the state owns everything to more of a free enterprise model where it rewards individual ownership (with the support of the state) and free enterprise to achieve monumental successes from where they came from. Honestly, the best way to describe China is almost a fascist country over communist. It has an authoritarian dictator running the country and the state is all powerful, but many of the biggest businesses answer to it.
  6. Bernie Democratic Socialism is essentially the same socialism that Venezuela offers and the type that the anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn offers, which ultimately call for nationalizing various industries in the economy. This is not what people want, it is not effective and is not capitalistic in any way and has often led to failure for countries who have done it. Contrast that with say Obama or Biden "socialism" which is capitalism who wants to add a larger social safety net, tax industries more and the rich more. While there are socialist principles in theory here, and the ultimate result may be the same as what Bernie may advocate for, the starting point is one from a capitalistic point of view vs socialistic. In "Obama" socialism, the private sector still is the main driver. Government facilitates with the private sector. This is closer to the European model many are fascinated with, yet still capitalistic. The issue with the "Obama" model is that it leads to slow growth and often crony capitalism, but it is better than the Bernie model which leads to economic contraction. Successful countries tend to be capitalist because the free market and market based principles have been proven to work and have led to success. They are successful countries because they are employing proven models. Socialistic countries like Venezuela have failed over and over again. The model does not work no matter how much people like to hope it does. It does not matter who the leader is, you can't overcome the laws of human nature and economics. Putting your hope in a clown like Bernie is even more of a recipe for disaster. If you want a perfect example of a socialist failure of an ecocomy and how a capitalistic economy changed things, look at China. Go back to the 1970s through the early 90s. China was a very backward country with a tiny economy for its size and not much production. in the late 80s they opened their economy up and turned it into a market economy. This is why China is the economic force it is today. It happened in a generation.
  7. So is Cleveland but NE Ohio has been struggling a lot. Albeit Cleveland fared better than some of the neighboring cities but the burbs in Cleveland have been hit the last 20 years. In cleveland, through the 1980s people went to Ohio State for college and then came back to settle and work in Cleveland. Now people leave NE Ohio and go to ohio State and stay.
  8. I forget where I saw a chart, but it helped explain the growth in Ohio. While there may have been an in-migration into Columbus, it was not like that in-migration in significant numbers was coming from other parts of the country. Columbus's in-migration was coming from other parts of Ohio, namely Northern Ohio (Youngstown, Akron, Canton, Toledo and some Cleveland along with some of the rural areas) It was also interesting to see that Columbus did not attract a lot of migration from the Cincinnati area as those residents tended to stay there more than other areas of Ohio. So while, cincinnati, may not have grown the same % as Columbus over the last decade, it is not as if Columbus is killing it on attracting a ton of talent from outside the area either unless you consider a consolidation of the smaller towns into columbus
  9. Crazy Bernie Socialism is sleight of hand. Crazy Bernie says Sweden and Denmark are good yet then praises Cuba and Venezuela. You know where he truly stands. The strong oil market in the mid 2000s was the only thing helping to prop up the failed system as they sucked all the wealth out of the other industries in the country. once oil went South, they had nothing left to bail them out.
  10. Chavez was elected as a democratic socialist and was going to enact socialist reforms. He used that to immediately take authoritarian control to enact his reforms. Maduro has continued to do these activities. These were "democratically" elected socialists. Can you name a successful socialist country? Sweden and Denmark are capitalist countries BTW.
  11. Here is another one. --- China. - namely Maoist China. Take China from the 1970s and 1980s vs China today. China may be communist but their economy today is much more market than socialistic compared to where is was in the 1980s
  12. Not when socialism destroys it. Just look at Venezuela
  13. Let's not compare the Obama H1N1 and Ebola to this. Not an appropriate comparison. Ebola may be far more deadly but the spread is much easier to contain. In addition, Ebola has been around and known about for over 20 years so there was a long history of how to handle this. H1N1 by the time it reached the US, the world knew how to handle it and there was a history as to how to treat such a virus. Plus, that virus did not have the same type of spread as this. This is a novel virus and has not been seen in the world prior to now. No matter who the admin is they would be shut down. Europe is completely shut too. So is Canada, etc. This is not to say the Trump admin has not made mistakes along the way (such as getting testing out sooner or getting respirators and healthcare capacity engaged sooner) but let's at least not pretend that if Obama or any other person were president, the current shelter in place, economic shutdown, etc. would be any different.
  14. Nah- you can always make more babies. You cant get that capital back that socialism destroys
  15. too many people confuse capitalism with government safety net as socialism. That is a completely separate thing than socialism. If you want to talk about what level of capitalism that we should have and admit that capitalism is the best system but could have various levels of regulation, then that is fine, but if you want to argue that the system should be based off a socialistic principles from the beginning, then there is a long line of countries that have tried this model and failed miserably.
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