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  1. Ha, I did not see that from last week. Sorry to steal your thought . I would not invest my 401k money in WOrkhorse but a little play money could be interesting.
  2. TSLA is the sexy stock and the name brand product. However, what is going on with TSLA is more of an industry phenomenon and it seems as if the Electric car companies are getting traction and credibility now as much more viable. Tesla is in the best shape and is obviously best capitalized, which is why the stock is what it is. Instead of buying TSLA at a premium, why not look into WOrkhorse. It is much more affordable and poised to ride on TSLA's coattails. It also has some key government contracts and the UPS electric fleet contract too. Similar to cryptos from a couple years back. Bitcoin may have been the name brand, but some of the smaller lesser known ones presented great value plays in the short term.
  3. They dont need to have a moratorium on evictions. This prevents problem tenants from having to leave the building. They do need to provide greater rent assistance to troubled tenants at this time to assist them in keeping their units. In fact, this is the best and most affordable option to keeping people in their homes. However, if there are problem tenants that cause issues for the community, they need to be able to be moved out of the unit by any means.
  4. I should have said he is fighting for their freedom make bad choices, as that was more of a flippant comment. While he personally stands for wearing a mask, he understands that people should not be subject for prosecution for choosing not to wear one for various reasons, some of which we may not be privy too. Weather it be religious, expressive, medical or other, he is standing up for that right and primarily the right they have to have their opinions be expressed to their elective representative instead of being forced upon them through executive fiat.
  5. He is fighting to allow people the freedom to make bad choices, but that is fine. He is also fighting to make sure that there is no governmental over-reach and that the proper processes are folllowed when you implement a mask mandate. It cant be by executive fiat, but has to go through the regular legislative process.
  6. I have a friend who sues States regarding their mask enforcement rules and fighting against mask bans. He is staunchly Anti-trump and wears a mask everywhere he goes. While he strongly disagrees with everyone who does not wear a mask, he strongly believes in fighting for their liberty to make bad choices.
  7. I think you still would. If Bush were president people would do the same. It is that rugged individualism in people. People point to DUI laws or seatbelt laws and no smoking laws as laws that have high compliance, but people forget that it took years if not a generation or more to gain the compliance with many of these laws. Imagine implementing an indoor smoking ban in 1970 when it was known that smoking was bad for people, It would have failed miserably and there would have been mutiny. As time goes by and if this gets more or less accepted as a permanent thing, then you will pretty much gain more and more acceptance. These things take time. It Europe, you have more of that blind compliance, but in the US people are much more skeptical which in most cases is a good thing, however, sometimes it can be bad.
  8. The thing about the mask mandate and people's failure to follow them is part of what makes American unique and part of our culture. Europeans and many other countries the citizens buy into the collectivist model much more because they have it ingrained in their DNA to a certain extent over the course of thousands of years. In the US, we have been a society built on individual liberty and it takes much longer to buy in. We question, we challenge authority. It is part of what makes Americans unique. THere is a lot of good in that. However, there are drawbacks to that and you see it with the mask reaction. You have to take the good with the bad though throughout all of this, and over time, more and more people will buy in. However, when you force it upon them you have the negative reaction that many people are showing now.
  9. That is a faulty analysis and a false conclusion. As an early millennial, I take exception to that.
  10. Kansas City is an interesting factor. I don't think they get it. Dallas will get it and Dallas and KC are too close to each other. The Hunt family may be influential, but they own FC Dallas (along with KC chiefs) and live in Texas. Think Dallas gets it. so it is a decision between Cincy and Nashville. Nashville's biggest problem is that Atlanta is pretty much guaranteed to host and they are both part of the South. I think the hotel situation hurts Cincy, but by 2026 there will almost certainly be a new Convention hotel built. I am cautiously optimistic at our chances.
  11. THat is a false premise. Capitalism is still working and it works fine. The problem is that the Millennial generation had been sold a bill of goods about having to go to college and get a degree and how if they did their part and went to school then there would be rewards for them of having a comfortable life. It was never the case and has never been the case of capitalism, but it has been a lie pushed by colleges (who were getting drunk off the guaranteed loan money) and high schools who tried to push their rankings by encouraging kids who had no business in college and belonged in a trade school to go off to college and that they could all "learn to code". Now certainly, the shift from a manufacturing to service based economy contributed to things too, as the service jobs tended to be lower paid, but that is more of a global thing than "Capitalism has failed" issue. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to work to carve out the niche to create their space. It is hard work, yes, oftentimes not pleasant. Throughout history, it has proven over and over again that Capitalism is the only system that can provide a pathway for people to escape poverty and has led the US to be the wealthiest nation on the planet. Capitalism may not be perfect, but it is the best system out there.
  12. The thing with the Vance case being in state court, there are going to be more roadblocks that Trump can assert, especially being that he is in office, so it will be an extremely slow plod. If Congress would have won the subpoena power, there still would have been stonewalling, but it would have been able to be resolved much quicker (relatively speaking)
  13. Honestly, outside of an outright win for the Trump administration, I think this is really the next best outcome for Trump. It keeps congress from getting a hold of these records for any impeachment proceeding, and he can likely tie these up in State court with various challenges for years to come (at least well past the election). Now this is something he obviously keeps having to fight, but it can give him a long delay which also helps his narrative he has tried to create.
  14. Whether the case dealt with Birth Control, or environmental issues or the right to pick your nose on Federal land, the subject of it was not all that relevant. The ruling in the case as @Gramarye pointed out, did not center around any religious right to restrict birth control, nor did it find that there was an inherent right to have the government provide birth control. This was strictly about administrative law. It is why you have a 7-2 decision. All this decision says is that a Federal agency has the ability to write the rules and limitations to enforce the law as they determine best. THis is pretty much been the case for years. It pretty much affirmed that the Obama had a right to write in the birth control mandate in 2012 and it said yesterday, that if the Trump admin saw fit, they could restrict it per their administrative discretion. It further would allow a Biden admin to re-incorporate these provisions should they see fit. This is what the case was about. Women did not really lose any rights on this. You could even argue that this really is a benefit to women's rights long term. However, this decision really did not really have much to do with birth control and any right or non-right there may be to it.
  15. I think many of us ascribe to those principles too. THat is how i choose to live my life and teach my children to do so. Service is important in life and we must live humbly and treat others with respect. Giving to your fellow man is very important in our household.
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