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  1. Personally, I would like to see it go across the bridge to Covington and Newport. It may be more tedious with two states and 3 cities involved, but I imagine construction would be cheaper without going up the hill. Also, the width of the roads in the Clifton area and the constant changing terrain would make it difficult for the streetcar to maneuver. I also think that going across the river would really connect those neighborhoods together and make a more cohesive downtown transportation system. It would make it worht riding if you can take it to 1) GABP, The Banks and PBS, 2) Downtown Library, 3) Ftn Sq, 4) Kroger, 5) OTR, 6) Music Hall 7) Wash Park, 8 ) Rhinegeist 9) Findlay Market, 10)FCC Stadium 11) Main Strauss, 12) Newport on the LEvee 13) Covington Convention Center and River Center, 14) Downtown Covington, 15) Downtown Newport. If you can add 2-3 miles that direction, it can really tie the two regions together. Bigger challenge is getting NKY to get behind it.
  2. Possibly Richardson. I have no insider knowledge on that one. Given the way the city is, nobody can be him from the right. He may be popular with the left now, but also has a lot of big money interest in the city behind him and that could expose him on the left flank. He obviously wont be as anti as Cranley on the streetcar but I dont think he will be Mallory on the matter either because he needs to keep his big money donors happy.
  3. Sittenfeld will likely win. I dont think we will see construction up Vine to Taft though. Sittenfeld will face a challenge from the left and he will run to the center like Cranley in the race.
  4. Ha, That is a good point too. Regardless, the bad blood between these two is not at an epic level
  5. Somehow, I dont think she will campaign for Bernie.
  6. Politics is a dirty business. It was amusing hearing so much behind the scenes how the Obama's really liked the Bushes (as people) abut hated the Clinton's (especially Hillary). This whisper campaign that went on since 2008 also probably hurt her chances in 2016. You definitely see it play out today where Michelle and GWB are close and have a much warmer relationship than the Obama's and Clinton's
  7. In one regard, can you blame her for attacking Bernie? Hell, she has attacked pretty much every one else for her loss in the past. Now its Bernie's turn. At the same time, I cant blame Bernie for not giving her a full throated endorsement given the way she essentially got the DNC to put its hand on the scales behind the scenes to screw Bernie.
  8. I agree with you that you wont win the election courting Republicans. However, the moderate block of the Dem Party is far bigger than the Proressive bloc. In addition, most independents tend to straddle the center and I would say tend to skew slightly dem in most elections all things being equal. The point is not getting a ton of GOP voters to vote for Biden, that is just a bonus. The point is getting the moderates to either 1) not vote Trump or 2) not stay home and vote for no-one. My point on Bernie is that he would get the moderate crowd to stay home or go 3rd party. I never said or argued Trump was a moderate. ALthough, he really has no true ideology and would not be considered right wing or left wing. Best way to describe him is possibly a nationalist, but he certainly does not fit on the far right of the political spectrum on many of his positions. Trump's biggest issue is how he conducts himself in public and the "me first egomaniac" that he represents. But that is for a different thread. My point was that I do prefer a moderate candidate. I would prefer Biden, Klobuchar to Trump and would actually vote for a Dem in those cases. I would vote 3rd party over Warren. Bernie is the only one who scares me more than Trump, at which case my point in that case is that I made it through the last 3 years, I can stomach a few more in that case. Bernie I cant stomach at all. The point about stability is very important. Look at all presidents leading up to Obama and Trump. They followed a pretty standard template. Stay the course, moderate change. No huge domestic policy initiatives. Go back to the last president to propose big sweeping policy changes and push them through and there were a ton of unrest (Johnson). Roosevelt was not popular during all of his terms and had a closer election prior to the war. It is one thing to talk about health care and those issues, but when you force the masses to actually change (even if it may actually help them in some cases) there will always be a lot of pushback. THat is why mid terms tend to always go for the party out of power. This is why a Bernie presidency would not be a good thing and cause additional strife because of the constant upheaval when ultimately people crave stasis.
  9. You are too focused on GOP people who would cross the line and vote for the Dem. There are certainly plenty i know who would do that for Biden but not Bernie. Secondly, The independents, even independents who lean more democrat are independent because they tend to be more moderate. They hate Trump and they may have voted Hillary in 2016. They may not vote Trump in 2020, but they also may not vote Bernie either. Do you want to disenfranchise them to please the progressive base? You seem to be too caught up in your own progressivism to really see the forest between the trees. I know crazy Bern may not be your favorite candidate either, but deep down you really do sympathize with his positions. That is fine and your opinion. However, to call my statement delusional shows that you fail to comprehend the basic tenet about human nature and that is always, at the end of the day, people prefer moderation and stability over radical change. People may not be thrilled by the "game of life" and not like the rules of the game, but when confronted with the options of blowing it up or having incremental change, people default to the incremental change. When I say Trump is stability, what I mean is that he is the administration in power and is now governing under the status quo 3 years in. If this were 2016, then the Obama admin represented the status quo.. Stability is the status quo. Until the status quo creates so much pain for people that they have no choice to make drastic changes they will not do so. This is why going to a far left progressive is much more of an issue. It is much easier and less painful on people to moderate toward the middle instead of the extreme.
  10. I think there are quite a few moderates out there who tend to skew Republican who dislike Trump, would typically vote Republican but would throw their vote to a reasonable Democrat to stop Trump. However, it is not a blank check that they hate Trump that they would vote for any Dem in the race. For many, if Bernie were the nominee a vote for Bernie is a path too far to go. Now, I am not saying they would all vote Trump over Bernie, many would likely vote 3rd party or stay home. If it were say Klobuchar or Biden, many moderate GOP leaning voters would say that this is a return to normalcy and they can vote against their interests in this case to achieve that goal. Bernie does not represent this and neither does Warren. So, I dont know where you get off calling such a statement intellectually dishonest, because if you actually would examine the data and voting patterns of many moderate voters you would problem see that many share the same thoughts and conclusions and that Bernie would be a step to far for many. I am not trying to assuage my conscience, and if the Dems decide to go down the Bernie rabbit hole, I would have no qualms about voting for Trump in that case because at least it would represent stability and the pendulum does not wildly swing back the other direction. A pendulum shift left is fine, a hard left is unacceptable. At the end of the day, the majority of voters do not want a revolution, they want stability. Bernie does not represent stability.
  11. . ^ But I personally see Bernie as worse than Trump, so I would never vote for Bernie if her were the nominee whereas I would strongly consider a vote for say Biden or Klobuchar. So it does matter in some ways.
  12. But, you can argue that Trump has not had too much success in many areas. 1) He claims to want to "drain the swamp" . I dont think that is going well for him. Trying to dismantle a system full of non-political appointments that have been entrenched for decades and cant easily be fired his extremely difficult. 2) Congress will not work with him on really anything major. (He has been impeached after all, not the standard of success) 3) Even when he had a GOP congress, he still struggled to get any of his agenda through. He won tax reform, but it involved a lot of horse trading with GOP Congressmen. (Horse Trading is not something Bernie espouses and claims that he would be willing to engage in). 4) OUtside of his most vocal supporters that a) do not reflect the majority, and b) the majority of American's hate, he does not have the base to push an agenda. SO yes, while he may win, he has no support to do anything. Bernie, with his Bernie Bros, pretty much parallels this in the left. So, yes, he could win, but again, without a super majority to push his agenda (which he will likely not have) and getting rid of all the moderate Dems in both chambers (something also completely unrealistic) he would be unable to push an agenda. So, again, the question is how would Bernie be able to govern. Trump has found out the hard way that governing is not very easy.
  13. Cynically, when they can set themselves up to endorse every Dem in the race who is left and then they can claim they got it right.
  14. But Bernie's ideology is not the majority. That does nto mean he cant win, but to govern and legislate you can't be uncompromising and unyielding. So, given that maybe only 25% of the country really agrees with his ideology, how does he govern? The majority of Dems dont even agree with his vision of things. Changing hearts and minds may work, but that is something that happens over the course of a generation or two not a year or two or 4. in 2016 there was around 65% turnout. That is much higher than it has been in history going back to the 70s, so there is an uptick on that. Also, achieving 100% turnout is statistically impossible so the idea of getting those 4 voters who stay home is unrealistic. Yes, there is room for improvement in turnout, but likely getting above 75% (realistically 70%)is really not possible, unless you take away individual choice and force people to vote (barrel of the gun technique again). So, the question is begged, that assuming Sanders wins, how do you legislate when you do not have a Congress that is amenable to your ideas and if you have a bureaucratic establishment full of managers and directors who are not political appointees who have the ability to stymie some of the bad ideas coming out of a Bernie White House? People want stability not dramatic change. Revolutions are sexy to talk about but in reality people want stability. So, at the end of the day, it begs the question on how a President Sanders can be successful when you dont have the majority of American's who would agree with his policies and if he is unwilling to compromise on those policies?
  15. Because Bernie's ideology is a minority of voters in this country. Even those in the Dem party, he represents a minority. Just like Trump represents a minority. IF you want to get your policies passed and you are in the minority, you are left with 3 options. 1) Compromise with all interested parties to come up with something that everyone can live with (Dont let the ideal be the enemy of the good) 2) Coerce people by using the barrel of the gun 3) Get frustrated that the majority of people dont agree with your vision and throw a tantrum when you dont get your way. If Bernie, as he states, does not believe in compromise, and expects to get his way on his policy are you saying you are perfectly fine with him using the barrel of the gun to achieve the progress you hope he brings?
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