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  1. Agreed... the Gateway garage is centrally located and usually 75%+ empty on weekends/evenings... its a helluvalot easier to park there and walk or catch the streetcar than it is to find street parking. I also find it amusing that the surface lot between Jackson and Walnut directly next-door is charging $10 to park (no such thing as hourly parking) when there is a huge, security-monitored parking facility 20 feet away for only $8 a day.
  2. helmespc

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    With as much confusion there is about Cincinnati's airport being 15 minutes away in NKY, I can only imagine how much confusion there would be if the main Cincinnati terminal was north of Wilmington! :)
  3. There's a whole generation of kids slightly younger than us (30-36 y/o) who think of them as an important "punk" band. I believe this is a misguided notion, but nevertheless these people exist.
  4. Excited about this, but that is a terrible name if you're trying to attract a similar clientele.
  5. That explains why my family keeps bringing it up every time I see them. I wondered why they kept talking about something they have such little vested interest in....
  6. I know its supposed to discourage loitering and crime, but a lot of that pdf reads as a list of ideas to discourage people from actually using the park for doing like... park things... heaven forbid people be able to sit in a park!
  7. helmespc

    Driverless Cars

    There's some truth to this... it mostly lies with the fact that the auto infrastructure is built around "everyone" driving. This makes it difficult for autonomous cars to predict bad drivers doing stupid things. As non-autonomous traffic is phased out and infrastructure is geared more toward autonomous vehicles, making reliable autonomous travel would be much easier.
  8. helmespc

    Driverless Cars

    There's a lot more industry pressure to remove drivers than most of the other "failed" techs that the article points out. Certainly the trucking industry would absolutely love to not have to pay the people who have to drive for them. Other delivery services like Amazon, Fedex, and UPS are also keen to ditch drivers asap. Heck, I bet Papa John's and Domino's would be on-board with the change as well. I think 2020 is ambitious, but I'd bet by 2030 autonomous vehicles will be a significant percentage of the total vehicles on the road...
  9. ^ Jeez.... they could totally have done the inside without the disaster that happened outside. What a waste....
  10. Eastsiders and Westsiders couldn't agree that this just makes sense?
  11. Can we just rename Jefferson to "Vine" if they rename "Short Vine"?
  12. helmespc

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Travel time to Iceland is about 6.5 hours. We've gone up there twice. Travel from Iceland to Glasgow was another 2.5 or so. I'm guessing that most other EU destinations would be ~4.... so you're looking at about 10 hours.
  13. helmespc

    The Trump Presidency

    .... as if they hadn't already looked like bigots by now :P
  14. I don't think OTR venues really want to give space for musical acts these days, even for just a weekend. They're doing well enough on a regular basis that they might actually lose money having bands playing.
  15. Can we call it Desdemona II?