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  1. The main thing that bothers me about Rookwood is that there is no pedestrian (or car really) connection between the two halves. If you want to walk from Nordstrom Rack to the Gap, what should be 50 yards turns into walking all the way around the development and down a glorified alley with no sidewalks and cars wizzing by. It could be as easy as moving Talbots and Shoe Carnival to open up a pedestrian thruway across the buildings.
  2. I would love to see that site plan that Banta and Bischoff are sitting in front of so we can see how this will interact with the new jumbo traffic circle. If the finished product is as dense as what has been depicted here and in the previous renderings it will be great, even if the architecture looks like post modern Rivercenter for a new generation. I just have a nagging fear that the final result will be more like the density of Oakley Station than the Banks. I would love to be proven wrong. Edit: Never mind, for some reason the site plan didn't load at first. having the music venue inland pointing at the courthouse is odd, but I guess it makes sense to save the views and riverfront proximity for the residential.
  3. Why is the Kroger waiting until September to open? All the finishes are installed, the power is on, they just need to install the merchandise which typically takes about 6 weeks. It seems like they finished that area quickly along with the parking garage, but have since let it sit idle as they focus on the apartments above.
  4. That's pretty much what I was expecting, but with a bit more office, which should be a good thing for the area. Hopefully luminaut can make the parking garage somewhat attractive, especially as the new backdrop for the peace bell but also on the facade facing the Syndicate and Mocha. That rendering mentions facade/cladding for the parking garage so at least it's been mentioned, hopefully it's better than the random red metal screens on U Square's garage.
  5. The aloft down the road also has 144 rooms and is 7 stories tall, so I think it will likely end up around that size. It all depends on if they build the garage adjacent to the hotel more like the Fairfield inn by UC (which I assume they will), or if the hotel goes on top of the garage more like 4th and race in terms of scale. My guess is that the parking garage makes an L shape around the Peace Bell, and the hotel portion sits on the Monmouth side, possibly with a valet drive mid-block between the two.
  6. This has been rumored for a while, but the parking lot where the Millennium Tower was once proposed, and the Peace Bell currently sits adjacent too, is going to finally be developed. https://www.rcnky.com/articles/2019/05/20/hotel-mixed-use-building-coming-world-peace-bell-site
  7. I know this is just hyperbole, but you should visit Savannah, Columbia, Charleston, Asheville, Athens, Oxford, etc. etc. Hell even visit Bardstown or Danville KY. I do really like Latonia, and have a friend who just moved there. It's just really hard to get in and out of. I think the next area to turn the corner is the St. Bernard/ Bond Hill area. I know a couple people who have moved to Bond Hill recently, and the hospital and university expansion is changing Avondale at an alarming rate which will bleed into those neighborhoods.
  8. That rendering is super weird. It shows the concert venue parallel to the river, facing almost due East. That would point all the speakers directly at Riverchase Apartments and the Hampton Inn (instead of towards the river). Also the glass buildings behind it look really deep, meaning this outdoor portion wouldn't even be on the levee itself but inland. There are mentions of a pedestrian bridge linking it to the rest of the development which could even mean this venue is located on that surface lot (and the stage would point towards the Campbell County Courthouse). Finally, the pitched roof post-modern buildings behind it look like a newer re-vamped version of RiverCenter. I just hope it's not pink pre-cast concrete, but based on Corporex's track record it will be.
  9. https://www.rcnky.com/articles/2019/05/09/4th-street-entrance-ramp-close-permanently-texas-turnaround-coming 4th street ramp to close PERMANENTLY at the Brent Spence Bridge! Hopefully this allows the 12th Street on-ramp to become the 4th lane of traffic that continues all the way through to the bridge, eliminating both that merge and the 4th street merge in one fell swoop. In terms of the "Texas turnaround", that condition already exists so most of this should just be spent on signage, demo of the ramp, and (hopefully) re-striping of I-75 from 12th street to the bridge.
  10. Covington (scuvington) and Hamilton (hamiltucky) are also both currently gentrifying and building shiny new apartment buildings.
  11. Due to how hard it is to make money via spotify and streaming services, I don't think this is likely. Outside of the Taylor Swifts of the world, most bands NEED to tour and do live shows to make money. Based on the acts their other venues bring in, MEMI will bring in the B list country stars and nostalgia based acts that can't sell out Riverbend. PromoWest will bring in the medium sized indie bands that are too big for the Madison/Bogarts but too small for US bank. I can see both succeeding with little overlap, except for the events that would have ended up in Taft Theater, but that has it's own historic theater aesthetic that some tours seek out.
  12. It's hard to tell from just a line on a map, but I think what sets Kings Island apart is its topography. I don't want anything else out of this project except that it feels fast and uses the topography to its advantage. I would love to see a coaster dip down into the Miami valley the way the Beast does, but that would cost a ton and probably be the longest coaster in the world.
  13. That could be a great thing if the city embraces it. It would be great if Cincinnati had a neighborhood like East Price Hill, that could become like Pilsen in Chicago. Currently there are pockets in Florence, Fairfeild etc. all around the city, but having a neighborhood that really embraces its hispanic culture would be great.
  14. For anyone interested, there are plans floating around (some from the permit office that show concrete work only, and some that are supposedly "leaked" that show a potential layout) showing Kings Island's new giga coaster on Reddit and KICentral.com. In summary, it looks like we are actually getting a 300'+ coaster and it looks very similar to Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland, which is unfortunately a very short ride in duration. Naturally KI fanboys are having a meltdown... some positive, mostly negative.
  15. For reference Aqua at the Levee cost $80 Million. I have heard discussion that includes demolishing Brio's building and relocating them to the a new storefront, extending Monmouth straight into the parking garage and re-building the entrance to be much more forward facing towards Newport instead of facing it's back to the city (think the movie theater/mall in Centro Ybor in Tampa). This would also include re-developing the former Imax space and the empty plot adjacent to it with apartments, office or even more hotel. All this along with all the necessary interior renovations, and I could easily see it adding up to $100 million. I have seen nothing on paper yet, but there has been lots of discussion in and with the community.
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