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  1. They are re-painting the mural on the back side of the new Kinley Hotel at Seventh and Race. Instead of doing a new artworks mural I'm glad they are just redoing the existing mural around the new window openings. This project should be great and the corner of 7th and Race is going to be awesome once both the hotels are finished. Hopefully they activate that little pocket park and don't just leave it dead like it has been. I don't see a new opening but it could be a good place for a patio/bar.
  2. I actually like some of the band's side projects more than the band itself, including El Vy and Big Red Machine. The song below has the line "Don't make me wait for you at the corner of Eden Park, Don't make me wait for you at the Serpentine Wall", what Cincinnatian doesn't like that? El Vy - Return to the Moon
  3. Liking the music festival has nothing to do with liking the band that puts it on. I loved Homecoming last year and didn't even attend the National's headlining shows because the other bands were great. How many people go to Lollapalooza because they love Perry Farrel and/or Jane's Addiction?
  4. Since I was a kid me and my dad would park at the lot south of the market, walk up Pleasant street to Saigon Market, get what we needed then go home. I literally didn't know Silverglades, Eckerlin etc. on the north side of the market existed until I went down there on my own in college and explored a bit.
  5. I feel like the vacant spaces in the Enquirer and some of the other historic tax credit recipient buildings has something to do with not making any changes within a 5 year (?) window to the renovation's completion. I believe if they added a retail tenant immediately that retail tenant would have to run their design, especially things like signage through the historic review board. Not entirely sure how it works to be honest but I remember hearing something to that affect.
  6. I actually agree with this portion of your post, but I disagree with the negative connotation that comes with it. This is reality in 2019 and if we aren't playing the game we will lose out to the other falsely tented up peer cities of Nashville, Indianapolis Columbus etc... To me it only becomes negative if when people come to our city they have been sold a false bill of goods, but if people are pleasantly surprised when they come here and like what they see then I see nothing wrong with doing any form of marketing, viral messaging or whatever is necessary to improve our standing.
  7. I was really excited to have Covington brought into Blink but was dissapointed at how hard it was to actually get there. The bridge was nearly impassable and the way the lights were laid out you couldn't really see it or hear it from the Covington side at all. Overall it's an awesome event and does a great job of getting people to walk around in neighborhoods they may have never visited otherwise and helps change the perception of Cincinnati. I agree on the comment that the density of installations was a little too thin in OTR which made it lose that 'wandering through the streets' feeling of 2017 (or Midpoint Music Festival before it) and made people rely on the maps/app to navigate.
  8. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/10/11/wasson-way-central-parkway-bikeway-major.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline "With the funding, the only remaining unfunded segments are from Montgomery Road to Woodburn Avenue near Xavier University’s campus and Ault Park to Wooster Road to the trail’s eastern terminus."
  9. There just wasn't a clear policy, a hoard would walk down the middle, then a cop would tell them to get off, then a group would climb from the sidewalk to the middle and the cop would say nothing and let them walk the rest of the way. It just needs to be more clearly blocked off if that is the intention because it was chaos last night and people were stepping through the structure to avoid stopped crowds. Outside of toddlers shoes going through the grates and people's cell phones being dropped, it doesn't seem like too much of a safety issue but maybe your right that it has more to do with weight load than anything else. The music playing on the bridge was bumping so hopefully everyone was doesn't bounce to the beat in unison or it could turn into the Tacoma Narrows.
  10. Just got home and it was as densely crowded as octoberfest, but for miles not just a few blocks. My only complaint is that the Roebling is closed to traffic but they aren’t letting people walk down the middle and the sidewalks on either side were packed. It took ne a solid twenty minutes to cross the river.
  11. Utilizing the riverfront transit center, free streetcar rides, free concerts around town, artwork extending nearly 3 miles from Findlay Market to Duveneck Square and a million people walking around downtown; it's going to be a great weekend in Cincy.
  12. This would be like if Walmart was bidding on taking over Target, they are rivals with one that is larger, cheaper and lower quality but the smaller rival is doing just fine on their own and is of higher quality. Why would anyone want this to happen? That would make all the major amusement parks in the US (with the exception of the few Seaworld/Busch Gardens) a monopoly, and a sh*tty one at that.
  13. This makes me very sad, and in general I feel like our society is too quick to demolish structures (whether buildings or roller coasters) instead of trying to upkeep them. It's a large scale symptom of a throw-away society. Soon there will be almost no large Arrow loopers left because no one is willing to spend the money to rehab and replace the trains. I understand that spending a few million on Vortex wouldn't generate a big push for ticketholders, but destroying the past and reducing the nostalgia has a negative impact on the core season ticket buyers as well, especially those that remember this ride fondly because they were kids when it was built. That same age range is the one that has young kids now and would be buying season tickets, season long food plans, drink refill program and buying merchandise. Kings Island can spend their money to chase the next big thing (like the new world's shortest giga coaster) and try to attract new people, but they need to keep the locals happy too. Especially since Kings Island is much more reliant on season pass holders than destination type parks like Cedar Point. Sorry to rant, but this one hurts a lot more than Firehawk did...
  14. I love the idea of combining forces for NKY as a region and getting everyone under one roof. Considering the northern three counties are larger than Lexington/Fayette we should get way more on the state level than we currently do. That being said, the building as depicted is basically the Ascent turned on it's side so hopefully this is just an early place filler design.
  15. "Newport won the music venue fight but we won the Ferris wheel fight, now let's stop fighting and just be friends" - Said no one in Cincinnati ever
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