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  1. Whenever I see other city's streetcar paths that are two-way on one street I really wish Cincinnati would have done the streetcar two-way instead of separating the north/south by a block. I think it adds to people not seeing the streetcar coming which makes wait times feel longer, adds confusion to the route and its mostly just a perception issue but also it's a more circuitous route. I know the intention was to spread out development and to potentially move quicker with timed lights but in reality a simple alignment from the carousel to Findlay on a two-way Vine street would have been so much better and would have allowed for an easier extension up the hill as well.
  2. Looking up at it no, but the drop goes into a natural ravine so a 215' drop on Diamondback vs a 300' drop on Orion should be VERY noticeable when you are cresting that hill.
  3. The RFQ from last year stated it was mainly for waterproofing, part of the plaza was leaking above Woodside garage. The RFQ said everything is being redone including landscape and hardscape but that "the redesign needs to respect the plaza's original design but reflect emerging trends." I'm not sure who won the project, but it wasn't us.
  4. I have avoided public as much as possible since Mid-March but I'm planning on making an exception two weeks from now. Official POV:
  5. ^“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”- Charles Duell 1899 + Jake M. 2020
  6. Does anyone have any info on the garage/bar conversion happening at the corner of 5th and Main in Covington? It looks interesting but I can’t find any info.
  7. This is simultaneously very optimistic and depressingly far away...
  8. They already destroyed a historic church that wasn't in the way of anything for reasons, I have no faith they will properly utilize these cellars.
  9. Question for you Rabbit Hash, my parents are out in Hebron near the edge of civilization, and when I've looked at maps it appears all sewer/stormwater ends West of Graves RD, so where does Petersburg/Creation Museum/Rabbit Hash have it's waste and stormwater go? Does the entire creation museum have a huge septic tank? If Petersburg Exit does take-off with distribution facilities will they need to create a new lines that run through the hills of Boone County to the Western facility or will these have to be pumped back towards the Dry Creek facility?
  10. When the window shop drawings show the flashing as "by others" and the guy doing the masonry doesn't think metal flashing is his responsibility you end up with everyone saying it wasn't their responsibility and meanwhile the exterior painter is the cheapest guy on the site so he's installing peel and stick around the openings and covering everything in caulk to hope for the best you get... leaky buildings.
  11. This part is very true, much like the height restrictions and use restrictions on parcels. I think Mike Brown is better at real estate and development than football management, and it's not even close.
  12. Yeah the original windows were aluminum clad wood, and were offset at the center mullion with the fixed pane sitting further into the building. UC did the Schneider Hall window replacement themselves, and had trouble with the window manufacturer getting the work done so hired GC to do Turner Hall windows. The cause was unknown, but the result was swollen windows and water bubbling under the paint in student rooms. There was also efflorescence in the brick nowhere near windows, so something tells me the window replacement won't fix the issue but just make it look nice for the students living inside.
  13. You say this like that isn't what the amendment process was created for and like that's a bad thing. You know the 'foundation of our nation' didn't allow women or blacks to vote, and we "cancelled" that notion. The country was founded on many racist principles and I don't see how trying to fix those is a bad thing.
  14. Construction has gone vertical and is ready for tower crane at 12th and Sycamore:
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