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  1. Agreed, which is why didn't say loitering problem because I think having people in a park is not a problem. The vast majority of people using the park are just enjoying themselves in the shade and sitting on the park's benches. Its really just the group that stands around the Garfield statue that could be described as loitering, which is exactly the same as across the street in front of the library.
  2. I walk through this park almost every day to work, and it absolutely has a large loitering population. Mostly this is because it is a comfortable shady park in an otherwise hot sunny downtown. The majority of the loitering is groups sitting on the built-in benches and smoking weed, but there is also people eating lunch or reading books. I've never felt in danger while walking through, whether in the morning walking past sleeping homeless or in the afternoon walking past groups of people hanging out. My only real problem is the litter they leave behind when there are garbage cans literally every 20 feet. Homeless coalitions setup their food truck at the Vine street end, the cheap corner beer/cigarette markets are on the Vine street end and so is the library. Garfield Inn and Suites is still vacant as well. During the day the Cincinnati club, LPK and a few businesses draw people, but at night it becomes pretty dead so I can see how the park would take on a different life after dark.
  3. I assume the Ballet would be where the 'Proposed Restaurant' is shown, and potentially extending into where the surface parking lot is shown. Basically they would re-purpose the train bridge as a pedestrian connection towards Reading Rd.
  4. I definitely plan on doing this. I work downtown and park closer to central so I definitely plan to stop in on weekdays after work to grab random stuff that I forgot or couldn't find on my bigger weekend grocery trip.
  5. And locally Lexington has no interstates with 323,000 people. It has New Circle Road, which is partially grade separated and partially stop lights, and even that road doesn't connect to I-75 or I-64 or really go anywhere. If we are talking about short-sighted, the fact that Cincinnati built their airport on the south side and Dayton build theirs on the north side instead of combining forces on one airport roughly between the two (ala DFW) was insanely short sighted.
  6. What NEEDS to be removed is the cell phone tower and the blank lot around it with a view into the parking garage. Can't the equipment be mounted on top of the stadium or something so that lot can be developed?
  7. Major city charter change would split council into district, at-large seats https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/09/09/major-city-charter-change-would-split-council-into.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline I like the idea in theory to have one council member loyal to a specific geography, but worry that it would hurt CBD/OTR/Uptown being the center of everyone's focus and getting big projects done. Seems like a recipe for more downtown versus neighborhood false dichotomy.
  8. Queen City Tower was built during the last recession, wait for W&S to build their new building during the next recession. Much cheaper that way.
  9. The fact that Seelbach is now siding with Cranley shows that he is just as skeptical of Mike Brown as I am: Per Bussiness Courier, "Meanwhile, Councilman Chris Seelbach, who often has been critical of the mayor throughout their six years of service together, said Wednesday that he is siding, for now, with the mayor in Cranley’s dispute with the county. " “The mayor convinced me that this was a much better deal for the Bengals, who already have the best deal for them and the worst deal for taxpayers … maybe in the country,” Seelbach said in an interview. “The Banks should not be filled with surface parking. The last thing we need is more parking for surface-level tailgating,” Seelbach said.
  10. We should copy off Baylor's tailgating. Have Lot 'E' be made of reinforced turf so it can be a park space most of the year, but painted with parking lines during the Bengals season. Add a dock for aqua-tailgating, basically just copy what Baylor did on the South and West sides of PBS and develop all the parcels in the Banks to the East.
  11. This is my reservation as well. While Cranley trying to sabatoge a project he doesn’t like is rooted in fact and precedent, Mike Brown adding future issues and making bad faith deals has precedent too...
  12. Per this article Cranley's argument is that per the land swap the Bengals are requiring 3,200 surface parking spots, while the Hilltop site will only provide about 2,300 spots. Cranley is saying this could prevent lots 1, 13 and 25 from being developed in the future as the Bengals could say those are part of their required surface spots. My question is, is that true? If it's true I would find myself on Cranley's side of the argument, but as that is rarely the case I'm assuming he is either wrong or lying. It also seems in Mike Brown's character to sneak a provision through that we will regret agreeing too later, so I don't which side to believe. Either way it seems like everyone is for the land swap except him, including his buddies Mann and Murray so it seems like its only a matter of time before it goes through.
  13. I just walked by that place the other day and couldn't tell if it was open to the public, or even what it was. I thought it might be related to the Empower across the street or something. I felt like @jmecklenborg, because that place had no signage or did anything to let you know it was a business.
  14. I've seen this done with plumbing as well, where the PEX manifold is accessed through the hallway so if someones toilet or tub or sink is overflowing and they aren't home someone can turn it off from the hallway. All the individual lines are labeled to make it easy for maintenance.
  15. To be fair he said Buffalo Wings and Rings, which is locally owned; however the question is, if the intention is to surround it in places like Bar Louie as well as demolish all the nearby historic buildings, then why did they want to build the stadium next to OTR instead of just building the damn thing in Oakley?
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