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  1. Yeah I don't get that either, you could put a tower with the same floor plate size as 5/3 Tower or Queen City Square in that location. If it's only ~10 stories you wouldn't need multiple elevator banks so you'd actually get more usable square footage than either of those towers.
  2. I've heard some buzz around that office pad lately, which made me ask the question of who the master developer was. I thought it might be Carter doing something before a control deadline, but if they are already gone this must be buzz from a new developer stepping into the situation. With all the Class B and C office space that has been converted to hotel and apartments around town, as well as the massive Chiquita space being filled, I feel like this office tower might be close to finally happening.
  3. I remember reading a year or more ago about Carter Dawson losing development control of the site, but on the banks website it still looks like they are in charge. Did they pay for an extension or is the website just wrong? I know some on this site speculated that 3CDC or other local players would take control of parcels but did I miss something or is Carter still in control?
  4. If you have opinions on the IRS site infill, fill out the survey HERE.
  5. I think it was Travis that said it best; if Oakley station and Liberty center switched places they would both be more successful.
  6. It just looks too gray, all of it. Designing a building to look good at night only is a strange choice unless all their games are in the evening (are MLS games typically at night or afternoon?). There needs to be some color, some warmer materials, plantings, or literally anything to provide shade on the stairs and plaza facing east. For as open and airy as the stadium itself is, the base is very heavy and opaque, almost brutalist, especially if everything on the base ends up as concrete as it appears to be. There isn't a floodplain to get out of so what's the point of having a base like that? Keeping above the riffraff?
  7. Wishful thinking but is the glass ramp/aviary looking building located where the underground laggering tunnels are located? That could be a really cool space or more likely it's just a skylight into the parking garage.
  8. Yeah I'm ignoring the Rivercenter Drive tunnels in the two proposals, and even the elevated walks in the third proposal. I would expect Riverside drive to end up like Mehring way across the river with big cross walks and grand stairs. In Cincinnati the stairs lead down to the river, and in this case the stairs will lead up the levee, but otherwise I imagine it will be the same idea. Maybe Covington can even line up the crosswalks with their stairs unlike Smale!
  9. I like #2 as well, but really they all do a good job of re-connecting the street grid and providing much needed green space. I was out of town so I couldn't go to the meetings, but it seems like the input from the earlier sessions was actually listened too which is a pleasant surprise. At first I kind of hated the one that shifts everything 45 degrees (Green on the Levee), but after thinking about downtown Covington and Mainstrasse being the two main hubs of activity and how that new angled street grid would align the two it does make some sense assuming that the giant Smith muffler would go away eventually. Whatever goes here shouldn't have the word Levee included, that would just cause unnecessary confusion.
  10. Idlewild park has the region's best Disc Golf course as well. One of the holes is over a 1000' long and there a even water hazards and properly maintained greens.
  11. I agree with this, it was a walk-up shop focusing on takeout food. It got some business from UberEats, GrubHub, etc as well, but this isn't one of those that could be blamed on the parking permit. I liked their food and the variety it brought to the neighborhood so hopefully they come back as a food truck or walk-up window or something.
  12. What?! I loved that place, this is the first one that hits home. Bottle and Basket closed in the same location so I wonder if that space is just too off the beaten path (even though it's across the street from Salazar) or if the rent is too high.
  13. I'm dumb because I always assumed it was named after Tom Sawyer, with it's riverside location and the miniature Ohio River model. I didn't know there was a Sawyer family...
  14. The OTR stillhouse looks awesome and along with the Somerset place on McMicken those are two really large destination type spaces with lots of outdoor seating that look great. It’s interesting to see the scale of the Northern Liberties spaces compared to the first wave of OTR bars and restaurants which were all much smaller. This is probably another reason the brewery distric has been slower to develop since the buildings and lots are larger the threshold for entry is higher. The topography of the stillhouse is interesting too, because sitting next to cars flying by on central parkway doesn’t sound fun, but because you are a level below the street it should be much quieter and more intimate than the light industrial location would seem on a map (and you won’t be staring at the dollar store). Hopefully there is an entrance from the Henry street side as well so it’s easier to walk there from the streetcar stop and rhinegeist, but it doesn’t look like it.
  15. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/06/17/exclusive-fortune-500-firm-leases-top-7-floors-of.html Not sure where else this should go, but Western and Southern's Eagle Realty branch is moving into 126,000 square feet- in the old Chiquita space- of new offices. This makes me wonder if their plan to build a new tower near Lytle Park has been placed on the back burner, or if they will still demolish the historic Woodward Building which I believe is now vacant. Either way this is good for downtown's office vacancy rate, as that was the largest single block of vacant office space in the city. The article mentions there are only two blocks of 50,000 sqft or more left in downtown; one in 600 Viine and another in First Financial center. I really hope the spec office building at 2nd/Walnut and some other office can start construction as this number keeps coming down.
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