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  1. Page 111 of the planning document shows the 10 story building labeled as office, and my guess is that is the intention. I also would like to see Tri-State renovated, it would be similar in scale and style to the loft project in Bellevue, but if not everything can be saved i think the focus should be on Revelation Baptist Church (the historic portion) and Ollie's Trolley. I would be very upset if Ollie's got forced out instead of getting to benefit from all the potential costumer's coming to the stadium.
  2. I've said it before but I wish they would renovate the Stouffer's Inn portion into either a new hotel or an apartment building while demolishing the northern additions. That way revenue could be made while we still look for a new convention flagship hotel instead of having just a vacant lot.
  3. With the glaring exceptions of Washington Park and Ziegler Park which between their playgrounds and splash fountains are jam packed with kids all summer long...
  4. There is room on the former Kroger site for a 120 room hotel along Walnut with a Mercer Commons size apartment building and parking garage facing Vine.
  5. You mean the fact that the structural columns are covered in garish ornament while the main entrance to all the guest rooms is a plain drywall hole? In the middle of your picture there was a Rookwood tile water fountain that was removed, I hope they put it back...
  6. This project is very expensive, but what is clear is that expensive isn't always better, and in my opinion often just looks tacky. It has a certain Vegas/gilded vibe that don't like, and it just does a really bad job of accentuating the historic structure. The old brick was covered over with drywall, you can all it "Venetian plaster" all you want, but instead of repairing the brick around where the old front porch was removed they just furred the whole thing. A glass atrium between two hundred year old brick buildings could have been a pretty incredible space, instead we got an upscale hotel lobby.
  7. Yeah the 4th street bridge is the worst rated bridge in the region from a structural perspective, and its really bad from a pedestrian/bike perspective too. I would like to see a TIF or some other fund so that all the development nearby, from the new concert venue, ovation and downtown Covington, can help pay for a new bridge. That being said, living in Newport and going out in Covington, it is amazing how hard it is to get back and forth. You have to go through Cincinnati unless you just give up and call a Lyft.
  8. In other news, TANK is having a public meeting tomorrow from 4-7pm to discuss altering, eliminating or expanding routes. Nearly every TANK route is expected to be affected so if you use TANK or have opinions about it please show up or email them. Five routes are expecting more frequent service, but eleven are planned to be eliminated or consolidated. https://www.tankbus.org/learn/2020-system-redesign info@tankbus.org
  9. Quan Hapa is a much smaller space so it always feel pretty full and is probably cheaper to rent so I hope it stays around for a while. I think Kaze is an amazing building with the garage bar, outdoor patio it could be a really great space. Troeros, I think to some extent Hyde Park square is going through the same process as Mt. Adams where it's becoming less of a destination for outsiders and is becoming more of a true neighborhood district for just the people who live in that neighborhood. It's not as extreme as Mt. Adams because it was never as much of a going out destination, but years ago I would occasionally have to drive to Hyde Park Square for a nice dinner, and now I just go to OTR/Covington. I'm probably not the only one.
  10. In my mind that's what the Banks is supposed to be for; the suburban types who have visited the stadiums and are comfortable with 2nd/3rd street and using the large parking garage underneath. If you can't figure out how to get to or from the Banks and find parking then the issue is with the person, not the infrastructure. OTR is objectively more confusing, harder to drive to and more 'difficult' in the ways mentioned above. It requires navigating one way streets, dealing with people who look different from yourself or are from a different social class, non-ADA building entrances, and sometimes parallel parking. That isn't for everyone, so go to the banks. If you prefer the complexity, texture, history and diversity that comes with all of that, then go to OTR.
  11. This is the Bengals, we are 1 loss away from Mike Brown getting Andrew Thomas out of Georgia.
  12. Dumb question but without moving Panino or cutting into Union Hall's entrance how else would you enter into Ghost Baby? I feel like this move definitely has to do with access/egress of the space below.
  13. My 3 cents. I'm glad the Millenium is out of a Singapore based owner's hands but I think we should focus on getting a developer to flip the original Stouffer's Inn half to a decent hotel while the North half is demolished. The North site can be used to place the new high-end hotel which could be years down the road and in the meantime the South half can start making money as a nicer renovated version of what it already is. The original Stouffer's isn't bad urbanism either, it's just everything else that is so pedestrian un-friendly. Other ideas below:
  14. Rhinegeist closed at midnight every night until the rooftop bar opened. This bar will only be ~700 feet from Liberty's Bar and Bottle (which is still popular) and less than a 1000 feet from Woodward/ MOTR. I think plenty of people will walk there. By comparison Rhinegeist is 700 feet from Findlay Market, and almost half a mile from Tafts/Pleasantry/Zula which was the nearest cluster of bars until the area around Findlay started to pick up recently.
  15. I'm really looking forward to this project. I was afraid it had stalled but glad to see it is still moving forward. The developers have a few buildings on this stretch of McMicken and this bar (Somerset IIRC?) should really help bring people up from the nearby Main Street intersection and Moerlein brewery. McMicken is the last major street in OTR that still feels sketchy to me, so it's great to see this kind of investment.
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