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  1. Those columns in Travis's photo are part of the final floor. Just the roof deck remains to be poured.
  2. It's all about preference obviously, but Metropole, Mitas and Boca have varied menus with ever changing items and enough diversity that multiple people in a group can be happy. Boi Na Braza has meats, and focuses on those meats. I know "they have a good salad bar too", but seriously people go there to eat their money's worth of meats.
  3. I never went to Boi Na Braza, and the few times it was suggested as a work dinner location it was quickly shot down for being so incredibly meat-centric, so I think your opinion is not that uncommon. Perhaps in another location this will do well, but in downtown the only people looking to spend $50+ for a ton of meat are out of town conventioneers who can expense their meal, and they have many locations to choose from (Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Jeff Ruby's, Prime etc). to spend their steak money. On another note, 10 years ago there weren't any other South American dining options downtown, making this Brazilian steak house more of an option for foodies. Today foodies looking for somewhere nice to eat with South American flavors have multiple options from Mita's a block away to Maize or Che in OTR. This space will get filled, hopefully with something more lunch and visitor friendly due to it's prime corner location.
  4. Crane segments are approximately 20', I count 12 segments putting the crane at about 240'.
  5. I believe the magic number is 800' long to require ventilation per NFPA 502. As much as I wish we could cover the whole thing and pay for a huge ventilation system, I think the realistic option is to cap the whole block between Vine and Walnut with a park/festival space and book-end the other sides with restaurant/office the scale of 15th and Vine (which is small enough to build on spec). If you could then re-develop the garages on either side of Great American, and build the Banks office building you would be looking at a great gathering space to complement Fountain Square to host major events.
  6. I think if the caps get built, we need to have buildings on the West side of Race and East side of Walnut to completely hide the view of the expressway from the new caps. If the two blocks between Race and Walnut were open space with two bookend buildings on either end that would be a good mixture of both, because I think you make a good point about not wanting to hurt development in the rest of CBD. The bookends don't even need to (or can't for fresh-air to the would be tunnel below) be full block, but just deep enough to have an anchor restaurant/retail below and a couple floors of office/residential above. I'm picturing a 3-4 story building with a similar footprint to the High Street overpass on 670 in Columbus on either end of the parks. The middle space can remain open and be labeled as 'festival grounds' to give a more permanent home to taste of Cincinnati and Oktoberfest.
  7. One thing that most of these proposals have is a lagoon/pool area down by the riverfront. I think getting a lagoon or the originally designed boat dock would be crucial to finishing the already great riverfront park. One thing I like as a thought moving forward is from MIT's submission. They show the caps mostly as buildings, but with a park space that runs North/South adjacent to the Freedom Center. I think if you place the caps with a park running East/West it will still keep the banks and downtown just as divided as they are now, but if you aligned the park space North/South as shown by MIT it would connect through the banks to downtown instead of separating the two. I think it would make sense to place it on the Vine street side, not Walnut as they show, since their plan would require demolishing Yard House. Also Vine street is a more prominent street for Cincinnati, and the park could terminate at the carousel.
  8. Depaul and George Washington aren't campuses, they just own multiple buildings in close proximity in a city. That would be like saying Gateway in Covington is an urban campus. That's not a campus. Campus to me implies that the buildings are arranged with the space between them for the use of a pedestrian, or gathering pedestrians only. Campuses are one of the only truly pedestrian only spaces in the country with the only exceptions coming to mind being an amusement park or indoor shopping mall. Where else in major cities do you have huge acres of land dedicated to a pedestrian only experience putting cars completely out of sight? I love Cincinnati's campus. The weird 'look at me' buildings, even if you don't like them individually, create some very interesting and unique spaces between them that mixed with the topography of the campus are unlike any other campus I've ever been to. So many universities try to just replicate standard quads that they start to feel very samey. UC has the most in common with MIT in terms of unique buildings, but with more open space, and with University of Tennessee's topography. It's great. Also there is an RFP out for the space in front of Zimmer (the one with a nautilus pattern on the ground), so at least one of the bland hardscapes is being improved this summer.
  9. Why doesn't this have putt putt? You can't call yourself a country club and not provide putt putt... http://bushwickcountryclub.com/
  10. The shade will help a lot, especially since all the furniture is solid metal it gets very hot on sunny days. The beer garden is already very popular and one of the few places to sit and eat the food purchased in the market, so hopefully they add more seating as well.
  11. If Seelback and Sittenfeld were already friends before they were elected officials, and can prove that they had already begun texting each other before they were both elected, then was a law broken, or is it the subject of the texts (Cranley, other Council Members etc.) that makes it illegal?
  12. The only time I went to Tavern on the Hill was the night 38-0 Kentucky lost to Wisconsin in the final four. I never went back and I hope those horrible memories die with the tavern.
  13. I'm just glad they didn't suggest a huge traffic circle that would have resulted in demolishing more buildings. I agree with Travis that this appears to suggest a much different flow of traffic, where currently the double striped yellow lines continue from Auburn to Sycamore, now they are diverting that traffic to Dorchester. If this results in less hospital workers using Sycamore and therefore Liberty, it seems like more ammunition for the Liberty road diet.
  14. Also, Villa Hills used to be on a TANK route, the 17X used to travel right in front of this development (until fall of 2017) and Prospect Point and the Ameristop strip center. Now it ends at Buttermilk Crossing Park & Ride, meaning anyone who wants to take said bus has to drive on a congested road to get to the park and ride, instead of the bus removing those car trips from the street.
  15. Just one anecdote but I worked on an apartment building with 182 units that was on a two lane road that people thought would destroy traffic. The study (which was signed off on by Hamilton County) showed that 182 units would create 55 total trips (in and out) during the AM peak hour, and 71 total trips during the PM peak hour. This means .92 cars per minute added to the street in the morning and 1.2 cars per minute added in the afternoon. It may not seem logical, but that's what decades of traffic studies and research has to say.
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