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  1. Also, Villa Hills used to be on a TANK route, the 17X used to travel right in front of this development (until fall of 2017) and Prospect Point and the Ameristop strip center. Now it ends at Buttermilk Crossing Park & Ride, meaning anyone who wants to take said bus has to drive on a congested road to get to the park and ride, instead of the bus removing those car trips from the street.
  2. Just one anecdote but I worked on an apartment building with 182 units that was on a two lane road that people thought would destroy traffic. The study (which was signed off on by Hamilton County) showed that 182 units would create 55 total trips (in and out) during the AM peak hour, and 71 total trips during the PM peak hour. This means .92 cars per minute added to the street in the morning and 1.2 cars per minute added in the afternoon. It may not seem logical, but that's what decades of traffic studies and research has to say.
  3. The Buttermilk exit sucks, and getting all the way back to that corner of Villa Hills takes too long, I agree. I just hate the way people talk about renters in such a derogatory way. Most arguments were related to density, but many were willing to be OK with the density if they were condos/townhomes and Villa Hills and similar communities have a disdain towards rental properties and 'transient populations' that feels like class warfare and veiled racism. For full transparency, I grew up in Prospect Point in the back ass corner of Villa Hills in a rental, so yes I'm biased. I just really wanted the town square aspect to be fully realized with businesses, restaurants etc. Part of the reason Collins and Buttermilk get so backed up is because there is literally no mix of uses in Villa Hills besides Ameristop and if people could have a small NBD on the scale of something like Ft. Mitchell (with a coffee shop, pizza place, restaurant and a couple shops and offices) then they wouldn't have to drive on Buttermilk to create all that congestion in the first place.
  4. "Dan Knecht, said his clients would resolve their claims if the apartments were eliminated from Sanctuary Villages, the overall density was reduced and the sisters’ retirement was still secured by the sale of the land." God forbid there was a rental property in Villa Hills. Can't have those transients in their neighborhood...
  5. I love the idea of Midpoint with bourbon. Hopefully this event is successful at bringing people going to bourbon country through CVG instead of Louisville. With CVGs prices coming down it should be the gateway to the bluegrass and hopefully this festival helps put nky on peoples radars (since nationally people don’t realize how close Cincy is to Kentucky). This will be the weekend before Blink returns so that whole week could have a lot of out of towners visiting the area.
  6. This site plan already doesn't match the rendering from two days ago. This process is ridiculously non-transparent. There are a lot more historic buildings going away with this plan and every time we see something new, another existing building has disappeared. Sometimes I think jmecklenborg can see conspiracy where there isn't, but in the case of Berding and all this FC Cincinnati business he has been unfortunately prescient.
  7. That last rendering keeps the metal framing shape, but loses the ETFE material, which I'm sure will eventually go away too once they realize it's serving no purpose. I call it a rendering but it's more like a screenshot of Rhino where someone was told to "turn off the orange stuff layer", but nothing else about the design was updated. The roof canopy is now floating without any connection to the structure and this was clearly done as a quick "see we listened to the community" consolation, but it's clear there is no thought for what the building will look like or how it will function without the ETFE. The renderings since day 1, whether in Newport Oakley or the West End, included the orange translucent material. Without that what is the character of this stadium? It has no brick to fit into the neighborhood, no ETFE material to be a modern glowing icon, so what is it? At this point the best case is that it will disappear behind development and be as unnoticeable as possible.
  8. Including myself, but didn't people move on? I saw four of these bands at Bogarts years ago, but does that mean you should be headlining a music festival in 2019? You don't see ska bands headlining festivals so nostalgia only explains part of it, the other part is just bad bands that play on the radio. I feel like old people setup this lineup thinking they know what 'the kids' are listening to based on the radio, not realizing 'the kids' use the internet to listen to music. Greta Van Fleet and Run the Jewels are well reviewed bands, the 1975 is very popular right now and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong will attract the wookies, and Triiibe is a good local group but the rest of the lineup is just really meh.
  9. I'm hearing rumblings of a zipline from the top of the purple bridge to the base of the aquarium. Newport on the Levee might have new owners, but they still have crazy ideas...
  10. Why is Cincinnati so obsessed with pop emo and alt rock? Compared to peer sized festivals Bunbury lately has been skewed very alternative rock and I'm just not a fan of nearly anyone on this list. This is why we need Midpoint to make a triumphant return (or have Homecoming again).
  11. I haven't seen the Xavier Physical Plant building (former Coca Cola Bottling plant) on this thread yet. It has awesome glass block and limestone, especially the curved glass block around the top of the rotunda.
  12. Yeah they spent $25 million to purchase them and are only putting $1.5 million into them for refurbishment. That's not a super long term investment. Always remember, they re-painted King Cobra the year before it was removed...
  13. I think the "Save Our Icons" tax increase is a good example of how to successful market a campaign like this. It had good logo design, was distributed widely ahead of the actual petition, and framed the argument as something that needed to get done to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. I think whatever SORTA's plan is it should include something with the existing subway for this very reason. The narrative needs to be that Cincinnati may have stumbled many times in the past to get over the finish line, but now is our time to finally finish what we started so that Cincinnati can start moving forward instead of looking backward at what could have been.
  14. I feel like it's really wasteful to demolish construction that is both not that old, in good condition and already has the foundation structure to support 22 stories above. There is SO much sunk cost in the existing foundation and structure that it would seem extremely wasteful as well as time consuming to dig all that out and start from scratch. I'm hoping that when they say they are demolishing they mean that they will remove the architectural facade and reconfigure the layout but keep the existing structural layout, otherwise this project will take years just to get back to the current state of 4th and Race. With this being such an important and visible block downtown I don't think that's what anyone wants.
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