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  1. I can see where your coming from because the current design lack any context or connection to its city or surroundings, but nothing the scale of a stadium looks contextual anyway. The only brick and steel stadium I’ve ever been to is Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil stadium and I think it looks fake and tacky. At that scale faux-historic just looks weird.
  2. There is already drilling/piling equipment working on site, so they are definitely moving forward.
  3. Another sign of incremental progress, this wall has been blank beige since 2001, and now they have painted it white and added signage. This is a tiny step, but a step nonetheless.
  4. Yeah NotL is much more likely to have families with small children than anywhere in OTR which is mostly nice bars and nice restaurants (aka not kid friendly). Cincinnati has NKY smoked on parks, but the Levee is still a good option for families especially in the winter. The aquarium is great, the movie theater is good, the retail is lacking and the bars and restaurants are fine. With a few more uses and the removal of the brio building to open it up to the city of Newport instead of turning its back I think it will be very successful. The new owner has already brought in a skating rink for the first time and made incremental improvements for the holidays.
  5. But that would block the mural of vegetables falling out of the Kroger tower! /s
  6. That video was really interesting, and as person who was growing up around that time (I was 13 when the riots happened) I only got bits of pieces of the story filtered through my parent's lens of the world. I never knew some of those places like Empire Theater even existed. I feel like that piece shows why the gentrification argument is so difficult, because the alternative is stagnation at best or decay at worst. I love the reporter talking about "tourists" coming to OTR with a tone of disbelief, and now here we are talking about a 26,000 seat stadium next to a revitalized Music Hall, in front of a re-imagined Washington Park, near an booming Vine Street commercial corridor etc. etc. I too get pessimistic about the pace of development compared to cities like Columbus and Nashville, but watching that video really does help put it into perspective.
  7. The elevations in this packet show a lot more exposed seating/structure than shown on the renderings, especially on the Northwest corner. In the birdseye rendering that is completely covered in the ETFE material, but in the renderings there are thinner bands of the ETFE with much more exposed structure. Edit: Also this shows the "future development" as a surface parking lot along Central Parkway. I'm always suspect of surface parking ever going away, so I would rather see that built as a stub structure waiting for tenants.
  8. I’ve never seen a site plan with the current traffic layout. All the old plans show a different road configuration so they must be out of date. I’m also not sure what phase 1 would be used as or where it would be. For a publicly backed project there is surprisingly little public information.
  9. This is the best and most accurate line so far in this conversation.
  10. ucgrady

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    This to me is the important part. I don't know if Korean Hot Chicken is enough on its own to start a full restaurant around, but in a Food Hall or Food Truck or even a kiosk in Findlay Market you can do one thing, however obscure, and do it well. We need more of this in Cincy. Even the new Zundo ramen place does tonkotsu ramen, miso ramen, donburi and has curry on the menu. This is too many things to any one of them perfectly, which is not how the japanese would do it, they would pick one and perfect it. Smaller establishments allow for more specialization and therefore more quality. The opposite of this is the former Crave space at the Banks that had a 12 page menu with everything from sushi to bbq to mexican to pizza. It was a cluster****.
  11. ucgrady

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    It's basically a food court, but sampling local eateries. Think North Market in Columbus, Ferry Terminal in San Francisco, Chelsea Market in New York. Chicago has a couple in the loop to cater to business workers including one called Revival Food Hall. On the more 'mainstream' side, the Kroger at Court and Walnut will have a food hall on the second floor featuring Eli's BBQ and an asian venue, along with their in-house Chicken Co and Pizza.
  12. ucgrady

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    Wasn’t a food hall supposed to move into the Leader Furnitire location? That’s where Seoul Hot Chicken was going to have their permanent location. Either way I hope one of them comes to fruition because it’s something needed in Cincinnati and what many out of towners (people used to Columbus’s North Market for instance) expect when they first visit Findlay.
  13. Originally was supposed to change hands at end of August, pushed back 6 months to February.
  14. All Screen is still using the space, the owner has serious health problems that have caused issues with the initial timeline. That's as far as I know.