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  1. I think that while Mayor Jackson has not been a visionary leader, he has provided stability at a time when the city needs it. He has been a good mediator between the different populations in the city and has provided predictability that is crucial to get developers to put their money to work in the city. After Frank is gone, Cleveland might be ready for a visionary leader but for the present he is what the city needs.
  2. The United States still has the 8th largest GDP per capita in the world (with only tiny countries ahead). This is astounding given the size of the United States' population. The US has 50% higher GDP per capita than the European Union. And while much of the industrialized world is currently struggling, the US economy is slowly gaining steam and I believe will have at least modest growth in the next few years. I believe part of the point of view expressed in the article is based on comparisons to the rapid growth of countries that are quickly industrializing. It is easy to have 10% growth when GDP per capita is $8,000 (China). The US may be growing slower but is is still a few decades from even remotely being challenged economically. I admit to being an unabashed liberal and I understand some of the views expressed in the article but I still think that America has some exceptional qualities that no other country can ever touch. It is the only country in the world (except for maybe Canada) where you can be from anywhere but become truly American. Multiculturalism has failed in Europe because most of the population is indigenous to the region and nobody else will ever have that heritage. I think this American value will continue to be very helpful to leading to economic growth in the future. I agree with surfohio that it is easy to pick out anecdotes to make a point but the overall picture is still very much in the USA's favor.
  3. I believe it will be converted to market rate apartments and and the brick wall on the street level will be knocked out to form retail space.
  4. There is also a house going up on Random across from the abandoned warehouse thing.
  5. I see these photos more as photos from your loved ones life that you hang on the wall after they are gone to remember them by. It is a way to celebrate the history and architecture of our cities rather than mourning their decline.
  6. "Admittedly, I was going on memory/perception. I stand corrected. I still think CWRU's reputation is much lower than CMU's, regardless of rankings. Maybe they offer a wider variety of subjects, too? I know CWRU's law school is well-regarded, but that's frankly all I think of when I hear the name of the school." I think you are pretty far off on this natininja. CWRU's law school is decent but not great but their medical school is excellent. They might not be quite up there with Carnegie Mellon overall but it is pretty close. You don't seemed informed enough to be making such assertions. I also think the whole Pittsburgh doing great thing is a bit overstated. The city still lost about 9% of its population over the past 10 years so it has its own problems still. Cleveland was hurt pretty bad over a few year period in the mid 2000's but I don't think the difference between Cleveland Pittsburgh is that big now especially with all the new development going on in Cleveland.
  7. I love the Weeden pick. A starting quarterback that easily has 8 years left in his career is absoultely worth the 22 pick if he ends up working out and I think he will. The offensive line wasn't amazing last year but they weren't that bad, Colt would leave the pocket prematurely because he either couldn't see or was too flighty. Weeden gets rid of the ball quickly and if we get a decent righ tackle in the next few picks (a necessity, they absoultely need a right tackle) I think Weeden will be fine. He will have richardson blocking out of the backfield too. I think Randle is a better pick than Hill. He actually ran faster at his pro day so I don't think speed is a concern. He is better at getting separation and is a more complete receiver than Hill. I think that should be the Brown's pick at 5 in the second round and then they might have to move back up into the lower part of the round to get their tackle.
  8. I loved crossfire. That looks so outdated to me and I am only 23. I am getting old I guess.
  9. I heard that it would be metered with 30 minutes free or something along those lines.
  10. I agree that people from other parts of the city should be able to park in university circle. I do not think it is necessary for people to be able to park immediately adjacent to every building in University Circle though. That is basically the suburban strip mall model where you drive from store to store down the strip. Think of Uptown as "Crocker Park". Do you demand to park directly next to Barnes and Noble at Crocker Park? I don't think so. Why do people have higher parking standards in an urban neighborhood than in a faux shopping district. People walk farther to get to the store they want to go to when parking in a large shopping mall parking lot. UC will be the park once and walk model rather than the hop from place to place by car model. I think people will deal with it just fine.
  11. Lafont, I guess my impression of the parking is that it will more than adequate for that location. The majority of business will come from people on foot. The Parking lot that was behind Starbucks at Cornell and Euclid (before hotel construction) was probably only about 1/4 as big as the uptown parking and it was almost never completely full. The parking needs here are not going to be the same as the parking needs at severance center or some other suburban shopping complex.
  12. or good urban planning leads to so much demand that business costs are higher
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