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  1. Here is a video rendering of the new MLS stadium currently under construction in St Paul. A mini-mi of Allianz, with LED lit ETFE panels, in Munich and even shares the name. The MLS wanted an urban stadium here, the suburbs were told to not bother. It is located on the site of an ill-conceived shopping center in a dense area of St Paul between the downtowns, next to a freeway, and transit connected via light rail and busway. I suspect Cincy's delay in announcement is over MLS dissatisfaction with the Oakley site. Now its a scramble for the West End. Newport is definitely out of the running at this point.
  2. Correct - Frontier currently flies to SFO and is moving the service to SJC. Every move Frontier makes get super hyped. The same thing happened with MIA, they simply stopped flying to FLL and started MIA, not an expansion and definitely not a big deal. Since both United and Delta will continue SFO, SJC is a new destination on the CVG route map.
  3. Frontier simply moved their SFO service to SJC. Not really a big deal and not a service expansion. A new destination for CVG, yes.
  4. I don't believe concourse A has an FIS. All international arrivals without pre-clearance use B. Sometimes you will see Allegiant and Frontier parked over there.
  5. They're both managed by ODOT and part of the same prioritization processes for funding, no? I fail to see how this matters. Even the phasing within Mill Creek Expressway is nonsensical.
  6. It says OH4/561 bridge in 2017 construction PDF which would mean Paddock, in what I posted. But the details are likely to be right in the bid note. Looks like an error on ODOTs part in the publication then. On another note. I don't understand how they phase this. Do Mitchell and Hopple but leave 74, now moving north making another gap. Why not so it in line, at least. It sure seems like moving northward from the southern sections would make the most sense. In 2020, this newly constructed GE section will just be a freshly paved parking lot heading into the lockland split.
  7. Looks like the state plans to tear down and replace the Paddock bridge this summer. See the HamCo projects. This should be in the news, and ODOT should be building it to match the current design (and I'm sure they won't be) https://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D08/Construction/Documents/2017%20D8%20%20construction.pdf
  8. I thought there was a thread on here for the Dennison but now I can't find it. Am I dreaming or did it disappear?
  9. very interesting. It will be a good project, but a similar effort to remove the back parts of structures as part of the 15/Race project was met with fierce resistance and this never seems to have been discussed publicly (I follow things closely but confess maybe I missed this one). Also, the Smitty's buildings were almost completely torn down but were saved at the last minute so it is good 3CDC is incorporating them. The large building across the street (Meiner) was also saved from emergency demo.
  10. I thought the partially demolished condition was related to the Smitty's fire. Have they taken down more?
  11. I live in Seven/Broadway and have gotten at least 3 postcards from them. The last one was full page size. They looks pretty desperate to me.
  12. I like the park because it denies the Joseph's revenue from the land so they hopefully have some incentive to put it back into productive use. Fittingly, it is likely to be covered in dog sh*t so I like the symbolism. However, I don't believe they have any intentions of building a park. Just pre-demolition PR. A year from now, parking lot, with a nice free contribution from the city in the form of the alleyways.
  13. My terminal reconfiguration idea: I base this on an assumption that Delta will need about 5-6 gates to fly to hubs and maybe a few key markets after its lease on B expires in 2020. -Concourse B is decommissioned and probably torn down. As nice as it is, it is unlikely to ever be close to fully utilized again and is poorly located. -A DEN like Skyway is built from the current backside of the security checkpoint to A with moving walkways, allowing passengers to get to gates quickly while allowing planes to pass underneath (a lower cost option - extend the "stub" on the N. side of A to reach the security checkpoint- it would block the existing taxiway) -The tunnel to concourse A is repurposed to be used for international arrivals with customs/immigration and a return to the terminal. This eliminates the ridiculous situation we have today where local arrivals have to reclear security and recheck bags to take the tunnel to get back in. - Concourse A is expanded to the west to accommodate SW, Delta's spoke/focus city operation, plus a few additional gates for growth with a ready plan to keep expanding if needed.
  14. Because CVGs higher average fare relative to other nearby airports meant it lost local traffic, and as a result local demand for air service looked artificially low. Some people went to surrounding airports, some people didn't take the trips. This applies to leisure and business travel. Fares TO CVG are also high which limits people willing to visit as well. CVG was a connection operation for Delta that did not serve the community very well overall and to me, that is why O/D is the ultimate measure of recovery.
  15. The measure to use is what is called O&D passengers (origin and destination) as it represents local residents and visitors choosing CVG over other regional competition. So, even if the airport peaked in 2005 the fares were high and so many people were simply making connections on Delta the total passenger stats I don't think are useful measurement of recovery. I'm looking for the stats as they are tracked but I do fly weekly and my anecdotal evidence just by the number of cars in long term lots and the business of the baggage claim to me suggest O&D passengers are quite possibly hitting records. DAY is going to continue to suffer. With Southwest out of there I expect fares to go up, demand to drop, and the airlines to downguage accordingly. The AirTran flights back in the day were the secret to the lower fares up there as Delta fare matched them to protect the Atlanta hub, fares at DAY have been climbing ever since those flights were dropped post SW/AT merger. DAY could consolidate onto one concourse now with the departure of Southwest.
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