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  1. On the other hand if the streets remain one way maybe they can dedicate the lanes someday. This is made more complicated when you have the tracks running in the right lane for some length and then switching to the left. I'm not sure there are plans to make some of the north-south streets two-way, unlike a lot of the east-west streets. Vine was an exception. Plans change all the time, whereas streetcar tracks are not so easy to change. It limits the possibility of future plans. The tracks should run in the right lane the entire length of Race. It is goofy to switch lanes from right to left up at Findlay Market. I thought it was done to avoid moving the sewer line, but maybe it had more to do with the left turn at Central Parkway and not having the train cross in front of parallel traffic making the turn. Maybe a better solution would have been dedicating the right lane for streetcars and buses and creating an extra signal phase for them at Central Pkwy. Would only have had to be done for a block (though the whole length of Race wouldn't have hurt).
  2. Thanks for the pics, taestell. I know we've gone over this before. Several times. But how many portions of track run on the left side of the street? Why? Wouldn't it have been better to anticipate the streets possibly becoming two-way in the future?
  3. It's so fugly it's amusing. It's like from an alternate universe where the USSR took over Sweden.
  4. Developer: Streetcar spurred 20 new Downtown apartments Bowdeya Tweh, 5:57 p.m. EST January 22, 2015 A developer has completed the renovation of a Downtown office building to house 20 new apartments and street-level retail space. ... [Developer Joe] Levine said discussions about the then proposed Cincinnati streetcar helped him determine a residential redevelopment would be the best use for the building built in the early 1900s. Speaking in the building along the streetcar line Thursday, he said being connected without a car to Findlay Market, and other Downtown attractions would be appealing to new residents. In 2013, the city approved the Levine Properties affiliate to get a 12-year tax abatement for all improvements to the building. "The streetcar played a big role in turning this into residential up top," Levine said. "It really helped us a lot." Read more
  5. That type of restaurant should do really well there. That's what I thought about Mahogany's when it was announced.
  6. Instead of removing it, just traffic-calm the sh!t out of it and make it part of the park, while still useable as a cut-through. Best of both worlds.
  7. You mean their local formula? Cincinnati, as a grocery market, is just a blip for them. They have urban stores elsewhere. Building a CBD store would hardly be "changing their formula" in any meaningful sense.
  8. natininja

    The BEER Thread

    nice and cork city aka hoboken's best craft beer bar certainly agrees. great lakes is holding 3 taps at the moment, more than any other brewery, which is typical for them and impressive as nj is outside of the distribution range: http://www.corkcitypub.com/bluto/sites/club/draught.asp I counted 6 from Victory Brewing.
  9. It's not mentioned in this description, but it looks like this is being used as a way of enabling cyclists to maintain right-of-way (as in precedence) over automobiles -- so the cyclists don't get a stop sign but are forced to slow down. Does anyone know where this has been implemented and/or studied? I'm not sure I like it (I'm not sure fast-moving cyclists in a cycle track are such a danger to pedestrians that they need to be inconvenienced categorically; if auto-cyclist conflicts are the worry there are other possible design solutions), but it's an interesting idea.
  10. So are those "antique medicines" going in those "heritage cocktails?" Could make for some uh...interesting libations.
  11. I realized there are two versions of the boundaries, one "statistical" which don't overlap, and one for community councils (which do overlap). It's still messy, as the statistical one doesn't have all 52 neighborhoods. It has 49 or 50, can't remember.
  12. natininja

    The BEER Thread

    ^ I enjoyed the Brickskeller when I went in 2005. At that time, it was still an oddity.
  13. I like the idea of having a good sized building at that corner, but having a semi-circle or similar shape carved out of the corner to make room for a small plaza. Basically, like atlas suggests.Just having one of those done well would be huge for Cincinnati. It's one of those little striking details you often find in world-class cities. If the ground floor of the corner-cut building has a cafe, even better.
  14. Looks to me like the parking garage fronts Elm on the ground floor of the residential scheme.
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