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  1. Sounds like the response to the city's bike plan. "Well there's nothing that SAYS we have to follow through on it."
  2. jjakucyk

    Small Town & City Decline in Ohio

    A lot of small towns bought wholesale into boilerplate Municode zoning. So most of their town center is completely illegal and next to impossible to fix up. The residential areas are likely also non-compliant in at least one way too. So if someone has the wherewithal to overcome all those hurdles in the first place, the result is the worst kind of suburban banality. They don't realize just how much they're getting in their own way, and a state DOT that's more than happy to ream out several blocks for wider through streets isn't helping either.
  3. They may not have provided local service, but they were part of the long-distance backbone? AT&T still owned about 1/3 of the shares of Cincinnati Bell before the breakup, so it's not like they had no stake in the company.
  4. Could it just be that there's a fried street lighting circuit? Nobody reports burned out or malfunctioning street lights, so they can be left unfixed for months or years at a time. It's not as if there aren't lights on Walnut up there.
  5. The north/south streets were simply extensions of the existing grid layout from downtown. However the east/west streets were built haphazardly as larger parcels were subdivided and sold off at different times for different size lots depending on demand. You can see in this 1819 map how the subdivisions already started to have different overall plans and cross street layouts.
  6. I may have mentioned this before but I know someone who did a parking feasibility study for the building's base. Apparently it is technically possible, but it's very inefficient layout-wise. We really do need to get over this obsession with parking. Downtown is in this bad position where parking is scarce enough that most office workers need monthly permits to ensure they can get a spot at all. That discourages alternate modes because the monthly parking pass is now a sunk cost. However, parking is still just cheap and plentiful enough that it's better trade off than taking the bus, and employers are more likely to expect that you have a car available to take to meetings or whatever. I know that sounds contradictory, but let me put it like this. If parking were more available and cheaper, then it would be easier to take the bus or bike to work most of the time, and only drive and park at daily rates when you know you have to. That's unlikely to be a downtown worth going to, however. Conversely, if we were talking Chicago or New York levels of parking, then the default expectation is that you're not driving and parking downtown, you're taking transit or using other means. Those other modes have to grow to fill the need for everyone rather than just those who have no alternative. As it is we're in this weird middle ground with the worst of both worlds and the benefits of neither. So the cry is always "moar parking!"
  7. jjakucyk

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    ^ That's not what grade-separated means.
  8. jjakucyk

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    The thing to be careful about when eliminating ramps is what the DOT does to the ones that remain. I can see closing 5th Street leading to pressure to widen Pike and finish the MLK disaster. On the Ohio side, ODOT went crazy with that MLK interchange where we now have 10-lane surface streets for really no good reason. Hopple is the classic example, they just had to inject so much more capacity to compensate for the loss of the Bates and Central Parkway ramps, I guess.
  9. jjakucyk

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    There's no connection issues between downtown Cincinnati and downtown Covington (or Newport). Direct highway access to downtown Covington is perhaps another factor, but unless evidence is provided to the contrary, the simplification of ramps and exits that came with Ft. Washington Way and the push to eliminate the 5th Street/KY-8 exit in Covington is little more than typical traffic engineering practice of eliminating closely-spaced exits, partial interchanges, incomplete movements, weaving, and confusing lane adds/drops. You could just as easily make the argument that there's a conspiracy to hobble Jack Casino because there's no direct way to get there from I-75 northbound (you either have to get off at 2nd Street by Paul Brown Stadium and then traverse the entirety of downtown, or go all the way up to the I-71 and Reading/Florence exit and turn around). It's simply a matter of difficult terrain, tight geometries, and too much other stuff going on to make yet another ramp/exit feasible.
  10. Well, that IS technically correct (the best kind of correct).
  11. It's not a sacrifice worth making after the fact, it's not like this was part of the original project. Plus it's those Kroger employees that really need to be the ones on the street more than anyone else. Both their HQ and the new building have their own internal parking garages, so they're total silos. They shouldn't be encouraging even more internal circulation and lack of engagement with their surroundings. That's one reason their urban stores have been so bad around here, they don't "get it" because they're not getting out enough.
  12. Who aren't on the sidewalks as it is. No point in siphoning off even more for no good reason. Maybe if Kroger improved their own streetscape and made the walk inviting, this wouldn't be an issue. Their HQ presents a lot of blank wall to both Court Street and Central Parkway, fix THAT.
  13. jjakucyk

    Smells of City Living

    ^ Is that the one that smells like slightly rancid raspberry syrup?
  14. jjakucyk

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    Such as: https://goo.gl/maps/CgJFmMrRMEJ2
  15. jjakucyk

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    Fixed that for ya.