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  1. Does anybody know what is going on with the Upper Chester project. The City Planning Commission still has a start date of summer 2009. Is this project dead?
  2. I know that I might just be dreaming but the news about the Slavic Village Velodrome got me thinking about the olympics. Cleveland has a ton of venues for the events with Browns Stadium, CSU Wolstein Center, the lake for sailing and rowing, plus easily accessible area on the periphery for other smaller outdoor games. Something like the 2024 Olympics could work perfectly if America does not get it in 2020. The Olympic village could be built where the port is now and then turned into townhomes and condos afterwards. An olympic village right downtown on the lake would be amazing. The city could bill itself as "The Real America" not some snobby coastal city which I think has hurt the country's chances in the last few bidding sessions. We will be hosting the Gay Games in 2014 which actually has more athletes than the real Olympics and if the city can get itself together in the next 7-8 years I think it could have a chance. I know some people say it would cost too much or whatever but we can dream :-D
  3. Article on new apartments: http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2009/12/apartments_near_cleveland.html
  4. Does anybody have any new updates on Uptown. The area around it has had some improvements in the past few months. University place or whatever its called is a lot nicer at street level with big windows for the businesses and the plaza is finished across the street.
  5. Long time viewer first time poster here. I noticed today that the Case Medical Center Emergency room is starting to be framed out. Here is the link to it on UH's website: http://www.uhhospitals.org/AboutUH/Vision2010/UHEmergencyDepartment/tabid/1346/Default.aspx Along with the cancer center there will be a huge difference in this stretch of Euclid soon. Also does anyone know exactly where the new hotel will be? I have heard the corner of Euclid and Cornell but that is where the new cancer center is.
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